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June 4, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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June 4, 1924

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bN CATALINA ISLANDER ICiAL AND PERSONAL THE PASSING OF THE BUILDING! BUILDING! SERVICE FOR GRADUATES l Johnson entertained a few "WATER WAGON!" (Continued from Page 1. Column 4)Avalon's first high school graduation 10 !|t~th ~. ast Saturday in honor of his ByA. N. Inmate on the street "Music Row" might beis an important event, and efforts are 2 ~| mrthd; -~r an "~ We are off the Water Wagon! applied to it. being made to fittingly observe it. It at ~-' cl Mrs. W H Gill are againNo[ I do NOT mean that which C.G. Grant another orchestra marl,is customary everywhere for the grad- "U~e, an " ". you have in mind--either! also has taken a chance in the "sure- uates to have a sermon preached in for th d have thew hotels ready - thing" property of Avalon, on the Ma- their honor the Sunday before gradu- e reception of guests. Be it granted that The Owner hath gic Isle of this Pacific sea. ation, and the Avalon high school has de~iss Haze'e'~Young, a former resi- expendedtify Our Island!many LargeAs I SUmSremarkedtO beau-in a And the record of the day closed invited Rev. LaRue C. Watson to de- ~, Spent the week-end in Avalon.previous article--some time ago--The with the name H.M. Ahern--youknow liver the Baccalaureate sermon this ~a~y friends were glad to greet her. Owner spends Money with Right him better as "Mickey"--and his wife year. The service will be held in the ~irs -'----------------- Royal Abandon and Cheery Smiles-- is known as Mrs. "Mickey." W% un- Community (Congregational) Church is e-,' C. j. Dash of Clarressa avenue thus proving his Business Acumen! derstand that they have the first cot- at 7:00 p. m, next Sunday. The public N, "tertaining her mother and sister, But I warrant me that it hath cost rage west of Beacon street, is invited to attend, to thus honor the ~'.r~e~arY E. Beatty and Miss Marne him much Lucre to oust our Trusty, It is a g o~ly list--isn't it? graduates and show its interest in the atty ~f Los Angeles. Rusty, Lumbering and Clanking .... And don t forget that othersare public schools. The faculty and pupils building, of the Avalon schools will be consider- Water Wagon that---y~ar in and outThe new home of Mrs. Jean Strattoned as .guests of honor, with special T ~y' Lau~ the Camp --has plied down and up our Fair tUra~~ ~esort for young ladies, has re- Streets, gathering the Fifteen Cent'ses Porter, the talented author, on Cats- recognition of the graduating class. th~ _" to Catalina He announces that lina avenue, is nearing completion. It The sermon will, of course, be especi- . ~a.m where they grew--on Bottles! P will open July 1st. We shall all miss the Knight of the is a large, stately, two-story house re- ally appropriate to the occasion. ~ Water Wagon! "Curley" was a God- minding one of a comfortable eastern l~ s..Ruth-~Price, daughter of Billy send to the Ladies! On:his morninghome, with every modern convenience. A CHALK SERMON a beau,the popular barber, has opened rounds he always had the latest news Captain Claude Walton's house on Next Sunday is being generally ob- the haty shoppe in the room adjoining from the Water Front--and, as a East Whittley avenue, on the slope of .served by churches thruout thel nation ak, on Crescent avenue. Radiophile, believe me ...he was Avalon Hill, is now enclosed, and will ~ir a - ~ be ready for occupancy early in the as "Children's Day," when numberless ~'t n~l Mrs Theo J Hindin and THERE!! services will be conducted, for, by, and 't" "taUrice were we k nd vt it While water gurgled fromthe Tank summer. ,a~ FIo-- e -e s ors at The comfortable two-story house about children. The Avalon Congre- SVer f:~elt St. Catherine. They will be he was wont to discuss the Programs which the