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August 12, 1925     The Catalina Islander
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August 12, 1925

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PAGE $1X _ THE CATALINA J THE ER Published Every Wednesday at WINDLE'S PRINT SHOP AVALON, CALIFORNIA. ERNEST WINDLE. Editor and Owner CHAS. tI. %MI'I'H * . Associate. Editor SUBSCRIPTION PATES (in advance). Three Years .................. - ...... Five Dollars (Only V/hen Paid in Advance). One' Year ..................... ;.., ........ Two Dollars Six Months ............................... One Dollar Three Months ........................... Fifty Cents Single Copies ............................... Five Cents ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising 50c per Inch, Each Insertion... S00 Inches During a Period of Six Months, $$c per Inch. Liners 10c per Line, Minimum 2Sc. Entered as Sec~nd-Class ~rch 31, 1914, at the Postofflce at Avalon, Calif. Under the Act of March 3, 1897. The 'columns of the Islander are open to the general public, on any .f the fol- ~wlng subjects: Local Polincs and Oov- ~,~n, Ftshlng, Hunting and Camping. |tStttS of local news interest wilt be greatly appreciated. i, LADY ANGLER BATTLES BIG BROADBILL Fishing from the Greenfield boat Erna III, with her brother. A. R. Mar- tin, Mrs, J. N. Greenfield fought a broadbill swordfish for three hours and twenty minutes, when her rod broke off at the reel. Mr. Martin promptly secured a sec- ond rod and stepped into the ring to take a crack at the fish, which had been so ungallant to the Lad3( Angler Having made fast the tackle from /;he original rod, the fight was on again. Andy Martin has won some fierce battles with these mighty fight- ers of the deep, and for two hours he tried every move he knew, bnt met his Waterloo when the fish again scored a knockout by sntashing the second rod and breaking the line. Both Mrs. Greenfield and Mr. Mar- tin, Who have during their many sea- sons fishing in these waters seen nunl- bers of broadbills, were unaninlous in saying this was undoubtedly the larg- est fish they have ever seen. It is the ambition of Mrs. Green- field to take one of these game fish, and after holding this monster for over 3 hours, we hope her ambition may be realized ere the season closes. THE CATALINA ISLANDER o The officers of the Ladies' Aid" So- ciety have asked The Catalina Island- er to express their thanks to all who helped in any way to make their cooked food sale last week such a complete success. They also wish to thank M.r. Lefavor for the use of his store room T.~ CATALINA 'SLANOER The other evening a man walked out on the pleasure pier carrying a five-pronged spear and a bird cage. When asked, "Why the bird cage?" the man replied, quite sincerely, that he had been told to bring the cage to put his flyingfish in when he had speared them. ~'.z CmALma X*LaH~ER Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina. THE CATALINA ISLANDER Subscribe now--S2.00 per year.. CAPTAIN HANCOCK BANNING STARTS FIRE, GIVEN CELEBRATE ANNIVE PROBATION SENTENCE (Continued trom Page 1, Column 3) On September 9th, in San ning had visited Middle Ranch, and By Mickey Ahern the order of Native Sons of had been brought from the ranch to Oil warrants issued by the County en West will celebrate the Avalon in a stage coach to catch the Fire \Varden's Office of Los Angeles, fifth anniversary of the admiss 3:15 steamer back to the mainland. Victor Orosco, Jesus Orosco and An- California into the Union of Down by the old wireless station came tome Menleantlres, of Avaion were and also the fiftieth the stage coach. Captain Smith of the SUUlmoned to appear in Catalina Jus-the organization of the order, S. S. Cabrillo was leaving the (lock. rice Court on Friday tnorning, Augus~ was effected in San Francisco on He had failed to see his etnployer, 6th, 1923. llth, 1875. This organization is dud when Captain Banning rushed Tile defendants plead guilty to hay-posed of men born in the state.. out onto the pier to board the vessel, ing started a brush fire on July 15tia, writer is especially interested tri the steamer was some fifty feet away 1923, in the upper end of Golf Canyon, evem, as he was one of the little i:'ont the dock and was backing out of ering which organized the order on Catalina lslami, and were given a the bay. six months suspended jail sel~tence,rifty years ago, and was its first "Hey, come back here, you big Deputy Fire Warden H. Kennedy, retary. The celebration in the Scotchman!" called Captain Banning. of the County Eire Warden's Office, City will be largely in the "I want to go over." pageants commenmrative of Cal The titan on the bridge stood in st- swore to the complaint and also prose- cnted the case. The deputy recom- historical events. (5. lence for a monlent. His x~hite hair nlended the court to suspend the jail ,05 fluttered from the sides of his gold- W.R. Hardman of Los Angeles--d sentence, arrested Sunday and charges of gr~ braided cap. Then he said: "There's Depmy Fire Warden J. J. Bates, of " . ,- " larceny were made agamst ht~. ,~. too nmeh current! You set the time,Avaton, testified that the defendants tnan, it is claitned by the Aval~./ot 3:15, for this boat to leave.There's told hiul they had started a snlal[ lice department, were on board u_oJ another boat tomorrow!" brush fire in tile Canyon with the in- the anchored yachts and took sev~'~. "You're fired!"shouted Captain tendon of driving out a hive of "yel- articles of wearing apparel theretr~i~ Banning. low jacleets," which had been hinder- and also a valuable diamond pitt. "Sure. I'll takea drink with yon ing t,leir work, and that they had ex- bail was fixed at $1,000. tomorrow!" replied Captain Snfith, tinguished ttle fire before leaving for with a grin.And he did. THE CATALINA lll,o~NOl~lll luncheon at ,loon. A few momen:s Editor L. J. Quinby and Many huntorous incidents could be afterwards, however, smoke was no- of Hollywood were Avalon visitOrS cited regarding Captain Hancock Ban- ticed in the canyon, and soonthe several days last week. Mr. " ning. His hearty laugh, his kindly whole hillside was aflame., is the Los Angeles editor of the disposition and his loyalty to his The" resulting conflagration contin-Coast Printer. They were guests friends are comtnon knowledge to ued for three days, nntil it had burn- 'the Hotel Glenmore. e~ery One who Pnew hint intitnately, ed over a territory of approxitnately VH~CArAL~NA IS.