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July 16, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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July 16, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE SEVEN . S0ClAL AND PERSONAL ~'~ ran ~ ~ . on ,t' J e Opelt is spending a month Or. tae mainland visiting her son Mr. "~ytle Opelt and family. Mr: and Mrs William Hagadorn of Angeles were Island visitors last They occupied their cottage on Aurlie Ulrich of TuJung~'is spending a week at Avalon, the little guest of Mrs. George W. Greene. Rev. LaRue Watson and Mrs. Wat- son have been entertaining Mrs. Wat- son's mother and sister, from Dinuba, for a few days. WHAT AN OUTSIDER THINKS OF CATALINA Sometimes in our home communities we are rather slow to fully appreciate the advancements and improvements which may have been made. Avalon is keeping pace with the advancement of Sunny Southern California, and it LOG OF A HOUSE-PARTY Bob Moore, of 130 Whittley avenue, is giving a very enjoyable time to the following boys: Rufus Spalding, Robt, Hastings and Bill Curlett. They are all of the caterwauling age, where time has no existence and larks are as frequent as Mr.Wrigley's name. avenue. Mr. Floyd Bunnell of San Dimas cannot but help to make all of us feel Besides tennis, the favorite sport spent a few days recently with his good when visitors from'distant places among them, swimming holds a close Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Manwaring of parents, Mr. and Mrs C. W. Bunnell note the improvements that we are second. ~_OUth Pasadena are at Cozy Corner of Catalina avenue, making. A few words from E.W. The chef of the household, Lock- ,r the rest of the summer. Stevick, editor and publisher of theart Hansberry, cooks many delicious Mr an Mr. L. C. Reed of Pasadena return- Champaign News-Gazette, one of the feasts on a tiny stove as big as a ten- a_ ." d Mrs. George Haight and ~Ug.hter Eva, of Los Angeles, are oc- ed Monday to the mainland for a few largest newspapers in Illinois, are quo- cent piece. days. Tile family are spending the ted below: The house is a veritable jewel, with a.PYtng the Hand House on Catalina summer at Avalon. Venue, for a three months stay. Visitors to Catalina of a few years garden of a Los Angeles sky scraper. X{ ~ Mrs. Violet Morris of Sa'~n Francisco ago, who are fortunate enough to againBob Hastings and Bob Moore, who ;207 ; and Mrs. A Seymore Scott, ofhas been the house guest of Mr. and return to this beautiful Island, cannot securedare collectingthe followingaUtgraphs'signatures:have SOGenefar .... escanso avenue, entertained Mr. Mrs. J. D. MacLean while on her staybut be pleased and surprised at its Stratton Porter, Zane Grey, L. G. ~ ~__rs. David Mendelsohn and Mr. in Avalon, renewing old friendships,tremendous improvements. A few ge~e Mrs. Warren Search, of Los An- years ago it was my good fortune to Murphy and Max C. Fleishman. xr s, Over the 4th of July. Mrs. Miss Jean Dunkerly returend to visit Avalon. At that time its streets We are having a splendid time, are "telldelsohn is Mrs. Scott s niece, her home in Los Angeles Saturday, were in the most deplorably dusty and thoroughly enjoying our stay at Cata- lina, and our only regret is that it will not be longer. grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wed- an appearance of mere existence; the Our next guest will be Ben Har- tla~,ss Janey May Stamford, the smallafterspendingtwo weeks with her sandy condition; business houses gave 8t~ter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold lake. cottages and homes did not cast re- wood of Los Angeles tile.,~rd, returned home for the sum- flections of brightness such as found ~natter a two months visit with her Mr and Mrs.David and family,, who in other summer and, winter resorts Up to the present time nobody has answered the tennis challenge of "1.. "uparents Mr n,t Mrs I A Bar have been occupying the Loucks cot- "Today, Avalon seems to have been Rufus Spaldi0g and utti o r ' . a .. : ~'' - tage, on Catalina avenue, for the past changed by a magic hand. Its busi- ~,os Angeles: Bob Moore. ~ll~ei~~ month, left Saturday for their home in ness and residential sections are paved; .... 