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August 22, 1940     The Catalina Islander
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August 22, 1940

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PAW FOUR THE CATALINA ISl FOUND--A 100% AMERICAN JUPITER AND SATURN ART DEPARTMENT-REMBRANDT CALIFORNIA WAT[ PUaLIC SCHOOL PUTTING ON SHOW AND DOVE SEASONS SET The story of the life of Rembrandt, l~nodesty, advised us that tile honor Conferred upon her, belonged not to her but to the loyal staff of teachers under her direction and that in accept- intr it, she had only done so by public- ly announcing her acceptance on be- half of the entire staff. t We will not question Miss Kane's humility. As a matter of fact, we ad- tnire it. However, it is only fair to say that subsequent investigation revealed that while this lady has surrounded herself with a loyal staff, she is the ~pear-head--the driving force which has engendered this loyalty. hYou can rest assured that P.S, N,), I of Brooklyn is not a training place for "Fifth-Columnists'. that it is an institution where boys and girls and their parents through them are being ~aught to love America. to a-preciate he sacrif ces made by our Founding Fathers. anti to respect and revere onr government, ore" institutions and ~au" concepts. How is Miss Kane accomplishin~ this ? But here let her tell you in her c~wn words. Here is what she ~old us: "If we accept the 0ronosition that the tmblic school is an instituti ,! which society has devclot~cd and m-q:~tail~; to promote the welfare of s;,c;etv h- ~elf and to perpetuate its ideals. "th ",: at becomes very clear that the imbt;c :;cho<~l has a very definite respousibq- 3tv and oblioation t~ interpret the 'democratic ideal under which w- llv< .to all mlpils, to ~ive them an intelF- i,u-,'nt understandir~ of their peace-tirol .obli~-ations t, the city, state and utah- 7try. to in~till a thorl~m:h c(mu,reh.'n- slrm r~f the ,her}re of repl"~scntat~ve govermnent, to teach that demecracv ,fi~ tile way ff life, that it has its, "crcL d~ ' wh:ch it is inemuhent uv,m evc,v i2~knlerlcall tO know and t() tl!ld'~rst~l~t. "V~% have endeavored in P S. N ". 241 Io almroxhnate these aoals by *l~e or~anlzali0n atld develomnem ,i v',"i- ou~ group activities of the sch,ol Ou" classes ark f.rmed o. the basis of abil- ity g~onping which give~ a be't,'r teaching: set-up and pernnts " n en- riched Dr ~,Rranl for briuhter Oupils. Bnt it is in tile extra-curricnlar urou,s that tile mo~t si~znificant work in c~i- zcnsh;p trainila~ is done, since the~e ,-t.-o lhe sch0,l counterpnr~. 'f adn]t club-', s,'cieties and or,~amzattons. "Pupil participatmn in the,cwern- ment of the school is limited t~, lhcse functions which best fit in with the }cvel of intelligence of.the pupils af- elected. "But it is the emotional condithm- this point nothing takes the 1dace -f .the loyal, inspired teacher. I'.S. N 241 is fortunate in its teachers." "1"o P.S. No. 24t and all o~l~er sch,~ ,Is tin ;his country that are tul'mn~ out floral Americans our sincerest thauks em~d eomzratulations. The above has ~been written in the hope that teachers ~and parents ill every com~un!iiy-!~, ~verv sect,m of the United States;'wm =be inspired to emulate this model svs- By George Peck Jupiter, the largest of all tile planets greatest of all the Dutch painters, has Waterfoul and dove hunting been popularized within recent times tions for the 1940 season haY' wmcn nlove around our sun, and bat- by the publication of a biography, writ- received by the California DiO. On many occasions -in this colunm, urn, tlae planec with the rings, are at ten by Hendrik ~,Villem Van Loon, and Fish and Game. The regutatiot~,~ we have "viewed with alarm" the short- present putting on the show that they by tile motion picture of his life with ulated by the U. S. Fish anti comkags of our educational system. We gwe each 20 years. The two planets Charles Laughton in the title role. life Service, together with C~t have deplored the growing tendency appear to be so close together in the sky Thus, ninny of us are acquainted State laws, are : on the part