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May 11, 1932     The Catalina Islander
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May 11, 1932

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'" I. AVALON, SANTA CATA'LINA ISLAND. CALIFORNIA WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 1932 VOL. XlX NO. 19 II [?.ares Reduced.t Excursion Rates to THE TREATMENT OF PERSONALITY Catalina i Effect. Round Trip $2 O0 By Ernest A. Rayner, Ph.D. /~ " Of the Department of Psychology~ • ~ University of Southern California tr~s!lne w..ith the general policy of WOMEN'S 4TH ANNUAL "C. A. A. BANQUET" theirP?:tah°n companies to reduce GOLF TOURNAMENT IS In this series of discussions of The - -- Psychology of Personality we have tation ~es, the Wilmington Transpor- By Mickev Ahern li~a i_,~°m, pany and the Santa Cata- COMPLETE SUCCESS emphasized the fact that personality is ~taacl Corn anr off rm to ---- A happy young throng of 121 per- a development of experience. It comes ~he Public P. y a e e r g,. By Alma O~,'erholt sons; good eats furnished by t'he as the result of the organization of the ~Or th~ .- a Special rate to k.atauna l~Ourld . rst four days of the week.With the largest entry list of anyBrown Bobby; entertaininent; lots of responses which we make to the situ- AValon trlp $2 from Los Angeles to woman's golf tournament held in good repartee between the persons in ations of our ever-present environment. teip(~t May 5 the Islander was in re- Southern California this year, the attendance; and the Hotel Atwater It is really a matter of habit-forma- fourth annual Catalina Woman's GolfArcade last Tuesda3 evening resound- tion in which we become set in ways ~0,,._°t the following im ortant an- Tournament got off to a good start ed to the noise of the Catalina Ath- of behavior that are characteristic and --tern -- P by which the personality of each of us l~resid_ ent from J. N Stewart vice- Sunday. Entries numbered ahnost 200. letic Association banqueters. SarJt~e~t and traffic manager of the Several of the stars among the low Yessir .. and then, at 9 p.m. bussesis recognized by others. We 'hav'e re- the ~i~atalina Island Company and handicap players, including Mrs. Gregg were waiting to transport the guestsferred to real-adjustments of personal- l~any~VUrnington Transportation Corn- Lifur and Miss Helen Lawson, flew to the Casino, where it seemed the ity as bad mental habits--bad in the over Tuesday for the final day of play• whole town had turned out for the h-sense that they are not normal, and Sunday was given over to Scotch nal Big Town Dance of the Year be- hence interfere with our true happi- [.eat interest to the merchants foursomes, with Catalina Island's own fore the busy season, neSs and best success. The signifi- l(lents of Avalon will be the crack male golfers having their in-It was a huge success, I believe ev'- cance of this aspect of personality to nt that the Wilmington nings. The three feature foursomes eryone will vouch, and the well-known the treatment of personality is that Co. has instituted a comprised Mrs. Roy Green, Los Ange-phrase, "a good time was had by all"the seriousness of any personality case eursion fare from the main- Island of $1.50 for the rip on the steamer and $2.00 nrol[nd.trip from Los Angeles, g Pacific Electric fare)• Special excursion fares are Monday, Tuesday, Wed- starting at once mg until Thursday, June les City champion and winner of the second Catalina tournament, and Mr. Green; Mrs. Mark Steele, San Gabriel Country Club champion, and Vince Petrich, winner of the first Bobby Jones Trophy Catalina tournament ; Mrs. Kenneth Carter of Mountain Meadows and Tobe Baker of Cata- lina; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Stevens of The tickets have a re- Los Angeles Country Club; Mrs. C. C. is in order. Frank Roadhouse, president of the Association, made a very good little speech at the banquet advising of his pleasure at the good attendance, and, incidentally, when the organization functions again next Fall new officers will be installed, so Frank felt doubly proud that the first year of the Asso- ciation should end so happily and suc- cessfully with the Catalina Athletic depends on how far it has developed and how .firmly established it has be- come. Since the development of per- sonality cases is a matter of habit for- marion, it happens that one thing leads to another. The longer a personality case runs, the inore difficult h becomes to deal with and to get relief. The first suggestion, therefore, in the treatment of personality problems • one day after date of Cary, of Rancho, and Fred Berning, is concerned with t'h: prevention of nat is, they are good for re- who defeated Vince Petrich as Avalon Association Nite. their development " the first place. day or the day follow- City" champion this year; Mrs. R. E,Some good entertainment was fur- We should exercise frank common y are purchased. Roberts, of San Bernardino Valley, nished in the Arcade during the ban-sense in watching our habits of thought. that by instituting this and Austin Shonafelt of Catalina. quet with Get Hansen's Catalina HillThis is necessary if we are going to Billies opening the show, consisting• of Mrs. Steele and Petrich tied with ........ Get , Alex At~argo, yours truly, andbeForCOnstructiVewe must beinfrank°Ur withself-criticiSm'ourselves next six weeks we will in-Mrs. Carter and Tobe Baker, with a four little guy. who sing those old-if we are going to attain to a normal number of visitors going to 72. Mr. and Mrs. Stev'ens came in time songs--young Hansen, "Punky", development. Much of personality ex- during the fore-part of the with an 80; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Green Chelburg boys, and"Jimmy" " A'hern, perience is of an inner nature, and, if :OUtcome of the experimentmade an 82; Mrs. Cary and Berning orward to with ahga~eatt dwe~ll1 made a 78, and Mrs. Roberts and albeit their singing was interrupted as it is to be corrected and properly di- matter of much interest ... Shonafelt an 83. Mrs. Steele and V. "Gene" Gillett, "What-a-man" Dolan, retted, it nmst be through frank and and knowing t to l:red Strawn, "Buzz", and a few others constructive self-criticism. It is plain, .in Avalon we give you th1~ Petrich won their tie Monday, defeat- ~f that gang, threw dimes, nickles anti therefore, that the ability to be self- lee_for announcement in the ing Mrs. Carter and Tobe Baker• pennies to the boys . . , the Hill Bib. critical is of the utmost importance in L{se Islander•announcement the San:a sanEntrieSFrancisco,includedsan Bernardino,delegati°ns Santafr°m lies promptly forgot their songs, and the development of a normal person- Barbara, Redlands, La Jolla, San Di- picked up Dvlan's pennies, ality. -and Co. and the Wihning- ego and Coronado, as well as from all Miss Eloise Hovey, who has so ably In the next place, a normal person- assisted at many functions, then ality will depend upon our being hon- portation Co would like to the Los Angeles Clubs. The Brent- brought forth somc"~ of 'her pupils,est with ourselves. Dishonesty in our ,nc°°peratesuggesti°n tiaatin spreadingall residentsthis wood,tions ledP°trer°in the andnumberWilshireof entries•delega- Ruth and Gerahtine Hansen, in a relations with others will make us no amolag their friends on theA theatre party was enjoyed at the hick dance were a "knock-out," and it more trouble than dishonesty with as much as possible. W:e Catalina Casino Sunday night• was a "kick" to see the taller of the self• "To thine own self be true" is a ~lSlng these excursion rates girls crawling under the legs of thebasic principle for the development of ]?b!e ways, but assistance on The tournament proper started smaller, at the same time keeping upa normal and happy personality. The Monday morning with competition the cadence or rhythm of the dance, great trouble is that we begin to make •tne residents of Avalon inamong the high handicap players. The Very, very good, and something new, alibis, and then we kid ourselves into :lrl • s Leal.,,"g the reformation will help low liandicap women competed Tues- Dorot'hy Renfro, a cute little miss,assuming that we are thus getting e QeOrg_ ,.~: o:~--- (lay. In this class there was keen in a beautiful Russian costume, did a away from what we know to be the ~r, dep~ W. Smith and H. W. "_Puck- rivalry between Mrs. Roy Green, Mrs. peppy dance of that country's caliber, real situation• This is the beginning Gregg-Lifur,Helen Lawson, Mrs. Those kids are certainly THERE• ~oUnty ;try County assessors for the of the formation of a set of ba(l men- Mark Steele, Mrs. Charles Ward, Mrs. ~aklr~ ,~ ~Os Angeles are in Avalon Willie Hunter of Fox Hills, Mrs. Le- Bob Davidson, one of the Associa- tal habits. If we woukt avoid the more ~'~ents"¢fae Personal 'ro ert as s- teen ,-ur t932 ~ p p .;y ses nore Killiam and Mrs. J. L. Martin of tion members, and a pupil of Miss Ho- serious consequences of a faulty per- sea • for more man ~our- vev, surprised us all with his clog sonality, we must keep away from ~rk ill rs .Mr. Smith has done theBrentwood. Mrs. Mark Steele, who plays a shortdance, or rather a buck and waltz those excuses which are efforts to clog.., and they say Bob has only evade the honest facts and to conceal tl~Sess~r ~vlaj°n, representing County game, was expected to 'have the edge taken lessons for three weeks. Wow rour real motives--we must avoid all t2~Uties ~')~)..W. Hopkins• The two list ~ate that they will be pleased on her rivals. However, the Catalina What will he be in a year? We'll this as we would the plague. • ~tuat,, ,,uy personal ro ert for course is famed for springing surprise lose a good young citizen to the stage. All this we can do for ourselves. taz¢ ~taxation P P Y winners, and a tournament on this Mrs. Hovey assisted at the piano in But we may not have the good sense ei~Payer tl,^ • and thus save the course is by the best putter and the her usual capable manner, nor the requisite self-critical functi~i.n ..~ vi~;~--,c meon,~enienee of a spe- ;~%ts cant~° the mainland. Appoint- most consistent player; a 68 or 69 in to keep away from the sorrows and ta~AtWate~e,made by telephone. Call and out stands a good chance. Results At the dance the waltz contest was r. U~ile. , aotel. A number of au-of the low handicap players will beclose, narrowing down to two couplesdifficulties of a faulty personality. For given in the next issue of the Islander. --Mr. and Mrs. "My Pal" Pallas and th'ose who have recognized that they ~,SlarM h~ ot the old ty e in use on the Miss Harrison and Mr. Shonafelt. Thehave developed a personality problem, th(, ave n P the proper treatment consists in 'having c~,,i raak, ot yet been listed as to Side Lights judges finally split the prizes between My Pal and M ss Harr son. The St. r Wners s~,~ apa model. Automobile The busiest woman of the tourna ..... i i a thorough psychological study made tf"tly, a~UllId list this ~roperty cor- ment was Mrs. G. M. Midgely, presi-Catherine-Catalina Orchestra sure put of the case, including the symptoms. ~ -,u tn.. - , This examination will include the pos- • ' PenaltiesUS save themselves taxa- dent of the Woman s Auxiliary of the on some peppy and wonderful music, (Continued on page I0, column 1) and the boys joined in the fun," (Continued on page 2, column 1)