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May 7, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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May 7, 1924

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA PERTINENT FACTS ABOUT AVALON AND CATALINA ISLAND Island resort. Splendid soil. Public library. Tennis courts. Tourist resort. Winter resort. Summer resort. Has gas plant. Has a city hall. Fine bath house. Very little frost. Sporty golf links. Telephone system. Many good hotels. Country club house. Sight-seeing busses. Has electric system. Good Sewer system. Fine mountain trails. A transfer company. Has auto fire truck. In the Pacific ocean. Many species of birds. Is remarkably healthy. Very few flies or fleas. Moving picture theatre. Twenty-one miles long. Municipal pleasure pier. Excellent water system. Volunteer Fire Brigade. A live weekly newspaper. Wonderful deep sea fishing. Lava beds and volcanic ash. Ocean bathing in still water. Fifty thousand acres in area. Strange geological formations. A paradise for elderly people. Seven and one-half miles wide. Sultry nights almost unknown. Mosquitos practically unknown. Riding horses and bridle trails. Prehistoric Indian village sites. Two prominent mountain peaks. Seldom rains during the summer. Many interesting coves and bays. Mount Orizaba, 2100 feet elevation. Row boats, canoes and power craft. Gold, silver and lead ores are found. Chicago "Cubs" spring training field. Delightful Climate the year through. Mount Black Jack, 2000 feet elevation. All principal streets graded and paved. Daily steamers to and from mainland. Many cafes, cafeterias and dinning halls. Auto stage road to the Isthmus, 25 miles. The largest natice wild animals are foxes. A splendid board walk along the sea shore. Great rock-crushing plant at Pebble Beach. Standard Oil gasoline and oil supply station. Has high pressure salt water fire pro- tection. High school, grammar grades and kin- dergarten. Camp Fire Girls and Boy Scouts or- ganizations. , Power boats with the same control as automobiles. Wonderful submarine gardens, open all the year. Magnificient Casino dance hall open all the year. Twenty-seven miles south of Los An- geles harbor. Is a part of Los Angeles County, State of California. A splendid fleet of power fishing laun- ches--ft ~r hire. Women's literary organization, "Mary Williams Club." The water on the" lee side of the Is- land is seldom rough. Has ironwood tree grov~s--practicaUy unknown on the mainland. Telephone connection by cable with all parts of the United States. Breezes, from whichever point of the compass, from off the ocean waters. Catalina is owned by a corporation-- the Santa Catalina Island Company. Has branch of the Pacific Southwest Trust and Savings Bank of Los An- geles. Among the Catalina wild quail, the fe- males are crested the same as the males. Wonderful growth of wild flowers during the early spring and summer mouths. Masons, Elks, Foresters, Eagles and the American Legion have represen- tative organizations. Grocery stores, meat markets, drug stores, bakeries, hardware and furni- ture store, electricians, dry goods stores, curio stores, photographers, fish market, confectionery stands, news stands, etc. Three church organizations--Congre- gational,Christian Science and Catholic. Has nightly band concerts for three months during the summer in out- door natural amphitheatre. Many groves of beautiful lilac trees (tree myrtle) beautify the hillsides and canyon slopes in the sp-ing. Splendid glass-bottomed boats through which to see the submarine gardens and sea life through crystal clear water. dred feet with a radius of two hundred feet. Night time being the time when many varieties of fish feed, the visitors on these trips see many marine wonders on the bed of the ocean as well as the hundreds of different varieties ot vege- tation. Among the marine specimens which may be viewed through the clear crys- taline waters on the lava-like sea-floor a~'. E ELP AND MOSSES Iodine Kelp Chenille Moss Sea Grape Kelp Irish Moss A WORD TO THE By An Islander Of all the places i've ever Avalon streets are kept most 'Tis