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June 8, 1944     The Catalina Islander
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June 8, 1944

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PAGE FOUR THE CATALINA THE CLEARING HOUSE DO YOU KNOW THE ANSWERS? By ]~va Chandler By Ruth Taylor "Don't bother about finishing that How often do you wake'up in the O~ sweater you're knitting, Janie May," middle of the night and think, "If I Published Every Tlaursday at writes Chet Smith from Camp Faaa- had only thought of that sooner, I WINDLE'S PRINT SHOP niu, near Tyler, Texas. One doesn'tcould have answered you on that." I AVALON CALIFORNIA need a sweater in June .in Texas-- am sure all of us have had tlrat experi- at least not duning the day time. etlce. I know I have. We just aren't I~RNES~r WINDLE- l~ditor and Owner Ensign Bob Lytle and Nan Yeager quick enough on the trigger and our A. T STEVENS. - - Aasoeiate ]~titot of Corptls Christi, Texas, were mar- second thoughts lag far behind our 8UBSO~I.PTION F.ATE8 (in sdveneal), ried at Chase Field Chapel, Beeville, first. 'l~hrtm Years Five Dollars Texas on April 5th. Bob is flying in-One of the troubles with us who ~i~o(~.When Paid in Advance) structor of Squadron 13 at Beeville. take democracy for granted is that we don't know the answers We don't Two Dollars When two brothers meet in a war One Dollar doubt for a minute the strength of our "I~rlgont~ l.'~lt ~ntts zone what do they talk about? Mar- tqinTile Coplu Five Ccattt tin and Tag Kooken met on their own institutions, the endurance of the " ' -' ~-- mother's birthdav, May 7. They dis-democratic way of life--but we can't ADV'RRT|SING RATES cussed the spanl~ings thal their moth- always say why we feel as we do. oDts~y K'dverthing S0c per Iaelt, ~ er used to give them. Oa~e noon, Tag What would you give for not ola, but ~ie~:don. $00 iiteh~s During a Period ol four or five answers "for any kind of Six Months. 3~ per Inch. on board ship off the Hawaiian Is- Liners lOc per Line, Minimum 25 lands, saw Mart on the beach. His an argument on Democracy? ,---7-~-~-~,'-=-~--------- ~.O. ,arranged for Tag to go ashore. My friends say I am always ready Eniered as Second-Claas Matter I~ By'X~la~ time it was two o'clock, so with the answers. Here's one of the I wonder where I picked up ~Jl, 1-914, at the Potm~ at Av~o~,Tag "Nad to fiud Mart. Finally he reasons why. There's a little series Not from my folks. They Calif under the Act of Mtreh 3, IB79. Walked up to a-table where Mart sat, of booklets which you may have seen at meetings and you could : ' asking "Hi Bud, wh~wt's the chance of for they have been widely distributed, lump it. But I have to be so sitting at your table?" The boys These Joe Doakes booklets belong in ed mealy-moutiied even when spent two days together--Tag took every man's pocket, in every woman's body's business. Why should Mart for a boat ride--Sailor's holiday! purse, for they do express what most to explain to people who don't Tag and Bob had met in New Cale- of us reMly believe, but don't always hoot ? I've known a fellow donl.a. Bob is now ~n Guadalc.a~al.know how to say. wart on his nose for 30 years After three years in the Army S. I have all four of the books on myonce has he offered an . Sgt. Bill Borter writes his mother from desk as 1 write, for I like their tone. But if I had it, I'd have to carry I- ~ COltmltm et ~ Islamlw ere olmn New Guinea that he had to g~t some For ,instance, let me quote from one. a set of blue prints. I might to the ge.~rjd public, 0It any of ttm l:ol- dental work done before they moved "I am not an Optimist. 1 am not a it. When I explain anything t la~ng tub'~q~ Le, cdl Politics and GoV.