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June 25, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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June 25, 1924

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PAGE TWO THE CATALINA ROMANCE HIDDEN IN A STICK OF CHEWING GUM In Lecture on "Where Has My Penny Gone," W. W. Cooley Unwinds the Unnoted Ramifications of a Penny Transaction. Better Business Week at Utah Agri- cultural College closed Friday morn- ing with a lecture, "Where Has My Penny Gone," by W. W. Cooley, of the Burroughs Adding Machine Com- pany. Mr. Cooley used as his illu:tration of profit distribution, a penny stick of gum and by the use of charts traced the distribution of the profit divided from its sale to the far corners of the earth. Mr. Cooley said in part: "Officer, what building is that?" I inquired a short time ago of one of Chicago's policemen. "That is Wrigley's monmnent to the gum chewers of the world," was his response. The building is a sixteen story struc- ture with fourteen story tower erected by the William Wrigley, Jr., Company. It is a monument of modern archi- tecture in the center of a great busi- ness district. We had heard of Mr. Wrigley and his baseball clubs, Cata- lina Island, etc., but when we were before this so-called "Monument to the gum chewers of the world" we be- gan to think and wonder what portion of that building was represented by the profit on a piece of gum, for which I paid one penny. The subject was worthy of an im- medite investigation and we began at once by asking the retailer if he made a proffit. His answer was: "Oh, yes." But out of that profit a portion must go to clerk hire, light heat, landlord, taxes, etc. So, were I to follow that one distribution alone, I could circum- scribe the earth in my journeys. Yet, this retailer had to pay the larger por- tion of my penny to a wholesaler. He, likewise had the varied expenses of taxes, clerks, delivery, rent, heat, light, etc., to pay from his small profit and then again return to the manufacturer the greater portion that had fallen to him. Yet, we must now look at the manu- facturer's disbursments as relates to my penny, and we certainly have a pic- ture worthy of the greatest considera- tion, for there was coal and oil, paint. and wax paper and printers, advertising and sales, light and heat, power and water, electric and mechanical appli- ances. So from these few sources of distribution alone ~re can again travel to the end of the world and back. But as in every stick of gum there is at least one ingredient that is from a foreign land, the element of sea trans- portation must be considered, and from the small amount that goes to the steamship owners, we find it in turn going about the world. You ask, how so ? Because there is fuel, perhaps from the coal mines of Australia, British Columbia, Wales or Wyoming. There is oil that may have come from Penn- sylvania, California or far away Rou- mania. We have only enumerated just a sample of the great possibilities that exist for the travel of my /)enny. Yet it is to be remembered that there are three ingredients in that. penny piece of gum; sugar, chicle and flavors. All of the chicle comes from abroad. The piece that you have in your mouth may have come from the ranch of the "Wild Man of Borneo." Can you visu- alize it? Most likely it came from Guatemala, Honduras or Mexico, whose natural beauties must arouse the grand- est thoughts. While it might have come from Venezuela, the land that has furnished so much asphalt for the paving of the streets of the country. At any rate, a portion of my penny is wandering around amongst some of these lands and to get the real rcauance, you can cover them all in your dreams. I have tried to bring to your atten- tion the fact that the insignificant penny is a real factor in the business world. That we have shown you an actual article of merchandise that is bought for one penny. That the dis- tributions mentioned actually have to take place. Yet, we may have a piece of gum in which the sugar came from abroad. In such a case, just imagine yourself in that land that has proven such a consolation to the dry and thirsty of America, the Island of Cuba. Then again the flavors come from far away points. They may have come from Turkey, where the intelligent wife of the new ruler has theoretically torn the veils from the women of the country ; or from sunny Italy, the home of the Pope, the birthplace of Caruso or Michael Angelo. Picture its beauties as you seek for my penny in its travels. If all three of the ingrcdients hap- pened to come from abroad, then we woai,1 have many more places to dis- ~rihute my penny than I have attempted to present. For one l)oim so far de- liberately omitted is the railroad dis- tribution of its small portion of my penny that they receive, that you might as a last act of l)icture dreaming see the wonderful motmtains and valleys that are occupied by those who will in turn receive a part of my penny. A Monument to Gum The story that we would impart is simple. The greater the business, the greater the necessity of a careful record of all business transactions, for they nmst know the figure facts. I have taken Wrigley's penny gum for an illustration because his adver- tising appropriation for this year is $6,000,000 (six million dollars). That would require