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April 30, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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April 30, 1924

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PAGE FOUR the poet of the whole people, and the1819. One Of the most eminent of nlost loved of all American authors. American scholars, poets and writers, ~~; He reflects deep understanding of Lowell's critical essays evince wide American life, the love of home andreading and fine discrimination, while houlely virtues. The first of Long-their style is rich, elegant, and capri- fellow's literary virtues is that he rating. His humorous poemns, chief of knows how to tell a tale in an inter- which are the "Bigelow Papers," are esting way, and one who writes a tale witty to rare degree, and his more ~~ ;i :~!1~ as Longfellow told the "Legend Beau- serious poetical writings are distingu- I ever sure of an audience. - Lowell's poetry shows two chief in- ~ ~ II ~aak_e.~j~ Sd/~],~ Long poems as a rule are short-lived, terests--nature and patriotism. Of iI~thiooaao~o'~_~,A,~ ~dl~~r: but "Hiawatha" and "Evangeline" show these he always writes brilliantly, and no signs of age after half a century, at times with deep feeling. He gives They have given pleasure to nfillions the impression of always trying to IIll|elr lhear|y ealllag. WIIIltI@ master his subject, instead of letting ENGLISH LITERATURE IN NEW ENGLAND (Editor's Note--This excellent paper was read at a recent meeting of the Mary Williams Club, and we gladly give it further publicity in our col- umns.) By Mrs. E. W. Minney Literature is an artistic product, as truly as sculpture or architecture. All the fine arts have for their aim perfection of form, the creation of beauty. But to a Puritan, at least, nothing seems permanently beautiful which fails to suggest heoric human endeavor. Artists must indeed take their ma- terial, and in some degree their sug- gestions, from their individual, and :local environment. Yet, of all creative work, the expression of thought in lan- guage is least limited by space or time. Possibly no group of creative writ- ers ever fitted more naturally and eas- ily into their setting than the authors of readers, and have added much to the store of the world's good poetry. Longfellow is remarkable for his simplicity. He is the poet of feeling, rather than of thought; of sentiment, rather than reason. If he touches a great subject, he usually does it in such a simple manner that a child can understand it. Longfellow's best known works, be- sides those already mentioned, is "The Courtship of Miles Standish," in which his subject master him. William Cullen Bryant, one"of Amer- ica's first and most honored poets, be- gan writing at the age of ten, and his most celebrated production, "Than- atopsis," was written when he was about eighteen years of age. All of his poems, whether early or late, show a rare uniformity of excellence and a close and fine observation of nature. "To a Water Fowl" is considered the of Concord, Cambidge or Boston. Yet while Emerson and his friends will he has gathered a series of pictures of most artistic of all his poems. always be known as the New England teresting.the Pilgrims both wholesome and in- MassachusettsRalph WaldOin Emerson,1803, died bornin /[ " |~1~I Poets, their origin, their life, their in- John Greenleaf Whittier--born in Emerson was always a moralist, a MULSIFIED fluenee, is neither chiefly sectional nor 1807, became a distinguished American preacher of ethical ideals, and tile ~ COCOANUT even merely national. New England did not create them, poet, whose writings breathe the pur- nobility of his life gave force to every est spiritually, patriotism and human- word he uttered. If he were judged ] OIL them.did nOtNoroWndid wethem'turnCann°tto themC°ntainchief- ity. There is no poet of the time who by the standard which e§timates a /A shampoo with this prelT 1 ly or more confidently for the better dwells nearer the hearts of the people, man's greatness by the power to in-/ fion leaves the hair lightI' knowledge of New England life. In If you would appreciate the home-like spire c;thers, Emerson has hardly a speaking of the New England poets aquahty of \Vhittier's life and work, peer in American literature. The vi- fluffy. inost'pleasing featureis thebomlof studya scenein"Snowbonnd. The brations which he set in motion sixty / OND 'AVAL-- -Ufi'L' generous friendship knitting them all place is a solitary old farmhouse, in years ago are still potent, and we rise together. There was much besides the dusk of a winter evening. Out- from reading his pages with a noble kindred blood and common environ- side, the frozen landscape; within,idea of self and all humanity. Emer- i 405 Crescent AvenumIM ment to bind them. They were men safe from storm and cold. In the son's thoughts and expression are es- sound and sane of nature, free from shelter of the fanfiliar kitchen, parnets sentially poetic. America has produced [ the fever