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August 27, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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August 27, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN AVALON SHIP OF SEA SCOUTS ft~ Collecting glfts for others--that ap-!nrw~il ~h!!i -- !iiii~r~d P~J~IN]~:~ ;;~e? pears to be Mr. Edwin R. Abbott's N U NTIN chief hobby. Equipping the new Yacht Club clubhouse seems to have given Qtlic "e oat the genial secretary good experience, and taking his time to supply some need seems to have become second SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT r~natinu ~ata~uS,~alWmeadnesday, August 27 nature with him. . Can you remember the day when ~tie d g in her first big Firstly, Mr. Harry Adams donated a ~1 rama ,, beautiful set of international signal you discovered that there was no Santa Claus ? How your mind "got a ISLAND PHARMACY CO. ~.. E DANGEROUS MAID flags to the new yacht club, through jolt?" How your very faith in man ~h;~ss~ee rebel maid who never knew Secretary Abbott. These took the eye 417 Crescent Avenue e was licked, of Scoutmaster Benjamin Robison, seemed shattered? How discouraged ---'- "Tu.~a2so Clyde Cook in - Wear your Light Tackle Club but- ~NTC~HO EXPRESS" whose chief pride lies in the ne w ly or- a nddespondent you felt over the fact o . RAND ganized Ship of Avalon Sea Scouts. To that your childish ideals hadbeen ton. It shows that you are an angler /~a~ban,hnuus, Thursday, August 28 just borrow those flags for one day kicked down like a toy house? Sad, and a sportsman. tt *ra La~Iarr an t" ' " tlSch a - d Lew Cody, Mac would be a greatinspiration to thewasn't it? ~,pb~d Pe~-cy Marmont in embyro seaman, he thought. And' fr days it seemed that nthing I St.C.therineHotel] --rU~ SHOOTING OF DAN When the scoutmaster voiced this would comfort you. There wasn't any- ~' M ...... " idea t the Yacht Club secretary he thing important for you to think about. I ~ ty ~ 1/ .he Ser C~KP..W ~ett-ween Version of the famous Ro- smiled and with a merry twinkle in his You didn't want to talk about Christ- eau ar or ul~ Yot~erviee poem, "The Spell of eyes drawled: "Well, guess we will mas, or Santa Claus, or birthdays. Yes, "E~_~''' Als have to see what we can d for the perhaps you felt too sick to eat, [ OPEN TO PUBLIC [ "Ia~PFIONE GIRL SERIES" boys. They onght to have a set of , . . . . , a //IES TO REST" those flags to work with everT day." r, ~"----WrRAND But, finally, your normal vision re- [ Deep French Wave Marcelling [ ~'tatinuus, Friday, August 29 A week later Secretary Abbott called turned. Again you laughed, ate, play- ~eaturin~,"DADDIES" the scontmaster aside and told him ed ball, and ,enjoyed yourself with the [ and Facials Our Specialty [ ~S'-sh,,~.'Vlae Marsh and Harry Me - there was a complete set of flags over other kids. 'That was years ago, and 'vr~ek ~'~mg how seven orphans c~n at the clubhouse for the Sea Scouts to I didn't have any sense then," you say. [ PHONE FOR APPOINTMENTS / " uachelors, club! have as their very own. "Nothing like that worries me now !" "Tt.lz,~tso Spat Comedy ~ J ~T OUTDOORS" Mr. Abbott had gone down Crescent * * * * * * ~ori' "rRAND . avenue and quietly whispered to every Doesn't it? Stop and think! How ~ettyb ttrtUouso , Satnrda.y, August 30 friend he met that he knew of an op-many times have you felt that your ~ompson at her best in portnnity to make a boy Sea Scout daily efforts were not appreciated; brillia"MIAMI" happy, and before he got back to the that you were misplaced in your life's ~tor,.tat expose of society gone mad. clubhouse there were thrity-five dol-channel--misplaced by your parents "t~e~ da~~t"~er riotousl .vonth. coastin. . g over lars jingling in his pocket, along with and relatives, who didn't understand ~,. eW tk .,.P aces of life, risking all for 'ure lil~,r!ll. You've never seen a pic- several of his own, which were forth-yon ? If you analyze some of your st. Also Dorothy Devore in with dispatched for the set of flags,daily imaginings, you must conclude ~"STAy SINGLE" The Sea Scouts are still trying to that they are ahnost as unimportant v...., x~ro.~, ~l~h, A,t~,~,4Ad -~---STRAN D ..... '~n~ntinuous Sunday August 31 think of a way to express their hap- as your ideals about Santa Claus. ~0r"~]~!ue and Marie'Provost ,nEll- piness and gratitude to 3ir. Abbott * * * * * * [~10~t~"s Pulsing- drama and the friends who donated the won- Are such "little things" unimportant whei re EDUCATE A WIFE" derful set of flags--the first gift made to you ? Explain to yourself how those 'Jr r , ,,. t ~..You re married going to be, to the Avalon Ship of Sea Scouts. A little experiences have "run in your tllls h0ri~h with marriage--better see barbecue came to mind, but Abbott mind" for hours, days and weeks after _ "~: ,,Also Peerless Comedy firnlly declined and modestlyrefusedyou first thought of them. Explain to A~d p.