mentioned by all who boat-- A characteristic they Now, that reputation's deal. That's why I am writing speel iT:say, there's only one little this wonderfully beautiftfl: That is sadly in need of It's so much in sight By day and by night Architects Drawing of Steamship "Catalina," and (insert)William Wrigley, Jr., Driving the First Rivet ~t the Laying of the Hull. THE SUBMARINE GARDENS THE MARINE GARDENS, as de- scribed by the eloquent editor of the Parisian journal, "Le Figaro," M. Huret: "Floating over green and blue water in the glass-bottom boats, one sees the goings and comings of aquatic life. The boatman names to you the marine plants and the fish, and tells you the different depths. One is as- tounded; one questions; one exclaims! Here are shell-encrusted rocks; fish, red, green and gold, zigzagging leis- urely among the waving foliage, the seaweeds gracefully balancing with the tide; on the clear bottom the sea throws beautiful reflections. Here are real trees with long branches waving as on land by a tempest; great fish of all shapes appear as in an artificial aquarium; the sea stars (star fish) shine in the shadows of the rocks; then more luxuriant foliage, branches bearing clusters of fruit resembling the olive. One would think these were fertile fields-suddenly submerged by a tempest. Leaning over the transpar- encies in the bottom of the boats, the people go into ecstacies." A party of eastern tourists com- mented as follows: "Next to the Grand Canyon, the Catalina marine gardens are the most interesting sight we have seen." The marine gardens are shown by day and by night. In the spring of 1921 J. H. Patrick, president of the Santa Cata- lina Island Company completed experi- ments on board the glass bottom boat Empress, which enabled him to show the marine gardens at night. Sixteen, one thousand candle power searchlights were encased in pontoons attached to the side of the vessel, and these lights penetrate into the water for a depth of one hun- Giant Bulb Kelp Feather Boa Moss Ribbon Kelp Ruby Moss Rainbow Kelp Feather Moss Red Alga Sponge Moss Sea Lichen Heather Moss Bridal Veil Moss Coral Moss FISH AND SHELLFISH Garibaldi, or Octopus Golden Perch Sea Cucumber Blue Perch Sea Hare Blue Eyed Perch Sea Pnrcupine Silver Perch Jellyfish Wall Eyed Perch Sunfish Rock Bass Tiger Shark Opal Eyed Bass Sheepshead Striped Bass Moray Eel Ratfish Abalone Kelpfish Crawfish Candlefish Sand Crab Whitefish Starfish Sculpin Keyhole Limpet Ghostfish Sea Anemone GAME FISH OF CATALINA Yellowtail (Seriola dorsalisl. Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thymms). Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus macrop- terus). Albacore (Thunnus alalon~a'. California Bonito (Sarda Chillensis) Whhe Sea Bass (Cynoscion noblis)t Ocean Bonito (Gymnosarda pelamys). Dolphin (Coryphaenus hippurus). Giant Bass (Stereolepis gigas). Marlin Swordfish (Tetrapturus mitsu- kttrii). Broadbill Swordfish (Xiphias gladius). That its location I don't need "A word to the wise is say, So we know very soon, 'twill cleaned away. Now, I realize full well that A poet I'm not-- So turn your attention From me to the lot. d. LIFI~ Life is something we Life makes us happy, Life's always bringi tg us Something that's different, maybe Maybe a something that's wicked Life brings us poverty, life brings Life brings us death, when we're febl Millionaire, pauper--it's life just Hardly a difference, except in Onward and onward, the same Many with riches, the most of us Some of us sorrowful, some of us Some of 'as hopeful and some of Days filled with toiling, the sa Nothing ahead of us, nothing Strugghng, idling, on throu Most of us smiling, often Dreams that are wonderful, dreams sweet, Soar to the heavens, then crash at otlf Poverty, riches, joyousness, strife; \Vhat is it, anyway? Nothing--just --Lamar Wendell "PEP UP" Vigo:', vitality, vim and punch-- That's pep ! The courage to act on a sudden That's pep ! The nerve to tackle the hardest With feet that climb and hands And a heart that never forgets to q'hat's pep ! Sand and grit in a concrete base-- That's pep ! 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