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September 5, 2014     The Catalina Islander
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September 5, 2014

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Watson From page 1 much worse. To donate to this or- ganization or to learn more about them you can visit their website at And special thanks to all of you who helped contribute. This Week: Many a time you have read in this column of our long tradition of folklore regarding the sightings of UFOs here on Cata- lina Island. Ever since the "Gold- en Age'I of UFO sight- ings began in the late 1940s, all manner of reports have come in of "strange lights" in the channel or in the hills or on the backside. Some of the most famous UFO footage ever taken, in fact, was filmed by a U.S. Navy photographer in broad daylight at Blackjack Peak in 1966 (footage which the author of "2001: A Space Odyssey" Ar- thur C. Clarke believed was just a small Piper aircraft). And I bet in perusing these var- ious stories you have wondered to yourself why there are no stories of that subset of UFO sightings known as "alien abductions" Well, you can wonder no longer, Dear Reader, for this week I have just such a tale for you, the only such UFO encounter I have come across in the annals of Catalina's history. It was in 1967 that a 12-year- old by the pseudonym of Paul Nel- son was hanging out on his par- ents' yacht here on Catalina when Paul's story amusing at best. Because of this incident, Paul developed an interest in UFOs and assorted things paranormal, espe- cially after another incident at his home in Reseda only weeks after the Catalina episode in which he claimed to see a "shadow per- son" running down the hall.Life went on as usual--for a while. But, as you know is often the case with such tales, the truth sooner or later comes out about what really happens during these interludes. Fast forward now Jim Watson to "many years later," Columnist according to Paul's ac- count. Married with children now, and a doctor no less, Dr. Paul Nelson had a UFO sighting of a "distant object" in the daytime sky. This renewed his interest in such matters, which led him to discover other people's accounts of "missing time" and their sup- posed relation to alien abductions. This so piqued his interest, in fact, that he underwent hypnosis to get the bottom of all this. During regression, he learned that during the missing-time epi- sode on Catalina, he had...well, I'll let him tell you in his own words: "I was taken to a round- walled room," he said. "It seemed to me more underground than it did onboard a (alien) ship. "The walls had a kind of rock- like facet to them...rather than:me- tallic craft-type walls," he said: He was under the impression, he said, that he was in a "cavern." Catalina Islander's Recreational Summary something odd happened. Nelson _ His friend Michael was there, and his best friend Michael were too, and they were both being "ex- down below decks evidently read- amined" by a number of creatures ing comic books (about alien ab- that were of the "praying-mantis" ductions?) when they both experi- type. enced an episode of missing time. "The eyes were slightly bigger In fact, time for the two went than what is seen in the typical "missing" for nearly a day, and small 'grey'," he said. (For those the next thing young Paul and his of you now in the know, the term friend remembered was waking up "grey" is UFO-speak for the ste- the next morning, reo-typical small alien with the big Evidently, nothing outrageous cute eyes that you see in so often in had happened during this missing popular culture). These creatures, time since Paul's parents thought he said, were donning tight-fitting nothing amiss and, in fact, found uniforms with one of them wear- You're in ing a tunic of some sort. Paul also marveled at what he took to be machinery in the room. Rather than the ultra-high tech type of equipment one would ex- pect, he was surprised to see it ap- peared to be primitive. "The machines looked like typical military-type computer consoles rather than alien-looking machines," he recalled. The ma- chines had lights and what he took to be buttons or at least "areas that seemed to be for pushing." The exam, he said, was short and uneventful. Nothing frighten- ing happened and never did he feel any fear. Is this tale the result of a real experience or the result of child- hood imagination stretched into adulthood? Don't look at me. I report, you deride. Join the Catalina Island provided. Please indicate if you Conservancy as we return to would like Roast Beef, Turkey or a explore California's second larg- Vegetarian meal when registering. est Channel Island, Santa Rosa. At Please bring your own beverages over 93 square miles in size. Santa in plastic or metal containers - no Rosa is filled with rolling hills, glass containers permitted. Please deep canyons and wide beaches, bring a backpack to carry your The island's relatively low pro- lunch and pack out all trash. file is broken by a high, central Access to Santa Rosa Island is mountain range, rising 1,589 feet completely dependent upon sea at its highest poinL Learn more conditions. Should the weather about the island with Conservancy prevent cross-channel travel corn- biologists and staff, ptetely, your participation fee will The island supports a diverse be refunded, less the cost of $25 array of plant and animal spe- per person for food. If you are cies some of which can be unable to attend the trip for other found nowhere else in the world, reasons, your participation fee Reservations are limited, so please will be treated as a donation to purchase tickets now! the Conservancy. Reservations are A healthy boxed lunch will be non-refundable. 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