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August 20, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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August 20, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE THREE MARS NEARING THE EARTH On August 22 the ~Tarrior planet will draw nearer to us than it has been for ahnost two hundred years. Every fifteen years it comes nearer than us- ual, but on this occasion it will be as near to us as it possibly can be. We swing around the sun inside of &e orbit of Mars, and make the circle in ~t~lina ~ half the time that it takes.Mars to go All $Cubs Whitewash Pasadena around once, so that in a little over '~'da t~rs in Well Played Contest. two years we overtake and pass Mars. at ttis2~'vkins Has Pasaden~ Crew "~Vhen we pass it at the greatest dis- lie att;n.Qrcy Throughout the Strug- tance apart we are about 61,000,000 ~f u, tl Also Gave a Good Account miles from each other. Our average "umself With the Willow. distance at such times is about 45 000,- By Willia'~J. Doram Yen exciting innings it looked ball game: but[ Mike pieces in the eighth,frame Islanders scored four-runs, meant the contest. Mike lost. ae by several wild heaves in ~he proved costly. It was Pitchers' duel between Mike :Hawkins for seven frames, snappy ball and pu!l- league prays with Mr. rigley, Jr., looking on.-The to life in the second canto ~s Callan, the Cub's new back- a liner into right field for and went to third on Hawkins~ Then Freddie Pfahler'took and clouted one of File's m the direction of the Club clubhouse; but the (lash- bagged the drive after and Callan scored after the more tally= were chalked fifth, when Sam Dagley put and run play with the and came through with 000 miles. Friday evening of this week we shall be less than 35,000,000 miles from Mars. From the standpoint of popular interest, the planet will be very brilliant, and its ruddy luster will dominate the somheastern sky. It will be twice as bright as Jupiter, which has been commanding the southern sky. But its greatest interest is to the man of science, for to him it is still a mystery. In appearance it is much as the earth would be if we were off in space looking out upon it. By means of direct observation, photographs, spectroscope and radiometer the as- sault upon the mystery of the planet will be made. The scientists are try- ing to solve the following problems about Mars: Is it a world like the earth? Has it in reality, as it seems to have, seasons such as we have? How much atnmsphere has it? Are the mysterious lines cracks or canals ? Is it inhabited by intelligent beings? The above and other questions will be discussed in an interesting and competent manner by the "Sky Pilot," RE-ErrOr (Floor Leader 1923 Session) Republican Candidate for ASSEMBLY, 71st District Vote for him at the Primary, August 26th [ PAINTING PAPERHANGING LET US REPAIR THOSE LEAKS AND PAINT YOUR ROOF NOW BEFORE THE RAINY SEASON STARTS MEL LEN 321 CLEMENTE AVENUE Phone 141-J P.O. Box 1036 SOFT DRINKS BY THE BOTTLE. DOZEN OR CASE SANDWICH FILLERS ALSO ROLLS AND PASTRIES ON THE ISLAND BAKED IN OUR OWN OVENS to right, seoring a pair. Rev. George R. Lockwood, of Chula All Stars Go to Pieces Vista, at the Avalon Conmmnity (Con- s0~le w . ~ barrage of.base h", coupledtts with gregational) church on Friday evening of this week, August 22, at 8 o'clock. -,oa,,ers .., Cash a .,.rocer: a~ ava, elrd throwing, cost Pasadena The address will be illustrated with t0 th 'arlehe of runs. Being three runs SUMNER AVENUE ATWATER HOTEL BLDG. %t~-'sogedl the Cubs started to exe- stereopticon pictures. The public is in- the ~ e heady baseball by runningvited. At La Jolla recently Mr. Lock- ~ ~~ ar0tl;as~ wild, bunting the sphere all wood gave this lecture in a crowded ( th " l'ile, a ' hall and many were turned away for ~.e ball t-- -- nd the big fellow