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August 6, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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August 6, 1924

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PAGE FOUR,. THE CATALINA HOT WEATHER CLOTHING octave of the solar spectrum, from the 84 YEAR OLD MAN red waves of lowest frequency to the MADE YOUNG AGAIN By Dr. Edwin E. SIosson violet of highest frequency. But be- Director Science Service, Washington yond the violet there are two octaves "Have Found Fountain of Youth" In these days when we are largely and below the red there are six octaves Says Oklahoman. ..71fret e;)ertj occupied in efforts to keel) cool, it is that we cannot perceive with the eye. worth while to spend a little thoughtAt high noon in the latitude of \Vash- Made young as a man of 30 years A pllenssn| on the fnndamental principles of heatington, 51 percent of the energy of virtnally, 84-year-oht J. L. Rowell, well- nlMInl~reeable sweet and n movement and how we can apply them solar radiation comes in the form ofknown rancher of Kaw City, Oklaho- l-n-s-t-l-noo to the problem. " the dark heat rays of the infra-red, ma, declares that his amazing rejuven- beneJlt 8s In the first place we must remember 40 percent as visible light, and 9 per- ation was brought about in a few dayswell. that our object is not so much to keep cent as ultra-violet rays, also invisible by and exceedingly simple method. G o o d f o r the heat out as it is to get the heat but the most powerful of all in their"I am as young and vigorous as I teel~ blreslllm out. Our internal stoves, where food effect on the skin. It is the tfltra-vio- was at 30," he says, "and am gett~'ngUd dllgesllon. serves as fuel, produce heat enough to let rays that are r'esponsible for tan- in better condition than I ever thought Mskes tlle r~.ise us to the fever point in a few ning and burning. Now the dark heat possible. Before I tried this method, [ nell e1881' hours anxt to cause death by what is rays pass equally well through dgrk wished I was dead, I was in so hope- taste belier. commonly called "sunstroke," even tho and light cloth, and the ultra-violetless a condition. I was skeptical and there were no sun, if we could not chemical rays pass better ,through light had lost faith in everything. Now in continually pass off our surplus heat than dark. a few days, my glands are awakened to the surrounding air. Leonard Hill, the great English au- and I am enjoying a complete rejuven- The air will consent to relieve us of thority on climatology, commends the ation and restoration of my youthful our surphls heat on two conditions: Egyptian robes as the most comfort- vigor.' Six months have passed since F3 first, when the air is cooler than our able garments for a hot country for Mr. Rowell made his test, and he is bodies, and, second, when it has less "as the native walks his gamnents sway still convinced that the beneficial ef- water than it can hold. If the air is and flap in ungainly fashion, but in fects are lasting. He says, "I have above 99 degrees Fahrenheit and has doing so cause air currents ,which have found a real fountain of'yonth." 100 percent humidity, there is no hell) a cooling effect." The missionaries' for us. wives, when called upon to devise a Speedy Results Reported Fortunately the air roundabout rare- costume for the women of the Pacific Mr. Rowell used the now much ] lv attains these two conditions, but the Islands, did well from a sanitary point talked of korex method--the discovery ] air that is kept in contact with the of view when they clothed them in of a Missouri pharmaceutical chemist. skin as by tight or thick clothing does Mother Hubbards, though they could As toht in a recent issue of the Kan- get to the same temperature as the hardly have (tone worse from an ar- sas City Journal, many others are an- bodv and does take up all the nlois- tistic point of view. nouncing delightful effects received in ~!t ture it can hold. In that case the only But it is not necessary for clothingfrom 24 hours to a few days after its thing to do is to get rid of this old air to be unbecoming in order to be corn-use. Speedy satisfaction has been re- and get in some new that is capable of fortabte. Probably American women ported in cases of weakness after the absorbing heat and perspiration, have never been more seasonably clad flu, stiff joints, aching muscles, exhaus- From a purely theoretical point of than they are this summer, but no oneted nerve force, permature old age and view, therefore, the ideal midsummer could call their costuntes ungainly. The low vitality. Enthusiastic users