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July 20, 1927     The Catalina Islander
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July 20, 1927

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! SANTA CATALINA ISLAND KFWO, Wave Length ZlI.I Broadcasting Daily from "The Isle with a Smile" eekly at Avalon. Sama Catalina Island, California. Avalon's containing the local news of this wonderful Island publication of the Light Tackle Club, an organization sportsmen. Baseball training field for Chicago "Cubs" .Avalon: Year-round mecca for tourists and traveleri. Boating, bathing, golf, tennis, baseball, iiding, fishing, hiking, marine gardens. Unexcelled accommodations. AVALON. SANTA CATALINA ISLAND. CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 1927 VOL XIV NO 28 AT ISTHMUS SET FOR "AVALON DAY" he Imrpose of :)ltowine Avalon tOllrists, patrons, etc.. amt an olq)()rtuuily, ()f having a time I)icnic l)av," the Santa Island Company is schedul- S. "Cabrillo" lo leave Ava- M. Friday, July 22, 1927, t,) Avalou at 3 P. M. Your chihlren your hmch bas- have lunch at the Isthmus at moderate prices. Take lr bathing- suits. Enj(>y a Picnic. back m,vmories of the days when yoll joined a 3crry-makers in a fr(,lic to woodland scene; to some I)ark, ,,r any of the ,,ht laud- 0l I)revious" hal)l)V days. YOur Cares and your worri.vs at h,)llle. He will he glad YOu this day's pleasure amid DiCturesque surroundings at YOur neighbors--make up Get to,~ether aud enjoy How successful it is will other such .urines in the how the children, and you, enjoy au cntranc'ing water Palatial ship "Cabrillo" :beautiful shores of Catalina. ~Ver at the lsthnms for three, the ol)portuuity of on- lunch basket; such games Vdsh to indulge in; a trip the ohl Chinese Junk "Ning in the clear, crystal wa- here and there to explore and many other fas- that only a Picnic return to Avalon happy in- look forward to similar out- future. Make it an AVA- folks. This is for your entertainm,ent. Formulate How. Talk to your friends LET'S GO ! on sale at Santa Catalina or on the Steamer l-tier. leaves Friday morning at returning to Avalon at 3 $1.00 ; Children fare, 50c; Chihlren trader YOU ON THE STEAM- 'rlll~ CATALINA ISLANDER if hateful thoughts You to be wiser, happier, ~ATALINA ISLANDER Catalina for the rest of in whichever sense to take it. YACHTING NEWS By Skipper Yachtin~z seems to be l)ickimz Ul), from the mmlber of club members ar- ri,,im,, at the Catalin Island Yacht Club (~\e) Ihe week.-end, as there w.erc i1)alid (~f the larver yachts at their moorings .entertaining a soodly mm)ber of -~u"sts oi) board. The card party hehl at the chd)house during Saturday afternoon was great- ly enjoyed by those ladies who att,'nd- ed. Mrs. \Vm. C. \Varr~inglon and Mrs. V. T. Combs were the h.ste~ses of the ,ccasion. The following ladies w.ere present : Mesdames Carl I;..[ohn- son, (;trturude F. Jones, E. :\. Co, on~, B. P. \\;eston, Owen P. Churchill, (;co. \V. Andersc,n, Edwin 1:. Zachcr, A.v'n,.!s Momton. Naeio Herb l~rown, \V. C. Warmington. Ray (]ot]lt, V. T. Combs, Miss Marjorie Henders(mand Miss Ethel P, aum. Mrs. OwenI'. Churc',h- ill was the winner of the first prize. consisting of a handsome hand-l)ainted fruit dish. Mrs. Ed{vin F. Zacher won a Bridge pencil and tabh: marker set as secoud prize. Tea an(l l;rcnch I)as- try was served by the club's maid, after the gameswere over and the prizes awarded.The club dance hehl during the evening was enj(3yed by everybody and so finished a l)erfcct day. The club had visitors from N.ewl)ort Harbor Yacht Club in the l)ersons of E. H. Day and family', they arriving on board their yacht "Wauwatosa," to spend two days at Avalon. John Rogers and friends were here on board his yacht "Virginia l,ee," for the week-cnd. Mr. })~l)gCl'S iS a tneul- her of the C.Y.C. and the N.H.Y.C. Robert l)enleutics and fricnds were here on the "La Volpe," a very hand- some and fast new yawl. Harry Hubbard and Chester Hub- bard have been entertaining their friends with numerous trips ou their fast express day cruiser. Contmodore ~Vm. C. Warmmston anti family were at the clubhouse over the week-cud visiting with their many friends and acquaintances; Vice Con> modore aud Mrs. Milton Hesselberser, with Les Baler as guest, were ou thei," mooring on board their yawl "Molli- Iou ;" Rear Conmmdore and Mrs. V. T. Combs arc enjoyinS their stay on board their cruiser "Ah'ern ;" Staff Commo- dore Owen I'. Churchill and family were aboard their cruiser "(,alliano;" W. A. Van Brunt is still trying for the tuna on board his fast cruiser "hta M." Staff Conunodore Jas. W. Jump and his boat "Ranger" ar.e out every day for tuna. Harry Adams, with the "Angler," is doing the same. No fish (Cot~tinucd on page 13, column 1) PIONEER CATALINACLIMBS NEW VISITOR TRAIL Sunshine Psychology Funeral services for