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May 25, 1944     The Catalina Islander
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May 25, 1944

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PAGE FOUR THE CATALINA Liners 10 per Line, Minimum 25 /,dP, Entered as Second.Clams Matter IEa~b $1. L914, t the ~ostOy~lce at Avalon, CMif "under the Acli of M~trch $, 11179. : . ~ ~ 2. The cosmmu of the Idud~ m~ emma tO the Ee~q.~d public, ~ aay ed[ ~he ~l- iOv~l~g ~Ub~1~. tt~ LOC~ ]PniJt~cs and e ramen~ Fis~, Huntin~j and Camping. Items of I~CA~ news- interest will lye greatly appre~te~ volunteer for WAAC J942 -2g--CommlssJon Andrew lackson Ma~or~3eneral. 1814. brothers follow Colorado river to Santa Fe. 1739. ~1--1~00 RAF bombers bl.=t i Colo~e, 1942. Kentucky" to Union, 1792: ~-~--Bell discovers princil;le d telephone, 1875. t~rv~'w -,e.~=.-- P. T. A. KINDERGARTEN NOTICE On petition of parent~ or guardians, who are certain they will be in Avalon during the next school year, the Ava- lon school will endeavor to secure a teacher for children of kindergarten age. The requirements are: That the child will be four amd one-half to six years of age on or before September l l, 1944; have birth certificate verify- ing age ; that enrollment will number 23 and that the child will definitely be in Avalon. If-you are interested please call as soon as possible the office of Avalon Schools. telephone 440; or Mrs. R. E. Humphries, telephone 629. ANNOUNCEMENT --.----.-- , Mrs, R, S. McGarry announces the ,mgagement of her daughter Betty J~ae ~o Mr. Lee Hamilton, of Los Angeles. Mr. Hamilton is with the Security- ~!~h'st National Bank, Los Angeles. :;ince the war, Miss Betty has been .mkin~ her home at 1036 South Menlo ~enue, Los Angeles. ;The wedding will take @ace the la~- ~ ~" part of July. --A~'OJ.:)IA O.L NO'~"~ A-. 4vertlsing is the inse0arable com- tr.hm ot Imstness success g2 LIUII I THE CLEARING HOUSE picture there and ,tad enjoyed mensely. Manuel is wearing the t~ trnlwrlrJ,lg.kwJll l~w'~"k[~l/'l~:{i(t"~'N~l . By Eva Chandler Star which he was awarded for Mr. attd Mrs. Abe Perluss" returnedtional bravery last November 0"~" ~ Thnrsdav from Los Angeles where Augusta Bay area. He is now they were with their son Norman, who after an engagement at F, mut 2<. was there on a ten day furlough. Nor- land near -New Guinea. Aval~ ("~'~ / "~ man r etnrned to San Angels, Texas, reason to be proud of M znuel ~ where he is taking advanced training Tony Gonzales wrote his wil in a bombardier school, he could not imagine such a b! Rt0y Woodruff took advantage of ~lace as the island where he ts his liberty this week nd by having an ]-Ie told of a rainbow against ~ old fashioned case of tonsolitis when geously colored hank of clouds at he came home. Ray is on the U.S. light, of the coral reefs, and the Coast Guard Boat 331 and has been hess of the coral. The cockatOO fortunate in being able to get home to cans and white parrots in the Avalon now and then. sound llke the Bird Park in In last week's column the letter de- As a contrast to the jungle fil scribing Casa Blanca so vividly wasJames Hodson s-znt Iris mother written by Orman Carter to his faro- pictures of the Aleutian Islands fly here. he is. One shows a high bleak ,~ After some weeks building up at tain .covered with snow, not a Castle Hot Springs, Arizona, Captain a shrub to break the monotonY. "k[ail, Hail, tbe gang's was there. It Bob lones is back in active serviceforeground of the picture number of soldiers resting in the American again. He has been assigned to the was.'~talina Island Post, 137, " " Legion, to clean the Avalon Cemetery Ferry Command at Long Beach. Jim wrote his mother that got of dried weeds, for it was clean-up Mrs. Ahna O~'erholt had good news the mess hall took all the time in this city. Many Legion mere- from two sons this week. Cpl. Ted durance the men had--The bers were among the detail, and ninny Sierks was one of top three men in a almost stronger than they were, c~ther citizens and Boy Scouts were class of 88 in aviation mechani.cs at .going back to their houses it good enough to help in this vast job. Memphis, Tennessee. Lt. Miles Over-beinff snapped there by a huge r Catalina Island Post can only thank holt, Jr. wrote that where he was on band. The thaw is on and the those, who, without hesitation joined an island in the Pacific there was no is everywhere. The in the clean-up group and worked with beet, no lights, no nothing. He told built a gym for them so he sent vigor. Legion Adjutant and Police of how the natives had formerly dyed for some basketball shoes, whi Sergeant George Kirk was in chargetheir hair red, but when they foundcan't get anymore. It's a fax Of the detail and did a very grand job, peroxide made blondes, they beseiged the frozen waste lands of the to gather a group of over 25 men who the doctors, begging for the magic fans it seems to the jungles worked hard to do their part, and a fluid that made them creatures gentle- South Seas, but Avalon has deed well done. There is no charge to nten prefer. However in this instance, atives wherever there is need bury one in this cemetery and it seems I doubt there would be much choice In 1942, over one hundred and to nte that those who have loved ones between blonde or red-head, years after the first Purple there shou.ld make some provision to It seems to Maggie Hernandez that awarded to Sergeant Bissett care for these graves, he has been in Italy for years instead neeticut, one of his direct Things and things of month~. He likes the Italians who also of Oannecticut, was cited It has been some time since I met are very friendly, but the povert) that ceive this same badge of up for a gadfest with an oldtimer of exists there, with children begging for heroism while participating in Avalon about persons and things, un- bread, is getting on his nerves. Tony ial flight over Guadalcanal on til today. I thought as I