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August 10, 1927     The Catalina Islander
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August 10, 1927

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AUGUST 10.. -'27 PAGE ELEVEN ," ,'"-'." 7 .,.~ ) THE SUMMIT--A magnificent horseback WrigleyOcean Marathon, January 15, 1927. PSYCHOLOGY, - .POINTS OF INTEREST ~ ride of three miles from Avalon up the stage Twenty-one. miles from the ma~land. road or by the trail. No more tctures ue BIRD ISLAND, off the entrance to Isth- '~ " " : " ride can be imagined than thi6 affPords. ~he mus bay, is a huge rock. It is comparative. ge 1. colu,'Tlrl 4 AVALON tIIGH S(;ttOOI This attrac- stage road ix built on a ten percent grade.' ly level and is about one acre in extent. It bui.lding is located beyond the t~olf links This trip is made daily by auto stage ' took its na~me from-the wast number of bir'da Suallv beats faster and the toit~':thc right side of Avalon Cauvom The " CATALINA HARBOR--The bay putting which made it their home. When the Ban- ~ecotfie inure d~smin;~tin~, school grounds no~ only (~niain temfi~in from the south of the Isthmus, and the nine Company began improving the Isthmtto " courts., athletic field~ and 1,1ayground. but best harbor on the island. This harbor isit became apparent what a coign of vanta'g~_ .:a.. httilaau being breaihifig form a veritable botanical garden. Some nearly a mile in length, and affords perfectly Bird Island might become "in the hands ~! ~, ". -. allgry aitd t~lentaliy thirty specxes of trce~, sixty species of shrubs, safe anchorage in any weather, it was once unscrupulous persons as a "'Monte ,Carlo,'~ .or .... ~wentv of vmes and. climbing plants, anda port /or smuggling operations on the Cal- forestalled any such contingency by takintf drfhaltng lnorc Qxvgcll While many" varieties of ,~,iher ldants are t*, be ifor'nia coast, for otherevil purposes, and the cutup;lay f~otrt ~.)ne found here.Avah,n tli~h School~ .ne MOONSTONE BEACII--IIalf a mile be- possession of the little island. to ~wenty-five" often of the truest cquil)l)cd of the ~mall ~chools yound Camp Banning, where moonstones, SEAL ROCKS--The home of the colony alaRry thon~hts before they be- of the state, and i~ doing a verytlnusualagates, water opals and many other forms of of seadions which, inhabit the Is~. The type of educational work In both day and semi-precious stones are found These stoues colony consists of several hundred hidividuala, of physical violcqtce.- F,x- evening school.,, make beautiful souvenirs of the Island when and they are nearly always in evidence ot~ highly entotlona[ pe0l~|c~ MT. o'RIzABA--The highest point on" the cut and polished. This beach is one of the the rocks. They do not bear fur, but ard Island, 2109 feet. . points of interest most visited by tourists, covered a growth of coarse hair which, trregtiiar in their: breath: SILVER CANYON--Almost opposite Av- AVAI,ON BAY--On which the town of varies in color from a very light brown to a alon. Reached via theSummit and l-lay Avalon is situated, is a perfect crescent, with deep black. These sea:lions attain to quit/l: ~'tt~eelt breaths" oftcll "cahtl Presscanyon. . a sentinel rock eighty feet in height, called a large size, some of them weighing a ton an~[' clarify the vision. MT. BLACK .lACK--2000 feet above ~the "Sugar I.oaf." at its northwest entrance,or more. They are very partial to their' sea., Location of the Black ~'ack silver, lead The village of Avalon. lald out in 1888,' is home, and 'a're seldom found ashore at any situated on the bay. It is a sheltered spot, other point. This is one of the most attrac- the mind seems "()'pen," and and zinc mine. PARSON'S BEACH--A romantic spot, protected from the wind from every quarter tire spots about the Island for the tourist. eeiatffe, when the breathing the last beach before reaching the westerly withthe exception of she northeast, fromCA'MP BANNING--Three miles to thG which direction winds are rare. ~'M~" Think it over. end" of the Island. " westward of Avalon. A beautiful spot, wher GOVERNMENT. QUARRIES.~Where ira- CHERRY VALLEY--The seat of an early the Y. M. C. A. boys of the nearby cit/e=~ rq~a)'ll~ll= PSYCI'IOLOGY mense quantities of stone for the San Pedro mining excitement, where the hillsides are are given 'a few weeks' outing annt~al!y~=, observations are correct, pile breakwater were first obtaind, honeycombed with tunnels. From 1862 to usually spending a portion of the months 'of' LITTLE HARBOR--A picturesque spot, 1864 the Island Was swarming with prosper- August and September in camp. Their camp-~ tots for precious metals. The seat of the ing outfit Consisting of more than a do~. rets Of a cahn anti serene one of the three landing places on the sou- excitement seems to have been at Cherry tents comprising officers' quarters lat~ll the Motive to prevent ex- therly shore of the Island. Valley. Every foot of ground from the sea company tents, quartermaster's, hospital, de- SHIP ROCK lies off the Isthmus "about to the summit of the hills--and even running tentton, etc., are "maintained. Ample dmhNf tion, anger and hatefnl two miles. It takes its name from its great out under the hills--was filed on as mining quarters, where they have a huge 'range and ulate the a~:tivities of resemblance to a ship under full sail.cPaims. Recently extensive deposits of lead bake oven, soup boiters, etc., with capacity AVALON HII.L--In the center of Avalon and silver ore have been located here. sufficient to feed an army, are pern'taaent: by lnethodical breath- from the top of which a comprehenskve view EMPIRE--The serpentine marble quarries features of the camp, The boys are usu~iy are located a mile and half inland. Here of the little city and its surroundings may be were located the tactories of the aboriginal given three weeks. and n6n-irritating obtained. Indians, who inhabited Santa Catalina. Num- "ITALIAN GARDENS"--A favorite fish"-' by the simplicity of habits. FISHERMAN'S COVE--A little inlet on ing .point. In the earlier days of Catalina races a1~d their l)hilosophers the eastern side of the Isthmus Bay, for,ruing erons rocks in vicinity show how the. a perfect sheller for smallboats" in any ancient inhabitant procured his culinary out- the San Pedro fishermen found the watea'~ fit--from rock locally known as "soapstone." here so prolific with fish that they called it, S tr(sse([ the iml)ortance of kind of a storm. ' GOAT HARBOl~--ltormerly a favorite their garden, and gradually it came to be EAGLE'S NEST--On the stage road, 11 landing place for wild goat hunters, as the known as"Itallan Gardens."'' ' g lasting etc. miles from Avalon, and located in a wildhills and valleys in this vicinity abounded in LONG POINT---The point in th,~. tt~NaHn~ PSYCHOLOGY section of the interior. It is a capital place goats. Here olso. was the first trail acrbs~ Island, 7x~ miles. The interest attaching; for camping parties to visit, the Island to Middle Ranch. and the lumber to Long "Point, asside from that mentioned" :ular breathing is not MIDDLE RANCH--Teo miles in the in- for the first buildings erected there was is a cave which extends through the point of building a well-bal- terior, the only cultivated land on the is. packed from this point across thehills on rocks about 100 feet from its extremity, from land, and headquarters for the men looking the backs of hurros, side to side. : hid. Patience, in thought after the sheep on the island. THE BLUE CAVERN--At theentrance T~ CATAL|N& leLANI~IEI~ WItlTE'S LANDINC~--Four mile ..... t- to Isth .... bay. The formation at this point WORTH SELLING IS WORTH one to enjoy the full- erly from Avalon. A heautilul sand beach iq purely volcanic, and caves abound. On in human existence. ~a~ bathers and picnic parties, Location 9f the hills may be seen the remnants of the TELLING--ADVERTISI : S. C, I. Company's Concentration plant, lavawaves as they flowed down the mouq.- tam and cooled, and thns they remain to UNa~INI[ PSVCHOt.OGV HOVeLAND'S---Here also were many, min- thisday, mutely testifying to the hot time f 0 the "teeth rattle" when ing claims, and here yet may be foimd 'pros- theyonce had on Catalina. GENUINE of sonic types of feat', peets" which would turn the head of manyTHE ISTlt*IUS--Narrowestpomt on the a mining prospector. Here is the well frott~ Island. where it is less than half a ,nile A L W I L $ O N cold ~ Why does the body which water is pumped to the Isthmus. from water to water. Great preparations are montents of excite- PEBBLY BEACH--Location of rock in the making to beautify this locality, splen- crushing plant operated by the S. C. I. Co. did boulevards, villa sites and a fine hotel Tackle does the blood "'get hot" Barg~ loading end of cable system from the are under contemplation. Several thousand i Renton silver, zinc and lead mine. Excell- trees have been planted and are making a Farnoua lures for all ? I~erson is maliciotts, ant~t-v or ent towasite for another pleasure resort, time growth. The Starting Point inthe game fish and e*pecla.tly aUN~HINE P~YCHOLOGY f the Tarpon. generation overcoming its Trolling or can=tiny !tadencies, in the process or" spoons, Squid ~pooat nds greater possibilities in with removal hook, Red fieht. Why? "Breathe Beaded trolling =pooh, the head cool and the feet ~ Spinners, ten aht~ and cotne out all right,"" ' real Connecting llnk. le atlvice, a PSYCHOLOGY SEND FOR CATALOG YOuth is restl'ess. \Vhat Manufactured only by Uth restless ? Is it 'the Sttl)- * AL WILSON Company hidden motives that oc- SUr~c nnrestrainedto the 1539 Folaom street, " San Francisco, Calif. gt r Information SEE LAURANCE APARTMENTS are COOL, CLEAN and COMFORTABLE Rentals lrtSurance DIRECT OUTLOOK No rockers to stumble over over the Bay from the Arcade. You will find solid comfort in these porch chairb Public COME, TRY THEM If You will Come Once You will Come Again. Ortes 147 and 64-W HOTEL mneuLuo, BUY IN AVALON 419 Crescent Ave. Located at the East End of Crescent Avenue Next to the Band Stand Phone: Avalon 35