threw lack of room. "There will be no charge | FOR CHARTER "a%t ' ~' me outfield. It was a track aiag inStead of a contest in that in- for admission, but a voluntary offering / FIFTY-FOOT EXPRESS CRUISER will be received to remunerate the C- L ZoJ" D.I" o 2" ;5o0--R TTT^" ~la~'~y ~tIWever, the clubs put up a speaker for this address and the one / ~ ~rae turand of ball, notwithstanding which he will give Stmday evening. [ ~er~ oad breaks and the spectators [ Day or Night Cruising, $ y $ . Per Hour as ;etl~e:ted to some spectacular plays CAN'T ~UT IT / For Party up to Twelve Persons l~g th~ s a good exhibition of wield- WillOWcATALINA CUBS WashingtOnAugustCOUrtll,ttouse,1924. Ohio, / Additional Charge for Larger Parties Editor Catalina Islander: / CAPTAIN JOHN MINNEY, 124 SUMNER AVENUE ~fahler _ AB H O A E Please forward the Islander to me. ~'ula~ia~u~'~rar1 ,ss ............. ........... 43 11 31 80 01 out[ thoughtit, butthatcannot.I could get along with- 1~ Office Phone 121 House Phone 55-W . J, ~Uarn }'laW~. , 2b. 40 4 1 0 Very respectfully, ~a~ais, ~ras, lb... 5 2 11 0 0 Mrs. George W. Greene, ~agle,, '~ ............ 3 2 1 0 0 819 So. ]:ayette street. A Spell of Spelling High or Low "~Ct3"' ,. Teacher (in spelling class): Spell.A high-brow is one who says:- Q.,, ~Wel~ ";" ....... 4 1 3 0 0 A~u-a~ e " ct ....... 3 1 0 0 0 the best outfiehlers in Southern Call- Tennessee, Johnny. %'lease possess your soul in patience." "" blaw~'," ............. 2 1 4 0 0 fornia, and he also gives an excellent Johnny: One-a-sea, two-a-sea, three- A medium-brow is one who says: a-sea, four-a-sea, five-a-sea, six-a-sea, "Hold your horses." "1' 'qns, p ..... 4 1 0 2 0 accotmt of himself on the" -a-.sea, . eight-a-sea, n.ineza-sea, A low-brow is one who says. "Keen_ Orals ~33 ]-027 ]1 1 Pitching shut-out ball against a pretty and ten-a-=ca.--August l~oys" Lxte. your shirt on." I?ASAD-ENA ALL STARS fast nine is worthy of mention, and, ~~ -- ~llrie ss ~ AB ]-I O A E due credit shnld be given Arch frI t l~adY, '2~. ............. 4 0 2 3 1 his efforts. FOR YOUNG AND OLD WITH POOR CIRCULATION ~erir~bt.u" ; ........... 4 0 2 2 1 Bus Callan, ex-Coast League star, [ HOME TREATMENT BY APPOINTMENT / ~rr ,;", ct... 3 1 1 0 0 ~aq~l;t'3c ......... ~-:-" 30 3 0 0 perfornted well for the Islanders. He | Scientific Sulphur Baths and Swedish Massage, Salt, Oil and Alcohol ] caught a wonderful game back of the] Rubs---IN YOUR HOME / ~n,Ur}: ........... 43 0 ~ 2 1 log and made it possible for Hawkins l~i,~Iall'~el' lb' c ......... ........ '- 3 6 0 00 pitching a shut-ut' because it was his ] ANDREW GADD ] % I~ ................... 3 0 8 2 0 heady co-operation which turned the ._ ' .................. 3 0 3 2 2 trick. Bus hit a few on the nose, one / " SWEDISH MASSEUR " / T~tals ............ 30 4 a4 11 .4 being in the pinch. ~aSatle.~ 123456789 Freddie Pfahler had a field day,/ ===============0=========================================== j "a~talia;'" - ............. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0----0 handling may difficult chances, espec- sw~eo,s. GYMNASTICS FOR HEALTH ANO STREIM6TFI ~'W~ ................. 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 4 *---7 ially when a bobble meant trouble. 208 East Whlttley Avenue Avalon, California ~ases ase hits~Doran, A. Hawkins. Chuck Cunningham and Pfahler, bet- / Call or Street Opposite Telephone Office ] ~' ~*-~rtlekn'balls---ff A. Hawkins,. 2 .File ter known as the "Gold Dust Twins,"[ Phone for Appointment: 145-W Between 8 and 10 a.m. or 1 and 3 p.m. l out by A. Hawkins3, Fde6. look like the money around the short / Appointments Must he Kept or Paid for. Lady Attendant / ~., BOots and Bingles patch and the keystone sack. The ~lar;e;h- Iffawkins work has been re- pair form one of the best combinations ~~ ~ ~ A ~ | ~bte. The young fellow is one of in the bushes around So. California. L !