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April 6, 2012     The Catalina Islander
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April 6, 2012

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..J..L..&L .L_.L..!]. JJ L I ,I I1' .L..J.LJ.,tIJ],LIJ I1']1 1 |1 | IIII[ IIIllJIlll ] I II I.LJJJJJ. ;. _. . ... J..-_L.L_ __. Containers for the Avalon Home Vegetable Garden BY SCOTT STURGES As I've been writing so far, fresh veggies are easy to grow. Let's get into the heart of of the garden to- day. We've put some thought into what kind of garden we want to enjoy, so let's get started. Because of space issues in Ava Ion, a lot of us will be using con- tainers. This is very easy to do and will produce plenty of food. We have two places to buy our containers: The Nursery or Chets Hardware. We can also make our own containers out of buckets, barrels, rubbermaid totes or build them out of wood. Anything that is 6 inches or more deep can become a grow- ing pot; 12 inches if we like car- rots. With containers, there must be drainage holes in the bottom. Plants do not like to stand in water. Most store bought containers have them. With buckets or totes we have to make the holes ourselves. A drill, a knife or scissors will do the trick. Cut a minimum of 5 holes in the bottom, at least 1/4 inch in diameter Soil is our next step. Chets Hardware, the Nursery and Peb- bly Beach Building Supply all carry bags of soil suitable for con- tainer gardens. I mix 1/3 Patio Plus with 2/3 Supersoil that I get at the Builders Supply. Vons will bring over bags of compost in the spring so you will want to get some when they have it. Add this to your soil every time you plant new seeds in your containers. Mix your soils well. Pour into the containers and tap it down lightly. Water the ph]ns well and let it stand overnight, Th/tt's it. Ready to plant! Seeds can be purchased at Chets. They have a good variety. You can choose organics, hybrids or heritage. All are good and pro- duce plenty of fresh veggies. Re- member to buy only what you have the space for. We are still in the cool season, so choose the plants that are best suited for this time such as lettuce and turnips. All seed packets tell you which temperature that particular plant prefers. I like to soak the seeds overnight in lukewarm water to give them a head start. Count or pinch out as many as you will be planting and then place them in the water. Following the guidelines that I will be printing up next week, use a pencil to make a hole in your soil. Most seeds like a hole 1/2 inch deep. Again, the seed packet will tell you exactly what they p(efer. Drop in 1 or 2 seeds in each hole, cover and tap down lightly. Water well. That's all there is to it. Wa- ter lightly every day to keep your seeds moist. This period is crucial CONTAINER: Islander garden columnist Scott Sturges holds up an example of the sort of container he recommends for your vegeteble garden. to germination. You don't want the seeds to dry out. As they grow, you will use much less water. A lot easier than you might think. Next week, we will begin dis- cussing ground base gardening and pests. We are in the process of choos- . ing a time and place to have the Garden Club meeting. It will be meeting on Wednesday or Thurs- day evenings. Check the board in the Ar- cade for more updated info and of course, keep reading the Islander for the latest on Garden Tips. Getting urban gardening off the ground in Avalon Rooftop gardens fur- ther increase avail- able space for urban edibles. BY TIMOTHY SEXAUER When in the course of human events, the residents of Avalon have utilized all the space around their homes for planting edible plants, one need only look up to see yet more bountiful potential. In other words:- food can be planted on top of a house as well as around it. Human record of people grow- ing plants on rooftops goes back thousands of years to ancient Mes- opotamia, and these days we see. a resurgence of it everywhere from the crowded condominiums of To- kyo to the flora-covered.rooftop of Chicago's City Hall. .Mayor Bob Kennedy, local builder Pete Edwards and others around town think that Avalon Avalon Veteran's Memorial Park Purchase a Brick for the Memorial Contact Dave Gardner (310) 510-1484 or write: Avalon Veterans of Foreign Wars P.O. Box 1672 Avalon, Ca 90704 would also be an ideal place to make use of this ancient trick. Spacing limitations and hungry mule deer are the primary reasons. As Kennedy says on the topic of rooftop gardens in Avalon: "Hav- ing the issue with deer, that's a pretty good alternative. I'm hav- ing a heck of a time keeping the deer off of my house from eating the plants that are supposed to be deer-safe." The simplest way to start a gar- den on any fairly level surface is by container planting. (See the gardening article by Scott Sturges above for details on how to get started with container planting.) The mixture Kennedy recom- mends is made of vermiculite, peat moss and compost; it is great for rooftop or deck gardens since the vermiculite and peat moss are very lightweight. As Edwards and Tim Canby, lo- cal-building-inspecting engineer, says, the most stable place for planting, containers is over exist- &BLAIR ing wall structures. They recom- mend raising the containers off the roof surface, such as with two-by- fours, in order to facilitate water drainage and flow. They both stress that every house is different and calls for different considerations. '1 think every one is probably gonna be different because of where the sun is and how you get up there etc." Canby said. Edwards said, "Or how is it built? It's not all the same, so each one is going to have its own issues, Such as how old is it? The newer stuff is going to be thicker and heavier than older stuff." If one is going to go beyond a modest container garden and install raised beds or any other installa- tion that requires structural modi- fication in order to be supported, then as City Building Inspector Bryan Zuppiger said, the endeavor would require the approval of an engineer such as Canby in order'to pass a city inspection. It is significantly more expen- sive than container gardening, but if anyone wants to get creative and have a professionally installed rooftop garden, Edwards says that his company, Fine Line Construc- tion would love to get the job done. If any questions arise as you look at your home's structure, en- visioning growing your own pro- duce, both Edwards and Canby welcome you to send them an e- mail with your query. Happy gardening! Pete Ed- wards, owner of Fine Line Con- struction, pete @ fineline-construc- Tim Canby, Engineer, tim_canby Send us your news and photos! 310.510.0250 310.510.8957,x We need to run the CityOf Ayalon more like the .... business that it iS, weneeda C6nc!Memert iime trig;  decis ons for the future of Avalon an d I amthat person. Bejngr#tired, I the time to devote t0 our City, to resear6h theiissutoelp tdea dintthe' 'I .... - unsettled future that is just overthe horizon. .........   : , :,o Over 40 years experience inthe tourism bus:iess-on caialina  [ A past business owner, Catalina VendingandAbe'.Liqer Stre  :i, i ....  Community involvemen .....................  ....... Past Member of the City Council and Planning:Cornmisin :- '.:,d :, :: Past President and Member df the Chamber ofC0mec:e Bard '["g r;c'tor ' , Past Chairman of the Avalon Hospital Board of Directors - Past President and Member of the Avaloli Li(sns Cib ;;- ...... ':'   Help coordinate mission trips for the Avalon Comnaunity .ChuEch Avalon High Football Water Boy '  ....... - - i  My family hasbeen on Catalina Islaud for over 75 years '[ I and my wife Kate, of 34 years, are property 0wnefs ' ..... : h. Two grown children, Holy Eroen and Tommy Olsen Both graduates of Ava on .... ' .:. .... !:7 ..... ,: High and Point Loma University ! appreciate your support,. Please Vote April 10, 2012 Thank You! OLEYOLSEN PAD POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT THE CATALINA ISLANDER Friday, April 6, 2012 i 11 III It , tl llililLllllllll| Ilil L h Ill ii , lllllI1 Ilill U 111 ti ,il i]11;,!1"111 llll f, i 1!ilI l,li,,t II, tll-'i|lilemlUllllllllllillllllllllt lll/lllllmili| iltl II1,'11]