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August 5, 2011     The Catalina Islander
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August 5, 2011

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Avalon's summer SPF ratings: Don't get burned BY MICHAEL FIELDS With summer in full swing, we need to be careful and watch those SPF ratings. As you may know, there has been a recent contro- versy over the ratings. GoVern- ment bodies would have us think stricter enforcement is necessary. The tourist industry is dead set against any rating since they feel it puts a damper on the whole spirit of summer. Regardless of what the SPF is, we tend to ignore what label any- one else has put on something and decide on our own what harm, if any, will really affect us. Take for example the SPF, "Street Per- former Fiasco." I think this rag has spent way too much ink on such a paltry issue. This is all about a small handful of grumpy people that have nothing better to do than snarl at anything good. Let's test that theory. Have you ever seen any of the handful of people that are against this SPF, smile? Laugh? Tell a good joke? Go out of their way to say "good morning?" Present themselves to be happy to be living on our little rock of paradise? Yeah, that's What I'm talking about. I agree some of the performers need to tone it down here and there and live by the ordinance but all in all, this is a good thing. After all, if they are so "offensive," "rude," "loud, and "dangerous;" why are there always so many fathers, mothers, and children laughing, whooping it up and throwing mon- ey at them? Why have they been Publisher Dan Teckenoff Editor Dennis Kaiser Ilie Manager Jennifer Leonhardi Accounting Becky Eck ADVERTISING DISPLAY CLASSIFIEDS LEGAL ADS Subscriptions EditoriJ Letters to the editor IltuKim THURSDAY GATHERING 7PM 101 MARILLA #6 AVALON, CA 90704 I (310) 510-0500 ] FAX: (310) 510-2882 Postmaster: Send address changes to The Catalina Islander P.O. Box 428, Avalon, CA 90704 k (USPS 093-140) Acceptance under 39C, F.R. 3464 periodicals postage paid at Avalon, CA 90704 and other additional Offices. Adjudication Decree No. 377598. 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Seems pret- ty obvious to me they are a big hit or no one would see their show and give them money. This is a good ex- ample of a govern- ment body stepping in and enforc- ing stricter measures based on bad data. I say fine tune the ordinance if necessary but enough on this SPF. It only gets a SPF rating of a "1." An SPF we should be focused on is the SPF of"Service ,Por Fa- vor." Let me explain. As the dog days of summer start to grind on staffat the town's shops, fun things to do, and restaurants, some staff- ers start to lose their charm; some become even downright rude. We locals call this syndrome, the infa- mous, "August Uglies." It's admittedly tough working continuous, long summer shifts. Some "are back-to-back, day-in- day-out, as many locals are tuck- ing away a little something for the long off-season as squirrels tuck away acorns. That said, since we rely so heavily on the tourist dollar, let's try to keep that smile going, and keep the pleasantries flowing. Try to refrain from yelling at visitors' kids to "don' t touch that," or lean- ing around the cash register to see the long line in front of you and then rolling your eyes because it feels you will never get off work. Let's try not to be quiet so curt when asked, "Where is an ATM," SINGING WATERS CHRISTIANCENTER SERVING THE CHURCH, REACHING THE ISLAND 346 CATALINA AVE which they will get cash and hopefully come back at your es- tablishment and spend it. Stop yelling across the room that the re- strooms are for guests only. Oh, and I love how 30 minutes be- fore closing, managers start turn- ing away paying customers telling them they are closed. You know who I am talking about. It's all about the service, baby. So if you are one of those people I am referring too, and you some- times feel yourself sliding, I have a few suggestions to quickly reha- bilitate yourself. On a break or a day off, head down to the museum and check out how the staff there welcomes visitors with a level of professional and warmness that is second to none; and they do itday- in-day-out! If the outdoors is your thing, go a bit further around the comer to the Zip line and stand by the road at station #5 and listen to the zip line guides. They are funny, informative and attentive to every- one at all times. They nail it. There are plenty of other great establish- ments in town that exemplify top- notch service. Unfortunately, visitors will tell 10 other people about,a bad ex- perience compared to telling just 1 person when they have a good experience. If