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May 11, 1944     The Catalina Islander
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May 11, 1944

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PAGE FOUR . THE CATALINA Published Every Thurstay at WINDLE'S PRIMT SHOP AVALON - - CALIFORNIA ERNE~ WINDLE - ~dttor and Owner A. T. S~I'EVENS - - A@ociate Editor r SUBSCRI'PTION RATES (in Advance). Three Years . Five Dollars (~)nly When Pa/d in Advance) ~ne Year. Two Dollars x M'~nths O~e l)~ilar~ Sla~-eThrllee Mont1~ I~-~ 1~.ents Copies Five C~ts " A~VERTJSING RATFd3 Dlsit]~ A~[vertising $0c per Inch, Each InkeYttoa. ~ Ii~Ches During s Period ot Six Months, 35C per Inch. Liners 10c per Line, Minimum 25 . En}ered as Secoad~Class Matter ]~g~ $I, $914, at the Pomto~ e ~ Avalon. CMif, ,under the Act of March $, 187 . The commm d the !~lander are open to the gene~'ld public, Oh any d the f~l- lowi~ ~ub~e~ Local Politics and Gov- ernment. Fist~ng. Hunting zsLd Campin~ Items of l~c~ news inter~t will ~e greelly appre~ted. THE CLEARING HOUSE "It was wonderful. I guess I ran the whole plane for a minute." So declared Orville Wright after a flight in the co-pilot's seat of the new super-liner, the Constellation. This plane recently set a new cross-country time record. The thrill of handling the "whole plane for a minute" must have taken Mr. Wright back in memories to that day in December, 1903, on the dismal sands of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, when he and his brother Wilbur suc- ceeded in making *.heir plane fly "for a minute--59 seconds to be exact. STROLLING AROUND AVALON "THEY CAN'T EAT Eva Chandler. I had turned out the fire under the coffee, had just finished cooking breakfast when thru my front door walked Cpl. Stevenson just as uncon- cerned as if she had not been away for 8 months. So I served the bacon on three plates instead of two Mon- day morning. 1 wish I could tell you all she had to say abont the life of a Wac at Ft. Leonard Wood, Me. She thinks, as do the other girls there, that the Wac organization is the finest of them all. The girls like their trim uniforms and do not want them changed despite all agitations to the contrary. The food is good but of course is not served on Haviland. Vilma has finally learned to (lodge the food she doesn't care for because one has to'~eat all she is served or ex- plain wh~3Nnot. One of her friends, a bride of a'~nonth or so, was sudden- ly sent to London. She did not know her husband's where abouts but wrote him on her arrival. A short time later one of the girls called to her to come downstairs to answer the phone. In- stead of a phone call she found her husband waiting at the foot of the stairs. He was stationed just 14 miles By Norman Wall Much mail has come to my desk the past week, and among a few let- ters, has come complaints ill regard to Avalon' sandy beaches. They say: Avalon beaches are not what they were in days past. Since 1941 they have not had :he proper attention, they have not been raked, cleaned ia any way shape or manner. The dogs run wild through the sands which leave it messy. These summer days it is hard to find a very clean spo,t to lo11. The storms also have thrown up many unsightly things As I am not a beach loller, and hard- ly think it my duty to inspect the sands, but what you folks say, it seems to be true. There may be "something "hat can be done, if the help is avail- able. Things and Things. Word has been received Allan (Cqaisel Chin) Macdqnell of the U. S. Navy is now stationed on the San Pedro light ship . . . There are some fellows here who still carry a change purse . . . Haw. : The quick ~tep- ping Floyd Gillett, always m a hurry. . . . Ralph Humphries has an Adam's apple, 'for goodness sake, so has Jack away. May they live happilyever Hannon, and Jack wears light clothes. after! 