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June 28, 1934     The Catalina Islander
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June 28, 1934

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JUNE 28, 1934 PAGE ELEVEN BASEBAWLING By AI Pallas the Catalina Islanders has turned into one of posts tnat were in effect 0aek. After having passed Johnson our fleet-tooted and the peppery he was not content the promising pitcher our fold. Midden- island Friday night, to We hit most everything Brown threw, collecting 13 hits, enough to win two ball games; but somebody had their arms around his neck, assisting him to a lucky victory. The town of Belleflower assembled a ball club under the guilding hand of Bob Hughes, which made the trip to the Island, but only come out seco,,J best, losing to the home clan 4 to 2 The game was well played by both clubs, and the Belleflower pla.',ers are the best that have been sent over here from the Long Beach ,'istr;ct. back into the lineup. He pinched-hit one game last week, and came through with a hit. Maybe the rest will perk up his hitting a little bit. Well, I will close with Phil Sax's ending of "That's all. There is no more", but cannot use his theme song for the ball park, you know--Lost in a crowd--those 50 people that show up every day! Batting Averages The following are the averages of the Catalina Islanders up to and in- NEW POLICIES LAUNCHED New policies, aimed to lighten the burden of taxpayers and at the same time to aid persons receiving public charity, were launched by S EIZA this week in accordance with instructions from Washington. The new policies were: 1. Work orders will be given only to persons receiving aid from the county charity department, until the quota of 30,000 workers has been Catcher Warth and in- Bert Middendorf, pitching his fare-eluding June 24th: reached. However, those now work- Crawford, whom all the well game before departing for Ponca Name AB 1H A~seljing need not fear for their jobs, un- now quite well. This City, took the mound for the Island- Reese, If ............................ 20 less they are found to be in less need .'r up the strength of theers and displayed a brand of lntching Meyers, P&OF .............. 51 19 373 than other applicants for the jobs. ngels, I hope, to the that should be just what the doctorSheldon, IF .................... 134 50 373 Dictated by the Federal Emergency to cop that first half. ordered for Roy Johnson. Bert had Gibson, C ....................... 51 18 353 Relief Administration, this policy is ks is more than glad to a row of goose eggs dished out to the Russell, IF ................... 170 59 347 aimed to lighten the tremendous re- men, for it proves that visitors till the 9th inning, when a Steiner, C ........................ 38 13 342 lief burden of taxpayers in this coun- t is being operated over long home run by George scored a James, O'F .................... 134 45 336 ty, and to avoid further "pauperizing" some good. mate ahead of him and spoiled a shut- Gassaway, OF ............... 16t 51 311317 of jobless who have been forced to for these graduating out for Middendorf. Reese proved toAdams, IF .................... 148 ask public aid. we received a first, base-be the big gun again, spilling base hits Stockman, IF ................ 138 3~ 283 2. When a SERA project closes, he name of Reese, who, m all around the park till he had three Shoffuer, P . ................... 23 261 workers will be given other jobs i:n- ~ek has displayed the pow-to his credit, with Steiner picking up Bonetti, O'F .................... 121 eran at the plate, collecting two for himself. Firguson and SmithLittle, P ............................ 12~ L~) mediatelYthe time, ifSERAPOSsible.will Ifnotifyimpossiblethe Bu-at s out of 20 times t,~ bat. divided the hurling for the invaders, Lyman, IF ............ . ........... 2 111 reau of County Welfare to aid the .ld say, is frur country hit- with Firguson receiving credit for the Pitchers Avm'ages family. also guards the initial loss. Middendorf, besides hurling aNames Won L st 3. SE.RA will work with the char- .form. '['his y,,ungster 4 hit ball game, managed to collectMiddendorf .................................. 2 ~ ity department in checking all jobless rtstop position and car- of Bill Lyman. A1- has not been of the his fielding has offset the plate. was released to the new men. I am ee Harold go, as he is a and hope that he makes little later. He is only now, and has plenty of he mustard. ight be the catch of tim two singles. Meyers ........................................ 