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May 3, 1933     The Catalina Islander
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May 3, 1933

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PAGE TWO SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOG Y (Ccmtinued from page 1, column 4) fie assist:race. That's why a laugh and a song feel so refrest~ing; they n,,t only help to remove fatigue toxins but they take a "load off the ntental feet". ~UNSHINE PSYCHOLOGY ()IlCe more a reader asks tlS to ex- plain the "mechanisnl of the nervous system"; so, at the risk of criticism for repetition, we attempt a recapitu- lation of waat ha'! been previously written for this column: Although the following is not a "text b,~ok" descril)tion of the mechanism and function of the nervous system, we hope at some future time to be able to substantiate the theory by practical experimentation in the labor- atory. The theory is a "tentative set up" for the modus operandi of exter- nal stimuli, commonly known as sound, smell, vision and telepathy. In tile structure and function of the nervous system we suggest that "den- drites" are used as antennae for "re- ceiving" purposes; the axones are "dqstributing fibres" and the synapses --spaces between the cells are "switches". The nerves, frequently joined together like "link sausages", are polarised and covered with a mye- line sheath, that functions as an "in- sulator" to prevent the escape or "short circuiting" of the nerve impulse or "electrical energy". Acid "corrosion" and fatigue toxins lnake the dendrites less sensitive to external stimuli and slows up the men- tal and physical efficiency, as does an excessive endocrine gland stimula- tion ! The nervous system functions best when there is "balance" at a normal pressure, of the following gases: hy- drogen, nitrogen, carbon-dioxide and oxygen. Carbon-dioxide has a tend- ency to shrink or close up the den- drites, which reaction, of course, "fogs the mind" and slows the speed of the nerve impulses in and out of tile brain. Now, it is said that there are two t'ltments necessary for the production of electricity, "positron" and "nega- tron". (The nanlcs explain the rela- thmship of these forces excepting that "t.,sitron" needs assistance to pro- duce PO\VER, the same as an auto; m(~bil(, needs gas. Producing energy is a "burning up" process known as ", ,xidation".) It is also suggested that odors and gases have a tendency to "inflame" the imagination. When a person is seasick, grief- stricken--naentally and physically up- set-there is a tendency to "swallow air". The nitrogen so swallowed can- not be absorbed by tile intestinal tract; it nmst be disposed of in anoth- er maimer. This "air", in addition to producing inflation, tends to disturb the digestive system, and perhaps, it also plays avery important part in chang.ring tile I)olarity of peristaltic ,'ca(non of the digestive system--a physical movement necessary to cause vomiting. Coughing, sneezing, etc., also tend t~: reverse the natural process of res- piration (breathing), particularly if there is an impediment in the nasal passages and bronchial tubes, which again indicates that a change of pol- arity of the nerve impulse has taken place. Conclusion : Mind stuff, used for thinking, is no doubt electrical and functional in its nature and depends largely upon oxidation for its clarity, energy and existence. SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOGy "If heat can be produced by pouring sulphuric acid into water, can this ex- ,.)eriment be used to explain how "heat" is developed in the human body by mixing body acids with wa- ter or alcohol?"--L. T. S. Answer: We have submitted your question to a Los Angeles chemist and hope to publish his reply ill a subse- quent issuc of the Islander. However, it is known that the body contains minerals, also iodine, sulphur, acids, etc., and that when the "phosphorous" is used up by violent exercise and such enlotions as anger, that tile toxins pro- duced are very detrimental to the gen- eral health. "Heat", aswe under- stand it for the human body, is a "burning up process" ofthe various compounds and chemical agencies of which the body is composed. Breath- ing stops, the body loses its "tempera- ture": i.e., it becomesas "cold as death". Quite frequently, we receive for answer in this column, "text book questions", copied frombooks.We do not attempt to answer suchques- tions when it is apparent to us that they have been copied from books. We are pleased to answer letters that are sincere requests for information, if we are able to do so. We are particu- larly interested in our correspondence from "amateur psychologists" who are doing research work in Motivation and Oxidation. Our idea in publishing this column is to be of service to those who are too busy to devote nmch time to the study of psychology, and who are anxious to acquire information as a means of self-improvement. The fundamentals of psychology should enable every hu- man being to "know himself" and per- haps point the way to a better under- standing in human relationships. Bet- ter citizenship! As previously stated, we have no remedies, books or propa- ganda to offer for sale, and our cor- respondents do not receive from us, any circulars or advertising matter. -- :O:---- "I wish our bank cou!d get on its feet enough to stop sending back our checks marked 'no funds'," said the bride to her husband. "A bank that hasn't got enough money on iland to pay a $427 check ought to be merged and put on a sound basis."--Exchange. 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A very n South Sea Island novelty, the Pacific", and a Krazy Kat "Wooden Shoes". Friday, May 5--Dickie Moor !iam Boyd, Irving Pichel and Kent in "Oliver Twist", the novel which all the family to see. Episode No. 5 of the Mystery serial, "Mystery and a Graham McNamee Saturday, May &-Clive Diana Wynward in "Cavalcade plot has been founded on the Coward play. A Sport RevieW, and Cold Chills", and a "Forty Thieves". Sunday, May 7--Will Rogers, Gaynor, Lew Ayres, Sally man Foster, and Louise "State Fair", a lavishly tnre with a star cast that tur~ cellent performances; a musical ty, "Radio Murder Mystei:y", Fox News. Monday, May 8--James Dun", Pitts, Minna Gombell and Boot! lory in "Hello Sister". This rather suggestive. A Nick novelty, "Married or Siugle" a Master, "That's the Spirit', novelty "When Dad Was a BaY' Tue~tay, May 9--Carole Jack O akie, David Manners cnne A'-ues in "From Hell yen", eleven lives gambling the tinies on the speed of a Lamb's Gambol comedy, ,,Hear and Weep", and a Pathe NEWS. Wednesday, May .10--Maurice alier, the graudest entertainer all in a new kind of romance ing witll mischief and melodY, Twelvetrees, Edward Everett and Adrienne Ames in "A Story"; Billy Bevan and Bebe in a comedy, "Uncle Jak a Merry Melody cartoon, Grinder';. Chew it after every meal " See how much better You will feel