the full return receipts for six hundred million of pieces. It is the careful management that permits such a small product to be produced and sold at a profit. It should interest every retailer who is not making money, because he will find that out of small things our great establishments have grown such as Wrigley's, Woolworth's and others. As you chew your piece of gum, re- flect and consider that you must have careful aecountin~ in your business to secure success and that anyone cart have a simple accounting system that will assure them of that knowledge of their business. DO YOU PRIZE THAT MAGAZINE OR BOOK? They will last much longer if they are bound in a neat cover; and that Radio Journal, or record, can be pre- served for future reference. How about that old prayer book or Bible ? Does it need a new cover? Let the Islander do it for you. Write to the Catalina Light Tackle Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, for information about sea angling. Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina. WORTH SELLING IS WORTH TELLING~ADVERTISE ! CATALINA, THE MAGIC ISLE (Continued flora Page 1. Column 4) R. G. Smith, Fullerton News. E. E. Hurja and Mrs. E. E. Hurja, El Segundo Herald. Mrs. Shreve and family, Long Beach Worth While Magazine. Miss Bell8 McCord Roberts, Long Beach Telegram. E. Windle, Miss Dorothy Windle and Chas. H. Smith, The Catalina Is- lander. Charles Overbury, San Jacinto Reg- ister. James McMullen, San Diego Union. H. H. Perkins, Mrs. H. H. Perkins, E. A. Moody, Mrs. E. A. Moody and family, Fallbrook Enterprise. Herbert W. Crooks, Mrs..d-Ierbert \V. Crooks and (laughter, Chula Vista Star. Edward Piekering, field secretary of Franklin Printer's Association of Southern California. ]. L. Bullock, Highland Park Heraht. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Reis and family, Zellerbach Paper Company. R. O. Shadinger and Mrs. R. O. Shadinger, American Type Fotmders Company. Mr. Pence, Sierra Paper Company. Mr. Whiting, Blake, Moffit & Towne. Vern O. Briggs, Ludlow Typograph Company, San Francisco. Morris M. Rathbnn. news depart- ment. Automobile Club of Southern California. BANDBOX THEATRE ARTISTS REHEARSING AT LOS ANGELES The rehearsal theatre at the Gamut Club in Los Angeles has been /eased by F. Stuart Whyte for ~he purpose of assembling and rehearsing his com- pany prior to their opening for the summer season at the Bandbox Thea- tre in Avalon on June 28th. The "Kansans" have been specially engaged to inject the necessary amount of jazz into the program. This com- bination of seven musicians is rated as one ol the best in the middle west, each member being an expert soloist on at least three instrmnents, and are under the leadership of Brick J. Eng- lish. The "Kansans"' were signed up for the season during Mr. Whyte's visit to Chicago, where they were being pre- sented at one of the leading theatres in that city.. They are all native sons of the Sunflower State, hence the name they have assumed and carried into the larger cities of the east with unusual success. Many acts off the better vaudeville circuits will appear in support of these talented youngsters, and the en- tire company will number twenty-five artistes, who have decided that Avalon is a pretty nice spot to spend their holidays during the period the thea- tres are usually closed for the sum- mer. Two complete shows will be given each evening from 7:30 to 10:30, and there is little doubt in the minds of the promoters that visitors and citizens alike will appreciate this new venture, which gives Avalon a theatre as novel, and presentations as unique, as the Island itself. Subscribe now--S2 per year. TRA Wednesday Evening, The famous story of Paris African veldt "PONJOLA" With a great cast--Anna James Kirkwood, Tully Joseph Kilgaur, Ruth ford, Clare DuBrey an Also Stan Laurel "RUPERT OF HEE Thursday Evening, June "HELD TO Peter Clarke MacFarland's ling story, featuring Hotls ers, James Morrison, Sampolis. A thrilling story of a fighting mi an actress and the cr courts. Also First Epis - "TELEPHONE And Peerless "FELIX THE Friday Evening, Jtme Zane Grey's "RIDERS OF THE Action unlimited with a Also Educational "EXIT CAESAR" STRANI Saturday Evening, June John Bowers, Tully Marshall, Daw, Sylvia Breamer, Lee and Otis Harla~ "THE BAREFOOT A great love story based Greenleaf Whittier's Also Sennett Comedy, "INBAD THE SAILO STRAN SUNDAY, JUNE 29th Afternoon 2:00. John Barrvmore in . "BEAU BRUMMEL" Supported by a notable Astor, Willard Louis, h and Carmel Myers. great%st romantic drama, amid scenes of splend Also Peerless Comet "ONLY A BILL And INTERNATIONAL ~-r Monday Evening, June 30th "BLUFF" The story of a girl who tried quer New York on Blurt found -------- ? Also Christie Comedy:,, "CALL THE WAGON Tuesday Evening, July AN ALL-COMEDY Harold Lloyd in "WHY WORRY" Heart Ache! Head Ache! Ache! Target 'era all. have an ear-to-ear-ache laughter. Also Universal "CARMEN JR." And INTERNATIONAl- Wednesday Evening, July ,The biggest comedy hit of Flashing with fiery ac Sidney Chaplin, Owen and Silvia Breamer HER TEMPORARY It's a scream folks! Also Mermaid'ComedY "UNCLE SAM" JTRA PRICES~28, 39 and 50 Children under 12. in First You Will Visit "The Store Beautiful" TEA ROOM--CATERING SERVICE Grocery Delicatessen and Lunch Counter Bakery 419 CRESCENT AVENUE Milk Fruit and Vegetable Department Meat