11 1 Bt'c, ok~, for it Next comes Saturday, and the Ar- Little ............................................. 5 3 eather in Clarevee's hat cadia Merchants in town to combat Shoffner ......................................... ~ 3 a good tmderstudy for the athletes from Band Row. Well, McDonald ............ i ...................... The second gentleman they did, but to no avail, for our Jones .......................................... 0 2 trusty Lefty Meyers was on the firing ao was filling in till the Was able to return to ts also released. His were not u-) to of Skipper Brooks. returned to the line- and team-mates were old hoss back in the Red Steiner gather in at which Red has be a wizard. It is a fence surrounds the line and held the attack of the Orange County players to 1 run, While we added ours up to a total of 4. Mey- ers only dished up 7 hits, with the Merchants collecting their 1 run in the seventh inning on two hits. And again, the bat of Reese spoke loudly and firmly to the tune of three more bingles, which helped sing Old Mr~n Corpe's fishing crew. Miller, pitching for the opposition, found the first part of the game a little shaky, allowing 2 runs in the first inning and two more in the 4th, after which he seltled down and pitched shut-out ball, al- lowing only 2 hits in the last four stanzas. Harold Stockman played for his old team and nearly drove Lefty Meyers back to second base with a line drive that turned out to be a dou- ble play, as the man on first base fig- ured it was a sure base lilt. Well, we COMPARES EA;TH--~AKE$ AND SOAP BUBBLES By Science Service There is a very close analogy be- tween the passage of earthquake waves through the earth's crust and the pas- sage of light waves through a soap bubble. The analogy is only skin deep, but it is for that reason all the more significant. When the fihn in a soap bubble be- comes so thin that it matches a wave- length of visible light the light no longer passes easily through it, but suffers from so-called interference ef- fects which manifest themselves in the brilliant colors seen in thin soap films. A leading geophysicist, Dr. Beno Gutenberg, and an expert on light waves, Dr. P. S. Epstein, both of the all did. California Institute of Technology, in or dirty pants Steiner Sunday's contest went against us, the course of a conversation drifted 1Using foul balls all over losing to the Arcadia Merchants 6 to over to the analogies in their two OUrse--and he probably 5. Shoffner and Little labored for the fields. They noticed that the earth's era. W~ll, let's go into the home guard, with Danny getting credit crust has approximately the thickness festivities and see whatfor the loss because his control failed (about 25 miles on the average) of one being the first ball it was decided the me for the good old San rants to make their ap- they did, under the, the colorful Joe Storti. her opposed Storti on ad with the aid of Gas- run with a man on-base inning the Islanders Pedro boys 5 to 3. Both Storti pitched stellar side having the eon- The hitting of Reese was a great help to the Crew's scoring. The hits e on both sides, with the ~ring 7 off Storti's clan collecting erings of Shocner. We see more of the San t next month. Here's a day-on the main- eats bread, the sent a team to rep- department. This administered a home boys by the Brown, who put in a st year's club, did the visitors, and had er control till the last the Islanders al- on him by scoring 4 rt bv one marker of Frank Little attempt- Bread boys, but success in the fifth is control and the fieM- went l:avwire to al- to score 6runs, which game and another day. him and he walked 8 men, which, coupled wiith some bad fielding by Harmon, who let a cinch single go for three, bases, with the hassocks loaded. (That's baseball slang, so if you don't know what I mean--skip it.) The man from Milwaukee nmned Smith, who pitched ball back in the. Revolu- tionary days, used his cunning curves and slow stuff to set the home boys down in rare fashion for the first six innings; but tile going was tougher from there on in for the Angel Jun- iors hopped on him for 5 runs and 7 hits in the last three innings. It was a good thing the end was so near for Smith, or he would have seen the way of all defeats. The whole Islande," team saw service, for Manager Brooks was determined to win the contest at all costs. Well, maybe we can urge Corpe and his fishing fleet to make a return trip, so that the count