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April 23, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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April 23, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER: PAGE THREE SIMPLE SCIENCE By WOW WATER is very old, nmch older than but retains its appearance It ~vas probably the made, and is still used deal. tell us the first living Ire did its living in the ocean. it gradually took to life on but hated to entirely give it was used to, so it took a Water with it. Even humans than three-fourths water. Why we have to drink so much dry up. I heard of a man it down about half so he to drink so much. Some and preachers don't drink enough. are two kinds of water--sob except in winter. Hard contains a lot of compounds of U~d magnesia, etc., but it's hard 'anless you boil the water down. can see the hardness and rattle in the tea kettle. It's to make a lather with hard water is hard on soap It's hard for some to Understand why it's called of these things show it called anything else. water is impure. Even is a little impure. Water is nearly pure. That's Use it in storage batteries. 0f stills has increased greatly automobile age, especially 'rohibition started. g- pure water is composed of ~Sses--hydrogen and oxygen. hard to believe. It is said OUr Water was formed when very young. This was flashes which caused and oxygen to join to- gether to form water. This stopped when the earth ran short of hydro- gen. When water freezes it expands and bursts pipes. This is a wise provision for plumbers. Ice weighs less than water, so it floats on top. This is a wise provision for fish and skaters. Water is used for holding boats up off the land, etc. SOUTH SEA FARMING By Science Service The common impression that the food of Samoa islanders "falls in their taps" is quite wrong, says Professor \~. A. Setchell of the University of California. There are few edible plant products obtained there without regu- lar attention. Every native village has its plantation where the famous bread- fruit, bananas, and cocoanuts are rais- ed. The plantations are generally in forest clearings and are allowed to grow up in all sorts of weeds. Wednesday Evening, April 23 Miriam Cooper and Geo. Walsh in "SERENADE" A romance of old Spain--full of life and fire--Also "THE PALE FACE" ~--STRAN D------ Thursday Evening, April 24 "Big Boy Williams" in "THE TRAIL OF HATE" Replete with thrills, action and heart interest. Also "HELP ONE ANOTHER SPAT" ----~-S T RAN D-.-.=-- THE FEVER O' THE SPRING By W. E. Cortissoz O, I feel as tho' I had a mint o' money, When 'bout thirty cents is really all I own, An' my life seems sweeter than the sweetest honey! An' a happy feelin' soaks me to the bone, It is not because nay sweeheart truly loves me, For, to tell the truth, I aint got no such thing. It is that fantistic, yearly dream that hugs me, It's the tantalizin' fever o' the spring! O' I feel so goldarn good I can't help smilin' At the mossy jokes my friends are bound to tell; An' I do not kick them salesmen beguilin' Who most frequently are ringin' my door-bell. It is not because I am "a dandy fellow," That I put up with this aggravatin' thing. Just what makes me act so tender-like an' mellow? It's the tantalizin' fever o' the spring! O, I take my little boat and go out rowin'; 'Round the Bay of Avalon I start to fish, An' what I catch I should have left there, growin', For they wouldn't more 'n decorate a dish. Now, whyn't I get mad, an' raise the devil Because my hook won't larger fishes bring? (As I nearly always do?) Well, on the level, I am dippy with the fever o' the spring! OUR PACIFIC ISLE By Elmer M. Creighton Have you ever longed for a desert isle With beautiful beaches, that seemed to smile And bid you welcome to a wonderful place That man hasn't spoiled with his work and waste? Some place that you felt was your own, Where you could build your house and home? Have you pictured your mind a place so fair? Have you been longing to find yourself there ? To tear away from the grind and toil, And the city's heat, that makes your blood boil; To take a ship and sail far away, And land in a beautiful island bay ? Then listen, friend, I'll tell you where to go__ And you'll like it, that I know-- For it is really a beautiful isle-- And people have lived there a long, long while. And I wish you would go and see What a wonderful place t'hat isle can be. Go on over, and visit the island folk-- You'll find your troubles will vanish like smoke! And, besides, it's a mighty safe bet, A more hospitable people you never have met. So go on over and stay a while-- You'll find everyone cheerful on Catalina Isle. Friday Evening, April 25 Win. Fairbanks in "FIGHTING HEARTS" A romance of pioneer days on the Texas Border. Also Turpin Comedy A "DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHOES" THLETES know the value of good, wholesome Bread. " --,..--$TRAND~- ~ That is why it constitutes such a substantial part of Saturday Evening, April 26 their training diet. Betty Compson and Milton Sills in AT THE END of THE WORLD Give vour family the same scientific nourishment, and Tingling with struggle--Blazing with you will De rewarded by an extra glow of health and an color of Oriental Shanghai And added vitality. "FIGHTING BLOOD" No. 9 --STRAND-- Our Bread is made of the very best ingredients. ~ Sunday Evening, April 27 Triumphant return of Mabel Normand TRY OUR BRAN HEALTH BREAD ~I in her greatest achievement "MICKEY" ~l~I,~i ~llt IW~" A n,asterpiece of pathos, hmnor, love Hoover Bakery and Cas rocery '~t~,~~ ~ and adventure. Also "A FAKE ALARM" SUMNER AVENUE ATWATER HOTEL BLDG. And INTERNATIONAL NEWS -~-ST RAN D------, Monday Evening, April 28 J. Warren Kerrigan in a great thrill-ing railroad story. Choice Meats Clothes Do Not "NUMBER 99" Also Stan Laurel in "ZEV VS. PAPRIKA', AT FAIR PRICES Make the Man Tuesday--~,Ve~n~Tg, A---pril 29 but the do hel h,m to "THE LOVE TRAP" A S ;\ GOOD JUDGE OF MEA I'S, you will enjoy buy- II~lt~_ , Y P " Featuring Bryant Washburn and Ma- Z--lk ing here, where there are so many lucious Steaks, 'Ix gooa impressions, be/ Forrest. A rapid-fire mystery, Chol)s and Roasts. "u~l'e i comedy-drama with powerful ~'~'l s satisfaction in al- cast. Also You will appreciate their freshness--the sanitary manner T --E" "THAT ORIEN AL GAM in which they are handled, and the tender, healthful cuts. aPPearing well dressed. And INTERNATIONAL NEWS S its naade at City' Prices. blAI T! N HALL &Veloublerclumt Tailor California ----.-STRAN D.--~. Wednesday Evening, April 30 Anita Stewart with Ralph Lewis in a drama of Broadway's dazzling revelry "SOWING THE WIND" Also "WHEN SUMMER COMES" -----.ST R A N D---~- PRICES--28, 39 and 50 Cents. Children under 12, in First Section 10e. Our Prices Are Fair !16 Catalina Avenue Phone 31 FREE DELIVERY