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April 13, 1939     The Catalina Islander
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April 13, 1939

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PAGE TWO THE CATALINA SHERIFF EUGENE BISCAILUZ hours a day, then have time for vari- ous kinds of recreation, and generally enjoy the work..Each man is a!lowe(l a certain amount per (lay, which is given to their families when they have such. These camps have done an immense amount of work, especially in the line ~f co,~structing roadways, etc., which otherwise would not have been built. The Sheriff's force now has to pro- tect some 500,0{X) people living outside of incorporated towns and cities, and also cooperates with the various police forces. For mauy years the sheriff's depu- ties wore no tmiforms, .but experience demonstrated that their work was made both easier and more effective when in uniform, with their badges in and more helpful, not o,fly as police officers, but as advisors. The Sheriff said that all the officers were now under civil service rules, and that their positions did not depend upon who might be sheriff or what political party he might belong to. At the conclusion of his talk Sheriff Biscailuz was heartily cheered and was thanked by M!r. Laurance as chairman of the program comnfittee and by President Fred Paulson on behalf of the Rotary Club. 0 The Youthful Purist Johnnie : %,Vhy does the whistle blow for a fire ?" Billy: "lt doesn't blow for the fire; it blows for water. They've got the fire." visitors and one official. Dues were collected and roll was called. Last week, during Easter vacatiou, the Scouts went ou a four-day camp- ing trip to Ben ~Veston, near Little Harbor, and a great time was had by all that went. The Scouts patroled the trails for the Easter Sunrise Services last Sun- day as usual, and later, after the ser- vices, the Scout Mothers gave an Eas- ter e,ug hnnt. After some interesting games the meeting was chased with Scout Oath and Benediction. Harc, ht Warner, Scribe. ...... o- "Who was Shylock, Aunt Ethel?" "My dear! And wm go to Sunday school and don't know that !"--Life. AND HIS PISTOL EXPERTS .~ .~. CAPTURE THE__ROTARY CLUB ~ ~ (Continued from Page 1, CoL 4) .'~ tors were authorized to nominate a ~ OF"#'A g d/., ~ ?00~~ nominating committee for the annual~ If /I '1 election of a president, vice-president, ~ ~l- ~fl~'A"v" ~lp9//~'Z~ ~ ~" secretary, treasurer and two members of the board of directors. ~ .~. , IHI't The following Rotary visitors and ~ ~ /~ /"- d/ guests were introduced by Vice-Pres- I Phew. That sun is Everything's going up ktent Don Bussey: ~ ~ sails and the thermOl Rotarian Visitors red flannels on witt lames G. Sprecher, Los Angeles. ~ Blisters L~nguentine. [)ean Kirk, Southgate. Wahmt Park. ~ ~ tall cool glasses. Yes: son has arrived! The Clvde Watts, Carrollton, Ky. ~ ~ boats. Uncalked boa Joseph Dinni, Wihnington, Calif. ~ ~ harbor. Merchants Guests of Members ~. .~. Henry Thompson, guest of E. R. ~ .~. "['heir patrons just Pollok. ~ -~. playing "Jingle Ii s John Connolty,guest of John J. ~ ~ resort has a Santa ClaU White. ~ is Summer ! J. it. Stamford, guest of C. E. Sulli- ~ ~ * * * d~Sd', van. ~ ~ LITTLE LENA, naughtY,e ebb" Roy Phillips, guest .f J. C. Davis. ~ .~. Shoved her mother off tn .,,t! ,.lfll~ Bob McNeish a.d Cus Shave,, g.."Pd cried: "Kid, yo" p" guests of L. C. Crow. ~ N IN ALL THE wORt, V Bill and Stuart Kilgour, guests of i~ ~ LIKE THAT'" R. A. Kilgour. ~. .~. I)on Alger, guest of ~A:. L. \Vhite. ~ .~. DOPEY DAT'r] is j: "~ 1 1 o r of pea Jack Frenzel, guest of A. L. Latu'-~ ~ . "'he M the ,c '1'0~ ance. ~ ~ TA ~ shell of her former se~"sprir$ "~" 2. '1'o voun,, ladies, a~|ad" Sheriff Biscailuz' Talk KE AWAY all the other uses of the tele- " :s an Easter Tunic ,dtla,U~ Sheriff Et, e:ene Biscailuz and his~ " " " ~ 3. Some tourists a~r;Xfs ;d 0e- part,, were n~et at the pier upon ar- ~ phone, including the steps It saves vou, the L*.: ea rival of the steamer attd were escorted ~. -~. to the Santa Catalina lsland Con> ~ help it brings in emergencies; and that one ~"t'i;~'tl:'i}~t":"cI;l~';;e i~ad 'fr~i't panv's six-horse stage, which thev ~ ~ 4. Idle gossips love ~ b00~' boa 'ded and we,'e then driven to the ~ call in every- dozen or every hundred--"It's i. s the,- ca,, Sto , " Listem "! Hotel St. Catherine to join the Rotar- ~ , . l~' . ~. ~ , , *.. kstbatte0 ians in their hmeh. M,avor Wilbur L. ~ the family. --would still leave your telephone v-\c \.vr \'WI:,N !."C O:l White, properly mounted, and clothed ~ " ..... ~ , "', "C'~ t~, ~eter the bv,,te bl WS ' Iu " a la c-wbov, "acc,mll,anied the stage =N serwee one ot your priceless possessmns, g:... ~t's tram" "" to prince" the;- gas and saw the'party safely into the hotel. ~ .