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July 9, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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July 9, 1924

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PAGE TWO THE CATALINA The "Good Fishing" Power Skiff Among the numerous pleasure craft that arrived in Avalon on the Fourth of July was the ',Ikigihk," port of Juneau, Alaska. The "Ikigihk" is one of the smallest crafts to cross the :hannel recently, being only a sixteen foot Evinrude skiff, powered with a 2 H. P. Evinrude. She was brought over from Wihnington by John Edwin Hung, journalist, and George G. Wurz- burger, of the Los Angeles automobile firm of H. J. Wurzburger, Inc. Mr. Hoag came to Catalina Island for the purpose of doing some fishing, photographing, and note writing, to be later incorporated into illustrated copy for the use of editors of various nat- ional magazines and metropolitan daily newspapers, to which he has been a frequent contributor for the past ten years Mr. Wurzburger adnfits that a spirit of adventure, and a desire to see Catalina Island, are his reasons for making the trans-channel trip in a sixteen-foot boat. The "Ikigihk" is the boat in which Mr. Hung last summer journeyed from Skaguay, Alaska, to Seattle, 1000 miles, through the scenic "Inland Passage." a trip that required twenty-one days. "The trip from Wilmington to Ava- lon yesterday," said Mr. Hoag, "was entirely uneventful. We left the San Pedro breakwater at 9 o'clock in the morning, and reached Catalina Island, near The Isthmus, at 2 in the after- noon. The sea was like a mill pond, and in spite of the small size of our craft I don't believe we shipped a tea- cup full of water. We sighted two marlin swordfish about ten miles off Catalina Island, and spent nearly an hour chasing them and taking photo- graphs." When the pronunciation of the name of Mr. Hoag's boat brought forth a chuckle, he explained that the name was appended to the craft in Alaska shortly after being launched and regis- tered in Juneau. The language of the Atlin Indians supplied it -- the word "Ikigihk" meaning good fishing. "DUALWOOD" RODS STAND HARD PUNISHMENT m "Yes, I finally got the broadbill well hooked, and had him on * ** * * hours, But * * *" So often that con- founded but. Why? With the new high-test, long fibre lines, the airplane cable leaders, and splendidly improved reels and rod harness, throwing the brunt of the battle on the somewhat limited sixteen ounces of rod tip, there has been an urgent SOS broadcasted for something stronger than split bam- boo, and with more backbone than hickory. By utilizing the time-tested tensile strength of second-growth hickory, backed up by the equally superior non- compressibility of the South Sea Is- land "Bahia," Roy Shaver has, after his twenty-odd years of rod making, produced a rod tip hailed by progress- ive anglers as phenomenal in its per- formance under the most grueling tests. On his Lower California cruise Keith Spalding, who used the new Shaver rod exclusively, landed two 215-pound and several other tuna, and Ed Feath- erstone, after a three-hour fight with a monster broadbill, declares the "Dualwood" rod came back perfectly straight, and is the most wonderful rod he ever handled. Looks like a new era in salt water rod construction has been started. Wear your Light Tackle Club but- ton. tt shows that you are an angler and a sportsman. The St. Louis Sporting News is on sale at Windle's News Stand. R Cont. 2 to 12--Wednesday, July 9 Your okt favorite, Douglas MacLean "A MAN OF ACTION" With an all-star cast. He was as tame as a lamb !--and all she wanted was a R-O-A-R-I-N-G L-I-O-N!--and he had to deliver quick. Remember "The Hottentot ?" Well, see this one, "SCAR 'EM MUCH" STRAND Continuous, Thursday, July 10th "THE SOCIAL CODE" Featuring Viola Dana--Do you believe a social butterfly has no soul? If so, see the inside story of the famous Cardigan Case. Also "TELEPHONE GIRL SERIES" and "FELIX LAUGHS LAST" JTRAND Continuous, Friday, July ll "LUCRETIA LOMBARD" or "FLAMING PASSION" With Monte Blue a.nd Irene Rich. Supreme Romance, Flaming Passion, Stirring Tragedy. Harry Langdon Comedy "SHANGHAIED LOVERS" .STRAND Continuous, Saturday, July 12 "THE EXTRA GIRL" Featuring Mabel Norman& Showing" vividly the trials and tribulations of a "movie-struck" girl 'who lands in the heart of Hollywood. Jimmy Aubery Comedy "A PERFECT PEST" .STRAND Continuous, Sunday, July 13 The biggest stage hit of the decade on the screen "POTASH AND PULMUTTER" With the original stars, Barney Ber- nard, Alex Cart, Vera Gordon and a big cast. Laughter, and plenty of it. Joe Rock in "SOME NURSE" And INTERNATIONAL NEWS STRAND Continuous, Monday, July 14 'THE DAWN OF TOMORROW' With Jacqueline Logan, David Tor- rence, Raymond Griffith. Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and get a newlease on life--this throbbing love- drama shows how. Also Educational Comedy "FLYING FINANCE" STRAND Continuous, Tuesday, July 15 J. Warren Kerrigan: Anna Q. Nilsson "THUNDERING DAWN" An exotic romance tingling with the charm of the tropics, then thrilling with the clash of tempestuous emo- tions and the typhoons fury--also "TRAILING TROUBLE" And INTERNATIONAL NEWS .... STRAND Continuous, Wednesday, July 16 The original Flapper Girl COLLEEN MOORE in "PAINTED PEOPLE" And some east--Charlie Murray, Rus- sell Simpson and others. A romance of the rich and the poor. Drama that strikes straight at the heart and com- edy that will make you hold your sides Also Pathe Comedy "POLITICAL PULL" ~TRANO Children under 12, in First Section, I$c. PRICES--Z5, 35 and 45 Cents. Matinee--25c and 45c; Children lOc. ORDINANCE NO. 155 AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF AVALON AMENDING SECTIONS 1 AND 2 OF ORDINANCE NO. 116 OF SAID