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August 12, 1925     The Catalina Islander
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August 12, 1925

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ii ......... .,eso, ................... muc !ii ,re t,y for ,,all am So I began to wake up th0roughlv. i lost sight of Pepe behind a low Cpyrighy fifty' yards above Lhc island. Then I 1924 by Zane Grey saw him again. He was poling witil a, oar, e, t,ent,, to go up or :" (Continued from last week) down--1 couhl not (ell which. Sl,angIspang ! George's thirty-two 01~ Ilw ~11~_ ~ I~,,~ Vll spoke twice more, and the bullets" both lht~.,~~'~ " GEORGE'S JAGUAR struck in the middle of the stream and ricocheted into the far bank with ti't- ~~'=~ A SCIENTIFIC sham- pod stimulates the and promotes a heahhy, 1 u x u r i a n t growth. Our shampoos are a scalp treatment as well as a cleanser. "Charmingly Different" ST. CATHERINE HOTEL BEAUTY PARLOR Phone for Appointment MARINE LAUNDRY AGENCY High ;Quality Launary Work Dry Cleaning~ and Pressing Next morning George again com- plained of not feeling very well, and he looked grouchy. He growled around camp m a way that might have nettled me, but having had ten hours of undisturbed sleep, 1 couht not have found fault with anybody. [ had ex- pected to be sick, and here I was feel- ing [inc. "'Come out of it, Garrapato George," 1 said. "'Cheer up. Why don't you take Pinilius Pepe as gun-bearer and go out to shoot something ? You haven't used up much amnmnition yet --not more than a barrel." My sarcasm was not lost on George. "Well, if i do go I'll not conte chas- ing in without some game." "My boy," I replied, genially, "if you should happen to turn a corner and run face to face with a jaguar you'd-- you'd let out one squak and then nev- er touch even the high places of the jungle. You'd take that crazy" thirty- two ritte for a golf stick." "Would I?" returned George, bel- ligerently. "All right. Now you watch llle !" [ did waich George awhile that morning. He performed a lot of tricks a~ound camp. For one, he bounced bullets off the water in a vain effort to locate the anatomy of our basking alligator. For another, lie tried his hand at fishing once more. He could get more bites than any fishermal~ I e~er saw, but he couht not catch a.ny- thing. By and by the heat made me drowsy and f stretched myself on a blanket in tile shade, and 1 bethougilt myself of a scheme to get rid of my noisy comrades for a while. "(~eorge, take my hammerless and PROMPT AND EFFICIENT SERVICE ASSURED Phone 32 P.O. Box 1325 I15 CATALINA AVENUE NIrw WRIGLEY I~LOG. CATALINA AVS. tie Oluds. Something pronlpted hie to reach for my automatic, snap the clip in tight, and push in the safety. At the same time I muttered George's-word~, "You can never ~ell what's coming off in this darn jungle." 'Then, peeping out froxB behind the cypress, 1 watched the boat drift down the stream. Pepe had stopped poling and was looking closely into the thick grass anti vines of the bank. i hearct his voice, but could not tell what he said. I watched keenly for some sight of George. The moments passed, the boat drifted, and [ began to think that nothing unusual was afoot. In this in- terval Pepe drifted within seventy-five yards of where I knelt. Again I call- ed to ask him what George was stalk- ing, and this time Pepe said he did not know, but he did know that the animal was big. Hard upon this came George's sharp voice. "Look out ~here on the island. Get behind scmething, for I'll be shoonn/z that way. I've got him belween the river amt tile flat. He's in this strip of shore brush. There !" Spang! Spang! Spang! Bullets hummed and whistled all about the island. I was afraid to peep out with even Due eve. I began to fancy that we were piaying Indians. "t:'in e, Georgie ! You're doing great !"I shouted. "You conhln't eDDie ally closer tome if yOU were aiming at me. What is it?" Then a crashing of brush and a flash of yellow low down aloug the bank changed the aspect of the situ- a tion. /- FOR PAINTING SEE Cole Paint Store HUBBARD AUTO SALES CI)'I AUTHORIZED i FORD AND LINCOLN DEALEIi5 I MOTORS REBUILT And Returned in Three Days H. D. MacRae Co. The Big Curio Store Look for the Sign of Curios and Souvenirs BILLIE PRICE, Proprietor Sumner Avenue, Avalon, California heard a shout, then a rifle shot. Sit- ting up, I saw- the boat some two hun- tiled yards above me, drifting along at about the edge of tile shade. Pepe was in it alone. He appeared to be excited, for he had laid down an oar to pick up a gun, and then reversed the performance. 