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August 10, 1927     The Catalina Islander
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August 10, 1927

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AUGUST 10. PAGE FIVE ING DATA REGARDING RIVIERA THEATRE ...................,.......,,..,...o..o.o...o. P-ED ,, OF GAME FISH . I __ Avalon, August 5 '1927. Douglas I'a~rbank~ ; Bucking Re- lina Islander: o,rds.' one of The Collegians" con> .g . e ago a friend sent me a edies and International News. ~ilnming Speed of Fresh Thursday, August I1, "Upstream," ater Mammals." by Cealo featurin~ Sannny Cohen and Ted Me- Santa Barbara, California.Namara; Alice Day comedy and "The fllowing table is given re- Night Owl," by Krazy Kat. Speed of some of the Cata-Friday, August 12, "Cabaret,' 'teat- fish, and I thought they uring Gilda Gray; Charlic Chase com- ~f interest to your readers, edy, "Tell 'ern Nothing," and "Monarch of the fi~,mres states that of the Soil," Fox scenic. deep sea fish are known Satnrdav, August 13, "The Yankee OVer 3(~) feet at one flip of Chpl:er," , " by Bill Boyd and others; THE DECISION OF DEATH YOUrs very truly, "Steve." Mil~s Per Hour between 70 and 72 etween 65 and 67 between 58 and 60 between 58 and 60 48 and 50 48 and 50 Ween 48 and 50 ~etween 46 and 48 between 42 and 44 between 40 and 42 note : For the past ten Islander editor has ated', to ascertain the speed fishes, but as yet has a definite statement in ac- As instance, The Burn's airplane, operating at about 43 miles per hour the "step" from water ~"enty-five feet in the air it about 50 lniles per hour. that we have observed lrplane or the "pony blimp," conditions, travel fast- miles per hour. A school g tuna, albacore, y,ellowtail, travel from ten to twenty A speed o1: thirty under water, or ou the overcome considerable and the ruffled water -'Ptive when trying to cal- Regarding "one flip of feet"--the umsch, action ip" should be of import- and those who de- engine propellers. CATALINA ISLANDER UISEASES REPORTED BY LAW Malaria M~asles *lumps SpinalOpbthahnia neona- (F,,pi- torum Paratyphoid Fever Pellagra hsiatie Plague ]3neulnonia Poliomyelitis Rabies (Epi- Rocky Mountain Spotted (or tick) fever Scarlet Fever lg Smallpox Syphilis* Tetanus infec- Trachonla Tuberculosis Typhoid Fevr Iafe .. Tyt)hus Fever Cuus\Vhooping Cough Yellow Feve," Diseases is S(~npa! Leprsy Plagtlc "The Artists Brawl," one of the "Wise Crack" series, and International News. Sunday, August 14, "Colleen," feat- uring Madge ]3ellamy; "Car Slay," a Van gibber comedy, anti Fox News reel. Monday, August 15, "Quicksands," {eaturing Richard Dix; "Kid George," a "Let George Do It" comedy, and "Knaughty Knight," by Alice and Krazy Kat. Tuesday, Angust 16, "Moulders of Men," featuring Conway Tearle; "The Racers," a Mel.~lgall Alley comedy, and a Fox scenic, "Venders of the \Vorld." Wednesday, August 17, a Fox feat- ure, "Monte Cristo; .... Even Up," a Physical Culture comedy, and Interna- tional News. THE CATALINA ISLANDER Have you paza your subscriptiou to The Catalina Islander ? Make us hap- py, too! Thank you. TH~ CATALINAISLANDIER Come to Catalinafor the rest of your life. Good in whichever sense you choose to take it. TN[ CATALINA IF&LANDEEII~ Magazines, newspapers, candies, etc., at WINDLE'S NEWS STAND. NI~W, when the Manttou created the Red Man to rule over the world he 131 Sumner Avenue created hhn in his own image and made hhn walk upright with his eye,q to the sky--and he was not forced to watch his feet, as were the beasts. But when the Red Man was created and had lived for years in the peace- ful valley the Manitou found that he was too strong and too brave and that he had been created too much In the Image of the Maker of us all. So lie de(.ided that It wonhl not do for the Red Man ta live too long, else he would t~come as wise and as great as Manitou himself. So one day tile Manltou appeared to hl~ daugllter, tile mother of the Red Man, and to her he told Ills fears. And as a remedy lie suggested that the Red Man he allowed to live only for an allotted span of years, and that then he lie supplanted by hie children and his children's children until time ended. But first he thought he would give the Red Man a chance to determine how he was to live. And so, in com- pany with his daughter he went to the valley, where lived tile Chosen People, and !le vailed forth tile wisest and old- est chief of theln all to lie tile Judge. In Ills one hand lie took a buffalo chip and in the .ther a stone and with the chief and his daughter he Telephone 104 Poliomyelitis Scarlet Fever Smallpox (E Typhoid Fever pi T - yphus Fever Yellow Fever e number. Name and Town.w IllLANDER ilion a Spotless ~ur help ! Special Prices This Week: Regular 40c 3 l-lb. Jars for $1. All Kinds of Jellies, 2'2 Del Monte Peaches 23, 2 for 45c Newmark Solid Pack Tomato, 18c Can Lge. White King Wash. Powd. 43c Lge. Pkg. Peet's Wash. P0wd. 38c 6 Bars WHITE KING SOAP, 25c VER Y On all Orders of $2.00 or more wetlt to the bank of tile sll'eIim to nl:ll~e the test. First he tossed tile huffalo chip Into the stream and the chip floated for awhile until It Stl'u(,k tile rapids and then It suhmer~od for a little way and again it floated told nmfln It sub- merged, until t:naliy It disappeared from sight around a bend In the stream. And so the Manltml ruled that the P, pd Man should live for four yeare and then die and remain dead for four 3,ears, following which he would again come to life for a similar period. And the old chief was pleased and accepted the ruling. But the daughter of Manltou. the mother of all the Red Men, was not pleased and pleaded with her father that some other arrangement might be made. And the Manltou, who loved his daughter dearly, listened to her pleading and agreed that there should be one more test made and that the result of that test should stand for- ever, and the method of the te.qt he left to his daughter. She. seelrig that the Manlton had not yet thrown the stone, and thinking that perhaps the stone had some magle unknown except to the Maker of us all suggested that he throw the stone in the water. The Manltou, taking her at her word, tossed the stone far out Into the stream, and It fell with a splash Into the water and sank out of sight. And thus was the fate of the Red Men de- cided. The Manltou ruled that each Red Man should live in the valley an al- lotted span of years, ~nd that then he should die and his t,,,tl~r should perish from the earth and should never more come to life in the valley. t But In order that the Red Men should not be hopeless and forlorn he promised that those of them who kept the faith and praised the Manltou and his goad work should lh'e again in the happy hlmting ground above the Peak, where there would be no death and where there wmfld be no war and no trouble. And so the ruling stood. The Red Men were made mortal, to die when thelr thue came, hut knowing of the pronfise of Manltou they felt no fear of death. And so it is today. We all must tile. but living well, we live again hi that great hunting ground, ~here all is happiness and peace. Note.--Thls legend bears a marked similarity to a legend of Death told by the Blaekfeet and credited to Nabl, the semi-human God of earth, who, ac- cording to the Blackfeet, Is a second- ary god to Manltou himself. Grinnell in his "Blackfoot I,egends" has quoted tW, s story, although no mention ts made of the after-life anti the test Is made 111 a distinctly different manner. by McCture NewllDaper S~ndfo&to.) THE CATALINA ISLANDER Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Subscribe now--~2.00 per year.