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May 5, 1926     The Catalina Islander
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May 5, 1926

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CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN WON THE CUp! YEA! TRACK SEASON? STAFF ............................ Kathrvn Dunkle ,nt Editor " " L. " ................... Patsy I,ee Iterarv Ed.-.-.Berniee "Smith Ad~lsor., Mr. Robinson ~eneral Gertine Inboden Juanita Gurasich ................ Neal Warrick .................. Edgar Harrison .................... Mary Vitalieh GIRLs, ATHLETICS ~day the Cyclops defeated the a baseball game. The Cy- One advantage over the St- that was the missing of one of the Siren's team. A1- Cyclops won, they had to JUNIOR HIGH The seventh and eighth grade boys have been .tztfin:< down to the Cubs' 'l?rainin~" Field for the past month dur- ing l'hysical l']ducation period. \Vhile we are down there we drill, run. jump and play baseball. We have two teams, one being the "Odds" and the other the "Evens." Some of the boys are umpiring, to take. their Scout Merit Badge in Athletics. Last Saturday the Junior [ti stu- dents asked for a picnic, which they wanted to take place at the Isthmus. After the students decided that they" would go to the Isthmus, the question arose, which boat wouhl take them? hard game. Many boats were suggested. .-\11 of e~ne the two teams meet thethcln seemed too expensive to please ume harder to win which lhe chihlren, so the matter was drop- irTIre interesting to piay. pod. The next day, when a Junior Hi . ~s have predicted that the assembly was called, somebody sug- c the teams sleet they are go- ~este(I that they ask the owner of the the banner. WATCH ULTS ! SUGAR LOAF HYGIENE in Hygiene Miss Da- the girls a nice surprise the next time thev met (Which is next Wednes- have a test ready for is the first test of the the girls are quite scared. for the worst is yet to S=IUGAR LOAF WiM WEEK Pahner, Assistant Direct- Life Saving and First m Avalon Sunday, May the instruction and for Avalon Swim wish to have the classe-s he arrives, so every- register ahead of time. Do idea is, to teach every one So don't hang back because t SWim, SUGAR LOAF & IIECENT ARRIVAL addition to this school I~lerk. -Mrs. Barnes has Unkle's place very suc- h fact, too much so--for arrive in the office as IF NOT EASIER. PO,, UQA" OAF rRY CONTEST eagerly awaiting to hear the winners of the Poe- they will not be an- next Week. It will pro- g surprise, for it is said number of books were ~'~, SUGAR kOAp ~NNI$ TOURNAMENT boat "Vega" if he wouht be willing to take them if the3' paid him for it. Again the next day an assembly was called, and it was reported that Mr. Vitalich, the owner of the boat "Ve- ga," wouhl lake them next Saturday. They will start at 6:30 or 7 :tXI in the morning, and as the teachers haxc other engagements at 6:00 o'clock Saturday evening, they will have to be back at Avalon by 3:3/). Last Tuesday the students of lhe Junior Hi chose their permanent school colors. Many colors have been voted upon, such as bluc and gold, purple anti white, green and white, orange and black, orange and white, and blue and white. In the end, the majority of the junior Hi wc,n their l)crmancnt colors--'which will be from now on-- BLUF~ AND WHITE. IUGAR LOAP A PAGE FROM IONA'S DIARY Awoke at six bells (bughouse fables) with a "busting" headache. Betook myself to breakfast, which was really very light this morning. Ham and milk was all 1 could possibly swallow. Started to school at 6~ nfinutes to 8 o'clock. On my way down the hill I nearly crushed my cranium by slip- ping on some ice-plant, which insisted on getting under my feet. But, anon, to school. Slept through world his- tory, and then dragged myself to study hall, where 1 napped right under the watchful eye of Mr. Barnes. (?) Watched-the clock until lunch time, and then raced home with Mr. Robin- son, who is really becoming a keen miler. Really fch much better after drinking two bowls of SOUl) and mas- ticating a piece of pic. Found myself in English, for which, as usual, I was unprepared. Oh, heck ! what is school made for? After ruining a dress in Home Economics and receiving a "5" in Espanol, I bought three Hershcys and walked home. After indurging in FISH WINGS ,-g $ lzather--"Haven't I tohl yon t,) al- ways tell the truth ?" Son--"Yes, sir, you told mc that; but you also told me not IG become the slave ~f habit." This