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August 20, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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August 20, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER ,. ' PAGE SEVEN : IAL AND PERSONAL John "Wilson, who has been working Mr. and Mrs. O'DelIe and son Glad- Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Streeter of Chi- ~lrs - ------ on the Island since last March, left an, of Victorville, were Island visitors cago, who have been Island visitors ~er~ •. J' Edmundson and daughteron the steamer Avalon Tuesday morn-for a few days last week• for the past two weeks, returned to ,_.¢ ,vtsitors to the mainland for sev- ing. -- .... the mainland Sunday. Before leaving *r~ ~YS' last week• Remember the talk by Colonel DanMrs. Streeter presented ~o. the Cata- ~.aAa. Miss Helen Mason; one of last year's Morgan Smith at the Pavilion this af- lina Light Tackle Club a beautiful sil- l .1~°we'~l was a visitor on the high school teachers in Avalon, hasternoon at 2:30.Orchestral concert per flower vase to be awarded to the ~_ d Several days the vast week, been spending a few days visiting with at 2:00 o'clock• lady angler taking the largest tuna of -- .... the season of 1924 on light tackle. Mr. ~ntng on the Catalina Saturday at~[rs. M. F. Brown. A. Carlson, plumber for Carl Carson, and Mrs. Streeter expect to return to ~eor e ~ Dr. C. C. Noble and family are spend- has left the Island after spending sev- Avalon September 2. ~.g A. Hart and family have re- ing the summer at their A~alon home. eral months here. It is his intention--~----- ~u tO but ~, Los Angeles for afewweeks,For many years Dr. Noble has been to return later. United States customs officers seized the _•,,u visit Catalina again later in a regular visitor here. "~--- the purse seiner Thaddeus of San season. Mr. and Mrs. William Sims and Pedro last Wednesday, as an after- an'"-- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Platt and daughters, MissBarbara, and Miss math of a raid two weeks ago,-in ,.' • ct Mrs Harold Procter and ~),IDrenUis of I~os Angeles are guests Miss Alma Norris, of Los Angeles, are Dorothy, of Chicago, are guests at the which the Wihnington police captured the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Courtland Hotel St. Catherine. ten men and took 225 cases of liquor Suing" and Mrs. E. Windle at their Lawrence of Deseanso avenue. er avenue home. ~ .. Mrs. E. R. Nowlin and son of Los and four automobiles. It was stated i~Irs A ~ ' Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Criley and fami- Angeles have taken the cottage at 207 Friday that the contrabrand vessel 10 h" • beymour Scott has returned Iy of Los Angeles will be with us for Descanso avenue, and are contemplat- from which the men on board the Thaddeus obtained the liquor was still ~e,~Y home in Los Angeles, .afterthe next two weeks. They are located ing entertaining guests during their 'cruising in catalina Channel,' twelve ~U~ng a few days at her cottage at the Island Villa, and are enjoying stay on the island, miles off the mainland shore. Seanso avenue, their visit immensely. k~r~ /3 "-----~- Mrs Rose Golhner of 343 Sumnerav- ,, . "" ....... allin "All Things Are Yours will be the ~e;- axter is getting out plans for Mrs. Agness Cronhohn and son enue, had the nnszortune ot ~ g : ...... 0 theme of the pastor's sermon at ~o:o Ibis ,... ~Otne. She is going to build Frederick, of Long Beach, have spent down the steps at her home Monday, ..... r--" ~':n ' "~ " c'~r f t "h bones a.m. next bunaay at me ~.ommumty ~.'nMer on a lot on the east side of several days in Avalon visiting Mr. ~,m g m me ira ~t e o uo~ ......... --~utl • ~, , ~., tt.ongregatmnau church. ~t / p. m. ii~e a avenue, next to Dr. Minr/ey's and Mrs. A. A. Powell of Marilla av- m her ~e~t mrearm, there will be an interesting sermon • enue. She is a sister of Mr. Powell. Mr and ~y of West lectttre entitled "The Unfolding Uni- A. letter ~ ..... " ~erse by Re~ George R Lockwood, ai~r;- received from Colorado A• C• Brode of the Los Angeles Soap Hollywood have been guests