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July 9, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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July 9, 1924

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[A ISLANDER , .- , ........ ..... .,. ' : PAGE SEVEN AND PERSONAL tr. and Fred Emmons of Pas- DR.JORDAN CONTENT WITH CITY ATTORNEY BAKER -~- adena are Axalon guests for the sum- NAME MARLIN SWORDFISH RESIGNS HIS OFFICE HERE Stratton Porter and faro- mer. ~ A ' " "~-- "~" ' )ying their beautiful new ------~-~---~ Dr. David Starr Jordan has answer- t the meeting of the LSlty CouncLl talina avenue. Mr and Mrs L E Jarvis of Pasa- ed our query regardin the origin ofheld on Saturday City Attorney Fred- .... g . ' , . . ~'-~-~------~-- dena were Island visitors one day last the name spearfish Here is his in- crick Baker tendered hisreslgnatlon, Mrs. L. C. Ried of Pasade- Week. terestmg" letter : " which was accepted with regret. taken the Minney house, on ........ Mr. Baker has been city attorney .. , ~ ..... Stanford University July oe tvz:,~ ....... avenue, for twomonths. Mr. an~ ;vtrs. ~tarKe t~nlnemaer ot Editor Catalina Islander: ' ever since the orgamzatlon ot the "~--~-~--~- South Pasadena were visiting Avalon As to the name "Spea,r-fish," I was municipality, in 1913, and has cared . Glass the originator of the friends last week. at Penikese with Professor Agassizin for its legal needs in an able, careful k Perlmuter stories was an ~ 1873 when he received a letter from and econoniieal way ha~ ' Dr and Mrs Salisbur,~ are enter Professor Baird saying that he had ...... :'. .... Sltor for several days last - : - ........... , we unaerstand that Mr ~aKer con- taining their grandchildren, Clark and ~So]e,C~ug~t t~el~rl~PstrUSn~tt~at templates taking an extended vacation finleY" ~2har~ Maree, for the summer, that had been seen in waters of thefrom his legal practice, during whick - ........... ot~nea~oOart~ Ore~sotlvrUStaesesOi~wm.e ~,ty me nns. ~e n vurmer t~esolve(1 tflat as an ~'~ ~sb;~ ~I'I_"t I~t :l];_~J~Yi~atVilla p~" eRandolphdirector.idth and G.MiSSsheMooreBeU'is a .urs r~elth Spalmng------- lanaea a m~e eK a e , amy certlnefl anfl at i~'ts~ell of Santa Monica, were ~ United States. It belongs to the he will travel extensively - Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Hmdm, species called Aguja Blanca (White In acce,,tin,~ his ~;,~,,~; ..... ;~,, .~,Jl~,~.* e Fourth of July crowd in and son Marice are comfortably if- Needle) in Cuba Tetrapturus albidus ~'_ ~, "" ,'~.'~' .......... .""~ a' " ' of Professor Poev Since then othorattorney, the ooara ot trustees adopt- tlt~i catedon Descanso avenuefor the ..... ~ have been taken farther south, and we ed the following resolutions: ~t~'a ~ Mrs. H. G. Chaffee of Pas- summer, do not know whether they are the ,,,, ........... " ~t t tie Over in their yacht last --~ same as me 2xguya pelerana t, wan- , ....... Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Schubertof derlng Needle), (Tetrapturus belone),Whereas Frederick Baker city at ,~,br~'take in the Fourth of July lon over the Fourth. They remained p~totog;/ap~PseCa,:nesnSar~eO CnO~nP~ten and_ ~tn;yeyna;n~?Slgneo. nxs omce as city ~j~ ~rati0t~. Glendale were among visitors to Ava- of the Mediterranean or not We can- . , : ..... , - : " ~Lb. 13 ~ until Monday. satisfactor" not showin-the form of W'hereas, he has been city attorney ,rj~.~a~afl' ox and daughter Ethel, ~, ~ Y' g of the city of Avalon since its in- ,r,~Leaa are spending the summer . , .... corporation June 16th 1913. Mr. and Sirs. J. R. Glddmgs of Pas-l'he name Spear-fish I heard only Now Therefore be ~t Resolved that tsi~r~:~n' They are domiciled at the adena are spending a few days at their rarely. ] think that it nmst have been ....... ' . . t0~ "~ Inn. " , , ,~ ~ ,~ , . mls ooara nereoy express ItS sincere suggesteo Dy Yrolessor t3airfl WhO . . attractive home, Lookout Cottage, on ,. ........ ' ~ .. regret and also its satisfaction and .~r ~ nKect t~ngnsn names when only ~aun .~ "~hae~.d,~'[rs. W. (Bill) Bright of the East Side Terrace ,,, q,,,,;o~, ...... ~,,,,a I i ..... ;..~. approval of the efficient, capable and ............ faithful services whde m discharge of nearo nsnermen call our Auannc spec- the office of cit attorne of the City' ~e~-, t~ er"S office are guests at the Mrs. Mac Osier will leave for theies 'Bill-fish' " but Spear-fish was. the .... Y Y - ~l~, ,_ apartments on Metropole ham d ' " ...... ot _avalon ann mainland on the afternoon boat Thurs- e a opted by the Vlsn t~omnusslon. ,~ ._ ;z_. ' ....... ~.~r, "ura~few days. I had never known that there was a day, after ha~ing spent adehghtful w,~,~,,,,,~,,~ ;,, c%~;,~,,;o , ,,,;~ ...... expresstonof our apprectatLon and t re weeks on the Island. a~ ......... ~ t.-...,:~ ..... ; good will a copy of thLs resolutxon be ;~]?;~" E.. V. Perry and Miss Vir inla h e ..... ' .................................. d:l~.~?l. ~nrovia, returned "~ome ...... ' ....... spreafl upon tne mlnutes or tnLs ooara Mrs. Harold Smith and children ~ny~er an:(~ ~nOUne~ mt ~geC~Srn}r~eat~, ~ndedariCOp~ UherreOf/urms.hed to satd ~M~tlli~ alter spending the week-end have recently been guests of Mrs. Professor Mitsukuri, the greatest nat- ,~o#,.~ ,.,A...h .... ~ ..t .t.,~ 7.;~...~ ,~. -'atad Mrs. Salisbury ~mith's -arento Mr ~..~ ~.. c,.__ uralist Asia has produced I think ,ko%~ ........................ # ,i. . . ~ ,. . that /Dr, z~olaer was the nrst one L ' 0~.~1,,. bI ~ 7or~ ox ~remont za~,enu;' .............. - ........ ."" . Avalon f~!"~7len Q. Rogers of Los An- ' " knew to call it Marhn-splke fish, andHELP US GET ALL THE LOCAL Misses Constance Wallace and Ruthor of his associate anglers at Avalon. ~t~h eaSehev of a yachting party ~ I thought that name one of his own, NEWS i~' er last week with her Braswell of Santa Monica have" beenThe name Spear-fish is oldest, unless If you have an item of local news, It #f~'~ _' Frank Borzage the well- opanlsn -xguja It may not De ~ery of Miss Thehna Smith of Beacon st . ~ , " ....... " . have entertained at a card party, birth- !l~l~t ~l~hotonl~," house guests during the past ten days ~e take the I talmn Aguya. or the personal about ,free visiting friend, or ~i~ga ark, but has been en- " approprmte, out .~,larnn-spme ~s not day natty or other soeal function or , ' e , OlsometningoI interest aoout -~;,!tt;e a visit with Misses Betty '-' ~ much more so It has the advantage h ar" "" - ...... ;' " ~'~1%" S rid Thelma Smith at 305 la~dl[!alil:oa?do~/rs'fJ~ Htamtser' Ca~tI~- ~f~ not b,e~ng use(,! (or anything else, fag any former Avalm~ resident, call up 7-~ .~1 *. "" treet. ' Y I a n ; guja, ~ee(ne nsn, is nseo also or and tell us about it---o .... .t ....... . ~i ~lt 1~" ~ Hunter is in the office of the district tropicsthe greatBillgarSfishOris"longanothertOmS"nameOf thefor card with the name- ...... ........ attorney,detective department Los . "' ,, " ...... If you have some t~rintinf ainu wish ~," J' (2orrigan of Los Angeles ' the smau gar-nsnes ~pear nsn LS .-- -- --" Angeles cotmtv s .... " ........ done, call up 7-] and our representa- ~: 1~ ~est at th -" . .frustrates ttse(l toy the k2mn-oacK ti e ill I1 u on '3 ~'~e,- e Hotel St. Catherine " " ~ " " " ' " /" v w ca p you. ;: tire:~" .Mr. Corrigan is manager of Mr. and Mrs. Forest G. Jan, es of St]Ckate, r ft, theii~I~bS??~lppi ~all~y Alma _hIofnYt~ ihnave an advert,sement, tele- '~'1,;"~tln department for the LosKansas City were guests of Mr and Baker for the photograph of the v . ~_~, xa~iner and it is rumored Mrs. B, O. Kendall of Sumner avenue'Black Marhn' of New Zea!and, Tet- ~ t~:a~t~e to the Island to pick out ......... rapturus, t ao not see that the species _._ Ior severa~ flays last weeK. ;~lr. James differs from the California one It the THE ISLANDER ADLEr was formerly a newspa)er man locat ~1 '~11~1~" tlat he expects to catch next , - name Marlin has reached New Zea' ~i~ Iti~-~, and which later will hang ed in Los Angeles, before making his lamt, it is good enough for California', ADLET RATES--Ten cents per line ~a 0s ~i ~t he Angeles office Bob says home in Kansas City. where a hundred are taken to one onper issue. Minimum charge, 25 eta. #1 ~,~.' ~;twn't pick on any fish that " our eastern coast ave just learned that Mr L P ~, ....' , , F r Sala----Good gas stove 3-burners ~i "%~tlsl at least weigh one hundred We h ~ Yours sincerely o .... DaVl(1 ~tarr jorflan. ' Streeter, ex-secretary of the Tuna and large oven. Pmce $16.50. 