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August 10, 1944     The Catalina Islander
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August 10, 1944

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AUGUST I0, 1944 PAGE FIVE 60CIAL AND PEBSONAL .ndy Allen is in Los Angeles visiting her mother. John Wegmann was in Los over the last week end. Rose Smith has been on the since Saturday, last. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Over one hundred persons enjoyed the All Game Card Party, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, which, under the direction of the Pres- ident, Mrs. John Wegmann, was held in E1 F.ncanto, last Thursday even- ing. Interest in the various games ran high, and at the close of the even- ing delicious home-made cakes and COMMUNITY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 310 Beacon Street Phone 507 Sunday School--9:30 a. m. Mrs. Wed:berg, Superintendent Bible Study Class at 9:30. We will study verse by verse the first chapter of the First Epistle of John. To be conducted by ttle pastor. All are cor- dially invited to study the Scriptures. ADLETS 10 cents per line. Minimum charge 25e ADLET Position open for experienced ty~pist. ['lease call local branch, Security First National Bank, Avalon, C~if. --33 ADLET I am not responsible for any debts oth-.r than my own. O. F. Toreoron III. --32-36 coffee were served by the members Morning Worship--10:30 a,Ltr ~h;~k Ginnett. U. S. Army, is spend- of the hostess club.- Sermon: "The Church Of Jesus Wanted--To-buy j~come property. veral days in Avalon. The Am rican Legion Auxiliary Christ". Text taken from Revelation Cottages or hotel, give full details in wishes to thank all 'those who con-3:14-22. Rev. A. Geisler,~t~t"a~iug.- letter. "Q~ote lowest possible prices. ~l~lh~ Giddings iTmi~y is at the Holly tributed in various ways toward the New Bible Class I mean business. I, Fetdman, 1230 ~t~l~ use, and will be here for another success of the evening: The AmericanAccording to Rev A Geisler, in- So. Masselin Avenue, Los Angele~tf Legion (especially Mr. Shtmemann), terim minister of the Community The ,Boy Scouts, Treasure Shoppe, Church, a Bible Study Class will meet AO,-T and Mrs. C. B. Stratton were Waits Malt Shop, Hines O ocery, this coming Sunday morning at 9:30. AvMoa lns~-an~ Ag~cy--Avaloll gt.ho.~ arriving in Avalon Sunday Catalina C~fe, Port Hole, Chi Chi, White Elephant,Avalon Drug, The purpose of the class is to make a phone, 147; San Pedro phone, H 'H~" systematic study, verse by verse, of' Towne Shoppe, John s Cafe, Taylor sthe First Epistle of John. This will 1288. Aotav 3{Rf 8L~t~ Elmer Fro-~t, Joe Miss Dorothy Department Store, Reyes Curio Shop,be conducted by Ray. Geisler.All Gmtranttmd W,tch ~ on, arrived Tuesday for a few Island Pharmacy, Frescos Curio members of the church and allser- ficafion Bracelets, name and addretm ~lsit with her mother, Mrs. Lynn Shop, Sportland, Pottery Shop, Gone s vice men ~re cordially invited to engraved free. FRESC.~)'S, MacR~ 'vuell. Photo Shop, Island Grocery, Arcade Barber, Shop, Catalin~ Beverage Co study together the Word of God. Hotel Building. 37tf t~rs" -- Windles News Stand, Heywood's Dry AVALON "-S--H~)~ *TCI'I~IRI~--CHATTER . 1~1% .' .J.A. Haine, of Denver, Color- ---oN vo wcvoRv. ~nd her two sons, are spending theGoods, Glenmore Hotel, Henderson's AVALON CHURCH SERVICES Gift Shop, Monterey Hotel, Ed. By, F .dwarw H. I-----~ee, Phm 2/c hlen 2~' here with her mother,Mrs. Abbott, Rusty s COffee Shop, Villa -'~e Cole. Grill, A ,Veteran of two Wars, Mac What s playing at the Casino to- Cathollc---St. Catherlna'a ,I)r Fr - ~ Who Slapped Nellie m the BellieFather Michael J. O'Connor ~ Adm. ~t ~- red Perske was in Avalon the Rae Hot.l (Mrs. Kooken), The Mar- night, Mac ? 105 Vieudelou Phone 192 the (21~ek end to attend a meeting of itime, 'Catalina Islander, Auxiliary rhig~'tY Council. At this meeting he Juniors, Joe Arno, A~bert Conrad with a Barracuda,' I think, but 1 nt Sunday Masses: 7:30 a. m 9:00 a. m ed hts position as councilman.Catalina Hardware. Co not sure.' 11:00 a. m. ~oa vo v~e~oav---. Aw, I saw that, let's go to the Ray- Week Days--Eve.ning Mass at 6:i5 iQ Danielson left Avalon Satur- CHRISTIAN .SCIENCE CHURCHES loll. the new Chapel on Sumner Av~ I'm broke, besides the Casino is free, . c The Golden Text ,!n the Sunday why waste money, save it for main- i setil Lesson-Sermon on Spirit in all land liberty. le Sawtelle hospital, and will branches of The Mother Church, The Hup, too tree foe, foe on yur leff . . or several months to come. First Church of Christ, Scientist, in There's Joe of Sec. 0002. Hey Joe! ~rs -- Boston, was chosen from I Corin- Knock it off! Do youse want me to ~ldre Preston Taylor and her two thians: '~We have received, not thegive you extra dootie? ~tris .n, are here for a vacation. With spirit of the world, but the spirit Sa-a~ay, keep in step, and wipe that ~%ernor mother Mrs. C~ey, also a which is of God; that we might knowsmile off your face--and square dat 8~. Islander, and now of Long the things that are freely giv.n to us hat! of God." Let's go to the USO for a cttp of irs. A. B. Turner and their of Los