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April 9, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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April 9, 1924

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SLA CATALINA ISLANDER a, Calif4 ~ i ,. ~lr "~ltt~, _CATALINA ' Once an elderly lady was being - h-2LiSTZC STAFF. shown over Nelson's ship, the "Vie- tory." As the party approached the PAGE ELEVEN SOMETHING ABOUT THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL NEWS ~ Shields ...... Editor 0 8Jerks - Assistant Editor Reporters rge Minney Grace Tregarthen Qrarnmar School Reporter spot where Nelson met his death, the attendant pointed to the brass plate fixed in the deck, and said. "Ther~ is where Nelson fell." The old lady was impressed, but not in the right way. CHARACTERS IN THE PLAY "SPREADING THE NEWS" "It is what I often said to myself, if there is any misfortune coming to this world it is on myself it is sure to fall." Thus speaks Bartley Fallon in the high The most exciting game of indoor baseball was played Thursday, April 3, at the Grammar School diamond, be- tween the High School and Grammar School girls. We are glad to say that the High School Babies played very Carrie Coronado "No wonder," she said, "I nearly trip- school play, "Spreading the News." well. They are greatly improving, but ,p [ Faculty Advisor ped over that thing myself."--Ameri- And that is Bartley's philosophy ofthe score was not an even one, being Miss Dorothy Hahn can Boy. life. That isn't Neal's own philosophy, 44 to 12 in favor of the Grammar girls. __. to be sure; but, when you've listened Three new players were put into the P~ ~ " -- The High School is acquiring quite to his pessimistic grumblings through- high school team--Edythe Stone, Mary le HIGH SCHOOL a library. When the school startedout the play, you will wonder where and Myrtle Gibson. e~ast timer As you know, each this year there were absolutely no he has parked his smile for the even- JS~ |th of the Junior class of English books, other than text books, in the ins. Mr. O. L. Hurly, director of the ~ge ef High School, must edit this school. Now the school has about 225 Meek, indeed, is his wife Mary, (EIi- Thrift Campaign in the" Long Beach I 14 '~ird or three weeks. This is our books, and many more coming. Most zabeth MacLean), but possessed of aDistrict, made a visit to the Grammar eery qL Week Those of ou who idl of these are for reference use, buttongue like a two-edged sword when School last Thursday afternoon. He Sn tl this ' Y Y ,.Z_ . page do not realize what re- there are others also. There is a com- she fights for her man. She is the gave new posters to the pupils to en- :fir:e~T~tSthflities rest upon the shoulders plete set of the new encyclopaedia type of cheerful, little, mild woman courage us in the saving of our money. .... l,''re editors and dozens of editions of magazines, whose sole pleasure in life'seems to We are always glad to have him come. dy I It t L ,as been a useful experience-- such as the National Geographic, Lit- be defending her complaining lord and .. ~: ;?i!ing of this page. We hope erary Digest, Scientific American, master;to bolster up his courage, and Several new students have been en- 1.~ ~f~ urk has been well done, and sat- Popular Mechanics, etc. Tom Daly to share his many imagined burdens,rolled in the elementary school. They ;,ttlff~ttrY to all. We tried to do our has been appointed librarian for an in- Many's the time Bartley has been sure are Consuelo Larris, in the third grade; Billy George, in the fifth grade; Fran- -t-,*v~s in the best way we could. We definite period, death was upon him, but his loyal wife ees George and John Fate in the sev- I wiA~%the burden on, hoping that our ~ cheers him by promising a good burial '" ~ ~0rs will find the path an easier The girls at the High School are de- and an expensive wake. Sure enough,enth grade. We are glad to have ~to follow, by the footsteps of veloping a baseball team. They are in the play, the bad luck which he has Frances Charleton back in the eighth | Who have gone before, practicing faithfully every night after always been expecting comes to him.grade. W'~| ,?g school, and will soon have a promising What is that misfortune? Well, come The seventh and .eighth grades have e boys are progressing in their team. The trouble was, when the and see .for yourself; we can't tell been making experiments with flower s~r~:ct~t Work. Last week Mr. Dunkle grammar school girls challenged theany more here. stems. They have learned very many or7 ~di'..ueted them in shot-putting and high school girls, the Hi girls were Many a tourist is startled bythe interesting things in this study. !~* !