130 Whittle)" avenue. tff -Pli~ular soloist Long Beach. the stores and their owners have the at the'Catalina Marine Band, will sing appearance of having taken on new Mr. T. McD. Potter returned to the tla," Service at 10:30 a..m. next Sun- Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Butte and fami- life. mainland Friday, after spending a ly are occupying the Harrison cottage aliJ~t the Community (Congregation- "Avalon now has its own schools, week at the Tuna Club he ~ aurch. Mr Piimpton.'s solos will at 348 Catalina avenue for a month. Prosperity, the breeder of happiness, :~ll~^~regular feature of the morning Mr. Butte is president of the Pacific shines forth with the same degree as3,Ir. and Mrs. E. K. Barnes of Los r~n services thruout the summer. Ready Cut Homes, Incorporated, of found elsewhere in other Southern Angeles were guests at Island Villa for ~e;~ Los Angeles. The firm has just coln-California cities. The people of Avalon several days last week. e ". Zoe Ballard Fuller has beenpleted the beautiful new home for and the Southwest surely realize it ___-~-__ ta~,e aXnmg guests at the Ballard cot- Mr. and Mrs. George Hart at the cor-was William Wrigley, Jr., who caused A continual rush of job printing of tli~an,the East Side Terrace, among ner of Beacon street and Catalina av- the wonderful changes which ha~e ta- various kinds, keeping the local scribe llhod being Mr. and Mrs. Edwin enue. " ken place, tied up in the composing room, is our aatl es';Miss Dorothy Anne Rhodes "Nowhere in all the world is there alabi--if you note any scarcity of local l~h~lJhu Rhodes of Chino. 3,Ir. Mr. and Mrs. DeForest Grant and a more enchanting bit of land than news. Business before pleasure--of l~ati,,~s,, who is president of the First son, Mr. Thompson of New York City Santa Catalina Island. It is most for-course. the~at'Bank of Chino, remained over a e sto~ )in : at tl day Ourth, and the others until Sun- a week or more. are stopping at the St. Catherine for tunate for the people whose destinies a ~eek or llor:. Mr. De Forest is claim Catalina as their home, thatMr iii!fltoii~ii~hJadShlMi!~!~!rtr~g~i~!ii~f!sI greatly interested in our deep sea fish- Wrigley realized the unforseen possi- ~iss V ~- ing, to which he is a stranger, being bilities of Avalon and Catalina. No Are~. ylma Dodder editor of the strictly a sahnon and trout rod-man, greater monument to himself and of the ~ulat~ ,, paper' spent the' week-end at The family are fishing from the Man-good for the American people could be number of little interesting stories r%i~"wts" Nest. Her home is in Mon-ana, Captain Hugh MacKay, and are built than-when his work is finishedabout his Catalina visit. l~eli;'~ Where Mr. and Mrs. George hoping to make connections with one to make Catalina even more entranc- itl^ P also hax e their nermanent resof our fighting tuna. They are charm- ing." nee , .... - Subscribe now--S2 per },ear. htlsv " . {lss Dodder will be kept ed with Avalon and its surroundings. ~ THE ISLANDER ADLE'r$ see~ a~lrlting next week, as she has ~ A devotional and praise service from Says sh~ the wonders of Catalina. She Mrs. Whilimena Ricciardi, wife of Nicholas Ricciardi, State Board of the screen, illustrated with beautiful ADLET RATES--Ten cents per line .first ,,~ Will visit Avalon again at the " ' ' ' i colored stereoptican pictures, will be a per issue.Minimum charge, 25 cts. Comnnsstoners of "v ocational Gu dance ]t~'ah??Prtunity, as she had an en- of the State of California, and Mrs.feature of the Conmmnity Church ser- trip klr A ~ J.A. Barlotti, aunt and mother of vice at 7 p. m. next Sunday. The ser- Lost--Gold wrist watch, ,of octagon arte ',~ Gordon Maddock frown Du- Mrs. Harold Stamford, visited the Is- mon following the screen features will shape, engraved on backGeorge to - ' ~alifornia olne Miss Island Villa. 