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April 22, 2016     The Catalina Islander
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April 22, 2016

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Islanders know that sometimes you have to leave paradise Since I became "Catalinars Official-Greeter." March 10. 2014. when the Chamber Of Commerce assigned me to greet the cruise ships and cross cha~nel boats, I have answered 45.525 questions. These are some of the more interesting/ unusual questions/comments: "Are California fishing licenses good here?" "Chuck, WHY are you doing this? Are you always standing here?" "When do you have tours of your insane asylum?" "Is the Island sinking?" "Does Avalon have a phone book?" Perfect timing Just an update since last week's article, ""How does that song go again?" Bruce Belland. founder of the "Four Preps" and the lead singer of the group that is STILL perform- ing, called to tell me that he was A sincere and heartfelt to our loving community For all of the cards, flowers, hugs and kind words we received following our loss. Your kindness was . uch a blessing.__= Sincerely, The Hoefs Family in Avalon on Sunday to dis- cuss his and the "Preps" participation in the formal opening of our new museum. Chuck Liddeli M e t r o p (o 1 e. Columnist in June. He picked up an "Islander" and was thrilled to see his lyrics of "26 Miles" so proudly printed. I had no idea that he was coming to the Island when I wrote the column! WHAT TIMING! I also forgot to mention last week that I had a "con- nection" to Al Jolson who co-wrote "Avalon." I met, and enjoyed the company of his last wife. Ruby Keeler. on a Caribbean Cruise quite sometime ago. She was most enjoy- able and only referred to her late husband as "Mr. Jolson." I have a feeling that she must have called him other things when they were married! There has been a change in the showing of the very spe- cial double feature, sponsored by the "Catalina Foundation" at the Overlook Hall, corner of Whittley/ East Whittley. A double feature, just like the "old days," will be presented one night only, Friday, April 22, the original 1933 "King Kong," 6:45 p.m. followed the 1933, sequel, "Son Of Kong" which was made on Catalina Island! If you are in Avalon, a definite must to attend! Escaping Paradise Although the "Catalina Express" is very generous by giv- iag~alL"Islanders" with commuter bo~'~s of 10, two free upgra~s~ "Commodore Lounge," locals often Lounge" material! I rarely know anyone up there, it is far too com- fortable and relaxing for me. I am not a drinker so the free drink and cookie are not as appreciated by me as might others, and I find that "my kind of people," mostly "Islanders," are in the general seating area. I find that I can get A LOT of business transacted, while crossing the chan- nel, or simply having a much needed conversation with old friends that I haven't seen for a while. This last Thursday was no exception. While I was in "general seating," 1 saw a man devouring a great looking sandwich, which his wife patiently watched for him to come up for air (a BIT of an exaggeration, but the sandwich DID look great and he WAS enjoying i0. When he was finished, I asked him where he got it and he told me "'Ellie's" on the Mole. He looked at me and asked if I was the one who wrote the weekly column in the "Islander" (people can actually recognize me in black/white and one dimensional. Hopefully I am MORE than that in person!). When he told me that he reads my column weekly, I chimed in with, "Yea. right after your read Jim Watson's column, 'Mysterious Island' on page one." He answered, "No, I read you first!" Sorry Jim, but I now want to introduce you to my "new best friends," Bryan and Nia Baze. He is the "Edison, Supervisor, Plant Maintenance" person. As we talked about "things" the fact that we were both going over to the Mainland got me thinking about the fact that there are times, when much to the Catalina visitors' surprise, we have to leave paradise. If you are down at the 7:45 a.m. boat to Long Beach (used to be the 8 a.m., ndfft0o early), you will notice quite a disproportionate number of wonder why I give them away and Islanders going off the Island. This ~~advantage ofthemmvself. _ i~ what we e_nl] affectionately. I;he I " ~ Frankly, I am,-NgT "Commodore"- "rVledi~aI Bo~-,-'.--~; riio~/ef us-~fe Founded in 1913 by Ernest Windle Publisher Vince Bodiford vince@thecatalin Editor Dixie Redfearn Assistant Editor Charles Kelly General Manager Jon Remy Office Assistant Kristy Throndson Graphic Designer Emily Ung Multimedia Director Franco Te fra 63,5 CRESCENT AVENUE SUITE A AVALON, CA 90704 (3!0) SX0-0S00 FAX: (310) 510-2882 ~Postmaster: Send address changes to The Catalina Islander P.O. Box 428. Avalon. 