of wild passion and full of and children gather about the imari&- no writer or scholar of greater influ- [ LYLE PENDEGA$ IT " earnestnessthe steadfaStof Puritantemper. warmthThey wereand stone to watch the fire lighted and ence or renown. His works have a L~[t~_~_,~ then, hovering near, watch the first profound effect in molding earnest I Attorney at happy and faithful in their domestic red blaze appear; heard the sharp minds. Every one of Emerson's poems] di~l~ relations; indeed, all, save Whittier, crackle, caught the gleam on white-are worth reading, if only to discover ] 1031 Title Insurance Bull lief and much of their inspiration to the ohl, rude-furnished room, burst, surely contains, and which we wish to ~#~ their devoted and congenial wives. All ilowerlike, into rosy bloom, store away with things worthy of re- took a wise measure of their own This scene lets us at once into the membrance, e~dence on problems of s~ powers and did earnestly, but with due deepest, yet simple secret of human "Consider what you have in the chological nature, j]~ econmy, the work for which they were life. Viewed from without, the ~Nhit- smallest chosen library: A company of ~ IF~ best fitted. All met Ul~On such common tier farmhouse and its inamtes havethe wisest and wittiest men that could EI~NIEST WINDLI ground as patriotism, hatred of op-an appearance suggesting stern dis-inbe aPiCkedthousand°Ut Ofyears,all civilizedhave setC°untrieSin best Notary Publl| pression and slavery, and liberal but fervent religious faith. It has sometimes been suggested, as a tribute to our most popular authors, that their statues should be set up in lmblic parks, surrotmded by the ideal beings who are the creatures of their genius. One of our most popular American I~oets was Henry Wadsworth Longfel- low, born in Maine, 1807; died in 1882. His name is not only dear to his countrymen, but is held in high esteem by all readers. His poems are trans- parent in thought, tender in sentiment, perfect in rythm, and are adapted to universal favor. There are many red- shelter of the familiar kitchen, parents our household poet. He is first of all ELEGISICAL SUPPLIES ELECTRIC LIGHT GLOBES STAND LAMPS PORCH LIGHTS CEILING LIGHTS Motors for Sewing Machines We Are Agents for ROYAL ELECTRIC CLEANI=-R THOR WASHING MACHINE ELECTRIC VACUUM CLEANER J. M. FLANNIGAN NEW BUNGALETTE BUILDING 607 CRESCENT AVENUE cipline, rather than the joy of living. "Within, however, we discover present- ly that these hard-working people are cf noble breed, wealthy ia the greatest of all possessions, for it Is iove which hohts them together--love which trans- figures their plain faces in the fire- light. Whittier lived and died ia a corner of New England. It is her people and her virtues and traditions, her rivers and hills, that are pictures in hi8 poetry. But he who knows the heart of New England also knows the heart of Florida and Cali- fornia, and it is Whittier's fine heart quality that makes hint universal. Oliver Wendell Holmes is an Amer- ican author of many and distinguished powers. At the time when Holems began to write, in the year 1830, hu- mor was not recognized in American literature; most of our writers were sentimental, a few were profound, and the nation at large began to be deeply agitated over social reforms and poli- tical problems. The man who in such a period showed the possibility of hu- mor, and whose humor was invariably tempered by culture and flavored by kindness, did a service to our litera- ture that can hardly be estimated. James Russell Lowell was born in their bungalow meeting house, 222 Metropole avenue, Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Wednes- day evening service at 8 p. m. Congregational Church Services Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; Worship and Sermon, 10:30 a. m.; Christian Endeavor, 6:00 p. m.; Worship and order the results of their learning and Legal Documents solitary, inlpatient of interruptions,Promptly Executed A" fenced by etiquette; but the thoughts N~,~e, jo~ n~ n.~o n..~ Ca(e~ which they did not uncover to their bosom friends are here written, and in tranparent words to us, the strangersRoofs Repaired Phone Aval0#~ of another age."--Emersou. C.C. W.B. A~ AVA'-L-~ ~HES MELBOURNE & CULI3 I" I Catholic Church services: Sunday DECORATINGamJl Masses, 8 and 10 a. m. Sunday even- 229 Metropole Ave. b°'~]~ ing devotions, 7:30 p. m. Week day . as, e= 0a m:.. , Christian Science Society services at [JBBARB llJT0 ~1 AUTHORIZED 1 FORD AND LINCOLN DEAL~"!--' And Returned in Three D~tY~ {! / CLAUDE WALTON | Sermon, 7:00 p. m.; Mid-week Service 7:00 p. m., Wednesday. Everyone is cordially invited to all services. Write to the Catalina Light Tackle Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, for information about sea angling. "For Rent" and "For Sale" signs are on sale at Windle's News Stand. 2 LADIES, YOUR ATI'ENTIu] Let Mrs. Wood do yoUrG ~[~ " ] SPRING DRESSMAKI Late Styles--City Prlces--GoOd ~;1 Apartment 22, Dorris Apart~# Clemente Avenue