27p ~%efer - , J d his sister, =land this past week. This is Mrs. Ric- discuss "What is in you?" Neta, date 1919. Reward, return to ~25 o, &' Maddock and his wife, at car(ti's first visit here, but she says it ~~ ha ."~aressa ave' Card of Thanks Housecleaning---By the day or houL Vmg nue, for over the 4th, won't be the last. They returned to ill his ,Crossed fromPort Los Angeles the mainland Saturday. where they For the many kind expressions of Mrs, Van Deusen Box 1205. 27-29 With ~,teht The Mischief As visitors were m~t by Mr Ricciardi, both re- sympathy, and the beautiful floral tributes sent by our thoughtful friends, For Sal~---Evenrude Motor for row- ~%il ~1whe brought his cousin, Col.turning immediately to their home inI wish to offer to the people of Avalon boat, in splendid condition. 315 Cata- ~d;-~ ard Maddock of the British Sacramento. and those on the mainland, my sincere lina avenue. 27p L ~ttrl A 'ul0~via-,may, Mr. Bill Bacon who is appreciation and thankfulness. ter~io as a rather famous California CELEB~B---~RTHDAY Signed, Mrs. Chas. B. Parker. Wanted--Middle-aged woman wishes care of children evenings. Terms ftr " and ol moderate. Address Box No. 14, Cata- eWer ~ g f player, and Mr. Ed Mr. and Mrs. J. H. \ran Duersen of Card of Thanks. lina Islander office. 27p ~rom Monrovia. of. the "Gate City" cottage, 352 Sum- With grateful hearts we wish to BLUE BIRDS ner avenue celebrated Mr. Van Duer- son's seventy-eighth birthday on Sat- Mthu't~,ay after-'~'n~n the Blue Birds, urday, July 12th. He was born in (I heir leader ~Mrs Geor e W ,~ree~e , . , ~ . g . Amsterdam, Holland, and came to New a~k~ , took a hi t' 'ag th "ke ~;~ Holly Canyon. York with his parents when he was ~little ~lr picnic supplies with them, one year old. Three years later the ?~rad W~lks had a grand time. Mary family came around the Horn to Cal- Vet,, ,as the story teller, and told ifornia. Mr. Van Duersen has lived in l~r~s_: Interesting stor Blue Birds this state for the past seventy-four ~%Y~t Were Y' ~, tt ~, Juanlta Guirasich, Isabellyears. In fact he has never been out ~tt; ~ary Conrad, Irene Hoover, of the sitate since he came into it, at ~rt)wrt OSier, Ida Williams, Catherine the age of four. He had been a little ~t~her a~d Ruth Edmundson. A under the weather of late, but is now ~t~ty t ot the little Blue Birds are going strong. tor the summer. ~M~lle.rit ~ "For Rent" and "For Sale" signs are ue now--C2 per year. on sale at Windle's News Stand. thank the many friends of Brother Charles B. Parker for sympathy and kindness, also the Pastor, Rev. L~,Rue C. Watson and Brother Elks, and to all for the beautiful floral offerings. Mrs. Emma Kiger (Sister) Gooldy Kiger (Niece). 661 Winona avenue, Pasadena, Cal. For Sale---Canaries--Imported And domestic St. Andrewsbury Rollers. Apply Mrs. A. Reid, 207 Whittley, (down stairs). 23-25-27-p For Exchange--Long Beach property for Avalon property. Address 1215 Bennett avenue, Long Beach, Cal. 26tf Copied From "ALONE WITH GOD" By M. Erickson "Alone with God in the evening, When are past the cares of the day, And the hot, flushed clouds of sunset, Have faded to sober gray, The troubles that weighed my spirit, In the hush of the darkness cease. I'm alone with God in the evening, And my soul is filled with peace." July 8th, 1924. For Sale---Furnished or unfurnished, beautiful home on corner lot, includ- ing adjoining lot. Particulars, 360 Eucalyptus avenue26-27 House Cleaning and Window Wash- ing~Houses put in order. John An- derson, Diffins or Waffle Pa'rlor. 22tf Catalina Housa ud'Window Cisan- ers--Eleetric vacuum machines rented. Fullerton, Box 1452, Avalon 17t[