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May 16, 1946     The Catalina Islander
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May 16, 1946

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA ISLAN, DER THURSDAY, MAY Published by the Students of Avalon High School and Edited by the Eleventh and Twelfth Year English Classes VOLUME XX THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1946 Nosin' Around BY THILERS O. K. men, three rousing cheers ~for Congress and the first of July! Pretty fast five minutes, watt? Now if they of the $15,000 bracket (plus) will get their beards out of their soup long enough to act equally fast over the OPA and the loan to Britain, it might relieve the public of the pres- There's Been Some Changes Made "By gawd, have I been drinking", said Joe Cub Fan, as he took his bare feet off the shoulders of the spectator in front of him and disposed of his gum--,Spearmint, of course. "Last time I saw the Cubs play, Lowery was in left field, Cavaretta was at ffirst, Mu- ent bad taste in its mouth. ~ relto was playing short-stop and John- " "n Just think: Here s our country m "~on was at second. My gawd, I know the pit of a moral depression, and Her- I~ve been drinking." man continues to .blow as usual. "REDLANDS, April 27 Gerald E. Upton, Dale Eber and Bob Thilers, seniors at Avalon High School, were among the 800 high school seniors who attended University Day at the University of Redlands today" That little gem came through tne courtesy of the U. of Redlands News Service. "Thilers". Ha] As if I don't write my name plain- ly enough for ANYONE to read He's MGM's "Publicity'--the finest in the land. His name is Mac Namara, but he don't lead no band. And at's da ttmth, tew. Russell Crouse, playwright and co- author of "State of the Union", was asked what message he would deliver if he were on a coast-to-coast net- work hookup reaching every radio in the U. S and had only ten seconds be- fore an enormous atomic bomb was to blow, up the entire land. Crouse was quiet for a moment, then said: "The next voice you will hear, will be that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt!" -O PUT MY NAME ON IT TOOl I GOT NERVE ENOUGH TO BY NOTPU (Vas you mebebe ex- pectlnk Vestmiaister ~bie) SPRING AND SUMMER Spring is here; winter's expired. This is the season young men's hearts are fired with streams and flowers, and birdses and beeses, And balmy springtime's balmier breezes. Yes, spring is here; the *world is hummin', And soon the summertime's a comin'. But. young man, don't plan on those, warm sunny beaches, 'Cause forward the draft board's hairy arm reaches. MONEY IS THE ROOT The world is made of complex things, But of the simple its big heart sings. Empty pockets are simple enough, But I'd rather havethat complex stuff. o- The state of Alabama produces the largest amount of graphite of any state in the United States. Yes, even the best of Cub fans need a program lately. In fact, one of the program sellers recently reported that Cholty Grimm was one of his best customers. No--It's not quite this bad, but things have been slightly altered at Wrigley field. If you're a Cub fan like Joe, and happen to take in a game, you will notice it is neither Phil Cav- aretta nor Hentz Beeker on ~first base. No, it's Eddie Watkius. You will also notice that it's neither aged Stan Hack nor strong arm Ostrosky on third base. No, wrong again, it's left-fielder Pea- nuts Lowrey. Well. Joe Fan; this could go on all day--you could never guess who would be at the next position. To round out the infield you would find Bill Jurges at short and Alban Glos- sip at second. In the out-field you find, off and on, Phil C, avaretta, Mar- vin Rickart, Andy Pafko, or Bill Nick- oIson. No, Joe Fan, you haven't been hit- ting the opium, although I can't say the same for Cholly Grimm, but there's one thing ffor sure: Cholly is going to prod,dee a winning team this year, even if he has to play himself--no, Grimm, get off first base, I was only kidding. -O Youth Serving With Navy Air Group Donald E. Ramsay, Store Keeper second class. U. S. N. ,P O Box 303, Avalon, Calif is serving with the Navy Air Groups of Joint Army-Navy Task One under the command of Rear Ad- miral C. A. F. Sprague, USN. The mission of the task force is pri- marily to determine the effects of the Nagasaki type atomic bomb 'upon fiaval vessles and military equipment in order to gain information of value to national defense, The large aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Shangri - La. flagship of Admiral Sprague will carry pilotless "drone" aircraft which