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June 11, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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June 11, 1924

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'ATALINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN JOURNALISTIC STAFF. Theodore Sierks ............. John Minney Doris Wilcox eporter ............ Betty Trout tsor ...... Dorothy C. Hahn EDITORIAL ~-..___. )re days and school is over year begins. Happily not mean the dispers- of our school-mates Corners of the workt dur- season, as is the case er schools. Our vacation- here, And during the e will still work and play r happy band of school- s only our teachers who afar--and we sincerely ey will all come back again Opens to start us on a year. have a new high lg with larger grounds for more adequate school we shall miss the fun at the beautiful Casino. now an organized student heing a small one, should, next school year, be able to truly worth while things. is Student Government. are patterned after So we can strive to be- model" after which schools would pattern• out a self-government can be perfect in every most perfect republican is that of Switz- the smallest republic. ~oustitution those of the and France were pat- we plan and play in mind the really we sball aim to achieve ~xt school year, so that in there shall be no other CATALINA HIGH SCHOOL" YE SCHOOL TALK ONE DAY a chron. AND 1 went hikin'. TO CAPE canyon and. CAME ACROSS some. GOATS AND I remembered. THAT brother. HAD ALWAYS wanted one. SO I started to. RUN AFTER two kids. BUT A big.billy.. STARTED TO run after me. AND UPSET me. AND MY dignity in. THE EYES of my pal. BUT I held on. TO THE kid for. MY KID brother• BUT WHEN. I GOT home• THE KID thought that. I WAS his brother. OR MOTHER or something• AND WHEREVER I went. THE KID went too. HE INSISTED on sleeping. IN BED with me so. 1 PUT him. IN THE bath tub. BY T. H. S. (With Apologies to K. C. B.) RIGHT BACK. ON MY pillo, w. HE FOLLOWED me. TO SCHOOL and. AT SUPPER he jtunped. ON THE table. IF 1 tied him up. HE WENT U la , blaa. AND MY father said. "WHY THE d------. tt . . DID YOU bring home. THAT GOAT and. MOTHER SAID: "FOR GOODNESS sake. GET RID of him." AND I tried to. STAKE HIM out. IN AN empty lot. THAT HAPPENED to be. UNDER THE window. OF THE librarian. AND SHE.brought back. THE GOAT and. THE CHAIN and. THE STAKE and. KNOCKED AT our door. AND DEMANDED to know. WHOSE GOAT it w~ts. AND I said mine. HIGH SCHOOL By M, B. Dunkle, Principal The Cataliml High School was born this past September. Like any infant it came into being without clothing or other appurtenances. Through the generosity of the Santa Catalina Island Company, represented in the person of Manager D. M. Ren- ton, the school secured the use of a suite of small rooms at the Casino. Furniture, books and other equipment were slowly accumulated through the agency of the Long Beach School Board. No more unique and interesting site for a high school has ever come with- in my experience. The equipment and housing have been well proportioned to the size and needs of our school for the first year. Many of the classes have been small, but the work has been well organized despite the dif- ficulties. This first year only a regular col- lege prepatory course has been at- tempted, though a little commercial work has been offered. Every course necessary for graduation under the state requirements or the requirements of the University of California has been given. This first year. there have been two seniors, eight juniors, nine sopho- mores twelve freshman and one post- graduate student. Seven have been enrolled in the evening high school. The student body of the High School has not been very formally organized, but social, dramatic, literary and ath- letic activities have been engaged in. Three school parties have been held, one at the Foresters Inn, one at the Isthmus, and one at White's Landing. Four short plays have been presented to the public, two thru the School As- sociation and two for the financial benefit of the high school. The kindness of the Islander in of- fering a page for the literary and journalistic endeavors of the students has been a source of inspiration and training for the student body. Athletic activities have been mainly what are called intra-mural--that is, ~ .High Ideals, first in Sehol- BUT HE leaped. I THANK you. among the students of the single in- al~d first in Self-Government. stitution. Thus we have had a tennis Theo H. Sierks. tournament, and a general athletic 0,, JOBS O,F L ~the~iI°!ks, this is the last edition, LAST ITTLE WOMEN m0et A basketball team was organ- ~r, WhiCh School page until Septem- ized and several games with local or- [~tee~'at'~ ~e start school again. We (Sequence to 'First Jobs of Big Men") " ganizations were played. A golf team =:~.edi,_~ me kindness of Mr. Windle,Name Job Salary was organized this spring, and suc- ceeded in defeating the large Poly- ~V~g ,ur. ot the Catalina Islander, for Edythe Stone .............. To pin a rose on Tom DalvRare smile technic High School of Long Beach. ~,u~h S~s Page for the use of the Florence Feltrop ........ Pretending sea-sickness " Ride on Arvilla A return match is being played• Long ~%t he~°ol. This has been a very Martha Meyers ........... Studying Geometry One Thinker's manual Beach High succeeded in turning the te P to us i t~. aeh ,. . n our hterary work Mary Gibson ................ Playing school Three rattles tables when it came to baseball. The -~-~ to get'-us the use of English. , and Doris Wilcox ............... Writing article for paperOne dozen pencils high school has been admitted to the ~a~haVe it. news and know xt when . Catherine MacKay .... Day dreaming Ten Alarm Clocks California ]fiterscholastic Federation ~3;te~ereby bid ou adieu until next Elizabeth MacLean... Borrowing pencils One pencil box and wi]] be entered in a league with ~till/2"her ...t Y . . Betty Trout .................. Making soap fudge One cake of Ivory Wihnington, Torrance, Lomita and uetter when we hope to have a Grace Tregarthen ...... Distributing Sweets Diflin's Best possiblySan Pedro, and Redondo .0,,.."Page-f°r vou to read. Hermine Sierks .......... Turning somersaults Six jmnping-jacks Beach. ~ay'~ "~-~ Myrtle Gibson ............. Making John Minneybehave Gold Medal With the small beginning that has rg. an assembl~ call last Thurs- ~~ ~ ~ ~ been made this year it is hoped that a ~.~ext' OUnkle spoke of the plans second year will add much of value and ~ir~ationYsear, and about the final ex- SOME PARTY a combatMiss Hahn was unanimously interest to the work of the Catalina ttt hay. ^tor those who either did • ~ . . . declared the champion. "~e ~ ~U • Iligh School. h ~aeri- .merits or over or who hadThe h~ghschool held fls swammmg After a few hours of such fun every- ~}tter i~s but not a grad'e of two or party and we.inie bake Tuesday after- one began to feel the demon of. hun- , FAM~RDS "tart- u their sub'ects All work noon, instead ot Weanes~ay, as was ger, and could hardly wait until the t~r,, ~n revie- - J • , , ' il~* ex.e., ws, book reports, laoora- anUc~pated, wood was gathered and a campfire lit. Let s play hookey tomorrow and miss -~ them ments, etc., must be handed Before we left on the Arvilla for Oh, but didn't those weinies taste our exams. "l't~,. ~aeners this week. White s Landing an ~mportant membergood. What wouldn t after such stren- uous,.. ~--- " ' ' " ' e "n e of our number was reported mxssmg, ous exercise. We ate veryth~ g w Choked hy a Fish t-~- * ~ INTELLIGENCE TEST Of course we couldn't go without John could hold, and drank all the "Speed"A Bangkok fisher of 16 died through _~W would on • ~ eve- .. e escape the final ex- Shields--or was it his "Speed we thot that we could possibly, and in general being choked by a fish which he had mark~ " xthe had no merits left, or so important ~ had a very good time. taken out of his net and put head first XVhen we arrived at our destinationThe only sad part of the whole tripin his mouth while he caught another. ~try VACATI-~N DAYS we did all the swimming stunts we was leaving time. We all had such aThe fish, of fair size, wriggled and possibly could in the water. On land good time that it was very hard to slipped down his throat and could not t{,,._ fiibson re ..... Martha thot the art of climbing trees leave for home. be dislodged. ~rrrlino o. , acting pest sener. On the way home we sang songs Though its tail was still in his mouth uro ~ o~erks • ab surpassed all other kinds of fun. It. ther- , teachingher b y "~al%l,,~ to swim. Edythe insisted on being Her Majesty and told jokes and riddles until we at- the gills prevented the fish being with- i,~r. "" Kenton, building world racing the Queen, and N,,eal the Court Jester. rived at the pleasure pier. Several'of drawn or pushed downwards. The • "Skin the snake, leap frog, dances, the students went swimming in the youth died before medical aid could be "~.Y ~r~ and fencing were included. We all wish to thank John Minney It is a common practice among fish- lds, speeding with "Speed." bay before they went home. obtained. ~._'~. a st~t, ctemonstrating latest Cat- Mr. Dunkle and Miss Hahn were very much for gladly lending his crui- ermen here to put fish into the mouth r~tl~ri~.:'~e creations the champions at fencing. They chal- ser, Arvilla, to take us to White's in this way.---Bangkok, Siam, telegram a~t~v the ~Ungry ~~'~ McKelvev. "_..~iving food to lengedthem, everYNeal, oneGeorgePresentandtO Fredfence wereWith Landing. to The Daily Mail, February 12, 1924. ', aVl.lnne • • • . (I^ArVtlla,, Y, captaining the good sh~p defeated after several short battles, BUG~LES Stmpieious Optimism ~flrge ~I" but the most interesting fencing match ~ut k._ . mney warnin his brother was between Mr. Dunkle and Miss I wish we would have school all thru Jack--Say, it's a great old world, • ~ "-~a ' g isn't it ? rtht~r ~ker.s ahead. . . Hahn. Dr. Dunkle fought •valiantly for the summer. l~iet',-'~°Ulding, handin out nsh about three minutes, but finally was Jill--Look here, you let me smell "'ues"-'no, fish picturegs. Y forced to flee for his life• After such Subscribe now- $2, per year. your breath.