of Mr. ~ , ", • " " ' " i All'ugs last week stated that ~Ir JCompany entertained the young ladies and Mrs. W. H. Chapman of this citythe Sky Pdot, the mm ster-astrono- -*,oCtt • ~ . . ~e~rffs recovering from his recent of his office staff over the week-end for the past week. They returned tomer, of Chula Vista, California. This I~alti'un, and'is much improved in at his beautiful home on the West their home on the mainland Sunday address will be illustrated with stere- Side Terrace. A most enjoyable time ~ opticon pictures and the devotionaland ~r an" ~- was spent by his guests. Mrs. James W. Oldfield and two song service will also be from the ~te d Mrs C E Rogers and dan- children, Betty and Jimmy K., of Chi- screen. . r ~f " • • R%s • Los Angeles were Island ws-The furniture for the new dwelling cago are the guests of Mrs. Oldfield's Item_mr Several days last week Mrof Mr. and Mrs. Oberle, on Catalinaparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Wrig- A big coming event of Catalina's -~rs i - " ~ ' ~les s connected with the Los An- avenue, has geen installed this week, lay, Jr., at their palatial home, Mt. Ada. summer season will be the play en- office of the Standard Oil Co. and the family is getting comfortably ~ titled "Cupid s Festival," which has C I( ~ situated. They are intending to enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Osborn 'of been pronounced one of the cleverest ~tali~ ._err, paymaster for the Santa themselves in their island home. Pasadena have as their guest Miss plays of its kind. Over fifty boys and a tr' a Island Company is enjoying Portia Miner. The Osborn cottage on girls of Avalon, assisted by tourists, lie stt~;~ .Denver,, Colorado. En route Mr. and Airs. F. J. Ray of Los Au- Descanso avenue, has been the scene will be members of the cast. Miss eit~ , ~ea off at Ogden and Salt Lake geles are paying a first visit to the of several delightful bridge luncheons. Eva V. Dunbar, of the Balatka Acad- k, • ~o visit friends. He ex acts to island, accompanied by their sons John ~ emy, Chicago, is the directqr. The -" uaek the last of the mouthy and Jim. And to say that they are John Jones and wife of Pasadena entertainment is sponsored : by the are spending their two weeks vacation Ladies Aid '~of the Co~41"reg~tional ~ls~Yd R. Bunnelle wife and babyenjoying their visit here would be put- taking in the island and its beauties• church The same e~ening the i~au- g~esi:Y'a°f San Dimas, were housecornering itboostersmild. TheYfor thehaVeMaglcCertainlYIsle• Theybe- Mr. Jones came to Pasadena in 1878 tiful "Wedding of the Princess" will ~t~l~,s t (~randpa and Grandma Bun- are occupying the cottage ,F. F." on and has resided there ever since. He be staged. This is the artistic side of t_I~0n Catalina avenue. It is re-Clemc~nte avenue, has been in the Pasadena fire depart- the entertainment, featuring twenty- baby a~.. grandfather promised the ment for twenty-five years and was five characters in unique costumes. A uShmg trip on his next visit. The Auction Bridge Club met with presented with a gold fire badge with cordial welcome is extended to the LieUtenant-~ . Mrs. C. U. Bunnelle on Catalina av-a diamond setting by members of thepublic---yety~are warned not to come ~Ck~rh- s Charles D~tro, Arthur enue Tuesday. Those playing were department in commemoration of this if it hurts "you to laugh, for the play ~a~ ~Uer and Chester. ~facLean ofMesdames Laurance, Mead, Dash, event recently. The Jones have beenhas been a real laugh.provoker in the "rancisco .~. a~ . are aboard Eagle boat Heiss, Baker, Patrick, Hunt, Smith,visitors on the island since 1886. largest cities of the United States and The ^~. hmh ts on a cruise are here. Chaffee, Handly, Miss Florence Hill BIR~RISE Canada. Admission, adults 50c, chil- ees atroeers are renewing acquainten- and the hostess.Refreshmentsof dren 25e. - t Avalon Honoring Miss Annie Hadfield, the . ~lt[,~trs ~" ~ ,.' anmng whom are Mr. salad, wafers and coffee were served. • .......... 