tell of costmne would be to wear a large urn- men, too, although they are more con-years standing, where all other treat- brella and nothing else. But to ap- servative and less original than women ments had failed. This method invol- 405 Crescent Avenue 1 12 ply a scientific theory without regard in matters of dress, have made someyes no tremendous expense or painful to local circumstances is often unwise should bear [pr°gress of late in the adaption of to tile first principles of hot[ operation. Tablets are used and are no i--J-~ LosS ~ck Exch:nge Build , at---La "i/l,]/ devation from the ideal local custom but their tight collars and belts are drugs and those who have tested it may require, we in mind contrary say the effect is a hea, th~nl, natural, attorney ted tha tt e Am< ica distributm ; have Angeles pl,,,,,, vA,,,.1;ke ~llt'~l[ decided to make the compound avail- is due chiefly to evaporation and that g. % So many successes have been repor- evaporation depends upon ventilation, ted that the American distributors have Close clothing keeps a hot and humid Catherine Hotel decided to nlake the compound avail- --' I' layer of air in contact with the skin [r~tll[7~'~ H~g~ ~[ 11 able to any person needing it. Those correspondenceThe Catalina onIslanderproblemsWillofawel¢~'~lr'| ",~1 so that we who rejoice that we dwell ]t~a ~rlflr now wishing to try this amazing in- in the temperate zone are really livina vigorator will find it on sale by the chological nature. | fir except for our hands and face. The Pharn~acy Coal)any. Ask for Korex . 11~ circulation' of air should theoretically [Deep Marcelling[ Conwound, full strength.--Advt. be sufficient to keel) the skin free from nnconafortable accumulation of pers- / and Facials Our Specialty [ CAUSE OF PINK SAUER KRAUT piration, but not so rapid as to chill FOUND BY EXPERIMENTS il it by excessive evaporation. It is not l PHONE FOR APPOINTMENTS I • the sweat we see that cools us but that Science Service which passes off unperceived. To trap- ~ .--.-.-J orate the water from a man's wet makers hate pink. clothingas he geismaYin requirea d~.y's aSfood.many calories R EN E'8 ItESIAIIR ANT turns\Vhen a vatto this colorfUllit of,,.illtheir, lot sell,Pr°duetfor "U]]BI~ IUTO ~ALES [~ Clothing halves the loss of heat in housewives are suspicious, and con- cold weather and cuts it down still WE SERVE THE BEST sequently the manufacturers sustain AUTHORIZrD more in warm weather. The clothed big money losses. FORD AND LINCOLN DEAL~II5 man ranks between the furry dog and FISH DINNERS A SPECIALTY So pink to them is like red to short the rabbit in the matter of heat ex- .change. Lunches Put Up for Boating horn bulls. All this, however, may beMOTORS REBUILT If our skin were a sheet of silver and Fishing Parties changed by a series of experiments conducted at the University of Wis- And Returned in Three D~Ys ~oil of the same thickness, we wouhtA LA CARTE SERVICE consin at Madison under the direction lose heat 2280 times as fast as we do, but the layer of immobile air, such as Lefavor Building, Sumner Avenue, of Dr. E. B. Fred, who has discoveredCLAUDE WALTON may be caught by fur, feathers, or Next to Hotel Atwater that the tendency of the cabbage to AVALON REPRESENTATIV£ close-knit cloth, will retard the loss of / turn pink during the progress of its heat ten times as much as the skin.[ . transformation into sauerkraut is due to the presence of great numbers of To keep the air in free circulation wild yeasts or torulae. The greater PEAl over the skin, the clothing should the number of torulae in the vats the touch the Skin as little and as lightly FOR EVERYONE PAPER as possible. Coarse meshed and por- A Brilliantine that REMOVES more pronounced the pink. ous fabrics are better than fine cloth. DANDRUFF, Promotes the By proper precautions he believes. PENCILS Growth of Hair, and that this can be overcome. The fav- PADS The weave makes more difference It stays Combed as you like it. orable conditions for the development than the color. It is true that black MflI[}[t of wild yeasts are a supply of oxygen, ENVELOPES clothing absorbs about twice as much a high temperature, high eoncentra- sunlight as wh!te, but that does not tion of salt due to uneven distribution, tell the whole story, for it is heat .that Prevents and Relieves Sunburn. and a high acatic or lactic content. we want to keep out,and more than Try it and see the difference. Keep your vats air tight, he tells the half of the sun's heat iS not seen, by, Ask your Barber or Hairdresser. manufacturers, distribute the salt even- the eye of light.We see about 'an • They Know! • , 1 ly and keep down the temperature.