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August 22, 1940     The Catalina Islander
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August 22, 1940

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PAGE TWO THE CATALINA IMPORTANT MEETING HELD mate nse of this resource tbrongh a Interesting Summary Governnlent. It ~ould also LAST FRIDAY EVENING continuous contact with this regulatory 1. This Initiative Legislation DOES overhurdened legislature. . powers is an important essential. The NOT INCREASE "I'A.XES 10. lt is well to consider in (Continued from Page 1, Col. 3) monthly olcn meetings of the Irish and " ;~ le~,al ",~ lo[,iqlatic~n far nnrt tiou of these arguments, tha ~,ame t~ommtssl m provme tills repre- o~ ti -tic- - dealing with life. While it is 2Iacst" t. tration of fish and game and ~hich itsentatlon, amt more adequately than 3 Provides for the delegation of real and bird life, it requires does not now have under the present does the State Legislature The latter " . constant care and attention provisions of theStateConstitution, ~ . ' . regulatory powers to the Conmnssmn. snotntl oe reneveti from consmeranonTile actual dele,ation of these nowers human life. The individual exi towit:,of from 400 to 4;0 fish and gaffe bills c, .? s,; " . * this life is coml/aratively sho: a. The right toenactlaws for the . " :" mint come tnrougn suosequent act DV at every sesmon ot tlle btate Leglsia- tile State Le'qslature - subject to constant attack fr( protection of fish and ganle in part ture l'nost of which arc routine .) . s . " " . . . sources. Intelligent care and of a fish and game district created ' " 4. t rovides for a more efflcteut Fish measures introduced Dv the Ptsh and ~, tectiou is needed to maintain at~ by the Legislature. The present State - ,~ . . . - . and Game Comlmsslon set-up. Longer (.alne t.tmmnsslon m or(ler to carry,~~- . . ~ - ~ . ante of wildlife. Our present ~ Constitution allows only for the ell ~'-,ternls otolnce ano staggerea terms on its tuncttons ot nsn aua game man-.~, o . ~- ; :. . tration is not adeouate ila this ~ actment ~f laws of this kind for a a,ement O'h r s-'s " wltn oenatecommnauon ot appt)lHt- and no stone, wiaich might r g ~- [ e"tate in tne killOU . whole district, have long since delegated these powers men s. more efficient and alert man: b. The right of tile California Stateto their Commissions. Among other 3. ~uojugates pohtmai, patronage .toof this resource, should be I l,egislature to delegate" some of itsthings, the Commission shouid have prop! of. business, abfllt,y, integrity turned. legislative power to the Fish amt Game tile right to open and close districts and knowledge ot tlsh ano game. 11. Help start the first steP Commission, and which right, it does or parts thereof, establish bag linfits, . 6. Av?ids much cost and delay ill the INDEPENDENCE OF not now have relative to the ";-~otec- seasons etc and based upou authentic introducing and passing regulatory AND GAME by voting for an tion, propagation and llreservatio~, cf conservation needs, measures in the Legislature. ing for this Assembly Const fish ~nd game. Fish and Game Commission 7. Provides for more flexible controlAmendment when it ai)pears ! Part Two ';, ,~ to meet conservation needs. POSITION NO. -- on the ! To create a Fish and Game Corn- tnc present t'~sn aim ~ame ~om- S Ptoxides closet dire " contact ~ the N~vember 194(I ('eueral missioners serve solely at the pleasure . ". " '",:~'. .oct . pc- California Sportsmen's mission of five members, having stag- ~,- . o" .~ " tween tile l/COllie and the aolhmlstra- ~I 'ne t,overnor. ~acn new aannms- - o . Carl F. Johnson, presi ffer~l terms of office. The comnfission- tration brings a new set of colmnis tire power vesteo m a t omnnsslon as ers to be apointed by the Governor, as at present, but the apl)ointments must simmers ill block who must be educated against the Legislature. at considerable cost to tile Dellartment. 