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April 16, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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April 16, 1924

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ISL CATALINA ISLANDER than ,I ']L He c0~- -,L.U.~ :eturn]~ PAGE ELEVEN ........ CATAUNA "HIOH SCHOOL BIOURAPHIES up. URNALISTiC STAFF. rne ~I Pupil Nick Name Hobby Appearance Ambition My !~tle01na Renton - Editor-in-Chief Mary (hbson" ...................... "Fog Horn VI" HNmg" " Dangerou.s Fie a cheerful housekeeper ht w~]'ence Fehrop _ _ Assistant Editor Edythe Stone... ................. "Tony" Breaking hearts Angelic 'r'o make some shiek happy ~~i~i~il Tom Duly ........................... "Stony" Vamping ]rlnocent To own a harem Martha Meyers ................ "Butterfly" Gym Cheerful To be a teacher E!izabeth MacLean ........ "Phiz" Boys (?) Pious Sl~anish shark Betty Trout ....................... "Fish" Taiking Chic A jazz player John Minney .................. "Snoozer" Disagreeing Pathetic Hard telling what Malcolm Renton .............. "Molly" ~or,'l CrankingBashful A physic teacher 3sep~i ~ __ John Shields .................... "Whitie" t'rimping Eternally Rushed To own peanut stand Theodore Sierks ............ "Cutie" Fly-catching Heavenly Organ grinder ~stae~t~he stalt:GYS-'S-C-C'CHOOL (To be continued next week.) P~lh^_, ~,trt for the "Catalina High Cat#~d'~t_Sugar Loaf" is again changed ASSEMBLY NEWS "THE FLORIST SHOP" ~ Interesting Facts ~ern,~JI~.~r th~ .... ' ~ ~ Light travels at the enormous velo- ,~h;aI~ ._ "'e next three weeks a new ~-''" "' w' Mr. Dunkle called an assembly Tues-On April 25th the High School is city of 186,000 miles per second. This la;i~"th~ill be responsible for the news day, April 8th, in order to discussgoing to put on two one-act plays, speed carries it around the earth seven ~lt ~ ~ is Page. -- (t~iei~hgtoonapliment the old staff some things that are of importance,Last week you read in the "Sugar and one-half times a second. the e Wish to c ma~IM~v~ sl.Plendid work done by themsuch as follows: Loaf" something about each of the Our nearest fixed star, Alpha Cen- Iv~ ~ hope that our readers may de- First--The schools of the city are characters of "Spreading the News!"tauri, is so distant that it takes light of 4t~:st,much pleasure and entertain- having. . oratorical, contests on, the con- ,,The other, play is ,,a .cmedy. drama, four and four-tenth years to reach the ~T_~_hs!iiiiiii~)tlsri~ii stltutlon, which really doesnt concern The Flomst Shop. This play was earth. us, as our student body is too small to written by Winifred Haukridge and White light is a mixture of all col- producedby the Harvard Dramatic ors participate in it. However, Mr. Dun- ' . kle thought it would interest us toClub. A spectra is the separating of a ray know what is going on in the large DramatisPersonal of light into a series of different colors. I~l-~ Fteresti,~[ ,ur .any 1 m~I~ts"~ung as it should be Neverthe- schools on the mainland. Maude ................................... Betty Trout A familiar spectra is the rainbow. ''We S ' ' .... I ~lili~ we shall try our best to accom- Second--I'he foot and mouth dtsease M~ss Wells ................ Grace Tregarthen The nature and composmon of a ' - 0! -" SOmethi rch ~e ... rig, always rememberin has increased so rapidly that the tea- Slovsky .......................... Arthur Goulding body may be determined by studying S= g se~ttt fir;~ng of George Washington: "If chers are requested to read in class ar- Henry .............................. George Minney its spectrum. ~I~A titles about this dreadful opidemic. Be- Mr. Jackson ..................... i John Shields A spectrum is produced with the i~,,~ You don't succeed, try, try ing isolated as we are, there willnot be Betty ' is the florist s bookkeeper; aid of a prism. much danger of it reaching here, as young and fairly good looking. She is GRAM~ NEWS 25g'~Lh Pathetic ex ressmn ft n long as dogs, cats, etc., are prohibited full of slang expressions and sentimen- ---'~.dlutM~...P o e heard ~ ..- 5~~1~ de~ C!asses: "Teacher, didja gimme from coming over on the steamer, tal thoughts. If it wasn't for her, The seventh and eighth grades had tta~ "uerlt?, All we can do is keep our eyes openSlovsky would go out of business. t -" ' another monthly examination, and will St~. AIM] is - . . . and be careful. , George is an ordinary tough office receive their cards today, I~or ,~ going to be a Dusy month Third--The student body was disap- boy of about sixteen, slightly stuck on Ise~i~se High School students. Thepointed that the Long Beach authori- himself and very important looking.Many interesting games have been lr~e~xt ware preparing for commence- ties would not let them enter the jun- He is, in spite of his invulnerable ex- played by the grammar school pupils 0fl~tayi'~g nhCohmWill mean hard work and for track meet. The boys' training will terior, unimpressionable, during their physical education periods. ~fl. ur6,._ nights Two of the not be wasted, however, as it will only Arthur is a middle-aged Jewish pro- P#iSie.