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April 9, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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April 9, 1924

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PAGE FOUR THE CATALINA NEEDS LITTLE TIME TO FIND HOW LITTLE STUDENTS KNOW (Sunshine Psychology Service) "Some of the Islander readers have asked the Editor: 'Who is Crawfish Charley?' Of course, like all modest fishermen, I dislike to talk about my- self. However, my real name is Im- agination. I try to appreciatethe great out-doors and to realize the wonderful harmony that exists in the metaphysical world. My MOTIVE is to build up worthwhile Ideals; to pos- sess 'wholesome' thought forces; to be charitable, generous, kind and helpful to all beings that realize a conscious- ness of joy or pain; to be entertaining, instructive and of 'pleasing personality' to nay fellow man." "When a man stands like Napoleon, Napoleon-like, he is only imitating a piece of statuary. And if he imitates Napoleon's brain activities, is he pois- oning his own mental processes and working his way to a St. Helena ?" "Is there around each one of us a 'detector' and a 'sender' that transnfits and receives influences and the un- classified agencies of thought and feel- ing ?" "'Pride of achievement, ambition, love, hope, faith and a general desire for decency--these and many other qualities keep the mind of the race largely occupied and are guarantees against false ideas and ideals of a low- er order of living. Whatever nlost fills the mind will most govern the destiny, whether it is high or low, good or bad,' says Fenwicke L. Hol- mes." "Is consciousness that process of 'de- tection' that aids us to realize through our feelings ?, If so, what is the sub- conscious? Does the conscious mind, plus the. sub-conscious activities, thru the imagination processes, finally pro- duce bodily activities ?" "If all is mind, then health and dis- ease, mental and physical, are the pro- ducts of the mind." "Do you make of your mind a grab ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ELECTRIC LIGHT GLOBES STAND LAMPS PORCH LIGHTS CEILING LIGHTS Motors for Sewing Machines We Are #gents for ROYAL ELECTRIC~ CLEANER THOR WASHING MACHINE' ELECTRIC VACUUM CLEANER J, M. FLANNIGAN NEW BUNGALETTE BUILDING 607 CRESCENT AVENUE bag, froln which delightful surprises are to be expected all the time ? Is there a limit to bodily appreciation and 'mental prize grabbing?' Is that why things get monotonous to us ?" " 'Don't keep half your brain busy trying to hide something,' was a state- ment made in the American Magazine last month. We know some anglers who practice putting baits on hooks with the left hand and then they reel in the captive fish with the right hand. They say it brings them 'luck' to bait hooks with the left hand." "But, they don't fool the fish. It gets the boatman's gall" at the end of its struggles, if the hook holds or the line does not break." "When you study 'motive,' you seem to get in touch with a lot of little things the average man overlooks in this busy life. You catch the 'twinkle of humor' in a man's eye, and you get a lot of 'kick' fronl the motive of a man with an artificial laugh." "Dr. Mersing claims that he caused a mouse to grow almost as large as a cat. Now, if we could only get the learned doctor to visit Avalon when the tuna fishing is in full swing, some of the old-time Catalina angling re- cords might be shattered beyond all repair." * * * "If this column is a little strong on fish, just pass up the bait. We want to give our readers a variety of mental food." "The man who waits for opportunity to knock on his door usually hates the sound of an alarm clock." "Some folks say that there is a heap of lost motioti in a dog's tail. Is it only people who do not know 'the pleasures of loyalty and gratitude that make such a statement ?" "What pleasure is obtained front the finest banquet if loyalty and