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July 26, 1945     The Catalina Islander
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July 26, 1945

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PAGE TWO THE SHIP OF STATE by Ruth Taylor Many centuries ago a Chinese pifil- ospher wrote of government : "The king is the boat; the common people are the water, t ne water can support the boat, or capsize it." .Wlhat was said then of ancient China is true today of our modern democracy. Our government requires the support of all the people--or'it sinks. '~Gov- ernment" does not mean particular leaders--but it does mean the repub- lican form of rule and the democratic way of life. It is up to us to support the boat by our own building--to abide willingly and cheerfully by the laws we had a part in making, and to carry our full share of the load. The small businessmen are not alone the common people. The farmers are not alone the common people. Labor alone is not the common people. But the small business men plus the farm- ers plus labor plus l~he unorganized workers, plus the bankers, the lawyers, the doctors, the preachers, the house- wives--all taken together are the com- mon people. The party in power, those who hold public office, are neither the king nor the boat. They are but a part of the whole and they sail or sink as they are supported by the people. There is no priviledged group in this country--no one who has a right to shirk his duty of citizenship. Neither worker nor employer is beyond it. Neither rich nor poor can avoid its tasks. Neither youth nor age deserves special consideration. Neither Black nor White can shrink from its com- mands. Protestant, Catholic and Jew alike are bound by tile call of duty. We are entering upon a period of ev- en greater strain than that of the past four years. How we come through it will depend upon ourselyes. There must be no tidal wave of demands by any one group to swamp our Ship of State. There must be no eddying whirlpool of internal conflict to suck it down into the depths of the sea. There must be no hidden sand bars of resistance on which it might flounder. We have seen what happens when the ships of other countries have dis- integrated. We must support the boat of our way of life, for if it capsizes, the argosy of th.e hopes and dreams of common people the world over will go down with it. --0~ TO "VICTORY.---. BAD NEWS FOR THE JAPS Generals and adnfirals on the fight- ing lines make the spectacular headlines but we have an idea that Radio Tokyo didn't,overlook that item in the news a few days ago telling of the appoint- ment of Major General Homer M. Groninger as the new Commanding General of the San Francisco Port of Fanbarkation. That was definately bad news for~ the Japs, just as bad as most of the re- cent battle-line bulletins issued by the learn of McArthur & Nimitz. For General G.roninger is a supply line gen- ius who still believes that battles are won by "getting there fustest with the mostest". In a little more than three years, during his tour of duty as Com- manding General of the New York Port, he directed the movement of 35,511,286 meastwement tons of cargo and 3,155,578 troops to Europe and the Mediterranean -- an accomplishment that had a good deal to do with up- setting Hitler's hierarchy. Welcome, General--ana may all your ships move out ahead of schedule! REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR WORLD'S QUIETEST SPOT The "quietest place in the world," where yon can hear your own heart beat, is set amid one of the noisiest, in the Brooklyn N. Y Navy Yard. In a room mounted on colunms of rubber speciaUy developed and install- ed by the IcY. S. Rubber Co and lined with layers of industry-developed spun glass and other sound absorbing mat- erials, engineers test communications equipment. IMPORTANT ISSUE INVOLVED Tile attorneys general of 46 states have asserted that the claim of the ~ecretary of the Interior that the Fed- eral government owns the tide lands within the historic three-mile limit on state shores, "is a direct attack on state sovereignty." The brief filed by the attorneys gen- eral states that the Secretary of the Interior has announced that "he in- tends to grant certain application for Federal oil anl gas leases on tide and submerged lands," and that "the issu- ance of such leases would, of course, be an actual assertion of title by an important department of the Fecteral government." The brief holds that the lands beneath tide water and navigable .water belongs to the states in their sovereign capacity as states. L~gislation is now being considered by t~k.House Judiciary Conmfittee that would r~ease any claim of the Federal governmeht to such lands beneath tide and navigable water which have here- tofore been considered as belonging to the states. The advocates of centralized govern- meat have been .for the past decade been using every means at their com- mand to limit state jurisdiction over natural resources and limit state con- trol over local affairs in many ways. As the states are deprived of such rights they become mere subservient agencies of the Federal government. --Buy Bonds and HOLD Them--- BUY A LIFE Now that War Bond buyers are in a between-campaigns period, with the nfighty Seventh War Loan drive a thing of the past, Treasury War Fi- nance Committee representatives in virtually all communities express worry over a buying let-down. There appears a natural tendency for patriotic citi- zens, who may be buying bonds on a regular schedule, to neglect the duty of buying that EXTRA bond whenever possible. Everyone knows htat War Bonds are the finest medium for systematic sav- ing, and that the Government needs billions upon billions of dollars for prosecution of the war. Yet these in- centives, sound as they are, seem to have lost some force through repetition. Fnrthermore, volunteer salesmen have reported that some people think the need for bond buying has lessened since the defeat of Germany. That is erroneous, of course--Germany's col- laspe has resulted in an enormous stepping up of military ufight, and its cost in the Pacific offensive. In view of all this, it might be well for all of us to remember: "If the War Bond you buy shortens the war by as much as a single minute, or a single bullet or the life of a single boy-- it's worth it, isn't it?" Next time you can spare the price of a $25 War Bond, or a $50 War Bond what best can you do with the money ? You might buy the li.fe of an Amer- ican soldier. REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR WHAT A PRICE! The combined Army-Navy casualties since Pearl Harbor were announced ;for the first time a few days ago as ex- ceeding one million. That included THE CATALINA !I "Nobody can think straight who does not work. Idleness warps the mind. Thinking without constructive action becomes a disease."--Henry Ford. More than 250 spectators suffered phosphorus burns from hand grenades during an Army-Navy War Bond show at New Orleans. Tile Newton, Mass high school will hold summer classes for veterans only. Eight weeks long, the courses will help G.I.'s earn high school diplomas and prepare for college entrance examina- tions. el III Most men believe that it would ben- efit them if they could get a little from those who have more. How much more would it benefit them if they would learn a little from those who know more.--William J. H. Boetcker. o. -to v, cTomr. Sell Catalina--Buy Avalon NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES July 1: TO WHOM IT MAY Notice is hereby given days after the above signed propos-s to sell ages at thes~ premises, follows : 306 Crescent Avenue, Avalon, Pursuant to such dersigned is applying to Board of Equalization for an alcoholic beverage licenses) for these premises Trf. On-sale Beer and Anyone desiring to ance of such license may vrotest with the State zation at Sacramento, Call law. 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