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July 23, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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July 23, 1924

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PAGE TWO DR. ALBERT SOILAND WRITES OF VIKING TRIP DO BROADBILL SWORDFISH LIKE BLACK CATS? LETTERS WRITTEN IN I 93 BY S. LAUER AT AVALON THE CATALINA Of interest to many sportsmen of the Pacific Coast is a book just pub- lished by ("Doe") Admiral Albert Soiland for private distribution to some of his personal friends. It is re- grettable that the book was not placed on sale for the general public. "Gee! It's just what I've been look- ing for the past ten years." This was my exclamation on opening the pack- age containing "The Viking Goes to Sea." by Admiral Albert Soiland of the Southern California Yachting As- sociation. And, right then, we started on a yachting trip to Honolulu. IT was more than a "loafing trip" over the rolling billows of the blue Paci- fic. It was a race. Leaving the Santa Barbara Yacht Club on board the schooner yacht Viking IV, we were carried, day by day, in the great classic from South- ern California to Honoluht. It was noon Saturday, July 21, 1923, when the Viking IV., with Admiral Soiland and his party crossed the line to enter the memorable race. Unlike the usual daily log kept on board, the book is full of interesting happenings of the day. As for in- stance: "Two or three of the crew came up in their pajamas, and Put, fumbling for the spinnaker sheet in the dark, made fast the 'G' string of the south end of his pajamas to the halyard which went aloft, and he was nearly strangled in the excitement be- fore released. O~der and quiet finally prevailed, and once more the crew were in their bunks leaving the two on .watch cogitating upon the vicissitudes of the sailor's life." The author is a well known Corin- thian club yachtman, who gets con- siderable fun and enjoyment out of the diferent cruises made in his schooner yacht, Viking IV. The purpose of the interqsting book is to stimulate an in- terest in the pastime of yachting. On the 1923 Honolulu cruise, "Doe" had time to note the differences in size of the flyingfish, the varieties of birds that followed the vessel; in fact the book is full of interesting data, collected only by the observation of one who has made the trip. The crew of the Viking IV, were: First Mate, C. W. Bradbury, "Brad"; Second Mate, Claude Putnam of the New Port Harbor Yacht Club,"Put"; Otto Wildey of the California Yacht Club, Bos'n and starboard watch; Beecher Hungerford, bos'n's mate, nicknamed "Beech"; and, lastly, Bill Bahrt, the genial cook, who, despite the rolling seas, "fixed the eats" Hotel Waldorf-Astoria style. The author modestly describes himself as "skip- per" and physician ordinary, and when on the high seas lets his whiskers grow and packs his gold-braided uni- form in a n airtight trunk containing moth balls. GAME FISH OF CATALINA Yellowtail (Seriola dorsalis). Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus). Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus macropterus). Albacore (Thunnus alalonga). California Bonito (Sarda Chilieusis). White Sea Bass (Cynoscion noblis). Ocean Bonito (Gymnosarda pelamys). Dolphin (Coryphaenus hlppurus). Giant Bass (Stereolepis gigas). Marlin Swordfish (Tetrapturus mltsukurii). Broadbill Swordfish (Xiphias gladius). Wear your Light Tackle Club But- ton. It shows that you are an angler and a sportsrrian. Watch the world come to Catalina. Subscribe now--S2 per year. (Continued from Page 1, Column 4) The problem of placing a live. kitten on an angler's fishing line so that the animal could be trolled as a bait for swordfish is an additional puzzle. To pierce the live kitten's body with a fish hook, would be cruelty to animals. A dead cat would have no more at- traction in the water than an artificial lure, dead flyingfish, rock bass or bar- racuda. Frankly, folks we are very fond of dogs and cats. Our "admiration" for the angler using a live cat for a swordfish bait would probably cause us to give un- usual publicity to the socalled sports- nlan. EVERYBODY LIKES CATALINA Opportunities for enjoyment on Catalina Island are numerous, so var- ied, and so well known that no attentpt will be made here to elaborate upon them, says a writer in the Standard Oil Bulletin. However, among other things, this handy gem of the ocean makes an emphatic appeal to the im- agination, as attested by the following word-picture, which we dare quote: "There is a mystery about it as en- chanting as it is impenetrable. When you have trodden the sand of its beach amt the steamer which has brought you front Los Angeles has departed, you feel that you are in a land of un- reality, a country of f.~ble and magic, a realm where you might meet Queen Titania, and Oberon and his troop of faries, where life is but the insubstan- tim fabric of a vision. It may be in the deep azure of the ocean; it may be the cloudless skies, or the sun- steeped air, winnowed by numberless gulls' wings; or the glittering mesh woven by. thousands of flying-fish, leaping into the air aml falling back into the waiting waters, The glamour is there, the intangible, unsolvable fas- cination of a region of wonderment which keeps its secret hiden from mor- tal eye." LOCATION OF CAMPS The following camps are located on the Island : Long Beach Boy Scouts--Fourth of July Cove. Catalina Island Boy Scouts--How- land's Landing. Pasadena Boy Scouts--Cherry Val- ley. Camp Toyon (girls' school)--Ban- ning's Beach. All Y. M. C. A. visitors---White's Landing. Camp Cabrillo Page Military Academy)--At the Isthmus. Whittier State School--Gallagher's Landing. HELP US GET ALL THE LOCAL NEWS If you have an item of local news, a pqfsonal about some visiting friend, or have entertained at a card party, birth- day party, or other socal function, or hear of something of interest about any formei Avalon resident, call up 7-3 and tell us about i~---or send us a post card with the names carefully written. If you have some printing you wish done, call up 7-J and our representa- tive will call upon you. If you have an advertisement, tele- }hone it in. Roofs Repaired Phone 141-J C.C. W.B. MELBOURNE & CULLEN DECORATING 321 Clemente Ave. Avalon (Continued From Page 1, Column 1) are abundant, with many flowering plants. Ground squirrels and birds of many species animate the scene, while the air is full of song. The mocking- bird pours out her rich notes, filling every canyon with music and setting the echoes going among the hills. From afar comes faintly the plaintive note of the mourning dove, as if bewailing the extinction of the primitive races that inhabited this island, and left their pottery and bones to awaken the cur- iosity or reverence of the white man. Over all pours a flood of su~hine, which lights the raiment of the hills with a golden splendor. The soft air is elixir, and seems to fill one's whole being with new life. The Society of Solitude July 2.--My hand is unsteady this morning, from sturdy wiekling of the hammer yesterday afternoon, laying the foundation for my camp; but my mind is very steady, as befits a lover of the Stoic and the Hindu wisdom. Already this morning I have received a social call from a hmnming-bird, and other neighbors are plunfing them- selves for a visit. In spite of my rough attire I think I shall be receiv- ed here in the very best societ)L Goddess Aurora, peeping over the blue mountain tops this morning, seelned really pleased to see me, and I ant glad to see her; for I have not looked upon her ruddy face and rosy fingers since long ago last summer. The inhabitants of town and city are never favored with a glimpse of this fair goddess. She veils herself from them, and shows herself only to her lovers in mountain and wildwood. Last night I slept with only the sky for a roof, fretted with golden stars, which looked down on me kindly, as if to renew an acquaintance some tinle neglected. The Big Dipper has not changed in appearance in the years I haxe looked up to it, from many lakes and mountains; and the North Star still shines steadily in his ancient place. I have wandered, but he has remained, to remind me that in the midst of fleeting appearances there are things that do not change. 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