~ws' John Shields and Theod remake them better fitted for the ath- prietor of the florist shop. He can see Well, the suspense is over, as a~}~(~0a are practicing on their bugles letic activities next year. They will only the business side of life, never "Treasure Island," by Robert Louis ~ie~d~t0 e't~re~bably have heard them), so as then be able to meet other schools, not the sentimental part. To Slovsky Stevenson, was finished by the eighth at t~ttr ,._ off with flying colors on Eas- only in basketball, but in golf, tennis everything is matters of dollars and grade last week. ~etll~are t~nlng Then, of course, there and probably football. If a football cents. ~ I%ew Prays of the year which no team is organized now, they will beGrace, as Miss Wells, is a faded, The eighth grade boys have begun y ants to miss T 'S01~a and th- . he casts m the in better shape for the football season sweet, rather colorless spinster. She to train for a track meet. next year. 0:! 'ug t_.._ ~ committee are all work- is dressed in timid,tasteful colors. '-to "Uthfully, so th Aunt Dorothy--"How many com- d~! its s ere ~s no doubt as Mr. Wrigley has been so generous Her hair,in a modest way, is crisp mandments are there, Johnny?" aCCess. With all this work go- as to lend the ball diamond to the and more daring than the rest of her Johnny (gibly)- ','Ten." t:| i~t0 _ the students surely cari't get boys, so they ought to do good work, costume. Aunt Dorothy~ Suppose you were I ,m~ mischief, as there are very few schools which John Shields, as Mr. Jackson, is to break one of them?" 13Bring ~. have such grounds, solemn; somewhat pompous, and slight-Johnny (hopefully)--"Thenthere'd "a f~ the physical training period Fourth--Mr. Dunkle congratulated ly older than Miss Wells. They havebe nine." ~w d tlsed f_ ays ago--the hurdles were the boys and girls on their co-opera- been engaged for fifteen years. Was ur the first time The ground tion and hard work in learning and t Still " practicing the plays, which are soon ~ The indoor baseball game which was o a It- muddy from the last rain, to have been played last Thursday, ~..__ w of the boys decided to take to be given. He also commended the was postponed on account of the High ~ra~hhath when they were haft wayfaithful poster committee, which has Then, on rainy days, a jolly time is School play. ae hurdles To accomplish this, seen to it that the stores are all sup- spent in tumbling. The desks are all tangl~lwed their legs to become plied with advertisements, pushed back against the wall, and after ~rae~t"" W~th the hurdles, and made Fifth---George Minney was electedthe rug is spread, the fun begins. A pale, proud girl turned to the big, ut dives into the mud puddles, librarian for the month of April. Surprising results are being shown by heavy-browed man, who was gazing ~t 'I'he s ~ Sixth--The new merit standing will Edythe and Elizabeth, who with faith- her intently. He held a glittering knife in his hand. Have you no heart?' hy pr,,ecOnd year algebra class, taught be posted in a few days. At the endful practice, will soon have the somer- she asked in low, even tones. ~f I~.['essr Dunkle, started the study of the year certain rewards will besault perfected. Florence and Doris"No," he growled. e,.~"garithms last week. Th~s willgiven tothosewho have the best can almost stand on their heads. (In "Then give me ten cents' worth of h~l~letAthe subjects taken up by the . fact, they soon be able to do so standing. will liver." %Ur... s the class has finished the"~." without any aid.)Catherine is going [~l eral r~-.etore the alloted time, a gen- Tourist (noticing foghorn on "Sugar to give an exhibition of bear dancing, Curios and Souvenirs that s~View will be given, and after Loaf :"!~-"Is that a radio or a phono- assisted by Doris, who will do the bear I Look for the Sign of ! ~eth'~x~e Work in which the different graph ? walk. Betty and Myrtle are quite the ,,us Studied may be employed, experts in elephant walking. Mary and I The Big Curio St0re[ ,~asehall --'--'-" Sounded All Right Martha are practicing standing on I[ g O, MacRae Co. Ij ~hich., ~s not the only sport in Miss Hahn---Dorris, read the next their hands, so they will be able to They tat girls are making headway,sentence." rest their feet. The girls thoroughly .~ ketbal,are progressing rapidly in bus- Doris--"Boys are like dogs." enjoy doing the various stunts, and are [ Roofs Repaired Phone Avalon $? ~ake '~ Either Florence or Edythe Miss Hahn--"That is not what it planning on the fun they will have on I a~1 ~,~. Very promising center; Mary says; look at it again." the beach this summer. I C. {2. W.B. a~d ~Zabeth are unrivaled forwards, Doris--"Oh, golly! It says boys like i MELBOURNE & CULLEN ;~e:y and Catherine are sure dogs." Bob (sleepily)--"Can't we have a I " DECORATING l! ill a~t. ards, The rest are ready to school picnic in the submarine gar-I ~ Metropole Art. Avalon s Place they are needed. Watch the world come to Catalina. dense" , ..........