is the latest style in School t3uildings, imported from Scars & R~wbucks& Company. The graceful lines of this magnificent buihling are StUlfiiying, an,1 it is said that Mr. l)unklc is seriously omsidering tear- ing the present building down, and raisin~ this modern looking building. '/'he wind,ws are invisible, which s really very beneficial to the students, and every one connected with the school. The landscape is, indeed, beautiful, anti all the students up here in Hi, are waiting in terrible suspense tu hear if Mr. l)unkle is going to con- tract the skilled builders (x~hich come with the building) to c0me and build Our new school-house. SUGAR LOAF STERLING'S DREAM Speed Test 1 wahzed into typing this morning with the feeling that ] omld make the diamond pin in this month's speed test. .After getting the ruby medal last week, my hopes were high and dry. Miss Hahn passed out three sheets of paper each, but I insisted in taking at least eight. .After oiling up the oht "can" (typewriter), I languidly sat down and ran off a hundred sentences or so. for practice. 1 heard the starting signal, so I ltashed my paper in the typewriter in a second. Too bad, such a late start is. retarding to your speed. Aft- er typing for fifteen minutes, I non- chalantly counted up my words, find- ing out to my surprise and disgust, that I had the low amount of 95 words per minute. I left the room, disap- pointed and crying over my failure. SUGAR LOAF "No. yon can't see that ! .... Get away!" This is the kind of screams you hear issuing from Miss Hahn's room. It's the annual staff killing off the invaders (or pests) that insist up- on seeing the cuts for the annual. Miss Hahn informs us that she is buying a shotgun to ward off the stu- dents who are always peeking at the annual material. SUGAI~ LOAF" No Rapid Transit A few clays after a farmer had plac- ed his two children in school a book agent called on him and said: "Now that your children go to school, you ought to buy them an en- cyclopedia." "Buy them an encyclopedia," ans- wered the farmer; "hanged if I will! "How did you like the queer little back-scratchers I gave you Christ- lllas ?)' "Is that what they were ? And here l'vc been making my po,,r husband eat his salad with them!" Mother--"Was daddy a poor man when you married him?" "Yes, darling. And now.see all the money I've made it necessary fi,r him tO lnake." Mike--"Say, Ike, I dreamed ab()ut you last night." Ike--"Tell me about it." Mike--"Well, I dreamed that I (lied, and when I came to the gate of heav- en St. Peter met me and told me that before I could get to heaven I had to write some sin that I had comnfitted on every rung of the ladder." Ike--"Well, what (lid I ha,,e to do with it ?" Mike--"Just as I was half way up the ladder, you were coming down." /ke--"Wby ?" Mike--"Well, you didn't have chalk enough !" Mother--"F~etty, do you know that God is watching you right now. and if you don't say your prayers he will put your name down as a bad girl." Betty--"Oh, mama, he can't. 'cause he's gone to bed a long time ago." Soap Drill A kindergarten teacher asked one of her young pupils what the eyes were for and was promptly answered. "To see with." Another was asked what the nose was for, and the answer was correctly given. Then she asked an- other child, "What are your ears for?" The child replied, "To keep clean." --Exchange. Hay--"He sure was a farsighted lllan." Dees--"How so?" Hay--"He had a fire extinguisher put in his coffin."--Stanford Chapar- ral 403 Crescent Avenue. Avalon, Celifornia BREAKFAST - LUNCHEON DINNER Special Blend Coffee with Pure Cream |. a~ n Let them walk, like I did. --r_.xcha ge. p for Juanita Gurasieh! my dinner 1 betook myself to bed. -- Home Mede Pie* and Cake* trying to think what Miss Fox said to ~, ~) ne tennis cup. hem read for History. ..That girl's like tissue paper!" '~ riam was sure that ." "How's that?" IflN5 U ts racquets, and tried (.) SU~A~ t.OAt" "Tearable!"--Williams Purple Cow. C[ / with them several times, The Internationalist ) ' be a very lively oppo- "What became of your Swedish "I)o you know, old Joe is crazy; I Fire, Acddent, Compensation, It , " " " I Life, Theft. Etc. / ~anita worked with her cook ?" they re taking hm~ to the asylum. [ Representing only Reliable Companies ] .... Let s go an(t see ntm o .-- are [ J. E. MATHEWSON, Avalon/ rgy' and they made the Oh, she g~,t her Irish up and t'ook ..... if" Y ' and 6-2. French leave. --Exchange. Record. k,. , , , '