~. , , ,. ~.00 F~,llowing a brief l~usiness session ~." -~. ..... m LI A o P~'s Sheriff Biscailuz was introduced bv ~! ~ ~ ~- ~ t~ ,-, . ,, isI;' ~" If "ticklin,, the ix'r*2~e b~c.'g:' t~1",,>I-am Committee Chairman Arch~ SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE COMPANY ~ ssi,; ' t~ttt" e Lanrance. playing' a ad"I a - . --d P - "tlife, The Sl, eriff made a business-like ~,~ ~v CSl ~; s~b~l.t.~ : a~d~ .: , us ~1 ', 'iffY talk. durinv which he t~Ad many inter- 135 Whittley Ave . Teleohone Avalon 8-90 h. d~ V' is f, ,-ell ,"- a J ,0:" estin~ things about the organizationN " .~. sh'tkcs"t f ", I-mb'~ tail' ~ a~d ".at and growth of the department of ~ .~. ~ ..... . ~ ,t-,.v; " ,,are" ~; "lugl>hattmf' ~s s,~c!qt~e-; a,~(t ~ :, i" ~ler', ; ~ N. II }-iv' '.;toted that his fi:'st trip t,~ Santa is a (;[R.x,l;[gE VLII~,t;2~O0 t.o C.:ttvlma Islaud was uladc in 1888, vl,? l{:'.w'. Hay:! ItS who:? hewas but five years ,,f age; NECKING! , . that his 1)arents were in" the habit' of * * -,-TOl~Dal0f' since Iris gro~th to manhood and en- 1 S'"r-~" & Ixt,c])- : t.,.,.es. ,a try i=~to :[ busy life hc had been 2. Shirts, sho'ts, awl. S~jot~ttgst" pleased to come" whenever he had the 3. Yax~ns, yodels, ant,! ~t~ssel' r 4 H ~ 1 ]~ustle am~ ' .-so" time. He told of meeting Frank . ust c, . ' ", . cry" YVhitfley, one of the early settlers and TIME FOR NEW CURTAINS AND DRAPES 3. Duke's red, scar,dr, oi C~,l(litions as they were then. million ensemble! , His associatit,n with former Sheriff -~ Come in and see the new mate- Prices are low as usua.-' at ~ : p; :;~, 0fl~e~ "Bill" Traegcr was outlined. [_;po':l -~ rials we have just received. We TAYLOR'S--but the quality is ~ Vo pore 'rae~er's election to congress, the =-- believe you will like them. high. Let us show you today. -== Ethel (Theatre) Ho.dg are ate reg~ l~(~ar 1 of Supervis~ws. t,f. Los. Ang~e'es, in~ i'eas,,n why mov!e~..reS at~l.~ County appointed l~iscailuz to the v:t- ~I~I~iI[I~I~iI~[~~H~I~I~III~[~[II~II~[~I~[~I~[~i~Ii~II~I~i~[~[]~i~II~ observes: "Motion plclu~.r~s r~0 caucv,'and he had bee,, elected at the Avalon F0untaln ,u, fact some patr.n.,tl~O" next election--and at every election COlnpletelv, they're br~tag:,t~ ~0gl~ 1 o"" ith thcW" ~u, iv since, a arm cl cks w _ ttllte,, e~~' ., Hc told about Traeger's awakenine, Walt (Hamburger) :~ct~_ de~ o ~, to the fact that some efforts should b'~~ tu~, ,' I" o, nfics ,mnced cow on D a"' 1 ~.d~ made to reform and rehabilitate the Corner of Crescent and Sumner Avenues matic sandwiching th's~is:laar~ts~r nlanv prisone,'s who were in his tomcr wauts onions o~ ~ e Wa~l t charge. Among the plans that he un- I~'TOF:~ [ that's his business. It ~'i~eSS "..,iO:~ dertook were an "Honor Farm" and I ,t_ I=" ~ I::R F:~ O W N. ~ I=~ o P I=~.~ licg, thvt's~,.evervbodv's.j ," ScO~"Dtl~ .,nla'Pr":~;s~']8, "Honor Camps , where the men were ~ert t,.aunury) .o e,.r_o~ st'trch "rod bluing magnate, ~ag%;tle~ put to work in various ways. The sight--s~ the ttniforms now ttsed were BOY SCOUT NOTES accident' "Dry ) clcani~lga~d P~'tl~ farm :s one of 2400 acres, and it is adopted. -- , " , ,*'till, /'~ 9" proving to be a good thing for the men Every month there is a meeting of 'i'h~ weekly meetin , of Trt~o ) [ A_v garments young a~.,.o,,er , ~o., .-, ~ . . g 1 ,~ - I~ast week,.aP_k:)l r~l: and the county. the sherflf s f,,rces, where the men dos- alon Boy Scouts of America was ealled (~ndt i~s ~ ~; The honor camps have grown until cuss the various matters that come up t order ;it the Scent Tent ~tt 700 c,eane(l DV ll/ISIa , tla there are now nine cantps, accommo- before them, attd arc also instructed pm last Monday evening ' when he emerged fr~)tnGiOat~ae -da datin< some 600 men. They work eight in ways that they may become more Ten Scouts were present,, with tw,>s,dtltion were, 'Do