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June 4, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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June 4, 1924

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PAGE FOUR ' 6# (Sunshine Psychology Service) (In memory of our late friend, Harry EUington Brook, N. D., who for many years was editor of a special column published in the maga- zine section of the Los Angeles "Times," which he called "Care of the Body," this column, "Care of the Mind," is respectfully dedicated.) Some persons have recently disa- greed with our statement that motive is one of the most powerful forces in the human Urge. They contend that desire is more powerful than motive. Perhaps it is! Motive is the intent with which we do things. Anyway, what is their motive for disagreeing? Is it the desire to pose as authorities on psychology and to appear "high-brow?" No person de- sires (motive?) to disagree with any statement just for the purpose of ap- pearing disgruntled, dissatisfied and mentally inharmonious. Who desires to be "grouchy ?" And from what motive ? Back of our desires to publish a sunshine psychology column is the motive to be helpful, reconstructive and to stimulate harmonious thoughts. We want to stress the fact that the human ufind needs as nmch care and attention as does an injured limb, or a finger that has beqn jabbed with a fish hook. "Very often when I am reading a book, my thoughts wander off in a different place altogether," said a man to us the other (lay. Then he asked: "How can I concentrate my mind on the book ?" We immediately asked the man how he had kept his question in nfind; and how he expected us to answer him? Our desire was to "dodge the ques- tion," but our motive was to be con- structive and helpful, so we answered as follows : "Supply a motive for reading the book. Read for information, enter- tainment, education, or for criticism. The man or woman without a motive allows the imagination and desire to absorb most of the mental energy, while the mind, realizing the valu.e of motive, harnesses that Urge. Motive 'sufficiently strong enough permits nothing to interfere until the object or end has been attained. Motive often rejects reason, advice and wise coun- sel ! "For instance: The motive is to pos- sess a thousand dollars, for some pur- pose. Every other craving is thrust aside. The person just refuses to spend money ..... So it is with read- ing books. Find a motive for reading the book and subconsciously, as it were, comes some mental plan to carry out your motive." Probably one of the causes for our differences of opinion is the misun- derstanding of words and terms. There are many words found in psychology research work that puzzle the editor of this column. Given sufficient mo- tive, we could find their meaning. That little simple word "idea" means nothing to most of us, but when the idea becomes an ideal and the ideal turns out to be an invention worth a couple of millions of dollars; well, that's different! Yet, it all started in the motive that refused to let any other thoughts or desires interfere with its purpose. THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND "The subconscious is the source of our mystic powers," writes Henry Knight Miller, editor of the Psychol- ogy Magazine. "This is all the 'oc- cult' you get out of this course, tho telepathy, thought transference, is now so clearly established as fact that it is in the realm of demonstrable fact. It is entirely possible for you to trans- fer your thought to another individ- ual just as clearly as if you had spo- ken a word. "The mind of one individual .as a radio-sending station, sends the mes- sage which under certain proper con- ditions is picked up by the subcon- scious of another, as a receiving sta- tion. You can speak to people, cure them, help them, without audibly speaking a word." Dr. Miller then gives some interest- ing data on the theory of "Cell Con- sciousness." "You can begin to see then how sug- gestion works," continues the doctor. "What we have been trying to do is to lay a foundation so that you can get the philosophy back of suggestion. Take Cone's 'Day by day and in every way I am getting better and better.' That is actually so. People who are ignorant, laugh. Even more highly educated people who are ignorant of this particular phase of law, say, 'non- sense.' ..... "There is really no limit to the ap- plication of this law. The subconscious mind sends its instructions to every cell in the body and the community of cells co-operate to achieve the results desired." Subscribe now--S2 per year. RAREST OF SEA SHELLS Science Service One of the rarest of sea shells in the world is called the "Glory of the Sea." In shape and appearance it sug- gests an unfolding rosebud. Only twelve to fourteen are represented in collections today. Three specimens of this beautiful mollusk were found in 1838 by a British scientist on a Philip- pine coral reef. A few weeks later the reef was destroye'l by an earthquake. Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina. Write to the Catalina Light Tackle Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, for information about sea angling. AVALON CHURCHES Catholic Church services: Sunday Masses, 8 and 10 a. m. Sunday even- ing devotions, 7:30 p. m. Week day Mass, 7:30 a. m. Christian Science Society services at their bungalow meeting house, 222 Metropole avenue, Sunday at I1 a. m. Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Wednes- day evening service at 8 p. m. It tg It Congregational Church Services Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; Worship and Sermon, 10:30 a. m.; Christian Endeavor, 6:00 p. m.; Worship and Sermon, 7:00 p. m.; Mid-week Service 7:00 p. m., Wednesday. Everyozle is eordially invited to all services. PSYCHOLOGY AND FISH By K. V. Bemis Lately I've been readin' a lot about physic-analysis and the sub-unconscious mind. I like to fish and hunt best of anything, so when anything new comes up I always see how it fits in with them things. I've got it figured that the sub-un- conscious mind is the thing that makes some fellers shoot so blamed good; they visualize the bullet hittin' the mark and the sub-conscious mind takes hold and---Bingo !--she hits-her ! Some fellers that seem to know, say that Buffalo Bill was the greatest natural pointer that ever lived; which goes to show that he let the sub. take charge. My research work has caused me a lot of trouble trying to keep up to date. I give up on physic-analysis. At the Literary they told me to get the books at the drug store. Well, I don't believe in pryin' into other people's business anyway, so I let it drop. [ told the Druggist I was going to study the sub-conscious mind and see if [ had one. Well, sir, his advice was not to give it much study, and that made me lose the biggest fish I ever caught. One of the outin' magazines offered a prize for the biggest trgut caught in 1922. I figured if Buffalo Bill worked the sub. on buffalo I could work it on fish. I went to the lake with two poles, lines and hooks, and baited them the same. "Now," says I, "this pole in my left hand is up to you, Sub., and I will take care of the one in my right hand." Well, purty soon I got a strike and set the hook, dropped the other pole, and the fight Was on. The fish went up wind for a good fifty yards and then I coaxed him back. He broke water three times near the boat and I saw he was a big one. The fourth time, he jumped clean over the boat, knock- ed my hat off and dove with it on. Well, then I got to thinking how fine nay scheme had worked, but danged if I could remember which pole I had caught him on. While I was trying to figure it out the pole commenced to get that lifeless feeling--you know what I mean--and I reeled in slow and she felt blamed queer, and when I got her up where I could see, the only thing on the hook was that dang- ed hat.--Outdoor America. The St. Louis Sporting News is ou sale at Windle's Ne~s Stand. Your Wants Smoothly Attended To at the ATWATER HOTEE "As Good as the Best, Better Than the Rest" BILLIE PRICE, Proprietor Sumner Avenue, Avalon, California PACIFIC AWNING CO, AWNINGS, AND TENTS AUTO COVERS, CANVAS Repairs Attended to PHONE 615-257 FOURTH ~ PACIFIC LONG BEACH AVALON ~RANCH 367 SUMNER AV. THE CATALINA Relieves that over: eaten |eeUng and mefa molth. S bd b. REXALL Shaving The Perfect Finish for a Close Shave 35 CENTS AVALON DRU0 405 Crescent Avenue LYLE PENDEGAST Attorney at 622 Stock Exchange Building 639 So. SPRING ST. Los Angeles Phone VAndike The Catalina Islander will correspondence on problems of ~ chological nature. ERNEST WINDLI Notary LoEal Documente Promptly Executed News Stand, Opp. Boos Bros. Roofs Repaired Phone Avsloa C.'C. W.B. 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