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May 7, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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May 7, 1924

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ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN ]lu,. CATALINA On Friday evening, April 25th, 275 kltYlal~_L_ .-JOURNALISTIC STAFF. people congregated in the Atwater ~r ~~ auditorium, feeling, probably, that the g- th~ cChief Edythe Stone High School students performance ;]~2 _ ief - Tom Daly nmch; but that they ~tlle~~Reporter Elizabeth MacLean wouldn't be ~.~lt~0_ : porter - Myrtle Gibson should come from a sense of duty. :tea~ahn, Faculty Advisor ]'heir doubts, however, were soon dis- pelled when the curtain was drawn A, HIGH SCHOOL the new siaff, j-'--'~yfully appointed 112 e retiring one take u on our II rs ' " P - ~1~ ue much-looked-forward-to |l :l~. Of OUr new offices with great N Ik'v_ahtl' As novices in this great ,we know we have some hard ::~sNI'~ t~ef6ret us. This is. cle,-erl, y ex- Ilay, Y Professor Palmer in his ~(l',. Self Cultivation in English:" i ~atld often we shall be busy and ~l~a-- Our untiring efforts to make :~~eim. the best yet ~mSSor K~0t Palmer also says: "Qual- ~t'~ ~tlquantity' is what counts." | r motto. So Watch us! ~1~ passing around the Casino ~es ~tly surprised at the strange "uat come floating from the ~ill2 room. But rest at ease, it is Se.rmus, only the second year !~the re, ass practicing the dialogue. JlNte ~ *neodore, Arthur and Bob do !~it queer mixture, though, we'll / TEACHER'S VOW the good in all pupils and on to higher attainments; .Patient and forebearing, con- the belief that kindness will ultimately tri- deceit, and all forms persistently foregoing injustice ; all nature as my heritage, a portion of each day open air ; daily communion with my and the plays began in earnest Their emotions nmst certainty have been stirred when they beheld the pitiful state of Bartley Fallon, who had such misfortune that he was even placed in handcuffs, despite the pleading agony and ire of his wife as she fights for her man. What a great hardship the deafness was to Mrs. Tarpey. The sympathetic nature of Maude, the bookkeeper; the wrath of Slovsky when he found out that his orchids had been given away, all these and other touching bits helped make the plays a success. The returns netted over one hundred dollars, which will be used for some form of student ac- tivities during the coming year. A vote of thanks is due to all the friends who so kindly lent us the hail and the stage properties. Wednesday morning the High School bathing beauties graced the water by the Tuna Club for a dip dur- ing gym period. The short time al- lowed was filled with stunts, such as under-water swimming, standing on hands, playing rock-a-by, leap-frog and many other such amusing feats. The girls appreciate the generosity of the physical Ed. teacher, Miss Hahn, in making these morning swims possible. BIG MEETING Monday morning a senior confer- ence was called by Mr. Dunkle. Both members were present. Florence with the usual smile, and Tom dignified as ever. Every subject imaginable was dis- cussed--graduation dresses--pardon, I mean dress, class pins, advisability of a small annual, subject of ditch day, semor ball, banquet and many other my renumeration, how- - wmglaty problems such as seniors have without envy, complaint to mscuss. never forgetting One chmculty after another arose as is a leader in the HOW TO BACH By a Professional Bachelor Theodore Sierks When one's folks leave, the bache- lor-to-be should outwardly express great sorrow and grief, but inwardly he cannot help feeling that at last he is free to do as he likes. However, he should take great care not to go to the extreme, and show so much emotion that the parents feel they cannot leave their darling boy. After the adieu is said, the bachelor may go to play ball with the boys, fish, hike, swim, or anything that he cares to do. Most parents have their sons eat their noon and eyening meals at a restaurant, and cook their breakfasi~ at home. If this is so, then after sup- per the boy may loaf around.with the "gang" until he feels like going home. The first night or two this is not usually before 11 or 12 o'clock. I gen- erally sleep in a different bed every night. After about four nights I toss the blankets back from under the beds and start over again. For breakfast, I usually fry a couple of eggs together with a piece of bacon, and then I have some shredded wheat or corn flakes. Afterwards I "sling" the dishes into a corner on the sink and dash off to toil thru another day at school. The worst and saddest part of bach- ing is the final and hurried cleaning up before one's folks arrive home again. The three-foot pile of dishes, pans and silverware, unmade beds, scattered clothes, six-inch layer of dust --are enough to discourage any mere man. It is pitful, indeed; but it must be done. One recommended way of washing about 999 .dishes is to put them in an old barrel or box and turn the hose on them. Let it run for about a half- hour. Then set them in the sun to dry. Another way I've heard of, but never tried, because I have no pets, is to set the dishes on the back porch and encourage 3'our cat or dog to lick them clean. "I am sorry to say there is no such easy way to make beds, or pick up ATHLETIC NOTES Work with the shots, both 8 and 10 pounds, is getting along nicely. Bob Garcia is a promising lad for the up- per c/ass, while there are several who look good for the lower one. The field, or track meet; will be a class