Oberleys are building ongational Church will fittingly observe the day in the service at 10:30 a. m. he summer, as usual, from POMP, or the relative merits of Catalina avenue, next to Bunnell s is a There will be a few numbers by the "~Irs G ~ a Super-Blooey hook-up, as compared notable addition to that fine residence apt~i~." .eorge W. Greene has been to a NitRoDinkus. children, but the committee in charge ~t~ti~ted.delegate to the General Fed- If a Good Lady could not find her section. has sought to vary the program this "l'hursd_t Womens Clubs,- and leaves $0.15 "just where she had put it," "Cur- The Waldeman, of Riverside, Cal., year by asking the pastor to deliver a hita~ia~Y for Los Angeles, where the ley" was always willing to proceed on new home on Whittley avenue, op- short sermon, illustrated by making : ' COnvention will be held. Faith--and the manner in which he posite the Hotel Catalina, of Spanish crayon drawings as he talks. All the ~r. a ~'---- ' juggled those heavy bottles about architecture, is about ready for occu- pupils of the church school are expect- ~ea.~ ncl Mrs. W. H. Greig have ought to put him in either Dempseypancy, and completes a row of three ed to attend this service, but it should li~a avethe Spanish Kitchen, on Cats- or Strangler Lewis' class! new homes in that sightly location, also be of special interest to adults. tati0a ~v~ue' They earned a good repu- Ah me! Times -- Tides -- Electric George A. Hart's fine two-story th,~ Mle servin~ di n rs at the Is Light Plants--Water Works--Hotels-- summer home, on the corner of Cata- Judge J. W. Ballard and wife are at t 'uus, ann o .n e - uarge, u last summer on the fishing everything changes rapidly in Our lina avenue and Beacon street, is rap- their home on East SideTerrace. With City, and always beneficially--be it idly nearing completion. Mr. Hart is them are O. T. Scholl and wife of San PAGE SEVEN j A Char ~agg lu.~ing affair was the Mah ~eed .~'"yaeon given by Mrs. Fred H. ave~ltle?t her new home on Crescent ~rated"i The tables were prettily dec- tlerfuI ~.n orange and blue The won- ~h' Vlew . _, J~Yed L OVerlooking the ocean was ~ILlh rn~ u.y the following guests and ~4atrVill, ert A. Douglas, Mrs. H. l, tFIeary;~ TM Clara Laurance, Mrs. y~rs. ~ -v~Osier, Mrs. C. U. Bunnelle, V ~ak~Orge W. Greene, Mrs. Robert ."' FI x,' ~rs. Charles Patrick, Mrs, 'rod ~_vani-li~ss, Mrs. M. B. Dunkle 'rt ~a~SerCharles j. Dash. Mrs. Rob- made high score. having become an Inmate of Our Lovely Island ! And we have also passed from Hard Drink--to Soft--which is as it should be! Honi soit qui real y pense! SELAH ! ! Miss Florence Feltrop returned from the mainland Sunday, where she had spent three days getting her gradua- tion costume, etc. Mrs. M. J. Cartwright is occupying the cottage at 222 Descanso avenue. and expects to remain all summer. Watch the world come to Catalina. new home thereon. It is located at the corner of Crescent avenue and Hill street. The property was formerly owned by. the Rev. C. H. Wilson of Los Angeles. Mr. Eiehbaum, it will be remembered, is the proprietor of the Catalina Jaunting Car Company, which runs busses to the Hotel St. Catherine, sight-seeing cars, and also auto trips to the Isthmus. And there are others--and yet oth- ers--and some which are not yet ready to be announce~d. Avalon is growing--and will continue to grow. Watch the world come to Catalina[ 21p For Rent--Cottage by the year. Se C. B. Parker, Parker Court. $5000 FOR DEATH $85 mo, Every sickness, accident cov- ered. Women, men, 16 to 70. Coat $24 year. Old Reliable Co., 213 S. Broad- way, Room 215. Agents wanted. Catalina House and Window Ci~m- er~--Electric vacuum machines rented. Fullerton, Phone 32. 17tf For Sal~--New sailing skiff, com- plete with large, new sail, oars and centerboard. Extremely fast in the lightest breezes. See Major Lawrence Mort, Avalon, Cal., for photographs and price. 