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July 19, 1945     The Catalina Islander
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July 19, 1945

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JULY 19,1~S PAGE SEVEN EN~DING THE *RUBBER-CHEOK" AREA :Year 1945--the one-hundreth an- of sound banking practices-- steadily expanding their and checking accounts. It is .~d by a tremendous increase of payments by check part of firms and individuals. ninety per cent of all !or goods and services are by check. However, the factor for those honoring Continues to be a financial haz- Is estimated that losses from checks run as high as $300,- a year. Problem facing those accepting and persons trying to get Cashed steadily becomes more W|th sales and distribution upon for the heaviest postwar millions of new faces will of business travel. More Will be attending conventions and still more mil'iions for recreation. Thus the of checks drawn on banks at around $150,000,000,000 is will be enourmous. The has become a matter of ser- not only to banks and but also to firms is- checks and to embar- l~dividuais finding difficulty in satisfactory identification to cash checks. )peful sign is greater use of of credit assuring of checks. While such long been popular with ra.veling abroad, the modern rovides weekly limitation on quick cance'ilation and re- heavy outlay of cash such with traveler's checks. Vir- have pioneered with of credit letter and are thor- with its method of op- firms are more and Traveletters as a protection and persons cash- ; easing the work of audit- ; avoiding delays due cery of expense checks to and embarrassment to A BOOK ABOUT T H E B O O K George Stimpson was the first news- paperman in Washington "the news center of the World," to discover that inasmuch as more than a billion Bibles have been printed, the record deserved recognition as a billionaire subject. And that may be a reason why he decided there should be "A Book About The Bible."' Any how our Dean of Wash- ington correspondents laid aside many of his heavy duties and" "researched" through thousands of volumes in the Congressional Library where he dis- covered so "many odd. interesting and important facts about the Bible that everybody wants to know" that he finally corr~leted a manuscript which has been printed in a book of about 500 pages, by Harper & Brothers. This book about the Book may be definite- ly classified as invaluable, as it clari- fies and stimulates greater interest in topics listed as secular beliefs, cus- toms, moral precepts, stories, illustra- tions, figures of speech, treasures of literature, history, biography, poetry, drama, orations, epigrams, proverbs, psalms, anecdotes, elegies, letters. common sayings, maxims, general wis- dom, punch. He humanizes many parts of the original Book. Every Bible student, or reader, should have tile volume in the family library. This book has the distinction of hav- ing been written by a former presi- dent of the National Press Club, the greatest organization of newsmen in the round world. That is a guarantee that the Book has interesting human interest, covering such interesting ex- planations as the language spoken by Adam, the antiquity of Bible manu- scripts, the origin of Sunday as the Christian Sabbath, the mystery of the whale " and its swallowing capacity Harper and Brothers say the "book is for everyone," from the average reader to the wisest minister. The distinguished John Haynes Holmes says the last word on the jacket-cover ; that this Book about The Bible is "a highly original approach to the ques- tion, as fascinating as it is unusual." THIS BUSINESS OF LIVING by Susan Thayer WAR HERO MISSES BENEFITS OF MEDAL My friend has been looking for a new house. She hunted and hunted, and finally she went home and said "This is pretty good. I'd be foolish to leave " Which reminded me of some people who are looking for an improvement on the traditional American way of life. If they're wise, they'll take a good look at what they have and say, "I'll keep it!" We can look at America ~y, "It's not perfect." Bt~t we can look again and add "It's the best any country has ever been ab!e to do--and it's pretty darn wonderful!" As somebody put it, our form of so- ciety has combined liberty and grocer- ies better than any form of govern- ment ever conceived by man. So, if our house isn't perfect, let's see what we can do to improve it. But let's not ~ive it utt li~'htrv W'~''t find anythin~ to compare. Three Dimensional Television has been worked out, very hush-hush, by big radio companies. Result is tele- pictures with life-like depth. Biggest snag, technicians found, is that third dimension takes a wider broadcast band, and is more costly. Fearing a postwar industrial migra- tion to the South representatives of 12 northern industrial states, meeting at Columbus, Ohio, protested lowering of freight rates on southern rail lines. Lieut. William Robertson, the first American officer to greet tile Russians ~ at the historic Elbe River