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May 21, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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May 21, 1924

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA BOY SCOUTS TO HOLD BIG CONTEST AT PASADENA Every man, woman and child in this community are invited to be the guests of the Pasadena District Council, Boy Scouts of America, at the Pasadena Rose Bowl (stadium) on Saturday, June 7th. On that day will be the annual Out- door Boy Scout contest, in which 60 troops, making over 1300 scouts, in- eluding those from our own commu- nity, will compete. From 10 to 12 o'clock in the fore- noon will be mass games and sports. The contest will start promptly at I o'clock, and the public are invited to be there between 12 and 1 p. m The events in this contest, which will be snappy and interesting, include the following: Inspection of troops, Bugling, a novel contest in semaphore signalling, Scout pace, Wall scaling, and perhaps the three most exciting events will be the Equipment race, Water-boiling contest and the Archery contest. In addition to these events will be demonstrations by individual troops, which will be of extreme interest. There will be 65,000 free seats, and every scout who has friends, and the general public, are cordially invited to attend. This event is of such magnitude that already photographers and moving picture people are asking for exclusive rights to take pictures of the events. It is interesting to note that, nation- ally, Scouting is growing by leaps and bounds. During the months of March and April there were 106,646 Scouts registered at the National Headquart- ers, as compared with 73,880 for the same two months last year. This makes a grand total membership of the Boy Scout organization of the United States of 662,487 scouts and leaders. This number includes 52,857 Lone Scouts, who were recently con- solidated with the Boy Scant organiza- tion. GUNFIRE FALLS TO KILL FISH By Science Service Sacramento, May 19.--That fish, con- lrary to popular superstition, are not frightened or killed by heavy gunfire, is reported by an observer for the California Fish and Game Commission who was on the United States Battle- ship Idaho during fleet battle practice off the California coast. The heaviest guns of the fleet were fired at inter- vale for hours and over a large area of the ocean, yet during the thick of the firing no fish were seen to jump from the water as frightened fish do, nor was a single dead fish found after- wards. It is explained that the vibrations of the air produced by sound above water are not transmitted to the water to any appreciable extent. Severe shocks under water, such as those due to mine explosions, kill fish, but they are ap- parently little affected by detonations above the surface. Messrs. Henry and John Boos, of Boos Bros. Cafeteria, were Island vis- itors Sunday, to make preparations for opening their place of business on Crescent avenue. "We expect to open about June 15th," said Henry Boos. "I never saw the Island looking any better than it does today. The Cata- linaIsland Company is to be congrat- ulated upon the excellent work that has been done the past winter." Subscribe now--S2 per year. A MENTAL DALLY DOZEN Sunshine Psychology Service Have you ever witnessed the action of "slipping gears" in an auto- mobile, or observed the spinning rear wheels on a slippery thorough- fare? Pathetic, isn't it? And the driver is helpless! Most men and women of average education, mentally imitate that "uncontrolled automohle" at least a dozen times a day. Their Thoughts get in a whirl. They mentally grab at this and that for support, so that they can "light-foot" to some place of mental safety. The whirl- ing mind, if you will clarify the atmosphere without argument, is very much like the automobile With its spinning wheels. Motion without progress ! We all exercise and diet to improve our bodies. We breathe, deeply to gain more power and energy for the supreme physical effort. We breathe methodically to check the throbbings of Qur over-strained physical muscles. On our feet are shoes of certain shape and size; our bodies are clothed with non-irritating materials, and our hats rest' gently (if not gracefully) like the cover on a well-packed trunk. But, what is under the hat? What impulses, desires, motives? Jumping from the sanitary couch we rush into the bathroom. Morning exercises. At breakfast, diet. In business, system. What of the mind? That silent set of gears that acts as the "bal- ance wheel" to human action! Will they stand the constant strain? Take off your hat and ask yourself the following questions: One--What was most constant in my thoughts yesterday? Two-Did 1 do anything that my fellow man would c~nsider a "friendly turn ?" Three--Was I pleased with any words