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July 23, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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July 23, 1924

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_/,,~ | ~ SANTA CATALINA ISLAND: i ,,,f)~,~,.=~ ~ ~~If~'~.\~ ~. IN ALL THE WORLD !' NO TRIP LIKE THIS*. ~}~deWeekly at Aval Sa ol~td. ~)~p.aper, cont urists and travelers, ]lilt ~a-a,.J.aclal publicat ball, riding, fishing, ~~ AVALON. SANTA CATALINA ISLAND. CALIFORNIA,WEDNESDAY, JULY 23. 1924. VOL. Xl. NO. 28 S LAUE IN 1893 from a C--~talina Journal is of a number of letters written Lauer during the summer of 1893. The letters which con- much historical data were written t Small tent located on the west of Avalon bay. "The test of all is its power to uplift and human life," writes Mr. Lauer. we have been able to learn ttle of the personality of this writer. Of a philosophical Mr. Lauer moved about in his quiet unassuming arm after each day, from July 1, to August 12, 1893, he wrote his aorls of the Island and its peo- letters which are published book "Life and Light from seem to be the only writings Lauer that have appeared in The following are some of his A Paradise of the Pacific 1, 1893.--Eureka! I have found It, thus emphasized, is my Ideal Ground; my Happy Hunting the Abode of Manitou. Truly, or the vestibule there- is good enough for me! Cat- twenty miles long, with and canyons, full of wild and small game; a stretch of ater, sheltered for fifteen miles southwest swells of the Pa- sea full of goldfish, flyingfish, and strange, beautiful things; leh a climate! For five long, SUmmer months not a storm, drop of rain, not a hot or cold but just such weather as the have in heaven! My tent is on a high point overlooking with its scores of dancing its wharf where the steamers Redondo and San Pedro, its ; and the valley with cottages, and scores of white boat floats at her mooring and I, in my "Sea-gull's Shall dream fine dreams, and high and beautiful thoughts, I SUch as befit the place. at today up the trail to the of the first range of moun- view was most magnificent. the east lay the calm Pacific, the blue sky, so that a Sail, far away, seemed to be zn the air; to the west, undul- and valleys, carpeted with cured by the dry air. The m summer is vast garden of herbs and grasses, the scent of borne on the pure breeze, is Cactus grows luxur- on every hillside. Green shrubs ((2ontinued on Page 2, Column 3) "WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE" By Mickey Ahern The old saying "Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink," is familiar to all, and has been read many times in fiction when describing the predicament of shipwrecke, d sail-, ors afloat in a skiff, or lifeboat, on the mighty ocean and their water supply exhausted. Contemplating that we are on an is- land; considering the extremely dry past winter season, and the acute wa- ter conditions existing on mainland points, I wonder if all of us appreciate the fact that we are more than fortu- nate in having an adequate supply of fresh palatable water available for do- mestic use. The Middle Ranch water is pumped from the Middle Ranch dana up an elevation of 900 feet to the Sunmfit reservoir, and from there by gravita- tion it is delivered to the main water station at Avalon. Avalon residents have noticed that at present this water is mixed with the former water sup- ply, and this condition will exist for the next six weeks--because of the large consmnption and the past dry winter. However, after the busy sea- son it may be expected that a continu- al supply of the high grade Middle Ranch water will be in the mains. Possibly this date can be advanced if proper precautions are taken to con- serve the water. If the following suggestions, issued by the department of public service bureau of water works supply, City of Los. Angeles, California, are applied to our beautiful little city, this can occur. For instance, under the heading "Source of Water Wastage" The following is printed: 1.--By wastage it is meant that wa- ter is permitted to pass through the meter without ultimate use. This may occur by deliberate or negligent waste- fulness or by reason of leakage due to defective plumbing. The water closets may be out of repair and wasting wa- ter either in the process of flushing or when not in use. 2--The faucet in the kitchen or bath room may not shut off tightly. 3--The hydrants in the yard may be worn or carelessly allowed to run. 4---A pipe underground, leading into the building may be bursted, permit- ting an unseen leakage. 5--The lawn, or garden hose may be uselessly pouring out water after it has served its purpose. 