315 , ........... ~ Claressaavenue 26p L. no, lost ms morner, ,vtrs. r.mLna 6. BIG LIGHT TACKLE CATCH Streeter at the Hotel Vlr lma Lon ~;,_a~d Mrs. 'g'', g For Sal~--Evinrude motor for row- Beach, early Wednesday morning on Monda "ul 7h t ,, boat in perfect condition. 315 Cata- !!. ~'ql]~ ~.*uward, from Honolulu, are July 2nd. Mrs. Streeter was 84 years . . y, ~ y t prove( a g off Gay lina avenue. 26p !~i[ i~. th~ "*t r. and Mrs Ralph Glidden -- ,or tuna. twelve nsn were orought old She ~as a daughter of the late B ek or m nth at i~ ~;tiWest Terrace Mr Moore , .~, _" in. Robert C. Mankowski, member ofFor R.nt-- y we o , - ~i a~ I~l~a resident of Hawaii since Wuliam T. Pinkney, president of the .~,~,v, ..~ o,.~. ao~;_.~ .... t.~ ,~..-~tractively furnished cottage in exclu- ! ~%i""'~ans reizn Mrs Moore is old Astor Fire. Insurance Company. of b'a)ta~n"E'nos'l Ve'ra'Sb~ou"h't'~'n'~t"hr;"e, g sires neighborhood. Inquire 341 Des- ~!1 ~',~-",uen,- ' " " New York City and her sister mar- ~ ................... can o avenue or Phone 138. 26 "~ ~liu'~.t~ V Worker of The League of .......' ........ nsn, weighing ira, iu/ ann lu~y2, ine ~-.~---- /~ ~],tte, ~ Oters and the central Cot,,- ~h? ;a'tr' ~';astie~l]i~:~s~;al" ~rt~ert-~l! 10315 pound fish was taken on light For Exchange----Long Beach property i ~'~;;~o~"~ Welfare and was one . ~,, .~ . ero It tackle after a twenty-five minute fight, for Avalon property Address 1215" or ~xew YOrK T 1 ~ c I r est bluefin ever Bennett avenue Long Beach, Cal 26tf ! at the conference call- " h's "S the secont a g ' " ~i!. ~ee~evernr Farrington on Law S~ ~ @-~m taken on light tackle. ,-- o l ~ ~ " I i t, ~r ,- . , ,,. ", ~ ~ ,,~,. . rot oa ~---uue [nree-quarter yon ; " " Bed, one folding cot and stove. Ap- ~--~---- "Say, can you tell hie where I canpoundtnnaon August 18, 1922. ply after Thursday, at 319 Catalina av. the Tuna Club the past I~resident Ray R. Thorn- James W. Jump, H. (2. Brode, H. W, Adams, (2arl F. Johnson, H. C. ]~aker, Ralph Bandini, J. Mallen, W. M. ewport, Robt. C. Man- Coleman, R. B. Jump, J. Ed Sullivan, Lynn H. L. Cornish, Geo. E. Pillsbury, B. O. Kendall, R. J. Cope, J. Hoak, Hancock Ban- J. Jacoby, AI Robert Moore and Jr. World come to Catalina. find the tuna?" megaphoned one of the mainland yachtsmen to a party of Catalina anglers near Seal Rocks last Sunday. "Why, you're sailing right over the top of them," answered the Avalon boatman. "No wonder I couldn't find the darn- ed things!" megaphoned back the vis- itor, as he dropped the horn and pick- ed up a handline with a hunk of raw meat spiked on the hook. Quite a few broadbiil have been been seen during the past week, "For Rent" and "For Sale" signs are on sale at Windle's News Stand. Subscribe now--S2 per year. James W. Jump on July 13 of the same year took the first bluefin of over l(Fd pounds ever taken on light tackle. His fish weighed 101k~. pounds. It will be very interesting to watch the light tackle records the balance of this season Undoubtedly a new record will be hung up. Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Renton have been entertaining relatives from the mainland tbe past week. The guests included Mrs. M. C. Ryder, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Ryder, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Ryder, Ruby Ryder, John and James Ryder and Ruth Billheimer, all from Pasadena. Airs. M. C. Ryder, mother of Mrs. Renton, will spend the summer in Avalon. 26p Lost--Sumll canvas covered grip-- taken from the clock by mistake on Friday, June 27. Finder please notify Stuart Whyte, Bandbox Theatre, Av- alon. 26p For Rent---Room and bath, 324 Met- ropole avenue. 26-1 For Sai~---Furnished or unfurnished, beautiful home on corner lot, includ- ing adjoining lot.Particulars, 36(I Eucalyptus avenue 26-27 House Cleaning and Window Wash- ins--Houses put in order John An- derson, Diffins or Waflte Parlor. ~ 22tf Catalina House and Window Cimm- ers--Electric vacuum machines rented. Fullerton, Box 1452, Avatoft ~ : 17tf