none of these sug- gestions help and you just enjoy . being miserable to other people, then leave; as in leave the island ... permanently. Again, you know who you are. I give this SPF a f0 rating. It's hugely important. Now, being fair and balanced, some of our visitors are known to contribute to the August Uglies; which leads us to the next SPF, the "Stupid People Factor." Now I GET'YOUR WINGS WINGS ACROSS THE CHANNEL CATALINA'S AVIATION HISTORY," 1946.Present The fascinating story of Catalina's legacy of aviation. Special segments include: United Airlines and the famous , "Mother Goose" NowonPVD! Available at the following Stores: * Buoys & Gulls . Catalina Island Conservancy * Catalina Souvenir Shop - LatUtude 33 .Sugadoaf Books Catalina By-The-Sea Catalina Island Museum DC-3 Gifts & Grill Steamer Trunk A Channel Catalina production www. channelcat alina, com am not saying at all that people are stupid I just had to find something around the subject that would meet the "S-P-F" moniker and this seemed to fit the bill. So chalk it up to journalistic license. If you stand on the comer of Crescent and Metropole at the crosswalk in front of Coney Is- land, you will experience this SPF first hand. The common one we is- landers just love, are people walk- ing at a snail's pace fight down the middle of the road! There they are, strolling along licking their Big Olaf's cone oblivious to every- thing around them including the street sweeper that is about to run them down. Then there is the group of folks that have decided to stop in the middle of the crosswalk to pull out their Catalina Island Pocket Map trying to find out where they are, in with everyone pointing to various places on the map going nowhere with golf carts, 5 deep, stopped on all comers. How about the visitors that pay to go on a boat to go snor- kel and as they are staring over the side of the boat, hesitant to jump in, finalty explain to the captain they can't swim?! One of my favs is sitting at the Catherine with a libation, watching people nmning frantically with their roller bags to catch the 4:15, screaming to "hold the boat!!" af- ter having their Wickies Whacked numerous times at Luau Larry's; too funny. This SPF gets a SPF rating of a "5." Ah, yes. I love summers in Cata- lina. It reminds me a lot of visiting Martha's Vineyard as a kid. Yes, I love the quiet off-season months too where I have the island pretty much to myself, but summertime is what made this island such an attraction. There is music every- where, the beaches are packed with so many towels you can't see the sand beneath them, the smell of waffle cones, coconut sun tan lo- tion, cotton candy spinning, cara- mel mix with the salt air; and the people. People, everywhere; lov- ers, ragbaggers, fishermen, stink- potters, divers, movie stars, clubs, kids camps, singers, eco groups, athletes, couch potatoes, corpo- rate groups, families, guy trips, girl trips, partiers, and sun worshippers. There are Wonderful long queues everywhere like at Eric's for a Mexican breakfast and a Pacifico at 9 in the morning. Queues stuff the comer by the Green Pier with people waiting to eat at Joe's or Slly's or Lori's, or Jack's (we are not known to spend a lot of time on creative naming conventions). Yep, it's a beautiful thing. Enjoy the rest of summer and watch for those SPF ratings. You won't want to get burned. LEONHARD! RETIRES FROM LOCKERROOM A1 Leonhardi arrived for his final shift at The Lockerroom On Friday evening July 22 at 6 pm. It was a bittersweet moment for him, and an oddly quiet evening for the middle of summer. Leonhardi has worked behind the bar at this establishment since the day his brother, Bill Leonhardi, purchased it in 1984. For27 years he has been serving customers with a smile and a personality that was all his own. He has worked through busy shifts with bands playing, birthday parties, compan, y get-togethers, and then some. Little did Leonhardi know that his current boss, owner Marc Costello, along with family and friends had planned one last party on his last shift behindthe bar. They met nearby at 8:30 pm, and waited about a half hour until approximate- ly 35 people had gathered. At that point they all walked into a nearly empty bar and yelled "surprise" to a very shocked Leonhardi. Leonhardi's and his wife Diana have purchased a home in Texas and, after over a year of anticipa- tion, are finally ready to make the big move. A going away party for the pair was held on Sunday, July 31 at Bird Park, which followed a golf tournament where over 35 golfers participated. About 100 family members and friends at- tended the get together to wish the happy couple well in their new ad- ventures. 2 ] Friday, August 5, 2011 , The CATAUNA ISLANDER