-WINNING OUT" ~tatirltlous~ATIONALMonda ~ Se ten,beNEWSl perhaps he feared for the safety of the cheerfulness and optinfistic thought digesrion of Avalon's leading citizens, you have missed while those "unimpor- I za ' - 3, P r ,~,eseh:~,us American drama "Leah But the Sea Scouts give three cheerstant thonghts" have been skipping ~E, Proprie, t.7 . [ tarrita~'tr~ adapted to the screen, and for the donors of the set of Interna- through 3'our mental eyes! $~e, Avalon, California / e~' rthy Daltn"-it's called * * * * * * gfl EiE:"~ RESiAORANii' ' anditt,sHE MORAL SINNER" tional signal flags. The joy makers were E. R. Abbott, W. Mulcahy, Ava-Your black clouds of doubt, uncer- ,,Nled high with Action. Also n ~~TISMEOW,, Ion Transfer Co., Catalina Hardwaretainty and gloom, if you let them, of- Co., B. Rosin, A. L. McKeh, ey, W.H. ten steal away half of the time of your ~a~ti-nuus Tuesday September 2 Hevren, \V. A. Lombard, F. S. Albert- waking hours. And, in consequence, ,t*aPlante now 'makin su son, Andy Martin, Heuston & Petrich, your ntental faculties work in a stateWE SERVE THE BEST / nit L ,rl t~- ' g ch a , Utterfly,, starred in Dr. George 31. Fairfield, W. A. Vanof confusion. As we wrote in our last FISH DINNERS A SPECIALTY/-- EXCITEMENT" Brunt, Windle's News Stand, H.M. issue, "The value of good thought is rct~s.." tertainment than a three-ring Ahern, Chas. M. Hudson, Major Mutt, established by its power to control hn- Lunches Put Up for Boating | %as,_,er.,moreAlso thrills than a roller- Gee. E. Daul, A. L. Laurance, Chas. man activities, .... ," * and Fishing Perties / ~n-, ..PLEASE TEACHER" W. Hanmtontt, Toni I. Richards, R.J. Thousands of peopl? go through life A LA CARTE SERVICE [ "~TERNATIONAL NEWS Cope, Joe Cameron, Jas. W. Jump, ~---STRAND Jack Springer, Art R. Sanger, C.F. with the same feeling with which they Lefal~or Building, Sumner Avenue,| ~,ednesday, September 3 P, ichey and M. J. Cameron. enter into a dark tunnel. They grope Next to Hotel Atwater [ ~l~bl~Zehar(t Barthelmess in blindly on and on, eating, sleeping, , , 1 Iews t. FIGHTING BLADE" e}seapes, daring exploits, hair-breadth LOCAL TIME AND TIDE TABLE working, hating, quarreling, battling-- and at the end of said tunnel is the C,urio$ and Souvenirs ~s~, 1_ Secret amours, thrills, sus- Tides are placed in order of occurence, grave. But, much of this nlental con- ,uve and life! Comparison will show high and low. LoOk for the Sign of ,~lso. Christie Comedy Light figures a. m., black figures p.m. dition can be remedied if they only - *LACK AND.BLUE" " AUGUST care for their minds. The Big Curio Store Th 28 ......... . 2:18 8:42 1:54 8:10 * * * * * * "~I]~d~SION PR--~-S 25e and 35 0.2 5.0 2.0 6.5 One of the best books that we have . -- . H.D. MacRae Co. F 29 .......... 2:47 9:09 2:26 8;44 ~l~tt~:~.~nder 19_, in First Section, ISc. 0.1 5.2 1.7 6.5 read recently on Practical Psychol- "~..~-'*~e. Children 10c. S 30 .......... 3:14 9:36 3:01 9:21 ogy" is that by Christian D. Larson. It 6, Su 3, .......... 3:42 10:07 3:30 ,:S8 is an inspirational text book on the The AVALON Care 0.2 5.6 1.3 6.2 "Science of Individual Achievement." ~iI~ta~u(Seriola dorsal,s). SEPTEMBER Dan Ostoich, Proprietor" Air t~wfi,, ,~,a (Thunnus thynnus).M 1 .......... 4:12 10:40 4:22 18:40 How to know yourself, how to use the ~'~,~t:Ore" t~Una (Thunnus maeropterus). 0.4 5.7 1.2 5.8 mind; how to build the mind, and how 403 CRESCENT AVENUE ~'Tho,..-. t-tnUnnus alalonga). Tu 2 .......... 4:44 11:15 S:I0 11:28 t:{.hite'~a Bonito (Sarda Chiliensis). 0.8 5.8 1.2 5.3 tO speed up results. Good Food, Well Cooked and ~atl ~ .Bass (Cynoseion noblis). W 3 .......... 5:18 11:56 6:09 .......... Neatly Serve. ~i'2~hitl ~to (Gymnosarda pelamys). 1.2 5.8 1.3 .......... ~t 1~ ~ ryPnaenus hippurus). "Keep Avalon a Spotless Town." "rlizl a_s tStereole is z as ~r% .SWord" gg )" .. We pledge our help! fllhll S" fish (~I~trapturus mttsukuru). Roofs Repaired Phone 141-J O.W. COLE ~. worcuish (Xiphias gladius). '~IR~Y~ WORTH C.C. W.B. Catalina will give you the rest o' ------t~...,.~ ADVERTISES MELBOURNE ~ CULLEN your life Come to Catalina. Painting, Decorating I~t~li ~ 9.01 Metropole Avenue I:,na ,will give you the rest of DECORATING Magazines, newspapers, candies, etc., Avalon' Call~brnia q e. Come to Catalina. 321 Clemente Ave. Avalon at WINDLE'S NEWS STAND.