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September 3, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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September 3, 1924

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PAGE TEN FROM BAND PROGRAM (Continued from Page 3, Column 1) G. Capone, trumpet player at the California Theatre, Los Angeles, is here trying to forget the laborious trials of a modren picture house. His pleasant smile is good for the blues. May his "shadow never grow less." Ben Laietsky, the leader of the Pavilion orchestra, is a very popu- lar with the ladies. His prominent position in the dance hall--leading his men through the mazes of the latest jazz; his pleasant smile, his portly demeanor, etc., have helped to add conquest after conquest to his already full list. But, alas, there's- always a fly in the ointment. There's one young lady who refuses to have anything to do with him. He has promised her flowers, lolly- pops--the sweetest "suckers"--but her heart is adamant. In fact, she gives him the "marble heart." Miss Dorothy Ann Hamilton is her name. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton of the band vil- lage. She is only two and a half years old--but knows her choice when she sees him! The Ruffelles of No.13 Band Row, have some friends visiting them, from British Columbia. Sunday evening they had what is called a Vancouver "cackling" fest. They talked altogether, and at a given signal from one of the party they all laughed. There is one peculiarity about people from that northwest- ern country--the men talk as much as the women! Something unheard of in this enlightened country. Paul Bergman played his first saxophone solo at Saturday's con- cert. This much abused instrument becomes a thing of life in his hands. We have heard him play several prominent passages in the band in a very satisfactory manner, but his work as a soloist shows that he possesses a wonderful tchnique, good tone--in a word, he is master of his instrmnent. We hope to hear him again before the season ends. Archie Garner made such funny noises in his imitations of "Papa" in the "Papa and Mama" number the other night that he had to join the audience in laughing. When one is overcome with one's own comedy --it must be good. "He never completed his educa- tion, did he ? "No; he died a bachelor."--Tid- Bits. Good Excuse Friend--Mandy, ain't yo 'spicious bout yo' husband quittin' work soon as he done married you ? Mandy--Yo' jes' keep yo' nose outa mah business, Sally Johnson. Mah husban' am merely takin' his honeymoon. "Did you ever," asked a romantic young woman of Rhys Morgan, the Welsh tenor, "did you ever look" into the fire and see music?" "No," the tenor answered un- sympathetically. "I have looked into the fire though, and wished that I might see some of the music I hay, read, there." The Acid Test "Are you sure he loves you ?" "Absolutely. He objects to my bathing suit."--Life. Perfectly Agreeable "I like to take a siesta after land- ing one fish," said an angler the other day. "That's all right!" replied the boatman. "Drink what you like; we are more than three miles out." Avoid the Possibility "Why are you so positive that your wi?e divorced you without cause ?" "I know she couldn't have had any reason, because I left here before we ever had the least bit of trouble." LATE LITTLE NEWS NOTES Dr. A. T. Murray and wife of Palo Alta, Mrs. Paul Shoup of Los Altos, with Jack and Louise, are visiting Av- alon as guests of Judge J. W. Ballard on East Side Terrace. Mrs. Sharpe is a frequent visitor and an ardent ad- mirer of Catalina's many attractions. Jack and Louise did some deep sea angling without success. He says just as a 500 pound shark was about to take his bait, a 547 pound swordfish stuck his bill into the shark, and he (Jack) hurried away, leaving the fish to scrap it out, Dr. Murray, visited the Island about thirty years ago, He does ]act remember just how he reached the Is- land, but is quite sure he did not swim /, over, nor was he a passenger in the air ship, steamship Catalina or Avalon. Thinks it is likely he trod the deck of an old-time tug, Falcon or Warrior. Ah! "them was the good old days." HELP US GET ALL THE LOCAL NEWS If you have an item of local news, a personal about some visiting friend, or have entertained at a card party, birth- day party, or other socal function, or hear of something of interest about any forme~ Avalm~ resident, call up 7-~. and tell us about it-or send us a post card with the names carefully written. If you have some printing you wish done, call up 7-J and our representa- tive will call upon you. If you have an advertisement, tele- phone it in. MORE FAVORED THAN THE REST By Harriet A. Waldman Catalina, from your celebrated shore to mountain crest--. As a piece of California that's more favored than the rest-- Taking honors that the people of the world must yield to you-- As you're standing with majestic splendor in the ocean blue, Like a mountain broken off amt banished from the mother range-- 1 have often wondered if some past upheaval--grand and strange-- Nonfinated you to fill the place that now you occupy As a resort for rest and recreation, 'neath an azure sky? July 30th, 1924. -The Catalina Islander Subscription Blank CUT TI~ilS OUT AND MAIL Subscription Rates : Annually ....................... $2.00 No ......... Three Months ............... 50 Six Months ...................... 1.00 Date ............................ Three years, in advance 5.00 Publisho of The Catalina Islander Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, Cali/ornia Please enter my subscription tar 7he Catalina Islander/o~ ......... .............. wommendng .................. /or which I agree to #ay you ,g ........ in advance. Name ................................... Address ..................................... What Is Advertising? Advertising is nothing more or less than salesmanship. By advertising you sell to several hundred people at one time instead of to the single individual. Advertising does not belong to the realm of magic. It is ability to talk of the product in plain, honest and straightforward terms that ap- peal to the reason and desires of the people whose trade is sought. How do you advertise? There are no end of ways in which you may advertise; there is the hill-board, the circular, the poster, the window display, the circular letter, the personal letter, by word of mouth, and the newspaper, the best method of them all. What does advertising do for you?--All advertising is in- tended to create good will for the product or service adver- tised. Your advertising should create good will for your store throughout your trading aera and thereby increase the volume of your business or your annual turn-over. THE CATALINA OUR modern fixtures and methods of in- stalling same, insure our patrons of the maximum of service that up to the moment bath room equipment is capable of supplying. Consult us in regard to your bath room needs. "A Perfect Service" l;arl W. gan0n Plumbing, Tinning 212 METROPOLE "Opposite City Hall Phone 7-W THE SUBMARINE Among the marine specimens may be viewed through the clear~ taline waters on the lava-like at e : ~ R ELP AND MOSSES Iodine Kelp Chenille Moss'~ i Sea Crape Kelp Irish Moss1~~''''a Giant Bulb Kelp Feather Boa Ribbon Kelp Ruby Moss Rainbow Kelp Feather Moss Red Alga Sponge MosS Sea Lichen Heather Moss Bridal Veil Moss Coral Moss FISH AND SHELLFISH Garibaldi, or Octopus Golden Perch Sea Cucumber Blue Perch Sea Hare Blue Eyed Perch Sea Pnrcupine Silver Perch Jellyfish Wall Eyed Perch Sunfish Rock Bass Tiger Shark Opal Eyed Bass Striped Bass Ratfish Kelpfish Candlefish Whitefish Sculpin Ghostfish Sheepshead Moray Eel Abalone Crawfish Sand Crab Starfish ' Keyhole Limpet Sea Anemone Write to the Catalina Light Tse~:L Club, "P. O. Box 14, Avalon, CalifOX~ for information about sea angling" "Keep Avalon a Spotless To~" We pledge.-_-cur help!__ rest# Catalina will give you the your life. Come to Catalina. .s Advertise your needs in The Catali~ Islander. "For Rent" and "For Sale" signs t!~~-