of praise or commendation given to me? Did 1 pass them on? Four--If success is realized by carrying out the highest and nob- lest of human ideals, what causes so many failures? Five--Did l "oil" the wheels of my mental machinery with the soothing influences of sincerity, courage, vision, purpose, desire and worthy motives? Six--if man assembles his ideas, thoughts, impulses, aspirations, and energy before he "acts," is he conserving his mental power and using it to the best possible advantage? Make up a dozen of such or similar questions. It does not matter HOW you answer your questions. Ask them? The correct answers will "come" when you are familiar with all the details of your own motives, impulses, desires, purposes, expectations, visions; in other words, when you KNOW YOURSELF. Every man and woman can be a specialist in his or her own meth- ods. Practice a "Daily Mental Dozen," and note the wonderful results for consentration, confidence, character, and mental power and pro- gress. Why open the windows of a house and then paint the face to keep the fresh air away? Why "detour" the influences of upbuilding mo- tives, desires and ideals? Man creates nothing! The forces that are the cause of man's existence on earth were here before man came. Use them. Used properly, these forces are sunshine for all human action ! hat Is dvertisinff? Advertising is nothing more or less than salesmanship. By advertising you sell to several hundred people at one time instead of to the single individual. Advertising does not belong to the realm of magic. It is ability to talk of the product in plain, honest and straightforward terms that ap- peal to the reason and desires of the people whose trade is sought. How do you advertise? There are no end of ways in which you may advertise; there is the bill-board, the circular, the poster, the window display, the circular letter, the personal letter, by word of mouth, and the newspaper, the best method of them all. What does advertising do for you?--All advertising is in- tended to create good will for the product or service adver- tised. Your advertising should create good will for your store throughout your trading aera and thereby incrmum the volume of your business or your annual THE CATALINA ISLANDER "For Catalina and Catalina's People All the Time" AVALON, CATALINA ISLAND, CALIFORNIA THE SUBMARINE THE MARINE GARDENS,; scribed by the eloquent editor Parisian journal, "Le Huret: "Floating over green water in the glass-bottom sees the goings and comings of life. The boatman names to marine plants and the fish, you the different depths One tounded; one questions; one Here are shell-encrusted rockS; red, green and gold, urely among the waving seaweeds gracefully balancing. the tide; on the clear bottom tl~e throws beautiful reflections. real trees with long branches as on land by a tempest; all shapes appear as in an aquarium; the sea stars (star shine in the shadows of the then more luxuriant foliage, bearing clusters of fruit the olive One would think these~ fertile fields suddenly a tempest. Leaning over the encies in the bottom of the bo~tS, people go into ecstacies." A party of eastern tourists mented as follows: "Next Grand Canyon, the Catalina gardens are the most interesting we have seen." The marine gardens are shown and by night. In the spring of 1! H. Patrick, president of the Santa lina Island Company completed meats on board the glass botto~ Empress, which enabled him to n i marine gardens at night. S:xtee , thousand candle power searchlights encased in pontoons attached to of the vessel, and these lights into the water for a depth of one tired feet with a radius of two feet. Night time being the time many varieties of fish feed, the on these trips see many marine on the bed of the ocean as well as hundreds of different varieties at ration. Among the marine specimens may be viewed through the clear taline waters on the lava-like ale: KELP AND MOSSES Iodine Kelp Sea Grape Kelp Giant Bulb Kelp Ribbon Kelp Rainbow Kelp Chenille Moss Irish Moss Feather Boa l~st Ruby Moss Feather Moss Red Alga Sponge Moss Sea Lichen Heather Moss Bridal Veil Moss Coral Moss FISH AND SHELLFISH Garibaldi, or Octopus Golden Perch Sea Cucumber Blue Perch Sea Hare Blue Eyed Perch Sea Pnrcupine Silver Perch Jellyfish Wall Eyed Perch Sunfish Rock Bass Tiger Shark Opal Eyed Bass Sheepshead Striped Bass Moray Eel Raffish Abalone Kelpfish Crawfish Candlefish Sand Crab Whitefish Starfish Sculpin Keyhole Limpet Ghostfish Sea Anemone We made an awful mistake when stated last week that Frank the chief clerk at Windle's N' Stand, was to take a vacation. we meant to say was that he had painting to do at home. He also "Do not change my ad this I got a new lot of those pipes that I am selling at fifty they are worth more." 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