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September 3, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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September 3, 1924

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I IE CATALINA ISLANDER AND PAGE ELEVEN SENSATIVE MECHANISM OPERATES WITH SUPER- HUMAN ACCURACY (Science Service Correspondence) A mechanical device so sensative to pressure that the breath of a child directed into a funnel can release 16ws, which is connected with the steam pipe in which the pressure is to be regulated. MORE LARGE INCOMES The number of million dollars a year incomes in the United States have in- creased 300 percent since 1921, aceor- LOCATION OF CAMPS The following camps are located on the Island : San Antonio Council Boy Scouts-- Fourth of July Cove. Pasadena Council Boy Scouts--Cher- ry Valley. Catalina Boys' Sehool--Howland's Sinclair Lewis' great novel This new regulator, which was in- lion. l'Iere, "BABBITT" vented by the Swedish engineer, Rag-"While the average income of most .~ines_a .real expose of your life--and naT Carlstedt, is based on one of the wage earners is sufficient to support ~t, "~-arld a lot of real comedy with simplest of all mechanical t)rincipals, and educate a family, many men who ,t0o! Also Clyde Cook comedy namely, the harnessing of a flowinglabor all their lives cannot accumulate "MISFIT" current of water. In other words if it enough to provide for their declining Corltim,~.-~_ STRAND is desired to open or shut the valve years by their own individual efforts. [~an~" n UOus, Snndav, September 7of a steam radiator in a. room, this "The Independent Order of Foresters ~_, n NOVarro Barl~ara LaMar and awork is clone by turning on water which maintains an "orphanage at Oak- u,~lerful cast in 8 I'I'IY NAME IS WOMAN" pressure from one of the water pipes ville, Ont., and two tuberculosis sana- .e~ehwas the light, bright, tiger-moth, of the house, instead of turning the toria is now seeking to avert the trag- lhr~ ~ung, apI ealing He a sohtier valve by hand. ~ edy of old age dependency by raising dourne " .... a fund of $100,000 to be used for the , daslmlg, reckless, and--? But how does the regulator know enough power to lift many tons of ding to Frank E. Hand, supreme viceLanding. RWiednesday, September 3 weight, and so sensative .to tempera- chief ranger of the Independent Order Camp Toyon (girls' school)--Ban- e'l,~,..1chard i~arthehness in ture that the heat coming from a of Foresters, in an address at Chicago. nings Beach. 8 rtEere's d FIGHTING BLADE" man's hand held near a metal strip "The increasing trend toward rail- All Y. M. C. A. visitors--White's will effect the same result, has been lion dollar incomes," said Mr. Hand, Landing. escapes aring exploits, hair-breadth perfected in Sweden after three years whose society has a membership of I~ g, Secret amours thrills, sus- Camp Cabrillo Page Military u_~, ~ove and life! ' of experimentation and through tests 165,(100 in the United States and Can- Academy)--At the Isthmus. A)so Christie Comedy in actual use. ada, "is evinced by recent treasury Whittier State School---Gallagher's ..~.. "B~CK-B AND BLUE" This remarkable nmltiplication of department figures which show that in Landing. O.