meeting, is missing most of the benefits of his Russian decoration, the O~rder of Alex- ander Nevsky, by not being in that country. Speaking before an audience of 1500 students at his alma mater, the Uni- versity of California, ~)~a the Los An- geles campus, Lieutenank -Robertson j)ointed out that i.f he were in Russia he would b~ exempt from all govern- meat taxes, his rent would be reduced by half, and he could take a yearly trip over all the railroads of the Sov- iet Union. Morever, he said, the order carries with it a monthly allowance of lS rubles or about three dollars. ' Describing the meeting with the Russian soldiers, Lieutenant Ro'bertson declared that they were "as glad to see us as we were to see them. If such understanding and cooperation is possible between people, why is it not possible between peoples?" ----.BUY MORE: BONDS Thousands of Philadelphia pigeons may be sentenced to death. Their crime: A disease called ornithosis, similar to parrot fever, which can be transmitted to human beings with sometimes fatal results. Orvill L. Steen, Miles City, Mont got his 1944 income tax refund check, but didn't celebrate. The check wa~ for lc. proper indentfication. CHANGING FACES ~/ ught down the cost of . / After starting out slowly last April the pioneers in the field ofin regard to changes in top govern- ters was the late Edgar A. ment posts, the Truman Administra- Ore than fi,fty years ago, when tion is now picking up speed. :r of checks in use was small On the first of this month fhree ~///~//~. '.edhe tOsawtheanbiriionSanswernOWtoiSSUedbusi, new appointees took office: Tom i ~~~/y//-~" ,rner relations in Traveletters. Clark as Attorney General, Repre- eeptance of this means of sentative Clinton Anderson as Secre- eeks. with adequate safe- tary of Agriculture, and Judge Lewis r those acceptin~ checks and Schwellenbach as Secretary of Labor. i rassment to those tenderingThen on July 3, James Byrnes, the ~rnises t be he fl'he finan- ne-time senat r' ass elate justice f ! ~ees of the postwar period,the Supreme Court, and "assistant :" they wot, dd help to solve thepresident", was sworn in as Secretary serious rubber check" prob- of State. The same day, Harry Hop- kins resigned as Presidential adviser. -~-o~, "to wc'roR't TWO days later the resignations of ~ * i 'CHARTER DAY Treasury Secretary Morzenthau and i ~B teleph0!e wont wm i PUBLISHED Supreme Court Justice Roberts were announced. Mr. Roberts will continue -- in office unti, July J1, and Mr. Mor- i lhe Wa[| that s t["!: BUt I iVersitv of California Charter ~enthau until early August. ss of" Herbert Vere Evatt. Minister for External Af: "-Thus Mr Truman is producing a Spokesman for the smaller marked "change of face" in high . * * Washington positions. Even the res- the Vorld Security Con- ignation of Associate Justice Roberts printed in full in the cur- ?f the Pacific Historical Re- who, of course had a life appointment. ~ that telephone you may be waiting for is serving is traceable to Mr. Truman's presence as part of a gigantic communications network at tshed bv the University of in the White House. Mr. Roberts. it Press " e of ti e stand which he was is reported, is confident that the Presi- ~ the fighting front. There, communication is often te at the conference, Evatt's dent will be conservative in naming i the thread on which hangs success or failure--life his successor to the bench and is wilt- atained a plea for the rights ing therefore to step down . i or death. We think vou'll agree, ghtlng men's natxons to an effective voice The main topics of discussion along i needs come first. ~Uncils does not at all support tide the Potomac for the next few weeks Wisdom is confined to thewill center around the probable suc- cessors of Morgenthau and Roberts, That is why there is a shortage here, why many | nations;orthatknowiedge i a. i OUnd only at the center ofand whether or not Secretary of the Interior Ickes will be next to depart, people are w icing for telephone service. vatt said. " suc RS.S ER eeA.~ .A ou ~." We appreciate t )rid organiztion to be - Movies, talks and demonstrations ~e understanding of those who :st be capable not merely of t S.maller powers an oppor- are held on Long Beach, Califorma ~ ore waiting for ser ice, and we will do #Vel~hJng l right of participation, but streets to make citizens traffic safety i i yoking an enthusiastic con- conscious. Faculty of "Curbstone Col- possible to make the delay as short as possible. :~o~, them, and particularly lege" are eight police trained m the | 'es,' he declared, public relations. Pedestrians and nlo- ~ Ii "~q. xo v,r.vomr --, torists are the students Classes last War Bonds for Vk~ry ,ow that Santa Catalina about 20 minutes. There are no di- | : the finest all-year climates plomas but a ticket for a traffic via- ~ SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA IitlPHONE COMPANY d anywhere, v lation [s considered a "flunk" notice. .~ 135 Whifley Ave Tele hone Avalon 690 Catalin-~Buy A alan --Buy Bonds and HOLD Them-- " " P