of many of our teachers to mat an observer who knew nothing with Saskia, his beautiful young wife, indoctrinate adolescent minds with ra- ot their distances nught usually expect dical ideologies and have pointed out a collision to occur. However~ Saturn ~,vhOlll he never seemed to tire of paint- Waterfoul: ing. One of the many portraits of her (1) Season--October 16, 19401 that this is partly due to the fact is ahnost 900 million miles away, while i,ember 14, 1940. s represented in the Masterpieces of that in ninny of our States, teachersjupiter's distance from us is a mere Art" exhibit, now current at the Los (2) Shooting Hours--Sunrise are not obliged to take tile oath of ~Ot) million These planets move around Angeles County Museum. It bears the p.m. allegiance, the sun in paths very similar to that in date 1636, two years after his marriage, (3) Limits: It is therefore most refreshing to which we move. They are, however, which ended six years after, with Ducks--10 per day; 30 have stumbled over a school to whichseveral times farther from the sun and Saskia's death in 1642. - (seven consecutive days); we can "point with pride" as a shin-therefore receive nluch less light and ing example of how all ,graumlar heat than we do. Jupiter requires 12 Rembrandt was extravagant. He than 20 in possession during schools should be conducted. Ii~rectly of our years to complete the journey made money, married money, and spent Geese--3 per day; 8 per we learned that Miss Elsie R. "l~,ane, which we do annually. Saturn, farther money with abandon. He filled his more than 4 in possession Prindipal of Public School No. 241 in out, requires 29f2 years to go oncehome with masterpieces of painting, day. Brooklyn, New York had been award- tapestries, arms, engravings, fine fab- Dove: around the sky eastward among the tics, etc. Misfortune overtook him, and (1) Season--September 1, ed a medal by the Dan Tallon Post stars to its starting place again, he was forced to sell these treasures October 15, 1940 (except No. 678 of the American Legion for In 1920 the two planets werc very outstanding contribution to American- close to each other as viewed from the to appease his creditors. One of the County--October 1. 1940 to N during the school year just ended, earth. By 1932 Jupiter had come again pictures in the collection now at the 15, 1940.) This sounded interesting, so wc to the same place that the two had Museum is reminiscent of this period (2) Shooting Hours---Sunrise journeyed to Brooklyn to see this lady been in 1920. Saturn, however, had in his life. Among others, the unfin- set. ~o find out just how she had achieved moved ahead by only 2/5 the way ished painting, "Juno", went to Her- (3) Li,nitsI12 ne'r day; 30 mau Becker, a draper of Amsterdam not more than 12 in I " i~his great honor. We found Miss Kane around the sky. L~ring the years since and a creditor of Rembrandt's as se-ally one day. fn charge of a grammar school with then, Jupiter slowly has gained on ]1600 pupils, approximately 40% of curity for borrowed money. Becker, Whom are either foreign-born or of Saturn, anti on the 16th Of this month an art collector himself, loved the passed to the east of it. This year and ARE YOU ON THE foreign-born parentage. " "Juno",and insisted that Rembrandt : Miss Kane at once with becoming early in 1941 the two planets will put on a better spectacle than ordinarily, finish it and turn it over to him as The motion of the earth around the part payment for the debt. What has happened to suu causes all the planets for a short Then the picture faded from sight driversl'500'00 holderslicensesOf? "good time each year to move backwards-- for hundreds of years. Mentioned in This is the question that as that is to say, westward--among the Becket's inventory of 1678, it wasJames M. Carter, Director known to exist, but was not redis- stars. Within the next two months Vehicles. Jupiter and Saturn both will start this covered until 1935 when it came to little westward motion. At that timelight at an art sale in Cologne. It is "The delmrtment has - there were 400,000 of these Jupiter will not have gotten very far interesting to spectulate on the ques- east of Saturn, for both planets, oftion of how many other works by the issued in 1927; a similar course, move very slowly. When the great masters lie buried in private col- 1928, and 1,000,000 in 1929," westward motion begins, Jupiter again lections, unknown to theworldat clared, and added: "Althou will pass Saturn, this time on October lar~se, partment started to call theS five months ago, to date 12, and from east to west. For a couple Sri.