~ ~"""---~g. STRAND power is, however, only an incidental 1921, twenty-one persons reported an ',,t)~ fl ~her;nuus, Thursday, September 4 feature of the apparatus, which takes annual income of $1,000,000 or more, Self, 'rSA ~lY One like him--that's him- the place of a man in an industrial while last year the crop of those re- UN~UENIINE La~t2KIE COOGAN, in establishment, opening and shuttingceiving this sum reached sixty-seven. A'I.And that's"TROUBLE"enou h for thatt all sorts of regulating valves automat- "The daily income of these million- "',~0 C g . ically and with an accuracy that noa-year people is $3,000 each, or $2 a '~.vtr~': onle~ly and Inkwell cartoon human being couht ever acheive. Theminute for every hour of the (lay and Quickly Relieves the Most ~F;?y:S~";~"a~'* new apparatus can, for example, keep night. Painful Sunburn temperature of a room within a quiT- "The average net income of every eptemberHORSES5 ter of a degree of the value desired, person in the United States reporting I~ ~["~" ever OF WILD and can keep steam pressure from to the internal revenue department tk.~J~ ,.,entt [e~ae,,.tsuch a picture as this! You changing more than two ounces per was $3,148.46. The total amount of in- l'he~_'uer how lon~ it ran at Miller's ~tre,. Also \Vi]l Rogers' comedy square inch. It can also regulate elec- come on which taxes were paid last ISLAND PHARMACY CO. 'THE CAKE EATERS"' eric current, speed, dampness or dry- year was twenty-one billion dollars, ness, density of liquids, viscosity, and but the actual income of the United ~STRAND 417 Crescent Avenue tmuous, Saturday, September 6 vacuum. States was estimated at fifty-nine bil- AL. WILSON ( INVI='NTOR ) AL. WILSON TROLLING SPOONS and SPINNERS "BEST BY TEST'" 693 Mission St., ~ San Francisc~ Your Wants Smoothly Attended To at the ATWATER HOTEL Also Peerless Comedy when and how to turn this valve? relief and care of aged and indigent A- "LAUGHING GAS" The operation of the apparatus may nacmbers." SHOP ~d INTERNATIONAL NEWS be explained as follows: A thin strip 1 Wonder "As Good as the Best, ~STRA~D~ of ebonite, which contracts or expands MaLty: I wonder if Professor Kidd- Better Than the Rest" ~Iondav September 8 under the slightest change of temper- er mca~t anything by it. 1"Iere ."PLE, SURE MAD" atture is so mounted that any shange Charlie: B'y what ? BILLIE PRICE, Proprietor %t waS...He big picture that yotl do in its length moves a lever up or Mattv: He advertised a lecture on of th~ ,~t to miss--it is the big picture down. Meanwhile a jet from the water "Fools'; and when I bought a ticket it Sumner Avenue, Avalon, California Year. Also Spa~t Comedy ~"HUNTERS BOLD" ' current already referred to is constant- was marked "Admit One."--AugustI _____[ ,ILIIL ESIAI]I A I"1| ly playing against the moving end of Boys' Life. [ -~--STRAND--~--~.---~--- the lever, which really acts as a lid DO YOU PRIZE THAT [ [1[~[' 'l'h~~ Tuesdav. September 9 over the~et,hindering its free flow tio~sup.erb deiineator of human emo- MAGAZINE OR BOOK? ~r rrlsc,lla Dean ,n_ HT R moreor~ss. If the jet is completely ~ [ [ h lie STORM DAUG E " stopped, for example, the water backsThey will last much longer if they WE SERVE THE BEST slip ,hrrate sf a girl jeered at his huge up in the pipe until the pressure is are bound in a neat cover; and thatJ FISH DINNERS A SPECIALTY] ~is ... trength and dared him to do strong enough to open a little valve, Radio Journal, or record, can be pre- WOrst. Also Universal Comedy and this little valve sets free a cur- served for future reference. How [ Lunches Put Up for Boating| _ "ROYAL PAIR" rent of water sufficiently strong to about that old prayer book or Bible? [ and Fishing Parties / ~nd INTERNATIONAL NEWS work the vah, e of the steam radiator. Does it need a new cover?Let the [ ~-----STRAND - This final work is accomplished through Islander do it for you. [ A LA CARTE .SERVICE VV'ednesday September I0 a simple piston and cylinder mechan- [Lefavor Building, Sumner Avenue,[ e%eeei(A.NNA CHRISTIE" ism. Even though the playing jet ofLOCAL TI-~ &--A~T~E TABLE Next to Hotel Atwater I h~_ ~e(l to be one of the greatest water be not completely stopped, but Th 4.......... 