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August 12, 1925     The Catalina Islander
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August 12, 1925

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Tales of SOUTHERN 'RIVERS l.~]~ll]f. Catholic--St. Catl~erlne's (Connnuea lronl l-'age 4, Column 3) l~:Y M ....... 8 and l0 a ..... Sunday I~ devotiolis, 7:30 pAIL "Week day llilH, standing in tile brush, fussing :a0 a.m. over the thirtv-two. Of conrsc, at the i]L .... Christian Science Society crilica] morn(Tat something had goDe ~aneh of The MOther Church, The \~.l'OUg with the old rifle, l~ hutch of Christ Scientist in Boston, t'elie's head bobbed up jusc oll tlle ~4saehusetts, holds ' Sunday 'Services at E~A. M,, Sunday School at 9:15 A. M, ether side of the boat. The ja~uar I ~ e4day evening services at 8 o'clock, was scarcely twenty feet distant and Ilg~st 16 1925 Subject "Soul." in line with both I)oat and man. At that instant [ saw, or fancied [ sax\, i , * * COmmunity--Congregational onr friend the alligator show some few i~; ~Y Services--Church School at 9:30 a. rods toward the middle of the river. li~0p Orship and Sermon, 10:30 a.m. and 'l'hcrc was a heavv swirl ill the \,ater, l~ p.m. Mid-week service Wednesday at 1%0.'m. Everyone cordially invited to all and I knew the }alligator was in the I "WVices. pool somewhere. G~'orge was screanl- 'I~Z rag. It was no wonder 1 felt my hair l: ALON PUBLIC LIBRARY stiffen. I kept ba\\ling: "bhoot, ik~al,n Branch of the Los Angeles County George ! Hurry, Pepe! The alligator! |~,Library, 201 Metropole avenue, open Look out!" 1,~/~ 7~*, Wednesdav and Saturday afternoons |~ ~ o 5; also eve:v week day evening Pepc grasped the gunwale oi the ~.t i o 9,VisiTors are always welcome. boat just as it sxxung against fl~e I~eep branches of the low-leaning tree. He ~, Aval:h ; Spotless Town." vauhed rather than clinfl~ed aboar.l. Pledge ouel! "Grab and oar, I'cpe! Keep the i~'"k, jaguar in the water, l)on't let him e us happy,too, Renew yonr in the boat !" But t'epe did not hear me. Nimbly ]~rl to The Catalina Islander. he ran and grasped the branches of ~1 1he tree and leaped up just as the jag- bar flOpl,ed against the boat, MR i had only a fleeting instant to get S A P. NELSON a bead on that yellow body, and be- [[teal Estate nfl Rooms fore, could be sine a,, a,ii, ,:,e 0 branch weighted with Pepe sagged down to hide the boat and Jaguar. From the coldness of fear for Pepe I 121 Claressa Avenue shifted to heat over the peculiarly ex- asperating situation. Then George began to yell and Cottages ror Sole or Rent shoot. Spang! Spang! Spang! Spang! "You idiot !" I roared. "You'll sink ~%ms from $3.00 per week up the boat!" ' But a little thing like that dirt not matter to George. He stood np t):a the bank and worked the lever of his Ilt Sugar Loaf thirty-two with wild haste2 The spat of the bullets could be heard plainly, and the sound was that of contact ot TEA SHOP lead and wood. So 1 inferred he ,','as not hitting the jaguar. Meanwhile Pepe had worked up Opened on from the lower enl of the branch, and SATURDAY, as soon as he straddled it and bunched JUNE 2@ 1925 hhnself nearer shore ~he leaves rose AFTERNOON TEA ont of the water, exposing the boat. George saw the jaguar, for he kept Served from 3:00 to 6:30 shooting, but l couht not see it. Theu ORIENTAL ART GOODS the boat swung loose from the branch ~Iarie- and, drifting with the current, grad- ix. M. Whittaker hallo at,proaehed the shore. "qa(lelle Deutch "'t"(eep cool, George," I called. "we lta\c him now." "He's mine! He's mine! l)on't you George, in frantic cxmtement. Ussell (iraham right. But steady up, can't ii .ooo ' " Apparently without aini, George ~red, tben, spasmodically working the lever, he fired again. "(he boat ihiit- " COTTAGES , ed into tile overbanging vines. Once |Ill APARTMENTS 1] merci sawa vello,v-and-blac, object, then a treml)]i;~" trail of leave.