CITY, FIXING WA- TER RATES FOR THE CITY OF AVALON AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES AND PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. The Board of Trustees of the City of Avalon do ordain as follows: SECTION 1. .That Section 1 of Ordinance No. 116 of the City of Ava- lon entitled "An Ordinance establish- ing water rates to be charged by the City of Avalon, and prescribing rules and regulations for the use of water, and fixing a penalty for the vio~lation thereof," adopted February 25, 1921, be and the same is hereby amended to read as follows: The rates to be charged and collect- ed by the City of Avalon for water supplied from its water works system to consummers in said city shall be as follows : FLAT RATES. As compensation to the City of Ava- lon for making and maintaining water service connection, placing itself in po- sition to supply and maintain its read- iness to supply water to consumers iv, any year during which the consumer applies for or receives water from such water works system, the annual nfinimum charge for each separate jwater service or water connection shall be the sum of $24.00 per year, paya- ble monthly, at the rate of $2j0{). per month, and which annual mmmmm charge shall apply to the payment of the water rates for all water supplied during such water service or water connection and, which water rates are hereby fixed and established for water used each month as follows: For each separate tenemeut, suite of aL~artments, or private dwelling house occupied by only one family, $2.50. For each room in any such separate tenement, suite of apartments, or pri- vate dwelling house kept for rent, or occupied by any person not a mem- ber of such family, and not occupied as a separate tenement, .50. Above charge to include water for all ordinary domestic purposes, and for use on lot not to exceed 1,100 square feet, but not to include water for use in bath room. The charge for each bath tub in- stalled shall be .50. For each additional 100 square feet of lot or yard used the charge shall be .10. For each store, shop or separate place of business equipped with plumb- ing and facilities for the use of water and not having bath, $2.00. Where a person or persons reside in a place of business, dwelling house rates shall be charged as above speci- fied in addition to rate for store. For barber shops with one chair only, $7.50. For each additional chair, .50. For each bath tub in a barber shop or bathing establishment, $4.00. For restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, dining rooms, or eating places having a seating capacity not exceeding 10 persons, $10.00. For every place having a seating capacity of over l0 persons and not exceeding 50 persons, $16.00. For every place having seating ca- pacity of over 50 persons, $30.00. For hotels, boarding houses, lodg- ing houses or rooming places contain- ing over 4 rooms and not including toilet or bath, per room, .40. For each toilet in any such place, .50. For each bath tub in any such place .50. For every water service or water connection not herein above specified the rate per month shall be $2.00. SECTION 2.--That Section 2 of said Ordinance No. 116 be and the same is hereby amended to read as follows : METER RATES For all water delivered through me- ters and the meter rate for water used each month shall be as follows: As compensation to the City of Avalon for making and maintain- ing connection, placing itself in per- sition to supply and self in readiness to ter to consumers in any which the consumer applies ccives water from such system, then an charge for each separate or water connection of $1200 per year payable the rate of $1.00 per month nual minium charge is payment of the water ra water supplied (luring such water service or wa tion, and in addition there water supplied during dar month in excess per month and which water hereby fixed and established used each month as follov?s: For all water furnished dar month over and 1,000 gallons above specifie( shall be for each 1,000 ga rate of Eighty-five Cents or each fractional part of ons over and above such gallons the charge shall be of Eighty-five One Cents per gallon. Provided, however, that is served through a in excess of a 3-4 inch imum monthly charge for from one separate meteg follows : 1 inch service I)5, irreh 1~/) inch 2 inch service 3 inch service The following water rates char.ged and collected for service as follows:o -f Water for each barrel cement, Ten Cents. Wetting brick per 1000, cents. Water for setting sewer PiPe es per lineal foot, Two centS. Water for trenches for lighting per lineal foot, \Vater for cement curb lineal feet, Sixty cents. Water for cement walk for square feet, Thirty cents. SECTION &--The City certify to the passage of and shall cause the same to lished once in The Catalina a weekly newspaper of lation, published and City; and thereupon }un: the same shall be in effect. ,. Adopted and approved day of June, 1924. A.L. President of the board of (Seal) the City ATTEST : ETHEL D. City Clerk of the City State of California, ) ($S. County of Los Angeles ) I, Ethel D. Kilgour, City the City of Avalon, do that the foregoing ordinance adopted by the Board of T the City of Avalon, State of and signed by the Preside! Board of Trustees, at a ing thereof, held on the, 1924, by the following wit : Ayes: Trustees MeKelvey, Herren, Stanton. Noes : None. Absent : Reyes. In Witness Whereof unto set my hand and ficial seal of the City of 30th day of June, 1924. (Seal) ETHEL D. City Clerk of the City Write to the Catalina Light Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, for information about sea "For Rent" and "For Sale" on sale at Windle's News Catalina will give you the your life. Come to Cat Magazines, newspapers, cat*~ at WINDLE'S NEWS