battle; freshies and sophmores against juniors and seniors, in; so far as the weight and age distinction will permit. The same idea will-hold in the Gram- mar School. Of course, it will bi~ largely, individual, because everyone will try to be high point man. Follow- ing is the program: Field Day Athletic Meet and Aquatic Sports. No pupil allowed to enter more than three events the same day, not count- ing the relay. Not more than three pupils from the same unit may be entered in one event. Classes: A and B, C and D, E and F. Competing units: grades 5-6 grammar grades; 7-8 junior high; 9-10 under- classmen; 11-12 upperclassmen. Points, first place 5, second place 3, third place 1. Winning relay team 2 points each; second 1 point each. EVENTS May 14th, School Grounds A and B--Pull up; Running higla jump; Basketball distance; Basketball accuracy; Push up. C and D--Pull up; Running high jump, 8-pound shot put ; Basketball accuracy; Standing broad jump. E and F--Pull up; Running higI~ jump; 12-pound shot put; Basketball accuracy; Standing broad jump. i May ISth, Bay A and B--20-yard swim free; 50- yard breast; Distance plunge; 20-yard back; 100-yard swim free; Diving. C and D--20-yard swim, free; 75- yard breast; Distant plungd; 50-yard back; 150 yard swim, free; Diving. E and F--20-yard swim, free; 75- yard breast; Distant plunge; 75-yard back; 200 yard free; Diving. May 16, Baseball Field A and B--Football punt; 50-yard dash; 220 yard run; Hop, step and jump; Low hurdle. C and D--Fclotball punt; 100-yard dash; 440-yard run; Hop, step and jump; Low hurdle. E and F--Football punt; I00-yard dash; Half-mile run; Hop, step and jump; l,ow hurdle. Four-man relay team unclassed. e, and not merely a wage various sut)lects were discussed, but scattered articles. A hint though, as SUCCESS un0er Mr. Dunkle's careful guidancehow to sweep, might be helpful. Fur- day in unshaken as- the class, though very small, will have iously sweep the dust into a pile, slyly Andrew W. Mellon, in an article peace and power come a successful graduation, slip it under a rug behind the door, written especially for the Child-Wel- re to all who are ready it will be quite an honor to Florence or in a dark Corner. Follow these di- fare Magazine, says that every boy Felthrop and Tom Daly to be the first rections and you will have no trouble and girl must have certain assets to ;C. Newell in Child-Welfareand oldest graduates of the Catalina in baching. .it . achieve success, such as ambition, in- ~'h I~ASKET---~ALL IFS High School. But we won't impress (Catalina Islander Editor's Note--dustry, personality and thrift. The formula for 'making" bachelor Ambition is a will born in one, per- this too much on their minds, because beds is to have two mattresses on asonality is to be acquired. To save %~ etI'Iigh School girls would have a they think it's quite an honor to be wide board. One up and one down. part of what one earns makes up a ~'l~te~Sketball team IF-- graduated anyway. ~Vell, it is. We Sleep on the one on top of the board. latlote and Edythe would cease poor juniors are only anxiously wait- The one on the underside gets "made" big asset called thrift--quite a neces- Yrtle g and overguarding; ing our turn. automatically. No charge for this in- sity to all of us. formation! Pick up scatteked articles Success is a big goal to reach; there RI'~. WOuld keep her feet on the We hope that the graduates will with a vacuum cleaner), is no easy road or short cuts, but there "~I~,und instead of on Bett's toes: form an alunmi association to keep ------- ~ra~e c OU!d "mix it up;" Y their interest alive in the school after A good Fish Story is constant hard work, saving, and sac- 'm~l , rificing. the lin Dons would keep back of their departure. For two afternoons lately the ocean es Are all the Avalon High School pu- My ; has been seen to rise higher than usu- r%t~uld finish dressing in the gym A golf tournament with the Long al along about three o'clock. It has pils on the road to success? If not, Beach schools is being arranged forstunned every one who had noticed it. let's start now. ----- WOuld stand on her feet in- some time in the near future. The It has ahnost resembled a tidal wave. JOKES /'lz~tlf her hands; teams will consist of probably fiveSuch alarm was expressed by the the ~ew~uld hit the basket instead of men. The best man t~eing numt~ered town's people that a reliable High History Teacher--' What would they eean. one, the next two, and so on down the School member was stationed near the call women if they got into congress ? lave. in this way, if number four beats Tuna Club to investigate. At ten rain- Representatives--IPupil (after serious thought)--Miss f~tvc1~.ntbs ago the total enrollment number two, they change places. Theutes to three two girls were seen to guess. .~%tr, valn schools was 169. Onelocal boys have hopes that our links throw off their bathing wraps and The world is old, yet itches to laff; 191..'~,a.go it was 187, and this month will prove an equahzer against the un- dash into the water. Aha! the mys- New jokes are hard to~; A whole new editorial ~ ~%th*f~s increase of 22 pupils in two doubtedly stronger visiting team. Gar- tcry was solved. It was the two high Can t tickle every mi~di gr%et;.~ Speaks well for Avalon'sma, Feltrop, Eddy and DeSoto appearschool heavyweights, Florence Feltrop So, if you find an ancient joke r~ll~t Last year at this thne the en- to De Sure bets tor Avalon's team. and Edythe Stone, taking their after- Dubbed up in some l~dern disguise, Was only 134. noon dip. All is clear now. (Continued on Pag~12, Column 4)