- on. He seemed to dread the dentist's Pessimist. I have no use for bunk,bi.t phony I have to go on and ernment, Fis~Mng, Hunting and Campiag. Items of i~al- news interest will I~ chair more than the coming move. Atparticularly foreign bunk. No one is wind up with a trilly little attg I greely al~re~i|tod, the time he wrote he was taking life going to make me hate the fellow who a high school girl with he~ first easy for the moment playing ha,II aud lives in the same block I do." NowI can't bark it out in a take working on Jeeps. He hoped the nextthat's what I call American Not hate leave it manner. I have to srle island would be one with just sand at the beck and call of an outsider--- a trill. and cocoanut trees--no jungle! His but making up one's own mind accord- Mere Bagatelles mother had wanted to know what the ing to the individual and the facts Perhaps the most talked abO0t ~ll duties of an aerial engineer were. Bill Far be it from me to suggest that, lOW last week was lackDickeY' says 1: See that the plane is ready to like the Nazis and Communists, we some mark of lucf< he shot fly each day. 2: Has crew help him should have a line, but it's a good hole-in-one on No. 7 green. ~with maintenauce on plane. 3: Watch thing to read the answers as someonement and "I don't believe ,it all instruments as plane takes off and who has given a lot of thought to itcame over him, but there it la~ds. Watch gas--transfer gas as has worked them out. We can then ball in the cup. lack just st~ t~ank gets low'." 5: X, Vatch to see that adapt them to our needs, not knowing if he sh~,utd lau~ everything is working all the time the I have often used a quote from one with joy. He brushed away - " plane is in the air, and if there is any of the booklets. "When someone keepssweat from his brow, made trouble with the plane know how to criticizing the way things axe going, the club house to tell ever 10---Franeo loam U. S $200 work all emergency comrols to land [ tell him I never saw a ball game won luck '. Remember, Vivian ~ 000, 1776. plane safely. So the aerial engineer by the noisy fellow in the bleachers who once worked in the 'q l~a~s his hands fuU but f, inds it a lot who s yelling at the umIfire and raz- C~.fe? She's now in Hawaii, ~ll--Lindb,roh awardod Dis- of fun, according to Bill. zing the players. Games are won by been there three yeaxs. Alth ]~ ~K ~i~2~ish d FIleL"Iql Cr ~ Bil! sent a number' of'pictures of the men in the field and the coachesmisses Santa Catalina l~landatl Melbourne and Brisbane; pictures of and capta~n,s who stand back of them.' fNends here, she loves Hawaii. ]~h,~l~ lg--l:~puli~t Petrt,/ founded, his B-25, with its terrifying painted That s plain, common sense, ian tells me through a letter 1890. face, flying in the clouds; of his If you want to get copies of theseWillard Sums lets her read Ms l~ .~t,X,!& TrooWofeommercocmd wash hanging between the ,tents, ofbooklets, send in to Joe Doakes, Room er. It has been reported here friendship td01aed with hi~ mascot--a pup which has to grow707, 2 West 43rd Street, New York Willard Sams Was among th =--~v Ecuador, 1839." a long time yet before he catches np City, and they will be sent to youwork party on Wake Island with his big paws. without cost. "I. recommend them be- bombing. But he is safe in 14---Adopt fl~ of 13 marz Roy Smith BM 2,c iu the Se.a Beescause I believe they will help you as Hawaii. So we can disregard mad strife, 1777. is at Oakland, California, where the they have helped me to speak up for port Someone tells me: climate is more to his liking than democracy and defendyour faith as man isn't a radical at 21, there'S l~---At0point Goorc~o Wash. Alaska was. He isn't doing anythingan American. thing" wrong with his heart, inotonZ comm~ndor-tn, chief. 1775. very exciting at the present time-- ~ isn't a conservi~tive at 41 just repairing boat engines, ton. Angel coming from, Mike goingsomething wrong with his head ~ 16---Ediaon porfoet, cylinder Mr. ~nd Mrs. Paul Hines spent sev- to Avalon to visit his family. Last week anvil-shaped thunder phono~rc~h, 1888. eral days with Paul, lr in L. A where. How many times have you heard loitered across the sky be "~ lie is a V-12 A at U.S.C. Next seines- s~olue one say, "If I just had the mon- Isthmus and Avalon, their ter he takes deck officer training,ey l'd do this or that to make things spreading a black shadow RED CROSS