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This publication is print- ed almOSt enureq on recycled paper. Contents Copyright 2015 and Title Registered, Catalina Islander. Inc.. All Rights Reserved. PROUD MEMBER OF THE CALIFORNIA NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS Ca:a ~TION REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL The City of Avalon is requesting proposals for from qualified firms and/or individuals professional services to provide architectural design, construction and bid documents for the construction of an elevator lift at the Beacon Hill Senior Apartments located on in the City of Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California. Qualified consultants must have extensive experience working with the Federal CDBG Program. The filing deadline for submitting a proposal shall be Thursday, May 26, 2016, at 4:00 p.m., P.O Box 707-410 Avalon Canyon Road, Avalon, CA 90704. For the full RFP, concept renderings and elevator specifications go to: FISH or TOUR THE ISLE IN 5oo yo going over for our routine medical "specialist" checkups. Although our local hospital does a great job of our "'regular" needs, when it comes time for our needing a specialist, a trip to the mainland is mandatory. Over the years, we have had specialists come over on Saturday to help us out. but we sometimes need more. Then WHY the large suitcases, if we are all planning to come back on the late afternoon boat? Where else do we put all of our "necessities" from "Trader Joe's.': "Mothers." "COSTCO." "Walmart." "Target," swap meets. .etc.? Besides. sometimes we are able to "'stay over" to take in a special theatrical or sporting event or sim- ply much needed time with family and friends who have been woefully missed for far too long. If you have a meeting, as in the case of Bryan, or my checking out the new Chinese Restaurant with my good friend Hi, you "have" to go to the mam- land. If you have to catch a flight, same thing. Unfortunately, some of people have housing issues, such as teachers and construction workers. which means that they have to cross over daily! This goes for some of our students who. thank goodness. decide on continuing their education beyond high school and really better themselves, and our community, If they decide to come back. Sometimes I just want to get off the "rock'! Although it is great to be recognized for "whatever it is" I do on Catalina, sometimes it is refresh- ing to sort of blend with people who don't know who I am or what I do for a living. IF you know you have to be on the mainland for any reason. it is always a good idea to go over at least one day in advance, just to make sure! With all of the storms we experienced last December when cross channel boats were cancelled, for the first time in 68 years, I was unable to be with my Mother at Christmas. Unfortunately, that is also life in- paradise; not being able to leave! Last week. I didn't realize it then, but how nice it was to get far away from our Avalon election! Speaking Lasik [- -evaluation Latisse for f longer eyelashes '7 ~" 9 9 Call, 14-546-.0,,0 For a Saturday clinic appointment at CIMC. ORANGE COAST as an Avalon citizen, and one whO has been here for "most of life" (fiat "all," as I am not dead yet!), I don't remember an election, in my life- time, that was so mean spirited and hurtful rhetoric since the "AC/DC" local political group that took on the "Island Co." in the early 1960s. Just ask Rudy Piltch! I was some- what relieved to read that this "hate mail" filling our boxes was NOT sponsored by the individual candi- dates, but by "PAC" groups! Since when do we need "PAC groups" in our local elections? What "hid- den agendas" did these disruptive groups have that weren't clearly laid out in these elaborate and obviously expensive pieces of trash! Many people were hurt by this mudsling- ing and only given a short time to defend themselves. At one time I thought our "civility" could be the cornerstone of Federal Elections rather than to follow their embar- rassing, if not outright destructive. behavior. I thought we were bet- ter than this and hope, in a couple years, that we will be able to prove it in our next election. I only hope that these "brains" who think they were clever enough to come up with this "stuff," can now shift their gears to help us with some of our "real issues." such as WATER! I hope to have a little more fun with my observations on the differ- ence between Avalon and the main- land type of lifestyle, in my next article. If you have missed any other my "articles" you can check on my blog,, where my blog administrator and good friend, Rocky Wall, adds at least three new and old ones every week. If you want to ask me "Catalina oriented questions" or make any comments regarding what I am doing on the Island, you can check out my "open group" entitled "Chuck Liddell," on Facebook, which was p~6{qd-~/f fd~'m~ h& a~ %u'fl6r'i-ge" qS~ my friend of longest duration (over 55 years), Mitch Hammond. If you want to contact me directly, you can always send me a message at From page 1 out of the year. During those days, water is drawn from the Thompson Reservoir. Lawrence was reluctant to forecast specific dates when the demand would exceed the desal plant's output. Lawrence said that as of last Friday, the Thompson Reservoir water level measured 189 acre feet. Councilman Joe Sampson wants to encourage tourists to conserve more water. One idea he proposed was to give away a two-minute "hour glass" to encourage two-m~n- ute showers. He also suggested giv- ing tourists T-shirts. According to Lawrence. if the forecast changes, Edison woUld notify the public two months before Stage 3 rationing is implemented. Stage 3 rationing normally requires a 50 percent reduction from the baseline water use. However, as pre- viously reported, Avalon might be subjected a lower reduction rate because Islanders have conserved more than was mandated. Lawrence said that about 5 to 7 percent of water users were repeat violators of water restrictions. Fines for violating water restric- tions increased effective April 2. A second offense will result in the installation of a water flow restnc.- tion device. On a third offense, a customer who uses too much water will be fined $50. The fine will increase $50 each month up to $500. 4 ; Friday, April 22, 2016 THE CATALINA ISLANDER