Angeles, spent in Avalon with Mrs. Mrs. Florence Har- their first vacation ~rs from their jobs at the Yards, they really re- enjoyed swimming in the bay "Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the fflesh," ad- mc.nished Paul in his epistle to the Galatians. He continued, "If ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffer- ing, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meek- ness, temperance; against such there is no law Iff we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." lltAiRy WILLIAMS CLUB Mary Ba~er Eddy wrote in "Sci- ~/~e last meetin-'---'g of the Mary encc and ,Hea!th with Key to the Scriptures' : If the diciple is ad- l~t~'~,s Club which was for the pur- vancing spiritually, he is striving to ~ ~t making snrgical dressings, enter in. He constantly turns away ~h ~o hundred were *finished. The from material sense, and looks to- ~.yets once a month during the wards the imperishable things of . L% ,o Work for the Red Cross for Spirit. If honest, he will be in earn- ,~11, t~ urs. While the crowd was est from the start, and gain a little ~he ~e Work completedAs somethipg each day in the right direction, till v Oud of. at last he finishes his course with ~1 "-----oN "to V,CTOaY---- joy." "~JNG ALL COLORADANS! ! BUY AN EXTRA BOND ~t~ ~ A PRAYER Y~U know that Colorado was ad- "----- t~, sLu the Union in August of 1876 ? Dear Lord ~",mt tL O. is planning a Colorado Lest I continue the month of August. All My complacent way; . ~ that State are invited to Help me to remember ~lf7~ help entertain the service Somewhere out there ~u in~' hOme. Watch for the date A man died for me today. ~ ~ sty,"ue mean time if you are from As long as there be war; ~l -.tte ~t ~r ~to be honored, call Avalon I then must 5~ l~l~n"*~he into the U. S. O. and help Ask and answer ar* ue party. The fellows from Am I worth dying for? ~eounting on you. ON TO VICTORY~ ~,~, ~. UY AN EXTRA BOND We will send The Catalina Islander, postpaid, to any address in the United q~RRISoN AWAITS ORDERS States. coffee beforewe go. IWe got five minutes yet. Naaaw. I don't drink coffee. How was Boos Bros. chow today? I didn't eat there today. They had fish on the menu, and also on the trays. Look at the line-up, it must be a good show. G'wan, it's free, that's why. Well, the linesmoving now, so get your pass out. Hey Mac, square your hat! Yessir. Quit shoving, there's plenty of time! All the way to the ;front. Can't I sit in the loges ? Sorry, you can't. Will you watch my seat, I'll be right back. Pardon me, is this seat taken? Yes, it is. Hey Mac, you just stepped on my toe ! Knock off the chatter, do yuh want us to git trown out ? Now 'boys, I want you to have a good time, and don't act silly. Remem- ber that there's others that wants to enjoy the show, too. Show starts. Show ends. Atwater Trainees use the side exit to your left, and Villa Trainees use the right exit, personnels use the mid- dle entrances l Hup, too tree foe, foe on yur left Oh, pardon me sir, I thought you was my wife. TWO VOICES M. Harrison, U.S.C.G.R from Fire and Dam- at Baltimore, Md has ret ned to Man- N.Y where he had ! crew and will stand by s orders for sea duty, which is to receive. his mother that the heat Y are terrible in the East, writing, it had rained 20 Very little relief. H ~o says a swim and the cool breez- town, Avalon and the hello to all his friends ached e/o Hotel Com- ~rk, N. Y. By Eva Ashley Parslow. I am the Voice of Destruction You are the toys of earth -- Toys of earth and I toss you about -- Toss you about at my will. You are the builders of cities, Builders of dreams and Of fortunes; I am the Arch Destroyer -- Though I cannot destroy your dreams. 1 am the Voice of Construction -- I salvage the waste of earth; I salvage the waste and rekindle the flame -- Rekindle the flame of devotion -- Devotion to work and to progress. This is the Litany of Life. Confessions--Saturdays and the Eve of First Fridays and Holy Days from 5 to 9 :.30 p. m. Clari.tian Science Sociaty A branch of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, holds Sun- day service at 11 a. m. Testimonial meetings at 8 p. m. on .he third Wednesday of the mon . Church Edifice, East Whittley ave- nue. Subject, August 13th: Soul. --.- ON TO VICTORY~ If you don't trade in Avalott we all lose money. Put an Adlet to work for yon ! RIVIERA THEATRE ONE SHOW ONLY 7:30 P.M. NEW ADMISSION PRICES EFFECTIVE SATURDAY APRIL 1 Aduhs, Estab. Price 42e Federal Tax 0Se Total Service Men, Estab. Price Z~: Federal Tax Nc. Total Children, Estab. Price 1~= Fedend Tax 03c. ToM !1~ THURSDAY, AUGUST 10: ANDY HARDY'S BLONDE TROUBLE Starring Mickey Roomy and Lowis Stone. Also Novelty and News. FRIDAY, AUGUST 11: CASA~IOVA IN BURLESQUE With Joe E. Brown and June Havoc. Plus March of Time, News and Novelty. SATURDAY, AUGUST IZ: YOU CAN'T RATION LOVE .Featuring Betty Rhodes and John- me Johnston. Added Selected Short Subjects. SUNDAY and MONDAY, AUGUST 13 and 14: l~R. SKEFFINGTON Starring Betty Din, is and Claude Rain Also News. WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, AUGUST 16 and 17: GASLIGHT Starring lngrld Bergmaa anti Charles Boyer. Plus News and Popular Science.