~ have been renewed. of months it will get farther west of ANACAPA 1 ND VISIT "Unless the estimate is et Saturn and then as the two planets Early on the morni'-nq of August 15, high," he said, "this means take up their regular eastward motion, a party of seven left for the little is. ment is faced with the Jupiter will again overtake its more land off the coast of California, Ana- newing more than a million distant companion, and on February 21 capa, which is really three little is- cards within a short time, as will pass it. This time it will steadily lands closely connected. This is the antl 1928 licenses no lunge: leave Saturn farther and farther be- first time the Biological Survey of the and the 1929's are to be .hind. until once more, about i~0, it Los Angeles County Museum has been in the next few months." will have gained a complete lap of the to this particular group. This now --o leaves the Island of Santa Catalina as Reader! Is your place of Sk)l'be planets are rising at present a the only one yet to be checked bv the represented in" the Catalina little after eleveu o'clock at niaht and Survey. From Anacal~a, the scientists Business Director)', on page ll will rise earlier each night by four hope to return to the Museum with paper? minutes, specimens of tnammals, rentiles, plants, o-----" l);nsmore Alter. insects. ~nd other invertebr,"~o~. The Read the New Advert;sel~etlt Director, Griffith Obse;vatory. vartv left on one ,ff the Fish ar',t .r~.- G~me Comm;ssion boat~, and the tri:~ JUDGE JOHN BEARDSLEY will onh" take ab,mt three hr~tlrs in group will return on the 28th 0 FOR SUPERIOR COURT these s,eedy little vessels. The entire t,f August. OFFICE NUMBER 14 ~::it;'N~ll!i~!lllillllllllllttilltllltil~llllllliillllltlilllllti .l',lge Beardsley was b.rn and edu- cated in iowa, but has resided in Los -- ~= Angeles County for 35 years and prac-- 7 t~ccd law here for nearly 30.years be- -~ fore becoming a Judge. Long recog- N rizcd as an au;.honty on American Con- N stitnti,mal Law, Ju(l~e Beardsley was lhe atlthor of the present f(wm ~.f Tri- t)u e to the Fla~ whh which eaeh ses- ~. = TLAND Y, f,r ,or u,-wspapcr man, Judae PAVILION lIcardslcy stud{ed law while w;)rking as =. a reporter in Los Angeles and was == :,dmitted to practice in Calii,rnia in i A Bd a m nton re : mt,n~ the enthusiastic endorsers of the caml:dacx of lud~e J,hn' Be:~r(t;- N Icy t,~ rctain-Offic'c No. 14 ,i the Su- l,cri-r Court aljc a great many lawyers ~ wh,~ have had the oppt,rtuuiLv to (,b- eards' ,'s l, t,e, Um aras and Pool { - 1 erich, tncludcd are such leaders at the Bar as Norman A. Bailic. Stauffer V. l~arues, lames L.Becbc. Isi&,::e B. 1)~wkweil~r, James Ray l::ilc~, V. T. ~N~uN~Ni~N~i~I~N~I~u~i~u~M~I~u~i~II~N~ ('iIbert, Rav~,n,l Naivht, Oscar Law- ~'qilllll!llIt{Ntllllll!lllllllllllllllillllitHIIl lcr. and I: D.I.yman. ~ " st: t .n .nts appr,v nv >,ards-- OPEN h'ys work and fitness to be retained ~- .'~ the F;ench have also been siancd ~- - BOOS ing of pupils t ward the aem, cr:,tic hv T. M.rro,v. (;tl,' ':" Xc,'- ==-- THE ORIGINAL itl[ml Which is most important and at fin, lud:ac J,~hn V~-. t're~t(,n. Jttd~c l,est,:r V. R,~th. James C. Shep ,ard, -==-- Ir Edward S. Shattnck. Oscar A. Tri-- pet, Rayn~ond Tremaine, Fraucis I). = = Tat)paalh and Paul 'allee. --'O D, 'nu kuow that Avalon has one ~ C R E S C E N T A V E N U E, A V A ~f d~e finest all-year climates on the Pacific Coast ? ~l ~ i e- tcm of patri, tlc and character-bt;ild-,SERVICE DAILY FROM 6:45 A. M. TO 8:00.P. 141. ing c(tucation. %!lIll,it!lll;I;llf:i;hll,llli2,;~l ~d~'~;Li!`~i~;i ~!I:!i~!f'!~"~]~!~]~!1'~N~i~u~iIN~;[I~1u~i~i~