-'as throwing, entirely out of practice. They had shouting and screaming in the school "0 ~s | ~r"~ili ~;~!i!t?liai~ hwTib ~vamel! not even had a chance to play for house, and when they see a policeman Last week there were several chang- twelve months or more, and two or and a magistrate there, their amaze- es made in the seating arrangements ,e e three did not even know the funda- ment grows--cheerio--it's only Mal-in the seventh and eighth grade rooms. 3 mentals of the game. After another cohn and Theodore explaining the news .,a~h" shoes during physical training, week or two they will show the boysto the deaf, old apple vender, Mrs. The Scout hike to Emerald Baby, fa@'it{ev_%aId do the 100-yard dash in the result of their practice. Tarpey. which was to have been on Friday af- lg I -'erl seconds. Mrs. Tarpey, (Martha Meyer), a ternoon, has been postponed to Friday, i ~ve Miss Mason--"You act like akinder- the eleventh. ~v%l" ral boys and girls were busy last gartner." I ~ tnakin | let - g posters announcing the Student--"How do you know how |are ot the plays on April 25. They they act ?" _.3~dist~ll quite good, as the townspeople Miss Mason--"Oh, I know all right; ~'"|i~ ~vered when the posters appeared I live with a kindergarten teacher." 'Wa :las t~nerous store windows. It looks |qi~,, 0Ugh we will have several bud- " Oft Repeated Tales [ ~ arhsts on our hands before long.The Florida beach and blue sea Advertise your needs in The Catalina Islander. Watcl~ the world come to Catalina. COLORITE [ ~he -'- looked inviting to the tourist from the Plete~ Jumor" history class has i:om- north, but before venturing out to | tory] the book on United States his- swim he thought to make sure. ,/h|fivies and is now studying advanced "You're certain that there are no '|titles'-This class completed half the alligators here?" he inquired of the | h~it~retext at the beginning of the year gui, de. |~he,, the histories could be procured. 'Nossuh," replied that functionary, [the Will easily finish the course by grinning broadly. "Ain' no 'gators j| %d of this year. hyah." ~Ve vqs ral Weeks ago a class in typing alar~St.arted. Miss Hahn was quite .etl One day when half the class heetaabsent. If one more pupil had not Class present she would have had no at all. Solve that! %~i,ve millions i-~the United States ag~q~ead. But, considering the aver- n0t ~ltty of modern writing, they're 8tar. tSSmg much.--Toronto (Ont.) at~.~w Universe ha----~been discovered urqin the ~_ g to Dr. Harlow Shapley of Vers;'~rvard Observatory. This uni- a tXaill)s so distant that it takes light loll ~rth ~ years to travel from tt to the 1~ ~aght travels at the rate of miles per second. ~alo, -------- tr~p t m~ Renton and Florence Fel- J~h,-We been selected to succeed e " ~hields dRors and Theodore Sierks as of this page. Reassured, the tourist started out. As the water lapped about his chest he called back: "What makes you so sure there arn't any alligators ?" "Dey's got too much sense," bellowed the guide; "De sharks done skeered them all away."--American Legion. AVALON PRIMARY SCHOOL My dear boys and girls: The next story hour will be on Sat- urday, April 19th, when you will hear more of Peter Pan and the pirates. Next Saturday there will be no story; but do not forget to come on the following Saturday, April 19th, if you wish to hear how Wendy and her brothers came down to the "Never- Never-Land," and what they did there. Amy E. Merrihew. Mrs. Merrihew says: "We thank the Islander for its courtesy in publishing our weekly letters. It is a big help in our school work." delightful old gossip, finds it hard to get the news because of her handicap; but that doesn't matter, does it ? What she does hear she gets wrong, and what she doesn't hear she makes Up. True to life, isn't it? Can you imagine Bob Garcia as a red-haired man ? A little henna, pres- to, he's it! And as a songbird he is no Caruso; but he makes the other one step some. His cheerful, happy- go-lucky nature belies the common op- inion of red-heads. Did you know that Fred McKelvey smokes a clay pipe? It's remarkable what hidden talents a play will bring out! Worse yet, as James Ryan he is accused of using unlicensed tobacco. Sh! This is only in the play. Carl Eddy, as Shawn Early, likes to carry news, too; but at least he has heart enough to hope that everything he passes on is not true. Tom, as Tim Casey, is a "knock- out." He unwittingly starts all the gossip, and keeps the ball rolling on a well-greased board. Far be it from him to be satisfied with a sketchy out- line of the gossip--no--his soul craves detail. Catherine, as Mrs. Tully, is more of a gossip than she looks in every-day life; the subtle, catty kind, who cheer- fully does her part to spread the news about the village. To see a man hang- ed is her idea of a day well spent. 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