14 e~Sidr~ey W..'7-~ noted! I only hope that the World one of the owners of the .Rosslyn Ho- Jose, California. Mr. Scholl is a bro- w,_ ,. t, toot of Los Angeles does not cease its predeliction for "P- tel in Los Angeles, and has made ather of Mrs. Ballard, and though a his Av~ver the other day and is having K's" and the Rest of the Gum Family! fortune by intelligent investments in resident of this state for sixty three ~ a,,_~ala cottage, Idlewild, on Claris- For were it to refrain from the Inter- real estate in that city. years, this is his'first visit to Avalm~ e, PUt in shape for the sum- national Pastime of JEw Exercising, ~ The framework for A. L. Laurence's Both Mr. and Mrs. Scholl are charmed italist ,fis brother, a Paso Robles cap- Avalon would be .... AINT! home, on the corner of Eucalyptus and with the beauty of Sea, bay, mountains . , is ; . v6th th Wtth h~m, and is captivated So, every time that a person is oh- Tremont avenues, is about completed, and city ..... e Charms of ~ Catalina Island. served happily masticating, this self- and by another week the building will :"-'----- observation should be made--soto- probably all be enclosed. Subscribe now--$2per tear. , voice, of course: "Go to it, my friend! Grading for the Band Box Theatre, THE ISLANDER ADLET$ If you and others, like you, will chew to be built at the corner of Crescent earnestly, seriously, intently and with and Marilla avenues, was in progress ADLET RATES--Ten cents per line enthusiasm for the next Ten Years,last week. per issue. Minimum charge', 25 eta. we shall have a motor road all around Work on the fine clubhouse for the the island! Carry on!" Catalina Yach't Club is being pushed, For Sale--Gas Range, high oven; used only three months. Must be seen , Joi~n ge John M. York, Carl Computing in terms of Hon. Gum, I that it may be ready for the opening to be appreciated. Address 111 Islan- 0S~r Ls_a, R. B. Jump, Jack Tehen, calculate that some 15,000,000 Inhabit- some time this month, der office. 21-22 ~Wler and J. E. Sullivan. ants of these Chew-Nited States as- ~hr sisted Financially in supplying us with A new Fish Market is being built For Exehamga..--Will trade my Rive~- th elIh.ah~group of Blue Birds, with the New Water--more power to 'em.on the pleasure pier. side orange property for Avalon prop- hok aeta.d,er, Mrs. George W. Greene, Every Gum Addict means a Bigger, The, foundations for L. R. Wads-erty; value $20,000. Address 994 Pine t~r :. rake to Holl n 1 _ da~, ta'-" y Ca yon ast Sat- Better, more Booming Avalon--so itworth s new house, on the East Side street, Riverside, California. 21-22-p ~r, aaa'qng with them a picnic sup- is decidely up to us ... Inmates... to Terrace, are ready for the superstruc- qarris~,~ report a good time. Lois Foster the Habit in Alland Sundry!ture, Janitor Want~l---For Congregational ,~resea~-'" told a fairy story. Children This New-Style Water of Ours can George Foster of Hollywood has Church. Apply to Chas. H. Smith, Is- ~10. " Were u " lander office. 21 ~,. Sler, t. J anna Gmrastch, Betty safely be used for Anything for which purchased a lot on the East Side Ter- v.t~let x~,'~ts Harrison, Mary Conrad, Water is usually used -- includingrace, not far from the home of Captain Wanted--Lady will take charge of ,~ie (~fVatson, Georgia Coleman, El- Shampoos, Shaves, Bathing (of all W.L. Spurgin. He purposes to buildproperty in return for rent. Address /S% '~rk, K ~. tt x, athryn Dunkle, Isabellsorts) and Stilling--or so'I am inform- a home there in the near future. Box W, Catalina' Islander Office. 21p t-,ate:: "taxine Carson Irene Hoover ed (more or less correctly). H.W. Eichbaum of Venice has pur- For Sale---~X't., five-horse Oqth~ HOOver, Ida Williams and In fact, it is the most Useful Water chased a sightly lot in Avalon, and power engine, with skiff and newmoor- ue Brown. with which I have been intimate since contemplates the early erection of a ings, see Harry Warner, Pleasure Pier.