'Also he was jab- bering to George, who evidently was ,out on tile bank, but invisible to me. "Hey, Pepe !" I yelled, "what 're you doing ?" S~range to note, Pepe did not re- ply or even turn my way. "Now where in the deuce ~s (;eorge ?" I said impatiently. The ltollow crack of George:s thir- ty-two was a reply to my qustion I heard the singing of a bullet: Sud- denly, "spou !" it twanged on a branch not twenty feet over my head, an.l then went whining away. I heard it tick a few leaves and twigs. There was not any languor in the alacrity with which I put the big cypress tree between me and upstream. Then I wmtured to peep forth. "Look out where you're slinging lead!" Iveiled. I doubtednot that George had treed a black squirrel or was pegging away at parrots. Yet heavy souse. Like a man half scared to death, Peim waved my double-balz- reled gun. Then the water split to ie: out a yellow head. It was almost in hue with the boat. I dared not shoot. "Kill llim, Pepe! Kill him!" I yell- ed. Pepe did not know how to hold a gun, let alone aim one. He got the stock under his chin, and pointing the gun, he evittently tried to fire. But tile hanmterless did not go off. Then t'epe fumbled at the safety catch, which he probably remembered seeing me use. The jaguar, swimming with difficulty, perhaps badly wounded, made right for the boat. Pepe was standing on the seat. Awkwardly he aimed. Bang! He pldled both triggers. The recoil knocked hint backward. The lmmmerless fell into the boat and Pepe's broad back hit the water; his bare muscular legs clung to the gun- wale, anti slipped loose. He had missed the jaguar, for it kept on for the boat. Still I dared not shoot. What on earth was the matter with George ? Then I saw (Continued on Page 5, Column 2) . _.~aOIr10 Perhaps you have found s.~;ckle wearing a Catalina Light Club button. If so, tell us about it. There are 6000 buttons out irt tbe world--somewhere. 1,,itb We want to keep in touch the C. L. T. C. members. Thank you. "For Rent" and "For Sale" sigr~S on sale at Windle's News Stand' Magazines, newspapers, candies, at WINDLE'S NEWS STANI LYLE PENDEGAST Attorney at a22 Stock Exchange Buildi,ig 639 So. SPRING ST. Los Angeles Phone VAndike J "As Good as the Best, Better Than the Rest" ER SHO Your Wants Smoothly'~Attended To at the Atwater Hotel ,. J ANDREW GADD 363 East Whittley Ave. ]/esidence Phone 157-J or Bathhouse Phone 29 "l~antherIor jaguar!" I ejaculated, sr have l'epe row you along tile shady in amaze. In a second 1 was tight- I bank of the river," I suggested. "Gomuscled, cold, and clear-witted. .at CLAUDE WALTON ~lattli~l~,lllltl I~o~p[tltL1 sueaking along now and vott'll get that instant I discerned George's white I ] COltlpletely ~equip.ped fo~'~ Medical some shots?' " shirt about ttle top of the brush. AVALON REPRESENTATIV ,, [ S~!,figigal al)d, Obstetrical Service. He fell in with this idea, anti Pet,e, "Go back! Get out in the open !" I * ~ ) [ X-Ray and Diagnostic Laboratories too; looked pleased. They got into ordered. "Do you hear me ?'" r ,[ Graduate Registered Nurses the boat and were ill the act of start- "\Vhere is " he, Pepe ?" shonte,t ] ing when George jumped ashore. He Geore, paying not the slightest at- Fresh Catal Oa / k 2O7 SUMNEn AVE. TELEPHONE 68j reached for Iris thirty-two and threw tention to me. I jumped from behind I the lever down to see if there was a the tree and, running to the head of [ FISH [ f~ shell in the chamber. Then he pro- the island, I knelt low near the water ceded to fill his pockets with ammu- with my rifle ready. |' : DENtiST [ nition. )"Wlgre, "I'igre? Tigre?'" screamed / PLEASURE PIER / [ Catalina Hospital Building [ "I might 'need a rifle," he said. t epe, waving his arms, then pointing. ] . Open All the Year | "You can't tell what you are going to George crashed into tile brush. I [ ] I :~07 Sumner Avenue [ see in this darn jungle." saw the leaves move--then a long yel- ] AVALON FISH MARggT [Everything up t- o-date to attend to [ ! L your ,~ ) Whereupon he went aboard again low shal,e. ~'itt, the quickness of ] Lobsters, Oysters, Shril~l~ [ anti Pepe rowed leisurely upstream, thought and the aint of thewing-shot,[ Salmon, Etc, in Season' / "Be careful, boys," I called, and corn- I fired. From the brush rose a strange " / r " posed myself fox a nap. I promv.-.vwiht sound. George aimed at a shak-[ BAIT FOR ANGLEI ! Scientific Sulphur VAPOR BATHS fell asleep. How long I slept I hair in~ mass of grass anti vines, but be- [ .. , ~ .. , n __..;etor~ ; SWEDISH MASSAGE no idea, anti when I awoke I lay with fore he could fire a long, lean, ugly- , SHAMPOO languor, not kdowing on the n{onlent beast leaped straight out trom the what had awakened nte. Presently" .I bank to drop into the water with a