CERTIFICATES Paul likes his work very tnuch. Theeasier for my friends"---Surely that is beautiful Avadon valley, but TO BE AWARDED . course includes math, history, Eng-a worthy thought, but the matter the weather started with ----. lish and navigation. If a man doesn't unually ends with the expression of the our regular sunshine, and Mrs. Bertl~a Elseyl Chairmanof like to workthis courseis notfor ,idea. It takes imagination, as well as one hurried to the sandy ~urgical Dressings for the Long him. money, to see things that need doing, enjoy the lukewarm water Beach Area, American Red Cross, willLouis Cameron is 'back again at ' then doing something about it. Bay . . . Nurse Buck, tor so be in Avalon next Tuesday for a spec- Douglas, Arizona; where lie is trial When soldiers were first stationedthe Ca,talina Hospital .has ial meeting of the A~'alon Red Crossflight air corps mechanician, on the Island they had to live in pup her uniforms and moved to a Work Room. Martin "Goody" Hall, U. S. Marines,tents, with very few facili.ties. One at Atascadero, California, the finished his eight weeks at Boot Cmm~ wom~n in Avalon had the imaginatkmMr. and Mrs. D. M. Renton. At this meeting Mrs. Elsey will pre- ,in San Diego.He is now on his 13 derstand that Mr. Renton has sent certificates to workers who have to see th,at these boys would appreci- completed 100 hours in the work weeks of intensive training on motor ate a hot shower. So, without pub-quite sick and we hope and wt'~ room. Mrs. Elsey will also give in- mechanics, licity or fanfare, she quietly passed his good heMth. All Avaloa. ~tructions in a change dn the making Paul Whelan, SM 3c after nine the word to those most interested that good wishes Glenn Bascomb t of surgieM dre~ings, months training at Camp Farragut, they were welcome to come to her the new golf pro at" the Count The meeting wilt be held iu the So- Idaho, w:as transferred to San Diego. place at any hour of the day or night It was sadness for cial Hall of the Congregational His mother says that since he has to have a shower. She furnished hot Saturday, tile accidental been transferred to ~Kan Pedro tie h~s wa.ter and towels. They 'bring their ]4 year old Mexican boy in the Church, Tuesday evening, June 13, at beeu able to come over once to spend own scrap. The only requisite is they He passed away at the "Catalit 7:30 p.m. the night. While that is a short visit sign the registe~ ~he provided forIfital. The boy was a brol Buy W~ l=ONO$ it is nmch better than none at all.them. She now has one register filled Frank Marin (the barber) If you need cash for an emergency, Tony Gonzales from the S V. P.ac- --another half filled--and sold.iers are killed not long ago in an ;you can discuss your needs withou" ific writes Peggy Trosp, er that there still coming and welcome. On June Jack Harmon pl.ays pool like he. ,'x~bligation at Security,First National are hundreds of islands there, beauti- 1st one thousand eight hundred andgolf, trying to make a Birdie "~i]Vank. A $100 Personal Loaa, repay- ful beyond description. The tropical ~eventy-two men had t~aken advantage side pocket or a Hole in Oue able in 12 monthly installments, costs birds sound just like Bird Park at ~f the hospita,lity provided by this corners. Wonder if Jack you only $6. Proportionatecharges home. He says that the Australianskindly person. Army, Navy, U. 'S. he might h.ave played 't'or larger amounts.---Adv. " " arc rugged meu--that he is glad they ' Marines and Coast Guard are grate-Last of the row cheeks is Mat o- arc on our side. ful for the thoughtfuh~ess, o5 Mrs. sert wtro bcmght the Catalina Courtship, as every good soldier Stnl s that pass in the night"--An- Kooken. oN x0 vtcrc -ktn~ws, makes a fellow spoon ; marriage. ~cl and Mike Lopez, brothers who had BuY AN x'r~n BONO Nicknames of election as any husband can testify, makes a not seen each other for months, niet If you don't trade in Avaloll we all permitted o0. Missouri ellow fork over. in the Terminal building at Wilmiug-lose money. " "" Secretary of ~tate has