9. Avoids the necessity of contact- COMMUNITY CHURCH l~ be confirmed by the State Senate. AnyThere may be no carryover of eommis-mg 120 legislators and the expenditure member may he removed from office by a concurrent resolution (,f the sioners who have gained a workable ot much money m lobbying at Sacra- The first visitor to sign tl knowledge of the Division of Fish and mento both by the Fish and Game book at the service Sunday. majority m~rnbers of both houses of Gain its t)ersonnel its fiscal oolieie~ Conmfission and individual organiza- was Mrs. Tyson of London the State Legislature. The term of e, . ~ . . . office of a Commissioner shall be forits needs and its operation. This All .who are interested m. fish Later we learned that her six years, except that the terms of branch of State Govermnent. is more and game leave a .man to man chance has charge of one of the bomb far-reachin~ eeooranhicaltv and in its before the Commission and without in that area. the members first appointed shall ex-many ram]ficati(~ns" than "any depart- undue delay. It is a hopeless task toGlancing over the names, 3 pire as follows: ment. This rapid changing of Commis-co.ntact 1.20 legislators or to compete Corlett of Sacramento. who i~ One member on lanuary 15, 1943. sioners upsets the morale of the de-with. polmcal practices such as the coming to Avalon since earl3 One member on .lanuarv 15, 1944. partment. Inexperienced new commis- tradln.g of bills among legislators and twenties saw the name an~ J . J . One member on January 15, 1945. sioners invariably make serious mis-comnntment ot votes on measures be- 'Do you recall which lady is One member on January 15, 1946. takes through incomplete knowledge of fore, arguments can be presented to son?" Years ago M.r. Corlett n One member on January 15, 1947. conditions, and retard procedure. Long legt.s!ators. They also have thcusands to America from the Isle of. Note-Each su,bsequent appointment and staggered terms should improveof bills to pass upon at eacn sessmnthere was an interesting me.etl shall be for 6 years, or, in case of a the efficiency materially and aid in and also have. to serve on. various the service, and especially thai vacancy, then for the unexpired por- carrying out lon~ term uolieies of fish comnnttees and attend polmcat cau- world fatherland is in so des1 tion of such term. and'gan"le propagation. Fish and Game cuses. Many fail to recognize the ira- conflict. Origin Commissioners serve without pay other portance ot nsn ana g.ame measures Mrs. Anton M. Hanson is en This Constitutional Amendment was than expenses of limited amount, and. marly, are unfamthar .with .thlsmuch credit for getting the introduced in the California State Leg sunject. The rear merit ot rials leglsia- ready for the service. They islature at the direction of the major t.;onhrmat~on of Appointments tion is often lost in the shuffle. Much much to the beauty of the att~ Confirmation of appointments by theof this legislation should therefore be Even so, it could not have be sportsmen's and other conservation or- State Senate makes their selection in the hands of a competent Fish and but for the help given by 3~ ganizations throughout the state. It more on the basis of experience andGame Commission. This is no reflection Anderson, Mrs. Lillian C. t provides the first necessary step in a series of enactments proposed to estab- ability, and less on political patronage upon the integrity of our legislators but Miss Worden. Airs. L. A. as appointees will have to preser~t their an adaptation of more modern and el- and Mrs. Homer Anthony a~ lish a more efficient type of Fish and qualifications to a Senate Committee. ficient methods in this branch of State service. Many expressed their ~ Game Commission and fish and flame management. .~ : . . . ". ". . .~r~.~t~.t~t~.~.t~ . . "7" 2~~ tion for the new arrangemet~ At a meeting of the Sunda) IT IS A FACT ! teachers last week the minis It bears the stamp of approval of the Hanson was requested to cont California State Legislature and in un- worshipful processional and fe~ usual measure, towit: it passed the elements of the Church of yo California State Senate with but one .~ Season's Brides Are Bu~' Plannln~ ~[ vice in the Sunday School do: dissenting vote and the California State ~ An unusually large number of 10cad ~ coming fall and Winter. Dttr Assembly with but four dissenting ~ young ladies are getting ready to say "I do." ~ summer the young people th~ ~. For them,Virginia Courtenay, our brides' .