12:29 5:58 12:46 7:27 L 4.7 1.8 5.8 1.3 as i~rt. dramas in ten years depicting only hindered in the slightest degree, F 5.......... 1:50 6:50 1:49 g:05 '"oes ' " Curios and Souvenirs la.t~et ._, the stark reahsm of hfe. it will set in operation a correspoming 4.2 2.5 5.7 1.2 ae ~weet is starred. 3.9 2.7 5.8 0.8 Also Tuxedo Comedy degree of power, thus regulating the S 6 .......... 3:37 8:09 3:0s ~0:3s ~__-.~~--- "NO LOAFING" steam radiator valve just enough toSu 7.......... 5:174.1 9:534.1 4:282.8 11:450.4 I,ook for the Sign of raise or lower the tenaperature of the M 8 .......... 6:24,~ ........ The Big Curio Store only hindered in the slightest degree, 4.7 1.8 5.8 1.3 F 5 .......... 1:50 6:50 1:49 g:05 it will set in operation a corresponding 4.2 2.3 5.7 1.2 Curios and Souvenirs degree of power, thus regulating theS 6 .......... 3:373.98:092.7 3:085.80:380.8 ~ ~ steam radiator valve just enough to S~ 7.......... 5:17 9:53 4:28 1:4.5 LO0 for tl ~ Sign of 4.1 4.1 2.8 0.4 ~k,'~lSSlON PRIC'E;--25c and 35. raise or lower the temperature of the M 8 .......... 6:24 1:18 $:38 ....... The Bi ; Cl rio SLOT( room as little as desired. 4.5 2.5 6.3 .......... ~,'I?drear under 12 in First Section, 15c Tu 9 ........ i2:38 7:11 12:20 6:35 "un~e.... '. " Whatever use the regulator is put 0.0 4.9 2.1 6.6 H.O. MacRae Co. W 10 .......... 1:23 7:48 1:11 7:25 t, :"~e'''ZS" children 10c. to its main operating mechanism re- --0.3 5.3 L7 6.8 aAl lE FISH OF CATALINA mains the same, while the socalled ira- ---- -- - ~ellowta.- -- pulse receiver is adapted to the force Catalina will give youthe rest of ~luetirt ~ (Seriola dorsalis). ^ tUna Thunnus th nnus or condition which is to be regulated, your life. Come to Catalina. The AVALON Cafe el,~w ( y ). Dan Oitoleh, Proprlet~ ~lhae..rift Tuna (Thunnus macropterus). For steadyingtemperaturethe im- ~alif ~r.e (Thunnus alalonga). Avalon Branch of the Los Angeles ~ CRESCENT AVENUE ~Whi~'~a Bonito (Sarda Chiliensis). pulse receiver, as we have just explain- County Public Library, 201 Metropole pCea~ ~ea Bass (Cynoscion noblis). ~OOd Food, We!1 Cook~ B~d aiall* ",~,~lphi"X~onit(Coryphaenus(Gynmsardahippurus).pelamys)" ed, is a strip of ebonite, For maintain- ave., open afternoons from 2 to 5; also Neatly ~arl~,~oass (Stereolepis glgas), ing an even amount of dampness in aWednesday and Saturday evenings ~road~.,,Wordfish (Tetrapturus mitsukurii), tobaco factory, for example, a band of from 7 to 9 o'clock. Visitors are al- ,u~ Swordfish (Xiphias gladius), cotton thread takes the place of the ways ~lcome. O.W. COLE "I'~t-ORTI-I~" WORTlt ebonite, and, by contracting or being ~t'I"INCa--ADVERTISE1 extended under the changes of humid- "Keep Avalon a Spotless Town." Painting, Decorating ~ear o---~'---'~-- ity works the lever which hinders the We pledge our help! to,, Y ur Light Tackle Club But- jet of water etc. For regulating steam 201 Metropole Avenue ~!" sit shows that you are an angler pressure in a power plant the impulse Magazines, newspapers, candies, etc., Avalon, California SPortsman. receiver is a cylinderical copper bel- at WINDLE'S NEWS STAND.