can be evened up to the satisfaction of Gas- saway, who would relish another ore- test against the old home town. , lit A big fellow by the name of Corpe, who has been stationed at Ponco City since the season opened, will be here in place of Middendorf. He is only 6 feet 4 inches up, and weights about 200 pounds, and only 17. Nice play- mate for some four or five guys to play with. We had a visitor over the week-end by the name of Archie Campbell, who belongs to Hollywood, as a pitcher. He is just getting reaedy for the seccmd half of the season by taking in a lit- tle of the old California atmosphere. Bonetti's ankle should be just about healed now, so as to let the Italian wave-lengthof an ordinary earth- quake. The result of this conversa- tion was of scientific importance be.- cause they worked out a method of telling the direction of the earthquake ray through the earth from its altered direction as indicated by recording in- strmnents on the surface of the crust. The calculation in the ease of earth motions is more complicated than in the case of light because the elastic motions of the earth have both long- itudinal and transverse vibrations, while light waves are exclusively transverse. This means that a single earthquake impulse striking the crust from the denser interior of the earth is broken up into four rays while there would result only two in the case of light. The various earthquake beams soon undergo further reflections and split- tings and result in a maze of interfer- ing vibrations which make an earth- quake so hard to analyze in detail. Earlier theories failed to predict the true behavior of earthquake waves in their passage through the crust and the best results were obtained by dis- regarding the junction between the crust and the core. This puzzling re- sult is shown to be quite in accord- ance with the theory by the calcula- tions of Drs. Gutenberg and Epstein. -- :O: ' ' Geogra~phy Old Colored Mammy: "I'se wants a ticket for Magnolia." Ticket Agent (after ten mirmtes of weary thumbing over railroad guides): "Where is ~IagnQlia ?" Old Colored M'ammy: "She's settin' over dar on de bench." Exchange. cases in the county, to eliminate clfis- elers and to give an up-to-date diag- nosis of the relief probletu "here. 4. SERA jobs will go to those who are best equipped to hold jobs in in- dustry. Thus; it is preferred to give work to a son rather than to a fa- ther past middle-age, in the same family. Frank Y. McLaughlin, SERA direc- tor in Los Angeles county, declared that the only persons not on the charity rolls to be given jobs will be those needed for specific work which cannot be done by charity cases. He listed the following relief agen- cies to give aid to those who cannot be given SERA work: 1. The Federal Transient Bureau, caring for families and individuals in California less than one uninterrupted year. Men and boys register at 220 So. Main street, and women, girls and families at 106 West Third street. 2. The Department of County Charities, application office at 434 So. San Pedro. The division of unemployment re- lief cares for destitute families and in- dividuals in California one year and more who are distressed mainly be, cause of unemployment. The division of welfare relief cares for individuals legally resident in Cal, ifornia who are distressed because oi reasons other than unemployment, health, imprisonment, old age, and other reasons. 3. The private welfare agencies which give service and relief in spe- cial cases. HOW ABOUT THIS? A tourist here only from one boat to the next, made this query, 'Ai'e your back yards clean, like your front yards ?' The Santa Catalina Island Company has always done so much to beautify and keep the streets and sidewalks clean, is it not up to us to do our part in helping to make this a more beautiful and healthful plai:e in which to live? Without any expense to us as individuals we may clean out the "catch alls" of our own premises. Many, we know are harboring old "cast offs" that they, nor no one else could ever use. Year after year they accunmtate, becoming more unsightly gnd often occupying ground that could otherwise be i~lanted to grass, flowers or trees, adding beauty in place of unsightliness. Why not have a thorough Cle~t Up Week, and show our appreciation of the work Mr. Wrigley has done, and is now doing to enhance the al- readv beautiful "Magic Isle". A place to rest--a t laee tO play; q'he most to see--the least to pay. For health, or change, or play,, or rest Catalina is the best.