1 Subscribe n0w---~ per year. • "~. oeymour ~cott. Mrs. Smith carried off high score, housekeeper mr sxx years at me r~ote ,,, , .LOn~and wife were honey- "Atwater' Island \ dla, and ...... Vdla Park,co THE'---- I~I,~NDER-'" -- ADLETS 'l'h~• m Avalon over the week-end. On Thursday Miss Florence Hill an- a surprise party was held aUonoay - ........ rie~.}~ t that they had just been mar- tertained the Bridge Club and a fewCuing at Villa Park dormitory, on the ar, l~'r ~a'~£'~ '~^-- ---~ -" • r ........ ~vammmm charge, ~:3 ct$. t ~,'~neVer leaked ou+ until tUey ""'re Pasadena friends• Those playing occasion of Miss Hadfield's birthday n,r i~,,~ ~t:_:--.--- , .... ~e~ to board the s~eamer for homebridge were Mesdames Dash, Mosier, When she arrived at the darkened i~ ~ Will be at home to their friends Chaffee, Hoover, Bunnelle, Lanrance, house, the lights were switched on, re- For Sal~--40-foot Cabin Cruiser, 9- af~re~ new home in Santa Barbara E. Tyler, Patrick, Smith, Heiss, Miss pealing... .a ...... table beautifully~, and '--ur'-ledeC°ratedasters' 30-horse-powerf°°t beam, electriCengine,lightS,speed,selfllstarter,miles, et)tetnber first. Barnes and Mr. Earl Sinunonds. Those wma smilax anupmr~ . e v . sleeps six people; toilet, ice box and • sm~¢. ~ cash, Apply to Alex, Out- ~i "~- plaving mah jongg were Mrs. S. Tyler, m the center ot which was a huge ....... . . . A~geieand Mrs. Jack Roach of Los Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Hill and Miss Flop birthday cake. er I'iarbor Yacht Club, San Pedro. 32 ~eek~ Whohave spent the past three ence Hill. Delicious ice cream and Close upon one hundred members of the staffs greeted her by singing, For . For S Me---Launch., Sea; 5 hp. Innd at Avalon, retttrned to themain- cake were served• 3fr. Sinmmnds wonShe's a Jolly Good Fellow" ~ncnore~ m front Yacht Cluo. A.B. a ~t~£h~nday. Mr. Roach has takenhigh score in bridge, and Mrs. Chaffee . . ' Clapp, 126 Marilla. 32p the°er of local scen~s with one of the consolation; Mrs. Hart winning at When s~lence was obtained, a beau- l'lal ?V ng picture cameras from the mah jongg, tiful• white, " ~'rg°ld FrankWrist watchc Crin'-en'Was pre-on houseF°r Saleon lot°r 40Exchang~'--Apartmentfoot frofitage. Ad- • ,. - . , .... ~ ~ress, uwner, r:J. , b J Clnto, I'lal,~ ' ROach Studio. Jack Roach is senteoov ;l • ' iv ' .... Box 2 Oan "a " • _ p 'Younger brother Mr. amt Mrs. "W. H. Mead of Clar-bandit of the comomed house stuns California 31 32 "B~ll" --' .- ' essa avenue were hosts to a party of MissHadfield was, completely. . sur- " r • " " rs prised, but responded m a few very Housedoanm~---By the day o hour, ~f tt k~Umn the live wire promoter friends aboard thmr yacht, Idol Ou ," AVai"_e United Theatres is again an last Friday.On the way to Emer- appropriate words. Many beautiful Mrs. Van Deusen. Box 1205. 31 . ~un ' " " .. , ., tit-st ~la~l ,-aun~ary---~one at nome. {~th~l.. v~sttor accompamed by Mrs aid Bay, their destination, Miss Lucile individual gifts were also presented. . _ ,., ~ • - alort'h,ff~Ir. Quinn is wishing that Av- Mead entertained with fancy surf- Music and merriment prevat~ed untn aSpecial care taken of all silks and ~,hen ~u a larger theatre these days board riding. Those enjoying the de- late hour, and delicious refreshments linen dresses, men's silk shirts also. ti%,-me Strand is erowded tosuffoca- lightful trip and delicious luncheon of sandwiches and coffee, ice creamAddress, 202 Tremont Street 28tf titttt%UStwithstauding a ten-hour con- were, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reid, Mr. anAdn~2kg oe~eo;_;~nd gnests Wh2keatl "~ inH~o~_~usC~:a;tt~gi~adorWe,r?d3oh, nW~hn ~f~l~:~ run every day. The fine class and Mrs. W. M. Hunt, Mrs. Alice f~ri~ures being shown is the reason Deardeu, Mrs. Blanch Sheury, Mrs. tended were Miss Elizabeth Pi ,: derson Diffins or Waitte Parlor: 22tf the ,,~ large, attendance.' Look over Frost, Miss Myra Belle Miller, Mi~ss an old-time friend .... Of Miss Hadfieid,A Catalina: .Honae ud Window ~ Clean- and Mr J C Gurd , both ot t os n sl a; arn for the coming week, as Portia Miner, Mr. E. R. Osborne, • . • ! - r.--Eleetrie vacuum machines rented. iP ,gage eleven; . • Edith Hunt and Lueille Mead. geles. Fullerton, Box 1452, Avalon17ff