Mrs. Zurehla Jane Jargstorff, aged 84, who died Sun- day evening, July 10th, were hchl Fri- day, July 15, and the interment was at the Wihnington cemetery. Mrs. Jarg- slorff passed away at the home of her son-in-law, Frank C. Owen, 337 State street, l,os Aug.eles. The deceased leaves a daug'hter, Constance Hubble, and two sons, Clarence "W. and Clark Jargstorff. Znrehla .lane Craveu Jargst()rff was 1torn in Rayville, Ray County, Miss- ouri. in 1843. She came to California, from Miss()uri, by w'agon trant in 1865, and had be.en a resident of California for 62 years. She was married to Capt. C. H. Jar~storff at 'Pimm's Point, San l'edro, in 1869, and their wedding is said to have bcen the first Americau wedding in San Pedro. Capt. Jars- storff was associat~,d with the Banning C(mHmny for over twenty years. Much of the early part of their married life was sl)eut in Wihnington, an(1 their family was raiscd there. Cal)l. Jars- storff 1)receded her in death in 1886-- 41 years ago. Mrs. Jargstorff is sur- vived by' two sisters and five brothers, two sons a Id a (aughter and four grandchildren. One son andone daughter preceded her in death. Mrs. Jargstorff visited Catalina Is- land for the first time in 1868, and two years ago heht a fanfily reunion h.ere to celebrate the fifty-seventh an- niversary of her first visit. She wag a xvell-knov,'n and deeply-loved resident of Avalon for thirty-niuc consecutive years, for part of each y,ear, and in her later, declining years, she spcut as much time as possible at Catalina, as she felt very happy here and her heahh was benefited by her stay. She was affectionately known by everyone as "Nan;t," and was a fri.end and counse- h)r to all who asked for advice or help. Her hoslfitality, especially at her cot- tage al Avalon, was known to all-- she was never to~) tired to tak,e in one more. Those who enjoyed this hearty hospitality can testify to this fact. Her life was one of sacrifice for her. family, with never a thought for self. She was a good and thoughtful mother and grandmother to her last days of suffering, and in her suffering was pa.- tient and always considerate of others. She rentained firm in her. Christian belief aud loved to read her Bible. "l'h /nllowing message of consola- lion to the family and friends of Mrs. lar~sstortt was written by J.W. Russell: Rejoice with me, my loving friends, For death true friendship never ends. (Continued on page 13, colunm 1) MOTIVATION By The Editor "Whv do you write a colunm on 'Motivation' in a little, country paper like the Islander?" asked an editor of a metropolitau daily. Our answer was : No other newsl)aper prints a research cohnnu about human motives. Also, "criminology" has been a part of our official duly as "J. P." at Avalon or the past ten years. Aud, "psychology" is out hobby! We holm to iutcr,est many of our readers iu the study of Motivation. SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOGY Then again, we have l)erused nlany of the books ou psychology and eu- docrinology--as a hobby--with the hope of tracin>: to its source that in- visible "spring" of meutal sunshine that produces human happiness. So far we have not found much research data that is of great value in ,lescrib- iug, for the motivationist, the emotion- :',1 activities that dominate the human mind in acts of buma,l kindness, synt- pathy and love. Such data wouhl be worth while. Our psychologists and philosophers treed to be re-motivated. They shouhl tell us how the mind works when looking at the "brisht side" of life! \Vhat hapl)eus 1o happi- uess when the "joy killer" lakes a room in the attic? SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOGY It is a well known fact in mental training that htmmn beings are at their "best" when they are enthusiastic, "opei~-mindc,t," unselfish and friendly. Philosophers have repeatedly toht us that "uo man can rise physically above his own ideals." SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOGY A man in an airplan.e cau only rise as high as his ideals and his ntotives take hinL If hc "runs out of gas" hc gets more gas. If he is unablt to breathe the rarificd atmosphere, hc takes With him an oxygeu tauk. If he suffers from cold, he wears warm clothing, etc.Such is the driving power of Motivation. SUNSHmt Psvcuot.oGv Speaking of "hobbies." Arthur Bris- bane once told the writer that Lord Northcliff said, "Man is often a suc- cess when riding a hobby." Following that advice, if human beings made a hobby of their jobs, their business, their search for harmony an.d hal)pi- ness, perhaps they would be sncce~s- ful! Siml)le, isn't it ? SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOGY To l)r. A. E. Rayner of the depart- ment of Psychology of the University of Southern California we are indebt- ed for the following thought as ex- (Continued on Page ll, t2dumn 1)