~. votes. The Legislature comprises 120 ~ consultant, has prepared a charming gift ~ have conducted the prayer a~ members. ~ booklet on aoeial customs before and after ~ ture periods of their youth This Division of State Government ~ the marriage Eaehmayhaveagi~eopyby ~. and have conducted their oW is supported by the people through .~ eallingatthisoffiee, This is an excellent piece of c the sale of Hunting and Fishing li- ~ ~ tire religious education. censes and not one cent is con':ributed ~ :.'.':ii~ii~ ~(.'i~ ~ ---~--o--------- I from any tax fund. This legislation ~ ~ ~:: m dUOS not increase your taxes,i OH, TER WILLZIE VOLUNTEr,lating for P,I nfa District ~ I TIt|M ~~~ i ~ Leaders of the nonpartisan This is a correctly% measure. It is necessary to legislate for parts of a ~ ~,~-- ~~,~ ~~ ~w~ i Voluuteers of Southern Califor fish and game district in certain in- ~ .~nf~ ~ ~-~~,!~.'.:" . ~ .~ nounce that they will assist t~ " n . n zing sire lar crusading grouP stances without affecting the district ~ ~ I ~ and every other community ' ~(::" o:~!~ii:':~- / ~ out this section. tire of establishing innmnerable and ~. I ~ -'.":s~ii~'~~ ": This move is in response to, complicated districts. The constitution- ~ i - l of requests pouring into the ality of many provisions of the Fish ~ ill] jg~i!~'.:ii!~~ fill ~ geles ofice at 311 Spring Area and Game Code, where special pro- . ~l' [ ts~s:::@*s:~:~::===================== ::~ ::~,::~?i~:::s~ :: ":: announcement this week o, visions have been made for geopraphi-~,~!!:~::~.: ~:; 'l /~;i~:;~i~S"~" ~ mation of the parent group o cal areas within a district and without .~ ~ ~i::~~ n " cratic and Republican Willkle applying to tile whole district, has been .~. !~[ # ~ii~!~ :::i~~ ~! ~- asts. questioned. .~ There maynotbeanymore ]] m ~ All precinct work will o Delegation of L~gi~lativa P~wer .~ i~1 ethomelikeyou andyour,Ill/ ~ bands of the local club, The To give the Fish and Game Commis- ~ Ill friend, may be very much l~l ~ geles central office will act sion the right tomake lawsand regula- I1 putout ifyou forget to 111 ~ ing house and service hew ~tions which will conform more flex- distributing campaign literatUl ibly to the demands of conservation ~ !lg/ notify them ofyour mar- ! [I][ ~ operating in every way wit] . ria e. Art Point Weddin ill " anti to the immediate needs of fish~ U/ g g I :~ workers here and game management. The fixed laws ~ ,~, Announeementsehmmate i ,~ ~ Strictly nonpartisn, the of a legislature which m~ts hut once ~ ~ letter writing and phone,~ ~ .~ will endorse no other candJ~ in two years .often defeat their purpose ~ ~ calllng theyaresoconvea, i m .~. t)al'ticil)ate in other national, as they cannot be corrected or ad- ~ ient, clever and inexpenfive~ ~' ~ local campaigns. . justed within this time to conform, to ~ See our portfolio of ultra ~ "This is truly a campalg: rapidly changing conditions. The effects ~ new styles. ~ people" comments Luther C. on our wildlife of heat, cold, floods, drought, increased or over exploitation, ~ ~.qLL1NG.qLL~RID SI ~ chairman and one of Califor. biological conditions, etc demand in' "~" omeiuauda~kfora o~ /L,~>. ~ ~ ~: ginal Willkie backers in invite J" Pirglni~ Courteuay't / ~,"2 '~ I ~ one--regardless of party-2t stant and intelligent action to pre- ~ devergi)qh~kltt' outai~- / "~// ~ group. "It is 'Mr. and Mrs. serve this natural resource. The train- ~ i~gkelp.fds~ggeo~f~r / I ~ Citizen' who are back of o~ tst ndo se eso D i <./ . m ,a o, our o visiou of Fish ~d Game through their termed an~ateurish because accunmlation of statistics, research i i ' ~ political inexperience, but I a: and field work, familiarity with con- that our energy and enthUS ditions in our streams, lakes and forests ~ ~ mean ultimate "success ana and general wildtifepol)ulation are the Samples may be seen at the office of ~ tion of Wendell VVillkie in NI logical directors of our fish and game ~ --~----o-------~--" liro~ram. Facilitating the cooperative THE CATALINA ISLANDER Are you represented in the assistance of all who enjoy the legiiti- .~"-" : : ~~~.~~~~t~-~h~.~.~,~ Directory?