~. "Run back up'the bank! Fte's com- I[, L" ROOMS Iing out below you F l yelled, b RENTED George disap],eared, t saw no sign of lhe jaguar and heard no shot or from his branch " to the bank and caught the boat. I c:tlled him to come ;.ti'*.cr IliC, and as soon as ] ha'.[ slipl~e,l ll " pirella Corsets " ,o,H c,o,he., fit 10 hullt In l had !'!m row me to tile bank. I foun,~] ille trail of the jaguar, followed it up to the edge of the brush, attd lost it !] ~tiOus Styles Spirella Girdles on the flat. George was standing |[ Brasseries ' m:ar. fie looked white and shaky and II Children's Waists wild with disalq,ointnlent. "Oil, I had a dandy shot as he came --7. _~ out, 1,u~ the blamed gun jan,n,ed again. I/ Authori rsetiere Come on, we'll get hint. He's all shot zeal Co il 7i : v a idi n,, lbet I hit him tentimcs. He rs u nger won't get away." But an hour's useless stalkin/ and I[ ~round Floor Avalon Inn searching served to lessen his hope and i~_Beacon Street, Avalon augumcnt his vexation. , fit, ally got bi~;1 back to eaulp. The boat xv::~ / half full of water, making it neccss- ih,.~t~tlina will give you the rest of arvto l,ull it out on the bank an,l |l; Come to Catalina." tuI"n it over. There were ten bullet holes in it. |)~ry "'George, you hit the boat, anyhow," soon, every day will be a good "Now we've got a job on our hands." i'J to catch a tuna at Catalina. So while I began to whittle pegs to potmd into the bullet hoh:s George 1 il~Q~}1 L-o wiped his flushed sweaty face and e St. uis Sporting News is ~ talked. ,~ at Windle's Ne~s Stand. "We were up there a piece, round tile bend. :'1 saw' a 5t'aL:k gqUiPfkl, and went ashore to get him. But l could- n't find bim, and in kicking around in the brush 1 came into a kind of a traii oi" runway.Then i ran pluntb into that darned jaguar. [ was so scared 1 couldn't remember my gun. But the ca~ turned and ran. It was lucky he didn't make at me. \Vhen 1 saw him lun [ got back my courage. I called for Pepe to row downstream an.I keep a lookout. Then ] got out onto the flat. I nlust have come tiown a good ways before 1 saw him. 1 shot and he dodged hack into the brush again. I fired into the moving bushes where he was. And pretty soon 1 venturett to get in on the bank, where 1 had a better chance. I gness it was about that time I heard you yell .... Then it all haplmned.You hit him? Didn't you hear him? What a jump he mad'c[ If it hadn't been so terri- ble when your hamlnerIess kicked t'epe overboard, I would have died laughing. Then I was paralyzed when the jaguarswam for the POOL He \\'as hurt, for the water was bloody. Things came off qtnck, I tell you. Like a monkey t'epe scrambled into the tree. When I got my gnn loaded the jaguar was clinging to the boat. Then I began to shoot.. . I can't realize he got away from us. \Vhat was the reason you didn't knock him ?" "Well, you see, George, there was two fairly good reasons," I replied. "The first was at that time 1 was busy dodging bullets from your ritte. And the second-was that you threat- enett my life if I kille:l your jaguar." "Did I get as nutty as that? But it was pretty warm there for a ]itt]e . Say, was he a big one? My eyes were so hazy I didn't see him clear." "He wasn't big, not half as Dig as the one I lost yesterday. Yours was a long, wiry cuss like a panther, and mean looking" Pepe sat on the bank. and while hc nursed his bruises he smoke(l. Once f TO THE now in effect. Benefit by these substantial reduc- tions in roundtrip fares. Return limit October 31st. Stopovers. 4 Routes Sunset~ American Canyon --Golden State---S hasta Go one way, return an* other if you choose. 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