gratitude are nfissing from the nlotives of those attending the feast ? Loyalty and gratitude stimulate more happy and contented thoughts in animals than a million dollars would if thrown to a bunch of selfish human beings." The Catalina Islander every week, 'fifty-two times during the year, is boosting Catalina island. The results of this continuous publicity are of ma- terial benefit to every merchant, busi- ness and professional man, as well as every worker, residing in Avalon. Mr. Business Man, how many weeks dur- ing the year do you return the comp- liment ? Watch the world come to Catalina. By Science Service New Haven, Conn., March 25--Short exams are just as accurate in testing college students as those four times as long, Dr. Donald A. Laird, National Research Fellow in Yale University, has discovered. He examined 67 psychology students with 80 questions which could be an- swered by a single word or short phrase in one hour and a half. Scoring the first 20 questions on the precent- age of correct replies and correlating these figures with those obtained on the basis of the full test of 80 ques- tions he found there was only a slight difference. He also scored the first 40 and the first 60 questions as if these sections had been the full test and found that the correlation increased but slightly. He adnfits, however, that the shorter examination would not satisfy the pro- fessor who delights in instilling fear of examinations in the hearts of his students. LOCAL TIME AND TIDE TABLE Tides are placed in order of occurrence. Comparison will show high and low. Light figures a. m. black figures p. m. APRIL Th 10 .......... 12:057:28 2:43 5:50 4.7 1.0 3.1 2.6 F 11 .......... 12:548:57 4:45 7:35 4.4 1.0 3.2 2.9 S 12 .......... 2:21 10:23"5:4410:17 4.2 0.9 3.6 2.9 Su 13 .......... 4:00 11:206:16 11:32 4.3 0.6 4.0 2.4 M 14 .......... 5:16 12:046:45 ........ 4.5 0.3 4.4 Tu 15 .......... 12:206:13 12:437:14 1.8 4.8 0.1 4.9 W 16 .......... I:{H 7:0; 1:13 7:43 1.1 5.1 --0.15.4 STORM WARNINGS ~L wtSv NoarHtAsr aoomwt.~t ~ou~tAsr HunRm, u~t Flags with perpendicular lines, Red; small squares, Black; other flags, White. Renew your subscription to The Catalina Islander, $2 per year. The St. Louis Sporting News is co sale at Windle's Ne~s Stand. "KEEP ON KEEPING ON" When a traveling companion re- marked to William Wrigley that he could "save money" by cutting dow9 his advertising, Mr. Wrigley re- sponded: "We're making a fine trip on this train. How much progress do you think we should make if they took off the locomotive?" After Every Meal its lhe eonleellon you can --and It's a help te gesllon and a lot the and teeth. Wrlgley's plellslBre, AVALON CHURCHES Catholic Church services: Masses, 8 and I0 a. m. ing devotions, 7:30 p. m. Mass, 7:30 a. m. *** Christian Science Society their bungalow meeting Mctropole avcnuc, Sunday at Sunday School at 9:30 a. in. day cvcrfing service at 8 p. to. e it 8 Congregational Church Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; and Sermon, 10:30 a. m.; Endeavor, 6:00 p. m.; Sermon, 7:00 p. m.; 7:00 p. m.i Wednesday. cordially invited to all serviceS' Catalina will give you the yotlr life. Come to Catalina. BOATMEN AND Any of the following men will furnish amateur light tackle if they so desire: Boatmen John Edmundson S. J. Goulding Smith Warren Hugh MacKay Parker Pence "Yellow'fail John" Tad Gi'ey Harry E. Nichols J. J. Bates L. Mutt M. Foster Enos Vera Fred Arce O. I. Daniels0n A. E. Eaton: Capt. Nordquist O. W. Cole F. Ashbridge C. Wickman B. D. Halstead ShortY Vera Helen Mable Ethe Letts Leona. John Wegmann Dixie Elmer E. Anderson AndY Alex Adargo KeyWe COMFORTABLE HANDS THE "MABEL F" The fastest launch in Avalon, and the launch with a BIG FISH. L. MOTT, Box 1042, Avalon. Booth on PleasUre Should you miss your steamer, or care to cross to San Pedro by launch, let me Phones 61048 Main 1048 PRIVATE ivY H. OVERHOLZER FUNERAL DIRECTOR 958 South Hill St., Cor. TenthLos Lady Attendant AngeleS,