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May 5, 1926     The Catalina Islander
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May 5, 1926

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f SANTA CATALINA ISLAND KFWO, Wave Length Zll.l Broadcasting Daily from "The Isle with a Smile" Weekly at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California. Avalon's containing the local news of this wonderful Island publication of the Light Tackle Club, an organization sportsmen. Baseball training field for Chicago "Cubs." Avalon: Year-round mecca for tourists and travelers. Boating, bathing, golf, tennis, baseball, riding, fishing, hiking, nlarine gardens. Unexcelled accommodations. =IVE CENTs AVALON. SANTA CATALINA ISLAND. CALIFORNIA.WEDNESDAY. MAY 5. 1926 VOL Xlll No 17 TRIALs OF THE TRAFFIC COURT EVERYBODY HAPPY AT KFWO FIRST YELLOWTAIL TAKEN (Sunshine Psychology Service) .oo Crawfish gha ley , By-Erne'7~stt ~Vindlc By Major Mott-Sianal Corps-t'S x ~_ r .._JUdge Lotfis p. Russill of l)epart- The voyage of Miss Hewitt, studio On "the mornint: of Al,ril 24 Mr ~lynt 10 of the Municipal C~mrts of and nmsical director, with Miss .Mar- Thomas .\[cl). t'~,tter of Long lleach ~o~:Angeles, and who owns a bunaa- ,ha Mever and tire re-broadcast hooked a vellowtail, the first ever it, "According to poultry', raisers, if AvalCttage on Eueah,.l/tU,a "t*.enue "tt bambino--Sterling Younp-. (als~ violin- be taken wi,h a barbless hook offhens were more careftfl of their eggs, Tr;',n, was recently discussing "The ist-in-chief), to KNX,for the Stewart- Catalina Island. Me. /'otter made a and did trot nlark them with dirty [?o; 2}. !he Traffic Court" with the \Varner Program on Wednesday last,special trip to A, alon to "convince feet ranchers wouht gain $22,000,000 a e!lhmo .. t the isl,mh:r. At tilel;wesent was a huge success. I was vastly this fish that it was p~ssiblc tl, /lo w'ar in the 'hen fruit' business. Now, bd~i ;e ~Seri~ufleau"l~b:~ic\vali'n t~2rffikC prbd~lin~ donOtnha~c any proud of 11,7' KF\VO artists, and they this it, twenty minutes upon Three-someone is suggesting that all chicken reportedthat the entire studio rotco Six Tackle, using a 7-B Wilson spoon coops have doormats." CRAWFISH CHARLEY ) , by Judg~ Russill in Lo- ~kngt at KNX was hospitality and courtesy and a I0-0 Jam'son barbless hook. "Albert Froidevanx, formerly a ~es, Stmuld .... be of m s ~ , '-personified. Everything was done to Capt. Hugh MacKay saw to it that French l:orei~n Legion member, has OWner terest to everylnakc the Catalina station represcnta- the fish shotfld take .kit. Potter's had 48 operations and is now minus ~iSnel-' tile or driver oi an autonlobilc. In tires feel at home, and Miss He~vitt. ~iew of the exl,eriment, his fingers, toes. hands, feet, legs and rst 'class," Judge Russill had answered telephone calls to the Hollv- en pupils" forty-three in the wood studio for one hour and a hal/ arms. And be still clings to life! ld class and tw.e~'lty-five in tire class. The "Traffic School" pn: .meet every Monday at 2 o'clock. frequently Judge Russill dis- of several "hundred "automobile during his day's work in Dc- -~nt 10, of the \\Itmieipal Court, Judge Rnssill converts COurt room into a "school room" .ter the several problems have :USsed, the students arc taken Morgue" where Cor- ance ilhlstrates the highly ira- object lesson of "mixing and driving atttomobiles. OUr friendly talk it was suggest- other Justices of the Peace of anty nlay like to send some of PUpils" to the "Rnssill Scl~ool Struction.,, \cry kindly, Judge agreed to "accept the pupils," Were ll,ot tOO rrlany ot thelll. had an unnsnal constitution. probably also insist that all re liars, and that some are more uars than others. .. ~.',~c judges must ntect each WOrR ~ ... .;^ ~,tt~ Ollen mind, keep the ,cs and reactions of yesterday Washed away, and face our With an unbiased attitude. after the program was finished. The rebroadcast of tile program, by KF \VO was also entirely snccessful, tho static was a,moying at times. The reaular Saturday afternoon recast ot The Town Crier's program at KNX also went over in splendid fashion. The 30th Overseas Night on Friday was deli.