1 have often wondered how he would Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown recent- look in blue serge . . . Little Pete, ly spent ten days on the mainland the cook, his voice, wheu you are not , while their soia, Lt. Galen Brown waslooking, sounds like baby-talk cussing. in port. They had dinner with Lt . . Rodger "Bud" Upton to hear him Connnander George Dickson, ~,o sent iell it, is the best fisherman on the his regards to his island friends. ,Lt. Com. Dickson was in the submarine service in World War I. Ole Hanson, son of W. F. Olsen, has been detached from sea duty and sent back to the Academy at Kings Point, Long Island, New York, for special instruction as a combination deck and engineering officer. Ole, who has been with the Merchant Marines since Sept 1942, has seen service Pacific Ocean, but no one believes it. . . While nay wife was talking to a lady and I was waiting I ~verheard: "I marvel I'm still able to hope." I walked away so I could hear no more The Maritime Shore Patrol new move-era cry: "Break it up boys!" . . . "Fhc longest word in the dictionary--- honorificabilitudinitatibus. If you look hi the better class of dictionary . . . The new City Manager has a set of Returning veterans are "One-Stop Service" at their U. S. Employment Service office; "One-Stop Service", among things, means that the U. S. ment Service's regular forces, ly schooled for veterans work, care of the veteran seeking the re of his old job or new work. But there are trained usually a veteran himself, been tra{ned *-o take care of needing special atteneion such as timinary aid in job placement, re ilitation, training, emergency aid and information about ganizations and services help him. This veteran interested in solving any and lems of the returning veteran. doesn't know the right the chances are he does, he some one who does--definitely To assist the returning veto Catalina Islander has ies of brief articles dealing ing points of the "One-Stop Today's article discusses "R EHA B I LITATION" Those entitled to courses are : 1- Persons in an active naval service any time after 6, 1941, and during the present 2--- Men and Women who honorably discharged "from the Forces. 3-- Persons who have a curred in or aggrivated by sue} for which pension is payabl laws administered by the Administration, or would be bttt t receipt of retirement pay. 4-- Men and women who need tional rehabilitation to handicap of their disability. The need for training and of a course of instruction by habilitation can be accom from Guadalcanal to Kiska mad Attu. piano-mover shonlders for you The established upon receipt of an Russell Brooks (Avalon Hi 1939), ell- aroma from a Victory vegetable gar- tion for vocational rehabilitation. MAY tcred the Navy May 1st as Radio den after a sudden shower is really The selection of an occupatiotl ~t~ ~ql.~.Conlirm treaty with Technician. He is at the Great Lakes a ~reat Andrew "Pop" Reed pends upon the veteran's edttC" ~ff"2,L~kl~fP,~kmlm mad Fox [ndimas Naval Training Station. His wife, the is back in the village again, catering vocational experience, personal d~ ~I~j~U~/I~ISI6. " former Virginia Stevens, and his tento everyone . A young Maritime and disability and complete edttC (/2"~ ~l~l]~--Mother's Day; ;2enew months old son, Michael, will stay in feila whispers sweet nothings to hisfor the job provided, t ~'~ ~11~ charter of William F~nn Los Angeles for the present lady love during a rhumba at the To accomplish this facilities o~ ~ ~',~) eolle~le, 17~. "Mail means an awful lot over here,' Sportland dance . This is gomg tO leges, untvers~ttes" " " and' mstttuttOn~' " " ' ]i~,' ,~l~---Accopt Symmes" offer to wrote Babe Marriot~ to ,Don Cox, be a backyard summer. The slogan is being utilized to provide instittn "r I" " ~k ~ buy 2 million notes in "See Young Own Landscape Ft st. training and well-established b~S~ Ohio. 1788. asking him to tell all hisfriends to write. His address is Lt. W. L. Mar- BUY WAR BONDS---. es to afford training-on-the-in .~',i~ al~llg--Worr~nvoteforflmttimo riott, 619'.h Port Co. T-C, APe 928, If you don't trade in Avalon we all Operation of the rehabilitation i ~ ~n942.Domlniema Republic. care Postmaster, San Francisco. Babelose money, grams decentralized by the ~ ' is in the Pacific area. ' Administration field stations, ~'l?