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August 15, 1935     The Catalina Islander
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August 15, 1935

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PAGE TWELVE THE CATALINA ISLAND g SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES It does no good to Just regret If your mistakes you coon forget. DANNY MEADOW MOUSE had learned this by hard experience. ~ow whenever he makes a mistake he wastes no time regretting that mistake, but neither does he forget It. He tucks it away in his memory so that he ,t~ever will do the same thing again, and then he puts his wits to Work to get him out of the trouble his mis- take has got him into. As he peeped out of the hole in the far bank of the Smiling Pool, where q ml Certainly Have Got Myself Into a Heap of Trouble This Time," Thought He. ~e had found safety, he wished with all his might that he had stayed at home. But he wasted little time that way. He hadn't stayed at home, so the thing to do was to try to find a way out of his present difficulties. His home was some distance away on the Green Meadows on the uther side of the Smiling Pool. On rho other hank he could see Reddy Fox. Down in the Smiling Pool he could see the Big Pickerel, who had so nearly caught him when he was swimming across. There also was Snapper the Snapping Turtle. To make ma~tters worse he caught a glimpse of Billy Mink swim- ning along closer to the opposite bank. A fa{iMeadow Mouse for dinner would tlckie any of these. Then to make matters worse he hap- pened to look up and there sailing round and round high overhead was Redtall the Hawk, and there is noth- ing In the world that Redtall likes bet- ter than Meadow Mouse for his meals. Danny sighed, but he took care that that sigh couldn't he heard more than a few inches away It was a very gentle sigh, a very gentle sigh indeed, but in it were expressed all Danny's feelings--fear, worry and vain regret. "I certainly have got myself inta a heap of trouble this time," thought ho. "I'm surrounded by enemies Yes, ~ir. :I'm simply surrounded by enemies, and, if I don't watch out there won't he any Danny Meadow Mouse. I had no busi- ness to come over here to the Smilin2 Pool, but here I am. 1 got myself into this trouble and now I've got to get myself out of it. Nobody else can or will. If a fellow didn't have to eat things would be easier. I could stay right here untll 1 could be sure of a safe trip home. But goodness knows when that time will come and I'm hun- gry this very minute." Then as once more he caught a glimpse of Billy Mink a dreadful thought came to him. Billy Mink might take it into his head to come over on that bank of the Smiling Pool and peep into all the holes there, a way he has of doing. "He would surely find me then," thought Danny, "and that would be the end of me. I don't dare go and I don't dare stay. Whatever shall I do?" ~). T. W. Burgess.---WNU Service. IF INTERESTED IN AVALON SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ISLANDER Mr. Merchant: Thh small type has caught your eye Many of out readers have read this at]. Consider the value d this space to your business if the proper type we re used, correcq[y t]i sp~ay- ed. if your merchant]ise is worth selling to a friend or neighbor tell him about it in this space. "'Eliminate mainland competition by consistent adverting." Refined ( rudo Dictated judge: "Now, Uncle, what is your name ?" Witness: "Mah name, Kunnel, is Washington Calhoun Clay, sah." Judge: "And can you sign ~;our name, Uncle ?" Witness, hesitating: "Well, Jedg, ah had neber had no 'casion ter write mah name. Ah jes' dictates it, sah." Stasia--Ninety-nine women out of a hundred are generous. Rudy--Yes, where one woman will keep a secret 99 will give it away. Definitions A lawyer is a fellow who is willing to go out and spend your last cent to prove he's right. "Speaking of this and that, Halibur- ton, what's your sister doing now?" "Why, Panorama, I thought you knew. She's studying law." "What! A barmaid in the family!" And a guest artist is just somebody a radio comedian gets to pull the chestnuts out of the jokebook for him. --Judge. Wife--/ had a lovely time at the bridge club this afternoon. Hubby--DM you have the best score ? ~Vife--No--I had the best dress. Making Sure "Is this the Fidelity Insurance Com- pany ?" "Yes, ma'am, it is. What can we do for you ?" " I want to arrange to have my hus- band's fidelity insured !"--Exchange. Woman Customer (after clerk had pulled down all but one of the blankets on the shelves): "I don't really want to buy a blanket today. I was only looking for a friend." Clerk: "Well madam, if you think your friend's hiding in the other one, 1'11 gladly take it down for you."--The Staleey Journal. Of Thee 1 Sing-Sing A new arrival was put in a cell with a guy who was doing 30 years. The 30-yearer askeed his cellmate," "How long you in for ?" and the kid replied, "18 months." . . . "Then why the hell are you taking off your shoes?" hol- lered the other guy.--Variety. May you live for a hundred years, And we for a hundred less a day. Because what would be the use of liv- ing, dears, When you are gone away? Worse Yet Mrs. Gleason (at concert): "She has quite a large repertoire, hasn't she ?" Gleeson: "Yes, and that dress makes it look all the worse." Telel~thy A general and a colonel were walk- ing down the street. They met many privates, and each time the colonel would salute he would mutter, "The same to yOU." The general's curiosity soon got the better of him, and he asked: The colonel answered: "Why do you always say that?" "I was once a private and I know know what they are thinking."--Re- serve Red Cat, If there is anything that you wish to sell or rent; or that you desire to secure, such as a house or lot, or a desirable business site, try an Adlet on page 7 of The Catalina Islander. Too Bad "My husband has taken all the cash out of baby's money-box." "My dear !" "Yes, and just when there was near- ly enough for the new hat I wanted." ---Christian Science Monitor. Who Knows Who knows from the pattern The dauntless heart weaVeS What colors he chose from, What price he has paid ? Who knows by the wealth Of the fruit and the leaves The struggle the roots Of the tree may have made. _.Exchange. Anything You Waist fl" Tramp--"Could you give a poor low a bite ?" myself, b~t Housewife--"I don't bite I'I1 call the dog."---Pearson's. Say flood-bye to burnittg, s h a v e s, particularly during weather. Even two-a-day will find new shaving joy in ender (Menthotated) S h a v I Cream. It's cool--fresh as an breeze. Try it. ] ~1~ a , .~ ~Ii~--:tibt~! L m VEND M e N T " 0 L A T p ifi Shaving Cr " di 35c " !k THEISLAND