~htfully unusuat, in ,bat tb'e first half of it was put on the air by the more youthful artists ~f the sta- tion, without any help front tt~c "grown-ups." \Vith Neal \Varrick in charge of tile microphol,c the young- stets' part of the program was wholly successful. The playing of the Misses Mar,ha Mever, Ruth Edmundson and Elaine Han(mond was splendid. Sterl- irrg Young's work on his "fiddle" is alwa.vs artis!ic. Neal \Varrick's bari- tone is nmch liked. The Avalon Five ha~e a ~cry large following of their te average motorist couhl spend own each Friday, and the boys have on the judge's side m any traffic court, he wouht seh'es on the air. Friends front the View the traffic situation far-awav places write that thcy"wouht .exists today, with a nc~v under- not miss a Friday night with KFWO ag,', said Judge Russill. for anything." WOuld let the cases get nnder 1.)uring Miss Hewitt's absence KF he would be a mental and WO was honored by" the presence of wreck at the end of a month Mrs. Grace \~:. Hight, that well- known and very charnfing artist fronl Los Angeles, whose magnificent voice is so often heard on the programs of the larger stations. Mrs. Hight took charge of the studio for me, and ren- dered yeoman service by her gener- ous singing, with Miss Putnam play- ing her accomlraniments in an efll- Inception of the new Muni- sy~tenl. etermined effort, I have main- Iny health, and am still con- to be in my right nfind, de- e ~ft.a.ct that I have spent an ,,'. ~5 hours of tire most stren- ~'ntm-uea on Page i0, Colunm 1) First Yellowtail Taken With Barhless Hook, by Thos. McD. Potter, April 24, 1926, using Three-Six Tackle. April 27 Mr. Potter persuaded Mr. George H. Doty, President of the Southern California Tuna Club, to go o-ut with him and spring a "barbless" upon a Long Beach yellowtail, using the same kind of tackle, and the re- sult was a seventeen-potmd fish. rHn: CArALIN^ IS|.ANOER The second week of May (next Isn't it renlarkable how some nlen can 'han~ on' when they. are strongly motivated ?" ! CRAWFISH CHARLEY "Science knows nothing of the ori- gin of human energy. Scientists ac- cept energy as a fact. Science has no imagination. The science of Imag- ination is something different. A thing defined is given a limitation, and the definition exists in the Imag- ination and Memory." CRAWFISH CHAI~LEY "Life does not live without food to rebuild its activities, and, as it lives, it is ever changing to adjust itself to a new environnlent." CRAWFISH CHARLEY "From human motives may come the nourishment t_,f ideas. Perhaps, too, motives are the very soul of in- spiration, human character and per- sonality. We know that they are the basis of civilization--the basis of law and order, of crinte and punishment and of worthy and great achieve- nlents." CRAWFISH CHARLEY '%Vhen there is no further use and motives for the existence of buildings, industrial plants, railroads, etc., these physical objects soon begin to crum- ble and decay. The dynamic person- alities back of the projects and enter- prises were the motivated persons .who kept the wheels of the industries in operation." CRAWFISH CHARLEY "To the research psychologist it would seem, then, that motive is a cient nmnner. A new trio went on week) will be "Swim ~,Veek" in Ava- force. It is real. Just as real as is 10 of the .",lnnicipal the air on Wednesday evening: Miss Ion. handling all traffic violations Fox, soprano; Miss Putnam, piano; OUtside of the linlits of cor- Miss Mead, violin--and the three :flies in Los Angeles County, young ladies instantly "registered" -'en Under my administration with listeners. I hope that we shall have the pleasure of their presence in the studio often. Saturday night the OMA Fraternity of Occidental College put on an hour of pleasing entertainment. Consider- ing that none of the appearing artists had ever "perfornled" before a micro- (Continued on Page 3, Column 2) The American Red Cross will have a swimming instructor and life saving exanliner here during that week. This is your chance to in,prove your swimming. Elementary and advanced swinmfing lessons will be given to both children and adults, as welt as tests in the Red Cross life saving methods. There will be no charge for this work, and it will be open to anyone. Please register with Principal M. B. Dunkle as soon as possible. the invisible force that regulates the tides of the ocean, the noonday sun and the Planets of the Universe. The driving force of a motive that is the apparent energy of a series of physi- cal activities that may cover a period of many years, is some evidence of its existence." CRAWFISH CHARLEY "Most everyone realizes that the State of Mind has some connection with the activities of the digestive or- (Continued on Page I0, Column 1) I