6--The urinal, gas engine, sodawater fountain, fish tank, cooling apparatus, ! drinking fountain or any device re- quirlng a constant or periodical flow of water may be turned on or left turned on to a wasteful de.gree. Above are only one-half dozen small cautions each of us is asked to exer- cise. They are not submitted as a criticism, but as a means of co-opera- tion for the connnon good of the resi- dents and patrons of our Magic Isle. American people are noted for their wastefulness and generosity. They are renowned all over the world for those two attributes, or, is one of them a fault ? But, when conditions arise that do make it essential that economy be ex- ercised, and the fact is called to their attention, people of greater loyalty are not to be found in any other country. For proof, recall the recent world war --the frugal conservation of meats, su- gar and other commodities demanded by those boys "over there." So, cannot the residents of Avalon just adhere to the good advice con- rained in the paragraphs shown above, and offered by the department of pub- lic service of Los Angeles to their res- idents, and which we take the liberty of submitting to Avalon residents for a similar aim "Don't waste water!!" Following are two excerpts from let- ters written by Mr. William Wrigley, lr., owner of Catalina Island, to Mr. D. M. Renton, vice-president and gen- eral manager, at Avalon. "I am pleased to learn that water is being stored at Avalon from Middle Ranch dam. I think this water pro- ject is the biggest single thing that has i ever been done for Catalina. It will be a lasting benefit." "You never did anything that pleas- ed me quite as much as stopping the development at the dana and beginning to develop water. Next year we will surely have plenty of rain and will have plenty of time to build the dam bighter if the necessity arises. "As we stand now (this letter was dated May 16th) the Middle Ranch dam is a huge success. It is going to operate well and save the city of Ava- lon from a water shortage, and it will be doing this easily if the residents will not waste it recklessly. However, they appreciate what this water supply means and I know will use cauhon against waste at all times. Congratu- lations !" Folks, Mr. Wrigley loves Catalina Island, and surely has done wonders in developing it. Let's not abuse his confidence. Appreciate the silvery drops of water. Get those leaky pipe connections repaired at once! Do not waste the precious fluid! Conserve! The above was written at the re- quest of Mr. Renton and the city offi- cials of Avalon, to guard against a water shortage such as exists in other less fortunate cities, and we only hope DO BROADBILL SWORDFISH LIKE BLACK CATS? By Ernest Windle "Do black cats make the best broad- bill swordfish bait?" "Is it unlawful to use a live cat as a bait to catch a swordfish?" These two questions are now receiv- ing considerable attention among the Catalina sea angling fraternity. No one has yet tried the stunt at Avalon. Anglers arguing in favor of the ex- periment state that the big broadbills are caught outside of the three mile limit and "on the high seas", conse- quently it would not be illegal to try the experiment. Those who are op- posed to the plan state that it would be unsportsmanlike, and no matter whether it was on th~ high seas or not, it would be "cruelty to animals." The report that black cats made good bait for catching swordfish, is said to have come form the Mexican commer- cial fishing grounds near Cape San Lucas, Lower California. The report is as follows: One of the San Pedro commercial fisherman near Cape San Lucas be- came violently angry at a black cat that had sneaked on board his fishing launch while the boat was tied to the dock at San Pedro. "It was always in his way," he said, so he kicked it over- board. Then the fishing launch was about ten miles from shore, the report said. In a repentant mood, the captain of the fishing launch went to the cabin to get a rifle to shoot the cat. He circled the fishing boat to get a bet- ter aim. Out popped the head of a broadbill swordfish. One swipe of the great sword and the cat was lifted clean out of the water, apparently dead. The swordfish immediately swallow- ed the cat. "Get rid of the whole d-- bunch," the commercial fisherman is reported to have said to one of his crew. There Were three little black ones and one with stripes. One at a time the kittens were dropped overboard. The broadbill swordfish is said to have followed in the wake of the fish- ing launch, until the last kitten, strip- ed like a little tiger, was dropped into the sea. This kitten the broadbill swordfish refused to kill. Watching the antics of the sword- fish the fishermen became interested, turned back, and picked up the tittle striped kitten. It was brought back to ~an Pedro, the report stated. (Continued on Page 2, Column 2) this humble request will not go un- headed. Thank you!