*.ANO"~ Here is another interesting side light: eight square miles. A vast nuulber CARD OF THANKS A characteristic of Hancock was to of men arid a huge supply of equip- - ...... aft! look on the cheerful side of thingsuleut were used in extinguishing one For the many beautiful flowers ..~paw, It will be remembered that the Ban- of the worst fires ever experienced on the various expressmns of sYt'' .t a]] ning Cotnpany and the City of Los An-Catalina Island. we ask the. people of Avalon, aaoks geles had a prolonged suit over the The County Fire Warden has sug- others, to accept our sincere tha~i title to the tide lands adjacent to the ges~ed that the fo41owing law be call- Mrs. Hancock Banning and fa#~tY harbor, which later became very pal- to the attention of all residents and 0~e uable. In tile nleantime the Banningsvisitors to Catalina Island with theThe Catalina Islander will wel i were paying taxes on the property idea in mind of preventing fires. Pen- correspondence on problems of a v'- Finally one Sunday morning Hancock alties for non-adherence are also call- chological nature. received a message from Washington ed to the attention of readers. saying that the United State's Su- a l.~ preme Court had decided the case in "ORDINANCE NO. 1315" or other inflammable materi favor of the city. Just then D. P. "An ordinance regulating the use oi"lmad, the exterior boundaries t,w~0t are within five hundred (500) ~f# Fleming, secretary of the Banning fire by any and all persons in the any forest, brnsh or grass c.~,~O, . lIItW" Company, entered the room. Hancock County of Los Angeles, State of Cal-lands or lands contammg anY . a/t looked up and in a cheerful voice re- ifornia, rouble material, except as hereltt marked: "Just got some good news, "The Board of Supervisors of the provided under Section III of t.hi~0~ Couuty of Los Angeles, State of Cal-dinance, without first obtairJtrt~i~e Dave; we won't have to pay taxes on ifornia, do rodain as follows: written permit front the County that tide [and any more." "it shall be unlawful for any person, ~Ararden'" Many of the roads and trails about firm or corporation, or any person "It shall be unla'aful for any Avalon were built under his supervi- through or for any firm or corpora- wl~ether on his own land or sion. The road to the Hotel St. Cath- tion, on his or its own land, qxt on land land of another, to discard or erine was one of his first ventures in of another, or on any public road, or away on any forest, brush covered land or lands on any public place or lands, to light inllammable material, or on road building on the Island. At that a fire, or to use fire for clearing iand, tinle the family spent their summers or to burn brush, grass, slash, stubble or trail traversing such or grass covered land or in the old Banning home at Descanso taining any inflamnlable tnatert: Canyon, where now stands the famous dollars for " the writer once match, cigarette or cigar, hostelery. In the early days it was told Captain Banning. "Don't put myextinguishing the same." "Any person violating any o necessary to go to Descanso landing name on the paper, but give hint this provisions of ~his ordinance is by boat. Mr. Bantling planned the $10. 1'11 have Mr. Stanton send ul~ a of a nfisdetneanor and upon road attd his employees blasted a tun- load of wood and a few groceries." shall be punished by a fine nel out of the solid rock where now It was in his brief talk during thethan fifty ($50.00) nor more stands the Casino. Annual Dinner of the Tuna Club heldhundred ($500) dollars or by ment in the County.Jail for His fondness for nmsic and marine last April that Captain Banning told than fifteen (13) days nor bands was the cause of his plan for how pleased he was to note the won-six (6) months or by both the Greek Theatre on the south end derful improvements that had been and imprisonment." of Crescentavenue. On many occasions made at Avalon since Williant Wrig- he has played cornet solos from the Icy Jr. purchased tile Island. Atencion! bandstand. "Out of respect to Cap- For bis generosity, his cheerfnlness, Atencion de nuestros tain Hancock Banning, one of the for- his loyalty, Captain Hancock Banning jicanos se llama al facto que tner owners of the Island, the band will be long remembered by tile peo- Orosco, Jesus Orosco, y Antonio will play 'Hearts and Flowers' by To- ple .of Avalon. leandres fueron probados la se bunt," Mr. Porter of tile Catalina Is- Many beautiful floral tributes werepasada de haber empezado tm land Marine Band announced Sunday sent to Los Angeles and Inglewood by de chaparral en el canyon de evening. More than three thousand Avalon friends. Avalon flags were ellos fueron condenados a sets persons in the Greek Theatre then placed at half mast until the funeral en el carcel conclude. De rose, and with bowed heads listened arrangements had been carried out. mode, en la recomendacion del' to Captain Hancock Banning's favor- On Monday morning a number of res- la sentencia rue suspendado. ite melody. The music was also broad- idents crossed the channel to attend Seria un buen idea para cast over radio KF\VO. the services at St. Paul's Cathedral, hombres a leer, cuidadamente, Of his kindly deeds to the people Los Angeles, and at St. John's Epis- alguien lee a ellos, las of Avalon .many columns could be copal Church, Wilmington. The inter- ley acerca de fuegos, que written~ "We are collecting a few ment was at Inglewood Cemetry. enciina.