--Found money orders di. "We were on a 3 months rest at thru Radio School. Strange as it maymore of which are located in ( J~J~L-- visionoflx~toffiee, 1864. New Zealand. I sure had a good time seem Key West is farther south than During the training period i while i~ lasted. The peopletreated Cairo. The weather is disagreeably two months after employability ll~Authorizo sale of public ; ~ lands at $2 an acre, 1796, ns swell.' Punky Hansen. hot and dusty but the girls stationed termined, a single person recei "Right now I am in New Guinea. there find certain compensations such $80 a month pension, a married -am l~--Supreme Court affirms Have been here for the past two as planes, boats and American boys. $90 a month, with ~ a month for ~t~m~ dissolution of Mormon ~L~ church corp, 18o-30. years." S-Sgt. P. Hernandez. I as- There is a large Negro and Cuban dependant child and an add: r~ ,-- % ttt~t,~ sure you that we boys from Avalon population, lotment of $10 a month fol- ~: who are serving overseas are more The last Sunday steamer brought a pendent parent. than glad to hear from you folks back returned soldier to Avalon to keep aState funds are provided for v home. Keep up the good work. It compact he had made with an Ave- medical, corrective surgery and gives our morale a boost." MagdaleneIon friend he chanced to meet in thepeutic treatments and necessary Hernandez. Southwest Pacific. Ernie Marrion andtalization, as well as other "Hope to be home in a few months. Lloyd Butts made an agreement to This, of course, includes the cost Back selling hamburgers." Bob Brown. the effect that the first one home cational training and placement. "It will be a happy day when I can would visit t.he family of the other, Veterans may obtain this "one" pick up my golf clubs and see if I so E,rnie came to see Lloyd's mother, Service" and further details at can still shoot around 100, or take Mrs. Butts. He found Australia to benearest U. S. Employment the old trusty rifle and see if I canO. K. but a little behind the times,lice. Any veteran is out wit one of the wild boars or goats especially in the matter of ice cream offices. that inhabit the island so plentifully, sodas. The fountain girl asked him Then just to lie on the beach and if an orange soda would be all right. SCOUT MOTHERS' CARD gather up a little of that good old He thought it would, so the girl sunshine would be a littlc bit of allopened a bottle of orange soda po.p,Date: Tuesday, May 23. 1944. right." Powell Billingsly. poured it in a tumbler, ttlen threw in Time: 7:30 p. m. Strangely enough, their exploit at- A sturdy little boy with sho~'t blonda dab of ice cream about the size ofPlace: Yacht 'Club. tra~:ted little attention. Most editors curls rode*up in rims Taylor Tot one your thumbnail. While she thought Don't forget to get your ticl who received the news of the flight d~iy last week to help his mother she was serving an ice cream soda, to the card party Sl: simply didn't believe it: ,-~ ew ofbring the latest news from his dad, Ernie had a ditferent idea. He went Scout Mothers. them printed the story bt~t t heii: read- Sgt. Don V, Atkinson, who, is now behind the coun:er and made himself There will be all kinds of ors didn't believe it eithe'r. In fact, stationed in London. Don writes that an Avalon Special, going heavy on the to play. :Prizes and r it K'asn't tmtil ap~SrOxlmately five years he cannot ge{ very far any more as ~ce cream with no bottled soda pop. Save the date later, that the gen,'cral imblic came to oflly six-hour passes are issued, andThe Australians have upped their Tickets".rriay be purchased. accept heavier-than-air plane fly~ng~a~ hitchhiking there is not like it is here prices since our soldiers have arrived. Scouts, Or from H~yw'6od's and an actuality. By this time thCWrightsat home. He says "l cannot write you It .used, ~o be a Koala bear could be lods Dry .Goods Stores. had made hundreds of flights here andat~y.:hing abot~t what i am doing nowbougtj.t~ fd~- a few shillings Ngw ~hey ON vo v,cr~tv~--- q ~ilad in Europe. ' : but yell can bet that "it isn't ra{.~{h'g co~t.jlround three pounds. ,rDiat~ionds, "Security-way" ]~orsonal Lozri F~oftv years ago 'he Wright broth- spuds. "Don Was 'tme' Qf the( firstb~ys opals and sapphires can be'~icki~d~up requirements.are .easy to tng~ ~:rg dicl ~gt "dream'of the sky: then- stationt@l on ~h-e islanff and:is'ihe~hus- nmc'h cheaper than her~ ,e~:en yet. -' iu. at~,Security-Eirst National B ~tc~ th~i~ould eventually follow th~it' hand }Sf .]~;i?bara Butler. ' ::" Did yotl h~iir abo~t tl{e' little bo~" da~r and let u,s .~i~ieuss your tee - "i~laal "~traniion" But cab we ii6~': AlilSe ~L('e H~'~vo0(l. flow' fr6ii~ '~ti-' who wotildh't""eat his: spinach ? He you. A $I00 loan, el)ay~ >Ic ~v~znae what ~i fly .h,o~h the L~aV= am~ Fleaeh Fla.7.to K~2 '~'esLSb v,s,t didnq war/t tu g~w uF'to be a 'bi~ monthly installments, costs on 4,9. ~'ears from today ? the girls with: ~'honl shc:" h~id' gone boy. He warited ~o be a'tail gunner ' Adv.