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June 11, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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June 11, 1924

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i PAGE FOUR 66 9# (Sunshine Psychology Service) (In memory of our late friend, Harry Ellington Brook, N. D., who for many years was editor of a special column published in the maga- zine section of the Los Angeles "Times," which he called "Care of the Body," this column, "Care of the Mind," is respectfully dedicated.) OUR AIMS IN LIFE TEMPER UPSETS MIND If we should study the aims and de- sires of a thousand people, we should find that there are just as many aims as people--each determined by the ex- perience of the individual. One says, "I want to be rich !"; another, "I want the love of family"; "I want to serve human kind !" But underlying all these, there is one universal desire : "I want to be happy t" "I want to be happy" is the main spring of life. The specific goals just mentioned are merely statements of the means by which each believes he can attain that which spells Happiness to himself. The problem Our Aims in Life, there- fore, resolves itself into two questions: l.--What is Happiness? 2.--By what means can Happi- ness be attained? Happiness is conditioned upon per- sonal peace--a complete, enduring, personal sense of well-being. To at- tain this the entire personality must function harmoniously on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual. And in or- der that the personality may function harmoniously, it is necessary to con- form to the following fundamentals: l.--Thru the cultivation of the con- structive opposites eliminate from the deep subconscious the primitive and destructive response-models of the race : possession, rivalry, jealously, submission, and domination. 2.--Further,. clean up the subcon- scious by eliminating warping com- plexes. Bring them out from under cover, analyze them, and thus release their otherwise destructive energy for constructive ends. 3--Develop in the conscious a well- rounded group of worthy ambitions, of such nature that there is harmonious relation between them and the wish of the primitive unconscious. When these ambitions are accepted on both these levels, the conscious and the uncon- scious will co-operate and work in har- mony toward the goal. 4.---Understand, sympathize with, and direct the wish force, making a direct appeal to the imagination. Never an- tagonize the imagination by the state- ment of finality which conscious rea- sou Knows is not yet consmmnated. The energizing force of dominant wish coupled with a vivid mental picture of Bobby Jones, Jr., who holds the nat- ional open golf championship of the United States, spent several years of his time in learning to master his tem- per. Now, Bobby says: "Getting mad is a costly business. If you pack a hair-trigger disposition around with you--well, it's no news to say that I had a terrible temper as a kid. It may be news to say that I've still got it. I'm not ashamed of that fact. I was ashamed in the days when I let it get the better of me." Talking about tempers! Angling is the greatest pastime in the world to teach a non or woman the neccessity of using the mind to control the tem- per. Because one angler, several years ago, didn't have much success in land- ing his fish, he threw the rod and reel overboard. But, let us quote Bobby Jones again from the Liberty Magazine: "When I finally decided that I was going to lick myself and let the golf champion- ship take care of itself, I'd catch my- self getting mad over a rotten shot. 'l'}~en I'd say to myself, 'Hey, wait a minute ! Cahn down. That shot wasn't so good, but a couple of holes back you hit one that wasn't sb good either, and had a lot of luck with it.' Then I'd figure on trying to do u~y best on the next shot. Gradually I began to get o~er becoming mad at myself, and just concentrated on playing golf. Af- ter that happened one of the worst beatings I ever got, a defeat that came when I was playing pretty good golf, helped me more than anything else to conquer myself . . . " In his early days when "things went wrong," Bobby used to throw his golf clubs away or break them over his knee. the achievement can not be calculated. 5.