will fly through the. bomb-blast to collect scientific data. O" The first American almanac was pub- lished by William Pierce, of Massa- chusetts, in 1869 STAFF Editor Tyke Furey Associate Editor Edgar Taylor Columnists Dorothy Nason, Bud Pyle, Margie Rikalo Reporters Adella Carter, Marita Fernandez Hayhurst, Helen Maya, Dorothy Nason, Marble Rikalo, Ramona Rodriguez, Arline Taylor, Edgar Taylor Faculty Adviser Miss Stephenie A. Edlund Why does Syl R. wait on the corner of Sumner and Beacon every morning with Hoagie, Dolores T. and Kayla L. ? There must 'be a method for his mad- ness. Did you notice the gleam in Ray W.'s eyes last week? We wonder what that letter from Florence said. Did any of you see Bob F. with the little. Red Head? Bob, we thought you were off all girls! Well, girls, looks like Delores T. beat us all to George K. Wow! those eyes he always makes at her in the library ! Come on Pat C. and Rudy P let's get together. What caused the break-up between Victor and Dorothy? Was it George or Gwen. (Who is George?) PERSONAL SONGS Day By Day--We're getting closer to vacation. Hubba Hubba Hubba---Betty Wilson. Come To Baby Do---Dan K. to Toots You've Got Me Where You ~/]ant Me--John W. to Pat S. Bell Bottom Trousers---Lynn to Larry. In Love In Vain--Arline T. to ? ? ? I Don't Want To Walk Without You--Rick and Tyke. ~;ome Sunday Morning--Isabel S. (3onfessin--Jim B. to Barbara Con- rad. -- ---- - ~.-~,~ Poopsie's Corner BY POOPSIE Poopsie's back and Finnegan's got it. I have written a poem in honor of Mr. Johnston ODE TO THE SENIOR DITCH DiAY Oh! What distress This "ditch "day has caused To poor Mr. Johnston, Our high school profess. If Dot N. can write knock-knocks, so can I. "Knock knock". "Who's there ?" "Tom." "Tom who ?" "Tomales !" Yak, yak, I've got a million of them. Good-bye, little morons, until next week. -O Happy Day Oh, happy day is right, ifor May 10 was Mrs. Poteet's birthday and to her surprise she received many nice gifts from a few of the girls in school. Marble Voykovich gave her a very nice coffee percolator, and now I bet she will drink coffee morning, noon and night. Andrea Tagert gave her a comb and brush so now you just watch and see if Teet's hair isn't growing longer. Mary Cocozza gave her a bud vase with three lovely roses in it. They were very pretty and the fragrance was wonderful. Nancy Hoers gave her sta- tionery and now she can write us students just lots of letters (I know she will love that). Isobel Saldano and Helen Maya gave her a box of candy --now watch your diet. We will help you with your diet, pass it around, huh ? We are a little late but many happy returns and may you have many more to come. A very happy birth- day, Mrs. Poteet. Aint It A S OR Whatta Ya' Crabbin' It Only Cost a BY SLIM :KENS Short, Short, and Her rosy red lips quivered her shaking body close to whole frame trembled as he her bouncing blue eyes ---- Moral: Never kiss a girl in rough car. In regard to the Sugar Loaf nist and her renewed fad: "Knock-knock" "Okey ,who izz ?" "Dot !" "Yez, Dot who?" "Dot vuz my yoke yew week." In regard to one of our more lar seniors ~ (That'll cost "Pity our friend, ole Eaglebeak We ~fear he'll be leaving us No longer noted for pyxie Yew see, he'll be In regard to Fred Allen and Alley." "As the two little apple trees when it 'became evident winta near :" "It's time we was leafing!" In regard to your personal "The hour is ~tp The time draws nigh, Hoo-ray ---- the bell just So ~ good-bye ! "I0 Juniors Sell Torqua Space In order to meet printing the Juniors have found it sell space in the Torqua, part cost was met by the Carnival all-school dances. The planned to have additional ing dances, but no suitable have been available for two Edgar Taylor, the business of Torqua, is in charge of the ing campaign. No other authorized to collect money. tizeres are requested to keep yellow carbon copy of the that their money can be the event of any inadvertent to print their "good luck greeti~ the Class of 1946". Checks made payable to Avalon High If Edgar missed some who to help out, he should call th~ school by Friday, May 17, and will be down after school. The goes to press on Saturday, ~aY Mis Frey's News The music department is no ning for the future. Miss FreY decided on having the following in groups share the singing for graduation and baccalaureate grams: Tenteens, Boys' Double tet, Girls' Glee Clubs. The orchestra will also these programs. Miss Frey plans to have. soln~ for the Junior-Senior Prom on The identity of the songs to and the persons to sing them be known until the night of so as to keep everyone in