listened and Hernandez has been in San FrancisconoCn of January 10th, Sgt. exchanged views, how scenes shi4t in with the Coast Artillery for the past though severely wounded the report of this person and that. It two years. It is inaction that is get- return to his guo station. For is, after all, the old drama of life. ting on his nerves orious action in the face of the Many who have had Avalon in their Allison Gildner nas just returned my--the Order of the Purple hearts and helped it in many ways are from a short visit with Huncey. who is To the ragged coats of the gone. Dickens and Thakery would stationed at Tide Lake Camp, Call|or- had distinguished themselves bY have seen it all, better than the rgst nia. Thelast time Allison was up there cry at Valley Forge, George of us, no doubt, and would have set it the Japs staged an uprising, but this ton had pinned heart shaped down in enduring volumes. Ups and time they, having learned their lesson red flannel. d~wns, and sunshine and, paraphrasing then, behaved very nicely. Sgt. Bissell had pretended to Major Bowes. "around and around she Tillie Machado Gonzales has re- and joined Benedict Arnold goes, and where she stops nobody ceived word that her husband t~ennie he obtained the information knows." All we have to do is sit quiet- Gonzales is en route somewhere ,from Washington. To reward this ly and enjoy the ride. No use growing Camp Breckenridge, N.Y. this dangerous mission weary. There's a long rest at the end Salvador Reves is in the Aleutians-- complished, Washington drew a of the trip Now, just in case the Mike Reyes "is the postman for his of a small heart on a piece o: new City Manager wants to earn some company now stationed in Montana. From his desk he took a roll of the big money, he can fix the This past winter Mike really learned sprigged silk designed for a ~ street light in the 300 block on Des- what clear weather is, but he enjoyed given him by a French friend. canso street. 'It's out and terribly dark. the sports the cold brought. John the paper pattern he cut two I never pass or look toward the inspir- Reyes, Coast Artillery, finds Hawaii hearts from the silk, asking his ing and gigantic block of cement and very much like home. bind them with ~. gold cord stone known as the Casino withou, t re- Carlos Maya and Vernon Lopez are row frill of lace. The result calling what a young Maritime Service now en-route overseas. They received have been a valentine or a pin-c~ trainee, apparently fresh from thetheir glider infantry training at Camp but was the first honored badge farm, said, the first time he gazed at Po!k, La. Purple Heart. This badge was i this structure. After a reverent in- Angel Lopez is home on a furlough, ten after the Revolution until spectic, n of its enormity, he remarked He is in Radio and Signal Corps. Mike dent Herbert Hoover r, evived t to his similarly bewildered pal: "Dad- Lopez is still at Camp Ix)ckett but ex- der to be issued to heroes of burn it Mate, woudn't she hold a wad pects to leave soon as the camp is be- War I. The medal that the of hay The most bored and try- ing converted into a hospital. Sgt. Bissell wears is not like that ing to look dignified expressions I've Tulagi, in the S. Pacific has a saw-by his ancestor, but is a heart ever seen a.re those who sit in the pri- 'mill which is operated by Pastor Lo- medal suspended on a lmrple ate box at the Riviera Theatre pcz's company. Alfonso Lopez is rest- ribbon. When my wife wants to see me beam,ing in Italy after hard fighting, while BUY AN EXTRA BOND she announces beaten round steak with Jesse has completed his air trainingMARITIME DAY cream gravy for dinner . . . Eddy, our and expects to be shipped out soon only butcher is the most popular man A fragrant bouquet of red roses National Maritime Day was in town with the ladies, and tries hard (sent by a mainland florist) told th~ throughout the nation last to satisfy everyone, yet there are a mother of Manuel Machado that he executive order of the President few who want special privileges they rementbered it was Mother's Day. ButUnited States. know are impossible, When F~Idy in- to make the day perfect he sent her a Suitable ceremonies in honor forms them hc can't accommodate beautifully worded letter. The rosesmen who go down to the sea ~ them, they are vexed . . . There is no will fade, but not their memory. Thewere arranged from coast to greater waste of time than to readletter she will always treasure, to re- In recognition of National without thinking Yot~tb is a won- read, when mail service is slow. Joe LMy, U. S. M. S. T. S. A~'alon'~ derful thing, but it is too bad they . [achado wrote his mother of the to-coast broadcast "We waste it on children . . . Phil Hines, special mass that had been given for Goods", last Sunday, had as former Avalon bank teller has become the Air Force personnel down in theguests Deputy Administrator the father of twins . Jack Dickie South Pacific, while Frank sent 1tic, War Shipping Administration, tnade a "Birdie" two times on No. 6 tures showing" him wearing h0avily Macauley; and Merchant Marine on the golf course, and on Monday padded coat and fur-lined shoes in Arthur: Ashman, five-time hero morning. That's realty something . . . Alaska. Sgt. Ramon Machado is now On Monday special Nothing stirs wanderlust like the S.S. iu Wihnington. Though they may be held at the Bihmore Bowl, A~alon uosing (n|t to opeit sea. scattered to the four'winds, now the es. Th,; address was given -----ON zo v,cronv coming of peace will find the Math-Admiral John W. Greensdale, Security-First National Bank makesado brothers heading for Avalon. ('cast Co-ordinator of Naval Einergency loans for personal a.'ld huagine seeing "Madame Curie" in The Avalou USMS Band, family needs. Ask for a free folder the South Seas! Manuel Maya wrote direction of Lt. Kurt Roberts at the. braneh today.--Adv. Miss ('arolyn Gross that he sa.~ the pated in the program.