--Choose sublimation channels that provide pleasure in work, and in the conscious liberation for constructive ends of forces hitherto used in a des- tructive manner. Remember always : A dominating wish idea tends to translate itself into action.---Psychology Magazine. Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Cbme to Catalina. Subscribe now--S2 per year. LOCAL TIME AND TIDE TABLE Tides are placed in'order of occurence. Comparison will show high and low Light figures a. m., black figures p. m. JUNE Th 12 ........ 5:13 4.0 F 13 ........ 12:23 0.7 S 14 ........ 1:14 ---0.1 Su 15 ........ 2:03 --0.8 .M 16 ........ 2:50 --1.3 Tu 17 ........ 3:36 --1.5 W 18 ........ 4:25 --1.5 10:56 5:48 .......... 1.0 5.8 .......... 6:24 11:47 6:29 4.2 1.1 6.3 7:25 12:33 7:12 4.4 1.2 6.8 8:23 1:22 7:54 4.,5 1.4 7.2 9:16 2:08 8:39 4.6 1.5 7.4 10:17 2:54 9:23 4.6 1.6 7.4 10:59 3:42 10:11 4.6 1.8 7.l Rudyard Kipling Says: If you will let me, I will wish you in your future what all men desire-- enough work to do, and strength enough to do your work.---Address to medical students, 1908. AVALON CHURCHES Catholic Church services: Sunday Masses, 8 and 10 a. m. Sunday even- ing devotions, 7:30 p. m. Week day Mass, 7:30 a. m. *** Christian Science Society services at their bungalow meeting house, 222 Metropole avenue, Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Wednes- day evening service at 8 p. m. ql*qt Congregational Church Services Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; Worship and Sermon, 10:30 a. m.; Christian Endeavor, 6:00 p. m.; Worship and Sermon, 7:00 p. m. ; Mid-week Service 7:00 p. m., Wednesday. Everyone is cordially invited to all services. THE M1DOCEAN WEATi-IER CONTROLLS THAT IN U. S. By Science Service Washington, June 9.--The islands of the seas are the outposts of American weather. At the recent meeting of the American Meteorological Society here, H. W. Clough told of the relations which have been observed between the weather of such distant points as Mid- way Island in the Pacific, Bermuda, the Azores, Alaska, and the Missis- sippi valley. If the barometer is high at Midway Island, nearly 3000 mi'l~s west-south- west of San Francisco, the temeprature is usually above normal in St. Louis and neighboring parts of the Missis- sippi valey. This is particularly true in winter. On the other hand, if the barometer is high at the Azores in spring the weather is pretty sure to be warm at St. Louis, while similar bar- ometric conditions in autumn mean cool weather in the Mississippi valley. High barometer in Alaska is usually associated with low temperatures in the northern United States, Mr. Clough said. Correlation figures show this to be generally true as far south as Mem- phis, while at New Orleans the tem- peratures are little affected with a tendency to warmer weather. THE CATALINA 2/lfter ˘venl I pleisonl and agreeable sweet and a l-o-s-t-|-e-M benellt as well Good for h~etho breath and 4Ugeaflon. Makes the next elmer taste better. "Your Want;oSToo y Attended ATWATER HOTEL ER SHOP Buys a Genuine I| GILLETTE RAZ01 |I,, A Real Bargain! II AVALO-N DRUfi Cq .At "As Good as the Best, Better Than the Rest" {~|' 1" B ILLIE PRICE, ProprietorI~T II Sumner Avenue, Avalon, California I Att°rney at Laql I ,,, E=h.,e Buildi" I I b so. _c %. ˘1 I ILO. Ang°'- AWNINGS, AND TENTSThe wil, ! AUTO COVERS, CANVAS correspondence on problems of ~ r|a chological Repairs Attended to E'-R~LI~ ! Notary ublit| PHONE 615-2S7 FOURTH & PACIFIC LONG BEACH AVALON BRANCH 367 SUMNER AVE. Curios and Souvenirs Look for the Sign of The Big Curio Store # H. D. NlacRae Co. The AVALON Care Dan Ostoich, Proprietor 403 CRESCENT AVENUE Good Food, Well Cooked and Neatly Served. O. W. COLE Painting, Decorating 201 Metfopole Avenue Avalon, California FREDERICK BAKER Attorney at Law XozlL C. C. Chapman Bulldlnfr Broadway at Eighth Bresdwsy 7686 Los Angeles, Cal. Legal Documents Proml)tly Executed JI News Stand, 0pp. Boos Bros. cafele~ Roofs Repaired Phone Avat C.C. W.B. MELBOURNE & cuLLI ll DECORATING HIIBBAllll AUTO SALES ˘ t1 AUTHORIZED l FORD AND LINCOLN DEALI~Ii' MOTORS REBUILT And Returned in Three Days CLAUDE WALTON AVALON REpRleSENTATIV˘" "1 LADIES, YOUR ATTENT101( Let Mrs. Wood do your [ SPRING DRESSMAKIlqG. 1 Late Styles---City Prices--Good W Apartment 22, Dorrts Apart Clemente Avenue